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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Price:£25.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 27 May 2011
Buy this with total confidence - it's great in every way.

The Max Value USB hub consists of a very nicely made glossy black square enclosure, 3 sides have 4 powered USB ports each, the 4th side has sockets for the power lead and master USB connection back to the computer. On the top is a flip-up connection - handy for memory sticks - that folds back flush with the unit when not needed. It's built to a high standard, seems very robust, and everything about it says quality.

Initially I was a little wary as there is an identical looking version also on Amazon for £8 more, and I wondered if this was a poor performing cousin. Far from it. I can't see any difference between them other than the name, and this performs flawlessly in every way.

I bought this to replace a lacklustre 7-port hub from a big name, that failed to provide enough power for the various devices to work reliably. I wasn't sure that I needed all these extra ports, and I was even less confident that it would have enough power to support them all. I couldn't have been more wrong. I now have 10 USB devices plugged in permanently, so there's no need for plugging and unplugging cables. The devices include 2 USB-powered removable hard-drives, 2 printers, and various other peripherals and gadgets that power themselves from it, and they all work flawlessly. I've had this for 2 months now and I haven't had a single problem with it in that time. It looks good, it works well, it runs cool yet has plenty of power to support a full array of demanding devices - couldn't be better. Thoroughly deserves 5 stars and I recommend it very highly.
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Having had a Belkin 7-port hub for just over 3 years, it decided to "fry" itself when a printer went down last week. My CPU has 5 USB ports, but even this wasn't enough, so I went for this excellently designed and finished 13 port hub. Absolutely delighted. The two USB ports on the front of my tower are now available for plugging in the usual "accessories" such as cameras, iPod, mobile phone etc. The 13th port on this hub is accessed by flipping-up a small panel on top of the unit which makes it ideally suited to the wireless receiver I have for the Dell Studio CPU which is now also just over 3 years old and didn't come with wireless built in.

This beautifully designed hub would grace your desk-top. Or at least it would until you plug all the cables into it!!!! However, it's smaller than my old 7-port hub, so fits very unobtrusively on top of the CPU which has its' own discreet open-fronted location in my desk, out of sight, out of mind.

Certainly not the cheapest option offered by Amazon but I'm a firm believer in the "You get what you pay for" idea. Even if you're not going to use more than half the ports, it really is "Max Value" as its name implies and it arrived next day with Amazon Prime. Clearly, when the old Belkin died, I needed something urgently. Go on, spoil yourself.
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on 22 March 2014
Had this unit for over 24 months now. Can connect up to 13 devices. Used up to 6 concurrently at the moment. Very fast powered usb 2 hub. No issues to date
This was so good, bought a second
Pleasantly surprised, as this is not a branded unit
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on 25 April 2015
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on 23 May 2012
I have been using the USB hub for around 2 months now, having various hard drives and peripherals plugged in and working fine, it took 5 mins to setup and plug everything in and hasn't been changed since then.

About 2 weeks ago (8 weeks old) various devices would disconnect and re-connect unexpectedly, which isn't that annoying in itself but when the devices come back they load software on my machine and open windows, which then require to be closed. I have looked up the Amazon help pages and apparently after 30 days I cannot contact them for a replacement or refund. I guess I should have read the small print, but since this is a no-name brand and I can't contact them directly and Amazon sold the item to me through their website I would have hoped they would be able to help.

Anyway, don't buy this product and don't use Amazon, go down to PCWorld or your local retailer and get something with a proper warranty and people who you can speak to who can take an item back and exchange it for a new one if faulty.

I've learned my lesson.
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on 15 April 2012
(I have uploaded 3 or 4 pictures with this review that might be of some benefit.)

Like most computer users, whenever a new piece of technology is made available to the general public, it invariably comes with a USB port & cable: printers, external hard drives, keyboards, graphic tablets, mice.... the list just goes on and on. And inevitably your poor old PC has only a finite number of USB ports to cope with the demand. And even if your machine does have more than the standard 4 socket setup, there's still the issue of keeping everything nice and tidy with cables spouting from your machine in all different directions it is no wonder it becomes a tangled mess in no time at all.

After much research I decided to give this 13 port Hub a try. I could have bought hub with fewer ports, but I wanted to future-proof my setup, and since this particular hub was just a shade under £20 I felt it was worth the asking price.

The 2-day standard delivery was prompt, and the box itself came in a suitably padded Jiffy Bag. Setting everything up only took about 15 minutes. It's completely up to you if you choose to switch off your PC (and associated computer components) first before attempting to plug this Hub to your system. In my case I kept my machine on, but I did take the precaution of disconnecting my printers & external hardware through Device Manager.

The Hub itself is very light & glossy. It came with a protective cellophane film. If you don't intend to use the port on the top of the Hub I would suggest you don't peel this film off as it will just invite dust & fingerprints to the smooth glossy surface (see my attached photos)

I disconnected all of my USB connections from my PC and into the Hub. I then attached the enclosed USB cable and plugged that to a random USB port at the back of my machine, and the other end to the port on the Hub next to the power supply inlet. It was then just a case of plugging in the PSU into the mains and in no time at all my PC (Windows 7 OS) picked up the Hub, installed the drivers and began loading my external devices once again.

After about a minute everything was done & dusted and I could carry on using my PC and all of its components as if nothing had happened. Flicking through each external device I didn't notice any connectivity problems, lagging or conflicts: the Hub coped admirably. But what I would recommend is tagging each USB cable so that you can easily identify what device it belongs to: the problem with a Hub like this is that even though it keeps everything in one central place, it is almost impossible to identify what cable belongs to what device.

I can't comment on how reliable this Hub is given that it has only been in use for a couple of days! And neither have I tested all 13 ports either individually or concurrently (I can't really imagine what kind of system would require 13 USB connections, but what do I know!) At present my Hub is using 6 ports, and thus far I am very very satisfied with the results.


review image review image review image review image
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on 26 June 2010
Ordered Friday,arrived 1st thing Saturday morning,this has to be the best USB Hub of my 15 years computing experience.
Extremely well packaged (as usual with Amazon)this 13 port mains powered hub was a dream to install on my Windoes 7 64bit machine.
Only minutes after unpacking,my computer recognised the hub & installed itself with the minimum of fuss and was working & working extremely well at speeds I have never seen before.
Transferring files from one drive to another now takes seconds not minutes including copying DVD files.Printing is quicker (which surprised me)as well!.
Well made & sturdy also pleasant on the eye, this gem of a piece of hardware will definitely not disappoint.
If you are in the market for a new powered USB hub then don't hesitate & grab one of these quickly.
Excellent price from Amazon,they never cease to amaze me.!!
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on 30 May 2012
Decided to update my review after a year with my USB hub.
Fully aware of how pathetic that sounds, but my little USB friend deserves it.

It's just worked. It's small, it's neat, it's nicely made, it's a fair price and it's powered anything I've thrown at it (it's currently got 11 ports in use) and is fast (no idea about the internal gubbins, but definitely faster than the USB2 hub it replaced).

If you're after a powered USB hub I genuinely can't see why you'd consider anything else.
I've been through quite a few over the years, both no-name cheapies and supposedly high-end branded ones - and all have either just died or exhibited flakey behaviour eventually. This little fella has been a permanent fixture on the corner of my desk since he arrived and been utterly faultless.

I'm somewhat bemused as to the effort I'm putting into shilling a "Generic USB Hub", but just so happy I found something that has so flawlessly just done "what it said it would"
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on 7 June 2012
I like my new hub, it is sleek, black and has a pop up port. It is attached to my laptop (when my laptop is there) and means I only have to attach 1 lead to be up and running with all devices. I can connect 13 devices at one time, a surprising feature for a 13 port hub! This is good as I usually have a minimum of 8 attached to it. It also allows me to charge devices when the laptop is off (it's powered!)

Unfortunaly the first one died after 3 weeks, but Amazon sent a replacement out the day it died so I had to struggle on with a 6 port hub and no power for two days. The replacement is stil working.

It does have one of those really bright blue LEDs on it which is annoying as it ruins my night vision and may make me more suseptable to zombie attacks, time will tell.
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on 3 April 2011
Bought the hub this week and I have additional 13 ports now and literally every USB device is now neatly connected to one hub. I have my mouse, Printer, external HDDs and Office Conferencing Headphones connected via this hub.Running on Windows 7 64-bit. Auto Detects and Installs the Hub. The devices connected are installed as usual when connected to any other USB port on your PC. No Issues so far. The 13th port on the top is like icing on the cake. Great cool gadget at a great price from Amazon.
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