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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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I bought this along with the hedge trimmer attachment, to use really as a hedge trimmer with the strimmer as a bonus. I have about 50metres of thick woody hedge, some 3metres high that has always been a total nightmare to cut using electric trimmers. They are all either not quite powerful enough, or vibrate so much and are so heavy that they are exhausting to use.

I finally decided to go for a petrol option and bought this. It's very very good. The weight of the motor is behind you, giving you a lever when cutting and making the whole thing very balanced. Vibration is virtually non-existant, it's so smooth and satisfying to use. There is ample power, far more than even my expensive electric trimmer, and it just cuts through everything with ease. I also bought an extended beam for it Ryobi Expand-It Aex 02 Extension Shaft which gives you something like 9feet of reach.

The whole expand-it idea is a brilliant one, as you can buy all sorts of attachements to turn your strimmer into everything from a blower to a lawnmower to even a rotorvator.

If you're nervous about uncontrolled petrol engines whirring away and perhaps trundling off with out you, then don't be. The cutting heads don't engage fully until you've pulled in the power levers. i.e., the engine is running but the blades are still. Pull the power switch, and the engine revs up and the cutters start. Very safe. It's actually far easier to use and safer than an electic one, as you don't have wires trailing behind you.

Downsides - it's mad loud. You will definitely near ear protection using this, and safety glasses too as it powers through things so fast you'll get chips everywhere.
Also it's a two-stroke, so you need to mix up the fuel (easy to do) and use it all up before it goes stale. Not really an issue.
Upsides - Easy to start, despite being a pull-cord, with a sort-of semi-automatic choke. You pretty much just need to pull-start it and you're off. It's quite easy to do, far easier than most lawnmowers where you starting swearing at the thing.
Good run-time, 250ml of fuel lasts about 2 or three hours of use.
Well balanced. It's reasonably heavy, although not excessive, but is so well balanced it's not an issue. There is also a mounting point for a shoulder strap so you can take some of the weight off your arms if you struggle.
Compact - because it's designed to swap out different attachments, it all comes to pieces and is easy to store. You won't have some unwieldy bit of kit in your shed getting in the way with this.
Fun - It's intensely satisfying to fire up this thing with a roar and attack the garden with it!

The strimmer attachement is also very clever, with a brilliant way of loading the strimmer wire. The instuctions are all pictograms and are not very clear about this, but basically you put the head together without the wire, feed the wire through the holes and out the other side, and then wind the knob to wind it all up. Very very easy and a great design.

I'm delighted with this thing, by far the best garden tool I've bought.
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on 14 July 2015
I bought one of these a couple of years ago and for the first year it caused me no end of frustration due to very poor starting. It would start initially after about ten pulls which I was sort of accepting as normal even though Ryobi claim this to be "easy to start" on the box and in the literature. The big problem was that when I switched it off whilst clearing up the hedge cuttings it just would not start again no matter how many times I pulled on the cord ending up with lots of blisters in the process even wearing thick gardening gloves. I would end up getting so frustrated that I would just leave it alone and get on with other gardening jobs for an hour or so. Then when I tried to start it again it would eventually fire after about 10 pulls again - more blisters...!!!! At the start of this season I decided to try and find out the cause of the bad starting particularly as I had seen so many other reviews where people were complaining of the same problem. First thing I did was to buy a new spark plug just in case this was the reason for poor starting. When I took the old one out it looked like new and very clean, I did get the feeling though that the gap was not right as to the naked eye it looked somewhat excessive. When I checked the gap with my feeler gauge it was about three times that stated in the manual, so immediately I suspected this was the cause. I carried out limited cleaning of the plug and re-set the gap and hey presto the problem solved. I now have a Ryobi that lives up to the "easy start" claim on the box. It now is a pleasure to use and I no longer get frustrated wearing myself out trying to start the blessed thing. My recommendation to anyone who buys one of these is to check the spark plug gap before you use it as whoever assembles them cannot be trusted to set the gap. To those who have suffered the same poor starting problems as me and not already checked the spark plug gap then do so before you next use your Ryobi and you may just find the problem goes away just as I did....!!!!!! Happy hedge cutting & strimming to you all.
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on 14 September 2012
Purchased this Petrol Strimmer about 4 months ago,i was initially disappointed with this as it was very difficult to start and so returned this item to Amazon but to there credit they sent out a replacement the same day.
I have used this a few times since and it works well and starts ok,seems very well made,not flimsy or cheap looking the line feed works ok and is so easy to refill with new line.
My only gripe with this strimmer is that it should have came with a shoulder harness of some type even a simple strap would have done,but apart from that i would say its a good product.
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on 6 March 2011
i bought the ryobi 26cc rlt26cds strimmer with hedgecutter attachment late last year from choicebrand for £34 and though i have only used the strimmer i find it realy quiet and realy light.before this i was using an electric strimmer,you have to be careful when mixing the 2 stroke oil with the petrol as it's a 50 to 1 mix,but you get a mixing bottle for this.the strimmer take's arround 4 or 5 pull's before it start's from cold but it's easy to pull,also it is an expand it tool with a split shaft so you can get extra addon's like a chainsaw or a mower attachment.i was so pleased with my purchase and if you think that petrol run strimmer's are not for you think again.i would reccommend this strimmer.TIP-if you find that the machine is hard to start when hot and takes a lot of pulls you will need a new sparkplug as i have found out over the last 3 years,buy an NGK sparkplug as they are far supirior to other makes,buy a couple for when you need them.
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on 2 July 2013
Bought this at the end of the summer last year to replace a very old Ryobi that has done a fine job but is now just worn out. This one has good features, easy start and can be split in two for easy storage and transport. The machine broke down in the first cut this year and was fixed on warranty after a 3 week wait, the recoil starter cord broke on the first use after repair, and having tried to fix it myself I am now told the warranty is void - I won't be buying another Ryobi.
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on 21 June 2012
This is a great tool that I've had great fun with. Getting it started was not an issue but you do have to wait for a few minutes before using to allow for warm up. There are a few things to mention though for those planning to use this namely it's powerful and will send debris all over the place including you. So safety gear is a must, believe me having stinging nettles fly up and hit you in the face isn't fun so a face mask is the first thing, gloves are another must as well as ear defenders. I also highly recomend long sleeves and keeping your top zipped up, again stinging nettles going to your top isn't fun. My final recomendation it good quality thick trousers and not a pair of thin jogging bottoms. Stininging nettles and the face, sore. On the arms, ouch. Hitting you around the meat and 2 veg AGHHHHH!
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on 25 May 2015
It's not man enough for a real job. The curved head causes friction when in even short use and the plastic drive overheats and melts. This happened after 20 minutes of use and resulted in an expensive repair the first time I used it. I wanted to cut some grass on my allotment this week and the head was slipping so badly I finally consigned this expensive, almost brand new item to the bin. Even if you replace the cutting twine with thicker grade, it still does not cut well. The guy at the repair shop said I should have got one with a straight shaft and expect to pay about £300 for a good strimmer. Cheap and nasty - in my opinion.
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on 17 July 2013
Straight forward to assemble. Instructions could be a little clearer but easy enough to figure out. Once you have got it started a couple of times then its pretty easy.
Performance is fab. I had an electric one years ago and it was just rubbish. Ive just cleared some heavily over grown garden and there was 4 rose bushes. Hmmm now there are 2. It ripped right through them. Be warned! My wife laughed when i told her, your spouse might not.
Slightly annoying when the line breaks and goes inside. Doesnt happen often but you can break the line on rock, you have to rewind the spindle but only takes a minute. I was half expecting this thing to be a bit naff as it was quite cheap but im am chuffed.
No idea about longevity as only just got it but it looks and feels reasonably built. Obviously not a professional tool but for weekend use round the garden its perfect.
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on 25 July 2012
YOU DOT NEED TO BUY 2 STROKE OIL as a small bottle is included. Premix fuel is also available. Before you use this strimmer change the nylon line for 1.5mm. The line that comes with the strimmer will take chunks out of trees and cause stones to fly, but it wont cut grass. 1.5mm is much better in the garden and will still cut down tough weeds. Note that even with 1.5mm you dont want to strim round trees unless you are very careful, as it will still take off bark easily. The instructions are also useless so you are on your own when assembling it, which is less intuitive than you might think. Stopped working and would not start after about 10 uses. I would advise avoiding, I'll try a battery one next.
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on 6 December 2015
This was a horrible machine to work with. Starting was really difficult, vibration was bad, line loading difficult, petrol consumption high. When the pull start jammed after less than a year I didn't bother to claim on the guarantee. Glad to be done with it. I bought the most basic Stihl model (FS40) from a local supplier. It was only £45 more than this piece of rubbish, is well designed, starts really easily, has low vibration and fuel consumption, I hate reviews that say "don't buy" but even if, like me, you've got a number of exapandit attachments you should seriously consider moving on to some properly designed and constructed machinery and not continue with this Ryobi junk..
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