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Customer reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 10 April 2017
Not bad
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on 23 August 2010
I watched this movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was quite happy with it. It deals with the undead theme but not in the Romero-like or Voodoo manner. In this traditional Chinese village, the zombies originate from an old tradition of "walking the dead", thus allowing them to return to their hometown and find peace in their grave.
Somewhere in this process things go wrong ... which is the theme of the film.
I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic aspect of this film - all is filmed in the narrow streets and the traditional houses of an ancient Chinese village, and the landscapes surrounding it. Not the trashy post-apocalyptic scene of most zombie movies. Well filmed and eery. Enough gore to satisfy zombie lovers.
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This could have been the horror movie of the year, with all it had going for it; an unusual and intriguing setting, a great concept and a twist in the tail that you don't see coming a mile off, and some really good shocker moments. The female lead is superb, and the child performers are good; the effects are well done, and the location is used to excellent effect. But in the end it fails to generate much tension or hold together, for several reasons. The makeup work could have been better, with the walking dead mostly appearing to just be having a bad hangover. The male lead, Ted Biggs, goes through most of the story with a knowing smirk on his face which is okay for the first part of the film, where he does not know or believe what is happening; but once he has been shown absolute proof, it becomes difficult to suspend disbelief when he continues to smirk throughout the most traumatic events. The music is patchy, at times brilliantly enhancing the mood and at others totally disrupting it. But the real problem is the scripting. The plot is garbled, taking the fascinating concept of the walker of the dead (who can raise corpses but is only supposed to do so in order to walk them to their homes for burial - an idea used years ago in Mr Vampire) and burying it under a jumbled mass of other ideas from daft to dull. There are pointless scenes involving the 'hero's' employer and an office boy back in the States; a gang of Chinese punks is dragged in and used in most cliched way possible. The villain, the demented chap with an axe featured so prominently on the cover, is blind, which allows for some creepy moments but which also begs the question of how a village-full of people failed to prevent him from murdering them all. Continuity is poor, especially in the scenes with the punks. There's a gaping plot hole so huge even the writer feels the need to refer to it without actually explaining it. And they can't make up their mind about the nature of the walking corpses; some of them are mindless zombies, some of them are self-aware, some of them appear to be vampiric. And the twist on top of the twist at the end, fails utterly because it makes no sense at all. So in the long run, while this film isn't by any means dire, it is disappointing. Worth a watch, there are some standout scenes and ideas, but I'd rent it if I were you.
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on 31 March 2011
I wanted a film that reminded me of the Forbidden Siren Games, and I almost got it....almost. This movie is far better than the actual movie of the games.
Walking the dead is set in a very lovely looking Chinese town, unusual in it's design, somewhat Western looking buildings with a Chinese twang.
Although low budget and not really that horrifying, I found this movie to be very enthralling. It's slow witted inhabitants, the remnants of a dead town kept alive with the practice of 'Walking the Dead'. Masters of this art are the only ones capable of this feat. The idea was that the dead would need to be taken home for burial so the master would 'Walk the Dead' back to their hometowns to their families. Things were taken too far here and an American reporter bent on regaining his reputation arrives to investigate the mysterious claims of a local who wished for the truth to be told.
So close to being a fantastic supernatural offering, let down by a low budget and questionable actors.
Cinematography is good and storyline interesting enough to keep me going, Walking the Dead is on me shelf with a 6/10.
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on 15 July 2013
At the time of writing 'Walking the Dead' is hovering between three and a half and four stars on Amazon. Well if this tripe is an above average film the summer heat must be getting to me more than I thought - come on folks, our standards haven't dropped that much have they!?

First of all we've got to address the acting - in a word awful. The main male lead (Ted Biggs) was weak and though not his fault, his character wasn't at all likable. What was supposed to be the 'hero' character was actually a smug, grating and one dimensional annoyance. Also check out the cartoon-esque overrating and very strange, stumbling running style that is adopted.

The female lead was okay, but I knew I was in trouble when China's answer to the keystone cops appeared - seriously, the one of them was laughably bad; but again the cheesy script didn't help matters.

Then there's the plot which was at least original, but that had more holes than a colander. One example: So your niece is buried alive, surely there would be a little more urgency? Oh no, this pair decide to take a nap and begin the search in the morning.....and guess what they only go and leave the door open, knowing that 'The Walker' is after them. You crazy kids! Also, if you were the only person left alive in your home village, being stalked by your un-dead, axe-weilding father, where would you hide-out?...Why at home of course! He'd never think of looking there!

SFX were cheap, so you haven't even got the safe bet of plenty of gore to hide the problems. The ending, when it finally yawns around is as bad as the rest of it (by this time we were actually laughing!) Again you know your in turkey territory when instead of just letting the viewer work it out they play a montage of earlier bits just to make absolutely sure you have understood....yes I did thanks, in fact I think my cat did too.

Send me into 'unhelpful' oblivion if you want to, but if this review saves just one person it will be worth it.

'Walking the Dead'....please don't do it to yourself unless you want a chuckle at the above.
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on 13 February 2011
The first thing I should mention is that there is not really much gore at all (as the cover suggests there will be), so not worth buying if this is what you are looking for.

This is a pretty good film which starts off fairly poorly, but gets much better about half way through when the storyline actually seems to start! You have to really stick watching it as this film keeps seeming to be going nowhere with some slow moments, and too many pointless films which aren't only needed but instead take something away from the film. There is however a great twist in the end!

The idea of the "walkers" (who are suppose to bring the dead back to their home towns for burial) gone wrong is very well used and a great new take on why the dead are alive, but after finding out the twist it does make you wonder why all these dead have been brought back to life! (hard to explain why without giving away the twist!)

The acting is pretty good overall but then is also ruined slightly by awful acting from the newspaper in America.

The film is well done, and only slightly comes across as having a low budget, but you really can tell when it does! One of the worst parts of the film is the nature of the "walking dead" in this film makes little sense, with them switching between mindless drones to killers which can speak and move around as normal.

Worth watching if only for the excellent twist at the end!
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on 3 April 2012
After reading the previous reviews, I wanted desperately to watch this DVD.
I am a fan of all zombie movies and have collected and watched them avidly over the years, from the sublime to the ridiculous. I can honestly say that I never fall asleep watching films (alhough there are some which make me wish I had), but this movie failed to engage me on every level, so much so my brain just shut down. I hope that whoever brought my copy (which I promptly resold) can stick it out til the end, maybe that is the best bit, where it all comes together?
For me though, it had some nice gory deaths but life is too short for this kind of nonsense....ZZZZ
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on 5 April 2012
Walking The Dead begins with a smug, cynical and somewhat lazy journalist on his final warning trying to get a murder story in on time or face being fired by his editor.

His investigations lead him to a rural Chinese backwater, where even a taxi driver refuses to take him all the way to the village he has asked to go to. Forced to go on foot he finally arrives in what appears to be a run-down almost deserted antiquated settlement, where the occasional silent villager shuffles about and ignores him.

As he tries to check into a hotel, an equally silent receptionist leads him to his room where at first he think he's being seduced, until he realises that the woman really is not quite right - before finding himself suddenly in a life-or death situation. Rescued by an apparently normal lady searching for her missing child, the journalist and lady team up to help each other, as he learns more of the village and its sparse, strange shuffling and silent inhabitants, and of the strange man who is supposed to have led the dead back to their resting places, but who has now gone rogue in the village.

An original and off-beat zombie film with an interesting conclusion, perhaps let down a little by the character of the reporter (how much convincing does he need?) and perhaps a little by the actor that plays him. It's certainly not your usual zombie gorefest, but holds its own pretty well and is definitely worth a watch for horror fans.
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on 22 February 2012
I got this movie after seeing all the good right ups. If you want George Romero's zombies this is not for you. This would probably be really scary if you were Chinese but being British a lot of the cultural themes make no sense to me. It is well made and the acting is pretty good. The story is an interesting variation. Its a bit like Dawn of the living dead aka the Curse of Maya. That title being based on the Mexican day of the dead legends. I was looking for a more western style of zombie movie and this does not cut it.
Also I did not find the movie scary.
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on 20 August 2013
This is more of a slasher film than a zombie film, it also has a bit of mystery. A killer called the waker kills people to build a zombie army, but the zombies don't appear to the end of the film. Not what I expected but a good film.
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