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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 27 May 2010
I have seen a couple of reviews on here already and I dont get you guys at all!!
Omen by Soulfly is another incredible effort from Max Cavalera and co. This album is hard to describe and after what I heard was stated by Max himself before the album was released I was a little dubious myself but after hearing it the first time all these doubts massively faded away. I have now probably listened to it about 8 times and it gets better and better!!!
I have always been a fan of Max's work right from Sepultura to Cavalera Conspiracy and everything inbetween including Nailbomb and it has been amazing to see his songwriting progress with every single release. He never settles and always pushes himself further.
This album is by no means Conquer Part 2 but why would you want that anyway? That was a full on thrash record and Soulfly nailed it; so the only way to go with this release was to take a risk and try a slightly different approach. This paid off in every possible way. As soon as the first song hits you know straight away that it's Max and then when the guitars and the drums pound along with his trademark roar you know its Soufly!! But straight away you can hear a new sound creeping in amongst the thrash and through out the next few songs this comes to the front and creates an amazing mix; its still thrash but its got a darker more atmospheric feel to it; you have to hear it to believe it, but trust me it works so well!!
Another thing thats unexpected and stands out is the impressive lead guitar work on the first few tracks especially, its spot on and really powerful, it adds a new dimension to the Soulfly sound.
All this coupled with the guest appearances and the many surprises hidden amongst the 11 main tracks makes for another impressive metal record from Max and definitely an album of the year; but this also represents a massive creative leap for Soulfly.
Max Cavalera.....your un-stoppable!!!
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on 15 June 2010
There have been a few negative reviews for this album from fans on the internet, including some on this very site. I was one of the ones who felt that this CD was a bit of a disappointment when I first heard it, but I'm very glad that I didn't jump to conclusions and write a review based on first impressions. The CD is not the best from Soulfly in my opinion, but it is still a very, very enjoyable listen if you give it time.

The album opens with 'Bloodbath and Beyond', a fast, short, punkish track that kicks the album straight into the trademark ferocity of Max Cavalera's work. This is a bit of a shock after the opening tracks of the last few Soulfly albums, which have tended to open with a more epic and brooding introduction. It hits you like a sledgehammer and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Max's harsh, bellowing vocals, Marc Rizzo's nimble lead guitar work and the thundering rhythm section of Bobby Burns (Bass guitar) and Joe Nunez (Drums and percussion). Rizzo is probably the best lead guitar player that Soulfly have ever had, with his diverse mixture of thrash, hard rock, groove metal and flamenco styles underpinning every release since his debut on 'Prophecy'. If anything he's actually improved with every new release, as showcased here on songs like 'Kingdom', 'Vulture Culture' and 'Off With Their Heads'.

As with all Soulfly albums, there are a few guest appearances. But it seems that Max has decided to tone these down considerably, previous offering 'Conquer' only included two and was well-received. Tommy Victor of Prong lays down vocals on 'Lethal Injection', whilst The Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato adds his unique screams to 'Rise of the Fallen'. Both songs work well compared to some of Max's earlier guest spots on albums which have felt a bit awkward at times (See the bizarre rap-metal collaboration 'In Memory Of...' on 'Primitive'). 'Rise of the Fallen' in particular is very good, because of the juxtaposition of Max's vocals with the unusual style of DEP's frontman, more used to appearing in material which focuses on loudness and complexity rather than out-and-out brutality. All in all, it works very well and the song is both fresh and reassuringly familiar at the same time.

Elsewhere there's the serial killer anthem 'Jeffrey Dahmer', whose name sums up the lyrical content. Lyrically it may sound a bit simplistic on first listen, but it sticks in the memory with its catchy chorus and chugging riffage which will keep you coming back for more. There is also the standard instrumental track 'Soulfly VII', which provides a calming influence after all the heaviness. It isn't the most complex or ambitious Soulfly instrumental ever, but it is still enjoyable to hear a change of style for Marc Rizzo, as he shifts to his acoustic playing for a few minutes, particularly if you like his solo material. It's a good way to close an album that is full of consistently heavy and fast songs. Like the instrumental, the album itself never really breaks any new ground, and the tribal influences of earlier albums are dissapointingly absent again, but it does a solid and reliable job in producing ferociously heavy metal tunes.

BONUS TRACKS: The deluxe edition contains 3 bonus tracks, all of which are covers. There's an intrumental cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Four Sticks', with Mr. Rizzo providing the vocals melodies via his wah-wah-toned guitar. The next is a cover of Max's original band's hit song 'Refuse/Resist' from Sepultura's 'Chaos Ad' album. This is interesting for fans because the drums are provided by Max's son Zyon Cavalera, whose heartbeat was used as the original intro sample. Turns out he can play drums pretty well! The last bonus track is 'Your Life, My Life' a modern update of Excel's punk-metal classic. Drums here are provided by Max's other son Igor. All the bonus tracks work very well.

BONUS DVD: The bonus DVD for this edition consists of the music video for 'Unleash' Soulfly's appearance at the With Full Force festival in 2009. This is a brilliant performance captured with impressive video and sound quality. Songs in the setlist include a host of great songs from the band's brilliant last album Conquer, plus a whole load of old favourites such as Back To The Primitive, Eye For An Eye, Prophecy and Roots Bloody Roots. The band perform fantastically and some of the older songs are re-energized and slightly re-imagined by Rizzo's eclectic playing style. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Even if you don't like the CD, this DVD is worth the price alone!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 May 2012
Omen was the seventh-full length studio album by Soulfly, it was released in 2010 and ended up being the final album to feature Bobby Burns on bass and Joe Nunez on the drums.

For some fans, it will be appear a lot more straight-forward and direct than any previous Soulfly record, and finds the band continuing further down the path that they have been following for the previous few records towards a faster, heavier and much more streamlined version of their original style.

The band had stated in interviews that it was similar to Slayer's Reign In Blood but those similarities aren't all that noticeable in all honesty beyond mere succinctness. The opening track `Bloodbath And Beyond' and `Vulture Culture' both have an almost Hardcore-Punk sound to them in parts, and most tracks are generally fairly short in length but otherwise the music is very much like the previous couple of Soulfly albums.

This directness is a double-edged sword however, because a lot of what made Soulfly stand out from the crowd when they first came out is now missing, and some fans who loved the band's first two albums may be saddened to find that the tribal drums, new-aged guitar sections and big simple Nu Metal riffs are gone.

Not all of Soulfly's calling cards have been lost however. As with all Soulfly albums, some outside musicians make a guest appearance, in this case Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan on `Rise Of The Fallen' and Tommy Victor of Prong on `Lethal Injection.'

In addition to the guest appearances, Max's lyrical style is very much the same, with all the same topics covered and usage of puns, contractions and portmanteaus. Furthermore, Mark Rizzo's lead guitar style continues in the same vein it has since he joined the band.

Album highlights include the brief but perfectly formed `Jeffery Dahmer' and the Thrashy `Off With Their Heads' as well as the album closer `Soulfly VII' which takes the usual sound of one of their self-titled tracks and pushes the envelop a little bit.

In summary; if you like the general sound of Soulfly and aren't yet sick of it, then Omen is one more record for your collection, however if you have tired of Soulfly's style or if you only liked their early work then it isn't utterly essential listening.
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on 22 May 2010
My copy of Omen arrived this morning and I've only had a chance to listen to it a few times, so maybe this review's a bit premature! But I just wanted to balance out the opinions on here with a more positive review. If I decide I hate it in a few days time, I'll try and edit!

Unlike alot of people, I didn't really get Conquer, Soulfly's last album. It seemed to me to be all thrash without any real 'musicality'. Although I like heavier music, just bashing out disjointed riffs that don't actually sound that good seems pointless. For me, Soulfly's best album was the one before Conquer, Dark Ages. So after reading the previous two reviews, saying this was worse than Conquer, I didn't expect much from Omen. However I've been really pleasantly surprised - and in my opinion this is Soulfly's strongest release to date. It's closer to Dark Ages than Conquer - there's more melody behind the riffs. It's still got some of the heaviness of Conquer but paired with better song writing. Also, it's more consistent than Dark Ages was, without the slightly hit-and-miss experimentation that marred some of the tracks. Stand out tracks for me are the single, Rise of the Fallen and track 4, Lethal Injection. I totally agree with the other reviews though that lyrics have never been Soulfly's strength. Which is strange because the lyrics on old Sepultura (Cavelera's famous previous band) were pretty decent.

I bought the special edition Omen. I haven't had a chance to watch the bonus DVD but the extra tracks on the first CD are pretty good. I wouldn't say they made the special ed a 'must buy' though.

Whenever I read a good review amoungst mostly bad reviews I tend to assume it's a deluded fan boy who can't accept that an album's rubbish. But honestly, I was all ready to totally slate this album. But I genuinely reckon this is a good album by any standards. It seems to have polarised opinions a bit though so you might want to go to roadrunner's website, where you can stream the whole standard edition of Omen for free. Then you can decide for yourself!
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on 9 November 2010
Soulfly has been one of my favourite for years and whenever they are about to release a new album, I am always excited.
I understand that this album has had mix reviews. I for one liked it but it's deffentaly not one of their best. The album sets off at a good start with Rise of The Fallen featuring Greg Puciato from Dillinger Escape Plan on guest vox, which in my mind saved this album. But after the fifth or sixth track, it begins to all go up and down. However, the instrumental track Soulfly VII (7) was different and each of their instrumental tracks are always a joy to listen. As listening to this album, I felt that Max rushed it and felt lazy compared to previous efforts.
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on 25 August 2014
This is a good thrash/death metal album by Soulfly. I don't think it's as good as their three previous efforts though it does contain some cracking songs like 'Lethal injection', 'Kingdom', 'Mega Doom' and 'Counter sabotage'. The song 'Jeffey Dahmer' is interesting, I think its the first song that Max has written about a serial killer and it fits in well with the album. The band have evolved into thrash metal over the years and this seems a logical progression but I do miss the melody of previous albums and hope they retain the groove that made them good in the first place. This does seem a mix of Cavalera conspiracy/Soulfly as Max blurs both bands into one almost as this is not much different from CC. I know from interviews that Max listens to a lot of extreme music and is influenced by a lot of bands and I think this has influenced his recent output. Lastly it does seem that Max's voice is a lot weaker on this album, I don't know if this is deliberate (to sound more death metal) or whether he genuinely lost his voice during the recording. 7/10
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VINE VOICEon 6 October 2012
I will put my hands up and say that I did not entirely get in to this album first time round, but after a few listens, I have to say that this is still a great album, with a very different feel to past albums.

There are especially some stand out songs, Lethal Injection, followed up with Kingdom, are among my favourite Soulfly tracks. I have gone as far as learning to play Kingdom on guitar, just love that whole song.

As you can expect from Max and co, there is some great guitar work, perhaps in a more understated way to prior albums, perhaps down to the approach and production of the album, but I think when you take all the tracks as a whole, I like the atmospheric feel of the album.

I personally recommend this album, and think some of the comments raised here are a little harsh, and don't appreciate what the album has to offer. Put in the time, and you'll be rewarded with a high quality, enjoyable experience.
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on 6 October 2010
Now on their 7th album Soulfly have established themselves as one of the most consistent and classic bands of their genre. It is easy to predict what type of music this album would include, still the excitement was un-bearable.

The album gives what you would expect mostly fast and punchy numbers with simple and cathcy riffs, strung together with intoxicating solos. Max's voice is as perfect as always and uses his voice to explian the anger of the situation they are singing about.

After one listen i wasn't totally won over, it took two weeks with a few more runs through for me to appreicate this ablum properly. It becomes alot more refined the more times you listen to it. The inclusion of different artists on track such as "lethal injection" adds to the overall sound and feel. These tracks are by far the stand out tracks, though the rest of the album is well worth a listen.
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on 3 June 2010
I'm a returning Soulfly fan, not having bought an album since 3. I woke up and got Cavalera Conspiracy's Inflikted record. I need more Max fix now. Why not get the new record. Well despite the early negative reviews I'm happy to respond that they're not true. Soulfly are a genuinely important metal band and bring a unique twist to a genre which can become monotonous. Back to the album, it's fast, chugs, growls and spits blood - exactly what you want. Yeah I agree the lyrics aren't rocket science, but sometimes simplicity is the best form of artistic expression. The band has roots in hardcore and punk, the lyrics reflect this style. Can't wait to get Conquer and Dark Ages to appreciate this return to form from a legend and pioneer of metal.
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on 7 June 2010
This CD, regardless of some great solo's, has not got that much to do with metal. The music here is like max plundering his own record collection and writing songs that have more to do with 80's D-beat and Crust Punk than Heavy metal. Bands such as Discharge, Amebix, Extreme Noise Terror, and probably even Motorhead, are the sound of this CD which to me explains the negative reviews. This is rough, raw, in your face, brutal, and hardcore. There is no real let up in the proceedings other than Rise of the Fallen, which, not taking away from it being a great catchy song, seems slightly out of place on this CD. This CD to me is a great curve ball for the fans but if you want Soulfly of old watch the DVD that comes with it.
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