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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2009
I got this book out of the library for my boyfriend and ended up being stuck on the bus in traffic with it in my bag so decided to give it a go myself - wow! Almost from the first page I was completely drawn into the story and barely spoke to anyone for the next couple of days until I finished it.

I've never been a big King fan having only previously read Carrie but I really enjoyed this. It had me absolutely terrified in places and by the end I was a nervous wreck. King has paced this novel superbly, every time I started to relax, even slightly, there would be another edge of your seat incident. The climax of the novel was fantastic, I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

Annie is a terrifying character with her unpredictable mood swings and strange moral beliefs. I also liked the way that despite his hatred of her Paul found himself becoming so dependant on her and having to learn how to manage her moods. the relationship between them was the centre of the book and it was fascinating how it developed.

I would highly recommend this book
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on 22 January 2005
this book was a brilliant read. It kept me up all night reading it. It absolutely blew me away with the writing of Stephen King as this was the first book i had read by him and definetly wont be the last. I must say this is probably the best book i have read in a while bear in mind i am only 15!
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on 16 August 2007
This books is one of the best I have ever read. I'm a huge fan of King, and I've read about 25 of his novels so far, but I have to say this is one of my favourites...

I read this over a period of two nights, and I literally couldn't put it down. The suspense in this book is unbelievable, and it has several shocking scenes.

The movie, in my opinion, is one of the best adaptations of any of King's books, and having seen the film long before reading the book, I thought the book would be spoiled by this... but it wasn't. There are loads of little differences in the book, and of course there are more scenes than the film, because obviously you can never fit a whole book into a movie. And there are several surprises for those that have seen the film before reading the novel, because some of the scenes you see in the film, and expect to read in the book are different, and better, and more shocking and gruesome.

After reading Misery, I have to say that Kathy Bates really deserved her oscar for playing Annie Wilkes in the movie, becasue she literally became the character. The Paul Sheldon of the novel took on his own appearance in my mind, but Kathy Bates was firmly stuck in my head as the evil nurse Annie Wilkes.

I can't praise this novel enough. In a hundred years I'm sure this will be seen as an all-time classic. King's writing is admirable, and his technique of keeping you glued to the pages is amazing and enviable.

As a final note, I think that watching the film first and thinking i knew what to expect and what was coming as i flew through the pages of the book set me up for a lot of surprises. And becasue of this, I think the novel was more frightening than it would have been if i had no idea what was going to happen, because the film kind of leads you astray in a sense, so when something that you expect happen doesnt, or is a little different, its more shocking and frightening.

I'll leave it at that.
Read this book.
You wont be disappointed.
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on 15 December 2008
Misery is by far the best Stephen King novel I have ever read. There is just so much to it that makes a fantastic story.

The plot is about a writer who has spawned a line of best selling books called misery. He decides to kill her off so he can get on with some real work and is on his way to publish a new novel. He crashes however and is saved by an ex nurse named Annie Wilkes who just happens to be his number one fan. When she finds out what happened to misery she's not pleased and forces him to bring her back from the dead.

Annie Wilkes firstly is a fantastaic character and one of Kings most unique creations. Apart from that she is also terrifying, taking insanity to new heights. If you don't buy the book for the plot(which is brilliant)buy it to experience Annie Wilkes.

Kings prose is as ever fantastic and witty. The story really is brought to life by his own techniques; he knows how to write scary fiction.

If your a horror buff like me you can't do wrong with this little gem. It's a masterpiece in charaterization and how to create a frightening atmosphere. Buy it!
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on 21 December 2001
I just love Annie Wilkes! She is one of King's most fascinating, original, crazy and witty characters ever to come from the invention of his mind. From the first page this is powerful stuff, starting with a car crash and then King gives himself the challenge of a one-roomed story. Hard task? Of course, but he succeeded perfectly.
The book is more gruesome than the film, which makes Annie seem more monstrous (although who could ever forget Kathy Bates' perfect, disturbing and sheer brilliant performance of Annie in the film - she really brought another dimension to the character and deserved the oscar she so rightly won). At the time I read this, I had split my leg open and my shin was tied together with 20 thick stitches! Bad book to read when you're in that position!! But I really related to the pain and empathy of Sheldon even more when I was like that.
King captures the claustrophobia of both Annie and Paul (his incarceration and his mind)and punches you slap bang in the face with it so you pay attention. Also, parts of Paul's manuscript are to be read as they are relevant to his state of mind.
Along with The Dead Zone, this is my prefered King book - unforgettable and chilling, like the film adaption, which is one of my favourite films ever. And not one cheesey monster in sight! I've never read a better psychological thriller than this.
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on 2 January 2010
This was the second stephen king book i have read after reading 'Cujo' and i must say that i am very very impressed with this book

the story tells about a author called 'Paul Sheldon' who has written a series of novels about a woman known as 'misery' however in his most recent book he has decided to kill her off to allow him to start a new series of books. on his way back to his house his car crashes and then overturns, knocking him out.when paul awakens he finds himself in the house of a strange woman known as 'Annie Wilkes' who tells him that she is a trained nurse and has been looking after him for the best part of two weeks. However annie turnes out to be pauls number-one fan and when she comes to the end of his last 'misery' book she is not very impressed...paul sheldon used to write for a living,but now he's writng for his life...

Overall this is a very good book however its not for the faint-hearted as there are some very gory and horrible scenes.
a true horror classic and a must-read for all.
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on 10 October 2000
Stephen King is known as the master of horror, and in 'Misery', he more than lives up to this title. This book has no monsters, no demons, no ghouls; only Annie Wilkes, and she is infinitely worse than any supernatural creation as she terrorises protagonist Paul Sheldon as he lies crippled in her back bedroom. 'Misery' is not only a novel, and not only a book about how to write a novel, but it is a touchstone for any writer - this book is rich in metaphor of the trials of creating a book that someone, anyone, will want to read, and it is impossible for anyone who has known the pain of writing, and wanting to write, not to identify with Sheldon.
I have read most of King's books, and this is, without a doubt, the best of the lot. The film starring James Caan and Kathy Bates (who won an Oscar for her role) is brilliant, but this is even better. I bought it several years ago, and have read it over and over, because the twists and turns always surprise. Well done to the author for a book honed to perfection.
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on 2 July 2015
Generally, I tend to struggle with Stephen King books. In all honesty, I'm not really a fan of his writing style and with the exception of The Green Mile - haven't really been blown away by anything of his. This however, was unlike anything I've ever read before.

For those who don't know already (although I'm sure you do!) - this begins with famous writer Paul celebrating the end of his popular book series "Misery" by drinking too much and crashing his car, shattering his legs in the process. Along comes crazy woman AKA Annie Wilkes (His number one fan, apparently) who 'rescues' his unconscious self and locks him up in her spare bedroom. If that wasn't strange enough, Annie Wilkes insists on him bringing the "Misery" book series back to life and proceeds to carry out such brutal acts on Paul until he agrees to start writing. This is gory and disturbing. Thanks to this delight of a book, I'll have the image of axes and leg decapitations in my head for a long time to come! If you can put the gore and torture to one side, this is actually a pretty exciting and tense read and I found myself trying to create ways that this poor (And now legless) man can escape this mentally ill woman.

I can understand why this wouldn't be everyone's idea of a good book. Personally, if a story can make me gasp out loud whilst shaking my head and repeating "WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ?!", I'd say it's pretty damn unique and worthy of a good 4 stars. My reason for not giving it top marks was purely because it occasionally jumped into text from the book 'Misery' that Paul was writing and I found that boring and hard to read. That's all.

If you're delicate, avoid this!
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on 16 November 1999
I read Misery whilst on holiday and I have to say I felt as though as was there with the characters. Having seen the film first I wanted to read the book to get even more detail. The book was so much better than the film, and captured more gruesome moments that Annie placed upon the poor Paul Sheldon. The details of his pain made you understand the trauma he was going through and the fear of Annie.
Stephen King describes her madness very well and also reveals the good and very bad in her.
An original idea having an author write about another. I love the quote 'Paul Sheldon used to write for a living, now he is writing to stay alive.' This was the first Stephen King book I found easy to read, as some of his books in my opinion are hard to follow. This one is great and I loved it!
If you like horror and suspense read this great book!
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on 28 January 2005
I LOVED this book from start to finish. Paul Sheldon, a well known writer is involved in a car accident in the middle of no where. Luckily, it would seem, he is found by Annie Wilkes, his 'biggest fan'. She takes it upon herself to nurse him back to health at her home, letting him stay in her spare room.
However, Annie is slightly over obsessed with Pauls 'Misery' books and when she finds that he has killed her off in his newest novel, Annie turns nasty.
Paul is forced to write a new book, bringing 'Misery' back to life, threatened with terrible torture if he does not.
This is a real page-turner, the suspense almost unbearable. The graphic descriptions of Annie's tortures are stomach churning, but brilliant.
If anyone has only watched the film, read the book. The film is mediocure in comparison.
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