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on 7 October 2010
After toying with the idea of getting the official Apple AV cables I decided to go for this product instead. It really does what it says on the box with absolutely no fuss. After unpacking I simply connected the power, plugged in the AV cables to the TV and put the ipod touch into the dock. After configuring the ipod output (very simple instructions), both sound and vision came on right away. This was an initial worry as some users have reported non apple AV cables not working on ipods above 2nd gen (I have a 3rd gen Ipod touch O/S v3). I can confirm this dock 100% works on 3rd gen, the picture quality is excellent and the sound quality is very good (it seems even better when playing music rather than films?)

The nifty remote has a screen similar to the original ipod nano and is very simple and clear to use, allowing films/music to be selected and even volume control without having to return to the ipod, which charges in the dock during use. Due to its compact/portable nature I have watched numerous films and even all of season 8 of 24 whilst on the road in hotels through the use of this ipod dock. An excellent product that for a change works really really well. I was not dissapointed at all, especially for the price.....
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on 12 January 2011
This product could have gotten 5 stars, however I think only a perfect product should get this and so have given it 4 for the following reasons:

- If you have large libraries, it can take a very long time to scroll to find a song
- The controller does take a little while to respond once in stand-by
- The blinking blue light is very annoying
- Some times the width of the LCD screen is long enough to view enough of the song or album names.


- No other controller will let you navigate your library at all making this the ONLY useful iPod doc remote I've found to date. Play pause and next are simply not good enough when you reach the end of a play-list or album, so I love it's LCD screen.
- Having it standby to save power is a great feature if you ask me and it does not do this unless left for a good 10 mins or so
- You can hide the unit itself in a cabinet or even a draw as the remote is not IR. This also means it works in other rooms. Thus far I've had it working just fine in all rooms adjacent to the one the unit is in (up-stairs and down) :-D
- The menus are simple and easy to use.
- The screen is clear and does an admirable job of representing your songs with what it has.

Ultimately, I LOVE the device and would recommend it to anyone with an existing sound system to plug it into. It was really simple to set-up with not hassle and works a treat.
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on 3 October 2010
I saw this advertised on the back page of an in flight magazine. I had been looking for a way to get music out of my iPod and through a reasonable sounding system but didn't like any of the midi/mini units that come with an iPod doc as their quality wasn't up to what I wanted. Most of all I wanted to be able to fully control the music remotely. This product answers all the questions. Very easy to set up and connect to a hifi (in the end I connected it to a Cambridge Audio Topaz amp and a pair of Wharfedale 9.0 bookshelf speakers. The results are stunning. You can control the iPod, see the same menu screens on the remote as if you were handling the iPod itself and you can control the machine from other rooms.

The only, tiny, downside is that after a few minutes the remote goes into a standby mode. Probably to save battery life. It takes a few seconds to fire back up again which means if you want to do something really quick (like mute the sound or pause a track whilst you answer a phone) you have to wait while it comes to life again.

Overall though I would thoroughly recommend.
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on 22 January 2011
This unit does what it says on the box. The trouble is that Logic do not tell you on the box what the distance the remote will operate from the base unit. I can only get the remote control to operate 4 metres with direct line of sight to the base unit and about the same if it is going through a wall etc. If this distance is okay with you then the Logic3 is a well made,good value unit. One other problem is that I cant call up artists on the unit and there is no search function on the remote so you have to rely on playlists to get your music quickly
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on 3 December 2013
Have given it 4 stars so people can read this asap - the company is in receivership and no help is available

SO: Beware who you buy it from if you need to return it.

rang Logic3 support line listed on back of instruction leaflet to find they have gone into receivership and help not available.

Rang Pricelovers to say could not get it to work - they will assess if I can ship it back, then will test it and if faulty offer me a refund. Not good for me as its a Christmas present.

Would not recommend, spent ages trying to get it to pair up, managed that to find it would not recognise the iPod - message "ipod not connected", followed instructions from another reviewer (thanks!) and removed the cradle. But no joy, although the unit now recognises an iPod is now connected no sound coming from the unit! Does not matter how loud I turn thre volume up, not a peep.

So frustrated, want to send it back. Can only assume it will not work with 5th generation iPods.
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on 1 December 2010
Bought this to play movies on tv from my touch, it plays movie that you bought from iTunes but will not play rented movies from iTunes which I found out when I rented. Remote is a bit slow when it is not used for a while apart from these two things the product works well and does what it says, resonable priced and looks good overall pleased with purchase.
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on 13 September 2013
I bought the logic3 docking station to get rid of my old unit, it's a good little bit of kit but is found lacking in some areas.
There are three different methods of connection on this device I could only use 2 due to getting rid of my high, in place of an iPod sound system dock years ago.
I have connected this device both methods (c.v & y/pr/on), but allegedly due to my tv I can only play videos not music tracks. This therefore rendered my purchase pointless. It also is unable to read an iPhone 5 even with using an adapter.
It would be great if I had my hifi still.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 September 2011
First, this is quite a substantial item, being a couple of inches high and about 4 inches in diameter (yes, it is cylindrical). So, quite different from many docks, including Apple's own. As usual with this type of device, you first of all need to fit the correct adaptor for your iPod or iPhone. Then plug the dock into the mains. Insert the iPod/iPhone and you are almost ready. The final step is to pair the remote control with the iPod or iPhone. I found this fairly straightforward, although it did take a couple of attempts.

As you would expect, the dock charges the device fitted. It does not provide any USB connectivity, though. I have not tried the AV connections, so cannot comment on the dock's usefulness here. I use it exclusively for listening to my iPod through headphones, and it works very well in this role. Sound quality is excellent with a wide variety of musical genres. This is no more than I would expect from Logic3 - I am a very satisfied user of the Logic3 Valve 80 Hybrid Vacuum iPod Dock Amplifier with Remote Control.

The most notable point is the remote control. Unlike most docks, it has an LCD screen that mimics the iPod display. So you can navigate through your music looking at this rather than the iPod. This is a very useful feature. One drawback is that the remote has no clickwheel - so with a long list of albums, artists, and so on, you have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the end.

Another drawback is that the volume controls have no effect (on my 5th Generation iPod Video). As I tend to leave the volume alone most of the time, in practice this is not an issue.

If you are looking for an iPod/iPhone dock, this should definitely be on your shortlist.
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on 28 July 2013
I was using a Pure i10, which I was extremely disappointed with (read my review on it) & upgraded to a Pure i20 which was fantastic (again, read my review). I moved the i10 to my bedroom unit, & whilst it worked OK, it was nothing stunning.

Then this popped up at twenty quid. I'd been toying with this one, but chose the i20 as it was slightly cheaper & had slightly better reviews. So I thought at this price, I'd change the i10.

The unit is a solid feeling base, & whilst it's bigger than the i10 is smaller than the i20. The remote is chunkier than the Pure remotes, feels a bit lightweight, but good enough. Comes with various cables, unfortunately no 2 x phono to 2 x phono. Used a spare set of Fisual Install Series (excellent value), hooked it up & without having to follow the connection instructions, the handset found the unit straight away.

Switched on & started playing straight away. Fantastic sound, & fully controllable from the handset. Sound wise, as good as the Pure i20 (to my slightly duff ears) with a good range to the volume. I've found that I set my stereo to about half volume then control it up or down as required from the handset.

The remote is more usable & responsive than that of the Pure. I've found that with the Pure RC, it has to be pointed directly at the base to work, with the Logic, I can be anywhere in the room & it still works. The small screen replicates the iPod screen, however, it's very dim & can be a struggle to see in bright light. I must speak to Logic & see if this is normal. The other slightly annoying thing is that when it goes into standby, there is few seconds lag before it responds.

So would I have picked this one over the i20? There's not a lot to choose between them sound wise, although the i20 slightly pips it. I think that maybe I would, but only because the RC is better. It comes down to whether you want a better functioning RC - if you want a more controllable RC, go for this one - if you want a slightly better sound go for the i20. But if this still twenty quid , grab one now.
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on 12 January 2014
This was a pressy to replace a similar dock (which died), but without a remote.

OK, first thing is that this product does the job (for me anyway) - it takes an ipod classic 160Gb with lots of music and plays it through the supplied jack-to-phono cable into my hi-fi. The remote is quite useful to display what is being played, pause-resume, change volume, change album etc etc, just like you would on the ipod itself. The range of the remote is reasonable and doesn't have to be line-of-sight (unlike infra-red).

So far so good. However, like reviewer 'Richard', I noticed a number of downsides.

After two days, our remote stopped working. It still recognised the ipod, but it got stuck on fast forwarding through each track and wouldn't actually play anything. OK, I thought, I'll use it a normal dock, without the remote. Nah.... without the remote, the dock default volume level is really low, so it is unusable.

The supplier was good (thx Pricelovers) and sent a replacement, so now it's all working again. Occasionally it fails to 'see' the ipod, but normally does when you remove and reinsert it into the dock.

Ploughing through loads of albums or artists takes ages with the buttons on the remote, so it's easier to do that on the ipod itself, pick what you want, start it playing and put in the dock (just like my old dock), then control it with the remote from then on.

So, happy so far, but if the remote ever breaks or gets lost, the dock will be unusable (see above), so it will go in the recycler and be replaced by one without a remote!
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