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on 14 February 2012
Read other reviews and was in two minds whether to purchase or not.
Went for it knowing Amazon has a good returns policy.
We used the old style of eco kettle successfully but it only lasted 2 years so was hoping for better this time.
The new eco kettle Takes a bit of getting used to, poor designed lid and quality, I eventually got used to it after a week but the other 7 people and our friends could not work properly with out me having to continually show them (annoying).
The 80 degree button is good for nothing.
The 90 degree button is great idea and suitable for both tea and coffee, but that's where the trouble started-the electronics gets confused according to the instructions and you need to wait for the thing to bleep, it takes for ever sometimes and did not work at all some times SO everyone just presses Boil- defeats the object- however I carried on using the 90 degree button which was so annoying and then it started to boil any way.
We've sent it back after a month sadly, for a refund and will wait for manufacturers to either bring out an updated version or we find a different way to save on our power consumption.
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VINE VOICEon 21 December 2010
We were almost put off buying the Eco Kettle 3 after reading the negative reviews on amazon, but I'm glad we went ahead and bought one, partly on the basis of a positive Gadget Show review.

It looks good and hold a large amount of water in the reservoir.

It boils quickly (about twice as fast as our old kettle) and importantly we have found the plunger to work well and had no sign of leaking or steam escaping from the lid - closing the lid seems quite easy.

I do wonder if there were problems with earlier models and these have been quietly corrected, but regardless I would rate this as an excellent product that makes it easy to boil just the right amount of water.

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on 11 November 2015
Loved the idea of this kettle but it didn't last very long. We thought it may just be a faulty one so we got a replacement but again it didn't last very long - we were disappointed as it seemed quite economical but ended up back with a standard quick boil kettle after the second one broke.
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on 18 February 2015
The reservoir chills your boiled water as you pour. This kettle is also very heavy, and hard to use. A complete waste of money.
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on 8 January 2011
I bought the Eco3 kettle to replace an old 1-cup kettle that had developed plastic fatigue and was crumbling away after many years of use. The Eco3 is good for heating both small and large amounts of water quickly. However, quite often the audio beep does not sound on the 80 and 90 degrees settings to indicate that the temperature has been reached; also, I reckon the 90 setting is closer to 100 for small amounts of water, judging by the visible water activity. Therefore, I give the kettle only 4 stars. Regarding the lid, I have no problem clicking it shut, although a visible indication when the plunger is set down would be useful as I have several times forgotten to release it after emptying when heating the water in both chambers.

After 13 months, so too late to claim on the guarantee, the kettle has developed the same fault as other reviewers have experienced, i.e. failure of the temperature sensors / buttons. Intermittently, whichever button I press to start heating the water, nothing happens, Therefore I have downgraded my rating from 4 stars to 2 (and that's generous but at least I had a year's good usage). I can no longer recommend this product, which was a good idea but let down by poor quality components.
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on 20 May 2011
This kettle is not as good as its predecessor. The temperature switches are merely an extra gimmick waiting to go wrong, and they did.
Gizoo were very quick to offer a full refund (thanks) stating that the faulty temperature sensors were a common problem.
The lid does not always snap shut properly either.
Not as good looking as the Mk II.
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on 27 August 2011
Before I bought this kettle I spent a fair bit of time researching what was out there, I wanted one that would save energy, and look decent. What swung this kettle for me was the different temperature options; I drink a fair bit of green tea and coffee so having 80C, 90C and boil selectors made real sense.

Whilst this kettle fulfils my original criteria, but it also has a fair few issues:

*It leaks! At first it was just a little dribble but after a year of owning it, tilting the kettle the right way can flood the kitchen.
* The buttons on the base recently died, so now it doesn't work at all. I've had the kettle just under 16 months. The guarantee is only 12 months. I don't know if the broken buttons are because the kettle leaks and the occasional splashes of water eventually hit something critical, or just because the electronics isn't built to last.
* It's quite heavy, even when empty.
* The mechanism for filling the boiling chamber can confuse any guests you might have.

I reckon the energy savings they quote as a result of having two chambers are probably overstated, as if a kettle has an easy way to see how much water is going in when you fill it, anyone intent on saving energy will get into a habit of boiling roughly what water they need. The temperature selectors were cool and no doubt did save energy, easily the best thing about this kettle - when it was working.

I would expect this kettle to last a fair bit longer, given the price. Ultimately, if any kitchen appliance is to be truly ECO then it has to be designed well, last for a reasonable lifetime and be easily recyclable when it stops working. No doubt this kettle has some energy saving potential, but any such potential is totally invalidated by the short lifespan.
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on 21 June 2012
I really doubt that this kettle saves energy. Most appliances use more energy on start up. I have to boil twice to get enough boiled water to fill a teapot for 4 mugs of tea. The temperature controlled options for 80 and 90 degrees take longer than they would to boil the water, because they reach the required temperature by switching on and off three or four times to keep the water from overheating if the heat plate was allowed to get up to full heat. With the reservoir full the kettle is ludicrously heavy. The knob on the top frequently disengages when depressed resulting in leakage of water from the reservoir when the boiled water is poured. The 1600 ml. reservoir will not continue to fill the boiling chamber once the two levels are equalised, so you cannot empty the reservoir - you will need to refill it if you need more than 1350 ml. in total. After boiling the water the base plate is wet. My advice is to get a smart well designed kettle and use a measuring jug to put in the exact amount you want. This Kettle is BIG and HEAVY and UGLY. Don't buy it - You'll regret it. I have allowed one star because it does boil water.
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on 21 March 2012
The Eco kettle is fantastic.
I already had the older version so was used to energy saving with it.
The newer one with temperature control is ideal for Green or Herbal Tea drinkers, coffee drinkers and of course ordinary Tea drinkers.
It allows you to heat only the right amount of water needed for a cup and save energy. It heats the water at the correct temperature for each beverage.
It also allows for both chambers to heat at the same time enabling you to make a large cafetiere of coffee or a large Teapot of tea.
Terrific product, every household should have one!
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on 28 March 2012
I thought the eco kettle 3 would be a good prompt to reduce energy and water waste in our house, but 2 months in, had to go and buy something smaller and lighter. An elderly relative was coming to stay - I knew she wouldn't be able to lift it but was even more concerned about her getting scalded. The chamber with the water which boils is right under the spout, and sometimes when pouring, the boiling water fell out all at once in a rush, which was incredibly alarming and dangerous. All the family (except for the 17 yr old exotic-tea drinker who appreciated the 80 degree button) were relieved to have it replaced.
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