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on 14 July 2013
I downloaded this as a nice easy read for my holidays but ended up reading the whole book in a day before I left. Whilst it is not mind blowing, it has a lovely feel, made me laugh throughout.

The book is about a girl called Helen who breaks up with her boyfriend and after months moping, her friend sets her a 14 day challenge. Helen has to do something different every day to help her build back her confidence, forget her ex, meet new people and hopefully lead to meeting someone new.

My friend set me a similar month long challenge following a marriage break up, so reading her personal journey she went on made me smile. I am also accident prone and end up in predicaments so found several similarities!

Overall, the book is a lovely girly read. It is funny, light hearted and leaves you wanting to read on to see how it ends for Helen. A great book for in the sun with a glass of wine.
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on 29 September 2013
With the exception of Terry Pratchett, very few authors have the ability to make me burst out laughing but Sibel managed it a number of times. Some readers may find Helen's clumsiness somewhat far fetched but, as someone with a medical condition which causes poor proprioception (it means I can't really judge where body parts are, if I'm not actually looking at them) I found her awkwardness easy to relate to. I tend to be very stingy with my ratings and almost never award 5 stars. I will definitely be purchasing more of this set and looking at other work by this author.
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on 4 July 2013
I am so fond of this book, when buying it I thought it may be another 'heartbreak' book where the main character spends the whole book dealing with her broken heart. It was really reassuring that it was funny from the off. Helen's best friend has set her a 14 day challenge where she has to do a new thing each day to try and get her back into the 'real world'. The book is written with sensitivity, humour, a clear plot and a strong cast of characters. Very enjoyable and even better, there's a sequel so the story doesn't have to end when the book does. Perfect.
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on 21 July 2013
Sibel hodge
Fourteen days later
Easy to read
Not my usual genre of book, but it is an enjoyable and easy to read book.
Following the antics of Helen who seems to be a walking disaster is funny and gripping.
This book has a good ending and leaves you looking forward to the next book.
If you are feeling down then this book will help you feel better with is good combination of humour and a good story.
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on 13 March 2014
coming out the other side of a disastrous relationship, Helen's best friend encourages her to undertake a challenge a day for 14 days, to rediscover herself.

There are a number of blunders along the way, but ultimately she is learning about herself and feelings for a man she's sure can never be hers.

Not side-splittingly funny, but quite amusing in places.
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on 4 September 2013
it took me a long time to get into this book and normally i give up pretty quickly if thats the case but i kept at it as there was something about it i liked. the ending was completely predictable and i felt maybe a little rushed but it did have a couple of bits i didnt expect and i did like the way that the ending all came together. undecided on the second book at the moment.
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on 13 September 2016
This was very funny, perfect for a summer holiday. It had romance but not overwhelming schmaltz. A perfect example of good chicklit. I will be ordering more from this author.
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on 14 November 2013
Really enjoyed this book, the characters were interesting and fun to read about. The storyline flowed nicely and it was a fun journey to go on with the main character Helen. Was a little predictable, and the ending felt it did not go on long enough (but I did not realise this was the start of a series of books about this character!)A nice little read.
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on 8 June 2014
I really wanted to like this book having first read Look Behind You, which was a really gripping, engaging read. This however was predictable and cliché from beginning to end. You could work out the ending after the first chapter and I almost wanted to give up at that point but persisted anyway. Irritatingly, the character Helen, didn't catch on until the very end which I just found too unbelievable and as a result found it hard to relate to. The humour was cheesy and a bit cringeworthy in places and the whole story was packed with stereotypes that bordered on offensive. I guess if you want an easy read that doesn't challenge the brain too much, then it might be for you, personally I thought it was a waste of time.
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on 25 October 2017
Probably a good story but it was not of my interest.
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