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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Chocolate Wishes
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 July 2016
Oh how I enjoyed this love, heartwarming tale of love lost and found; a lesson about letting go of hurt and embracing forgiveness.

Such engaging characters to become attached to. And set in the kind of village I dream of moving to one day. It was one of those stories I could have gone on reading forever. Reading on Kindle, the book was longer than I expected but it was just more story to cosy down with and enjoy.

However ... my major qualm with the story is that there is a hint of a pretty big surprise for the main characters of Chloe and Raffy around the 90% mark of the book. And although I was fairly sure I could guess what it was, I couldn't wait to see it revealed. But, at 91% the book came to a very abrupt and jarring end. The rest of the story (9%), as far as I could tell, was recipes for chocolate that Chloe makes in the story and a history of chocolate. There was no further mention of the big surprise and I was left feeling a bit cheated and, dare I say, peeved.

I really dislike it when authors do this in books, why not put these additions on a website for those who are interested to go and look up if they so wish. Like I said the book was longer than expected, so at 87% I had run my self a hot bath and was looking forward to reading the last bit while enjoying a good soak. How disappointing. When you buy a book, either paper or electronic, you see how big it is from it's size or how quick the percentage marker moves, and to find almost the last 10% is given over to trivia instead of story is a real disappointment.

A truly lovely story, but loses a star for not giving me that last wonderful surprise for the characters and instead providing chocolate trivia.
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on 9 October 2017
good read
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on 4 September 2017
once againTricia Ashley delivers , light easy going read with great characters
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on 5 December 2014
OK read a little repetative in parts - story a little bizarre with constant reference to magic and fairies, but non the less an easy read.
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on 10 October 2015
Fantastically entertaining!
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on 9 March 2010
As a bloke I was wondering what I was going to encounter when I first started to read this particular book going by its title, but I soon found out that I need not have worried!
Trisha Ashley is a wonderful writer. This particular story revolves around Chloe Lyon who lives with her younger half brother Jake and her grandfather 'Grumps', who heads a covern which practices pagan rites! Her life up until now has not been easy and also appears to have been fairly complicated in places, to say the least.
Chloe makes chocolate wishes in her spare time (hollow chocolate shapes containing 'wishes', which are small pieces of paper with encouraging thoughts,suggestions or predictions printed on them). All is looking well for Chloe following a house move to the picture perfect Lancashire village of Sticklepond, until a new vicar arrives in the village!
This story is not just for the ladies, but is a very readable book for the male species as well! Trisha's writing style is easy to read, flows well and is very humourous in places.
As a bloke I actually really enjoyed reading this particular story about Chloe, her family,friends and the unfolding events that impacted on the regular routine that Chloe once seemed to have!
This is a story well worth reading.
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2011
This is the story of Chloe who makes wishes. Chocolate Wishes. These delicious treats contain a wish or thought for each customer a prediction of what might happen in the future. Similar to fortune cookies but with more chocolate!

However, Chloe's life is not so easy to predict. She was left to bring up her step brother Jake, when her mother went off on a cruise and never came back, which resulted in Chloe giving up university and the man she had fallen in love with Raffy Sinclair. He never responded to her letter. Years later it turns out she never responded to his message either and they had both been blaming themselves for no real reason.

Now time has passed and lives have changed Raffy is back in Chloe's life under a rather different and surprising guise which unites the little village that Chloe lives in.

Chloe's responsibilities are not for her growing business and growing stepbrother but also her rather eccentric family that she is attached to both through love and location. Her `Grumps' as a character makes for delightful reading as does her aunt Zillah. Both have a unique way of predicting and perhaps determining the future with some rather strange methods.

This book has plenty to get absorbed in; the love life of Chloe mainly of the past which comes back to haunt her in the present. Her friends, Poppy and Felix who it is obvious should be together but have yet to realise that themselves. Chloe needs to help them. There is the eccentricities of Chloe's family and the move to a new house to open a museum for all things `warlock' as well as expand her own chocolate business and carry on as typist to her grandfather who writes novels. There is also village life to regale at, the parish council meetings, the threat of an outsider coming in and developing local land into housing estates as well as the theories about what actually will be going on in a museum to do with warlocks' et al. It might seem very random but fits together for me very nicely.

Chocolate is melted throughout this book. We get descriptions of the smell, the texture, how the wishes are made, how the truffles Chloe makes just for herself taste, the quality of chocolate compared to the people she knows, in fact all things cocoa related.

A book to curl up with when you want some cheering up, a little cocoon to escape into and devour without perhaps putting any weight on! Though be warned it makes you want to eat chocolate......
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on 24 August 2011
Having never read Trisha's books before and being promised that she always delivers a good tale, have to say that this sadly didn't capture me. I struggled to identify with the characters...'Grumps' who seemed to be a cross between Victor Meldrew and Dumbledore...Zillah, a Romany-type aunt...and the heroine Chloe who is also a substitute mother to a Goth. I gave up on the book before Raffy the rock-star/vicar re-entered Chloe's life. Sorry! However, I shall certainly try another of Trisha's books because she has a strong following and I suspect this novel might just be the one that can't be good every time.
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on 19 March 2010
This is a read for when you need something that warms you up inside like the very best hot chocolate prepared from Criollo grated into milk. Chloe is the grand daughter of a warlock, possibly Eton and Oxford, definitely well off enough to support his unusual family. He was very much my favourite character, and I longed to read a good juicy extract of Satan's Child, which Chloe types up for him. I also liked the local witches, all very cosy, even if somewhat unironed when 'sky clad'. The joy comes from the 'take it for granted if you were brought up with it' tone here as Chloe is so sensible and 'normal'. I was also enamoured of the extremely sexy vicar. For those who love chocolate there is plenty of deliciousness here as well, even recipes. There were also passages about the maternal love we can feel for the young, even when they aren't our own, which I found very appealing. I am now investigating this author's back list with the certain hope of entertainment.
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on 24 August 2010
I really enjoyed this story, almost from the beginning, felt an afinity with the heroine...who whatever life had thrown at her, she continually bounced back, (despite a rather diverse background) due to her great friends and rather unusual family members she'd created a great business and lifestyle for herself and young brother... My only criticism being, due to the excellent narrative / hugely descriptive areas of the book relating to the making of chocolate 'wishes' etc, I found myself craving chocolate...! Even having finished the book, I'll never forget my cravings whilst enjoying the story itself. I'd definitely recommend this as an excellent winter read, (despite my having read this during Summer I feel the story would prove even more conforting as a winter read...!)
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