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on 7 September 2017
(SPOILER ALERT) .. I supposed this film to be a restrained, subtle version of films like 'Battle Royal' or 'The Belko Experiment' in fact it's so restrained ' nothing ' happens in it's 96 minute duration. With something as "subtle" as this, first rate acting is required, the acting, in fact is poor and unconvincing, Jimi Mistry is particularly unconvincing and miscast . Despite it's restraint the movie still has moments that looked far fetched and unbelievable, 'The Belko Experiment' with all it's splatter (an extreme example of this type of film) looks more truthful. Paper cuts are nasty, but trying to do a "Un Chien Andalou" on a tied up woman's eye is ludicrous. The film quite literally could of been on the TV as a variation of 'The Apprentice' (if you like that) and quite popular it might of been too, but never, never, as a piece of cinema !! As for the end who gives a flying f***
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on 17 September 2015
I had never even heard of the film Exam until very recently when a friend recommended it as "my type of film". He was dead right for once.

The film is set entirely in one room with 8 candidates with different ethnicities, backgrounds and personalities competing for one job. There is one question and the candidates appear to have 80 minutes to find out not just the answer but the question too.

I have to say, with the exception of the invigilator I had never seen any of these actors before and I was astonished at how spot on most of the acting was and the character development and suspense kept me excited throughout.

As with most of these films the ending was slightly disappointing but that didn't take away the fact that this film is a hidden gem, full of suspense and intrigue. Imagine the cleverness of the first Saw movie without the blood and gore of the others and with some much better acting (lets be honest that's not hard) and you're halfway there.

Don't miss this film it is definitely worth at least a rental although I have added it to my collection.
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on 25 June 2015
I thought this was a really clever film and I am somewhat disappointed by the other reviews. British films are often underrated, I think because they are too subtle for some audiences, and this one is no exception. It starts off eerily enough, so you know that this is not going to be just any old exam, and it doesn't disappoint. After one candidate is disqualified soon after the start, the others realise that this is going to be a tough one to solve and come up collectively with some logical (if wrong) solutions. But the atmosphere gradually degenerates as suspicions are aroused about the genuineness of some of the candidates and the whole thing is brought to a head just as the exam time period expires. I particularly liked the fact that it is filmed in real time - the exam lasts 80 minutes and that's what you get, plus some topping and tailing. For those like me who have sat many exams in the past, it is difficult to make the time fly by as quickly as it does in the film, and that is no mean feat.
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on 16 September 2016
Mixed reviews in out house on this, but i really enjoyed it, and thought it was brilliantly done. To keep the viewer interested for 90 minutes with just a bare skeleton of plot and resources is some achievement. I am guessing some people will hate it (my wife!!), but i think this is one excellent little movie.
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on 9 May 2012
Firstly, if you're looking at this film on the basis of it being a horror, or the review of "The Usual Suspects Meets Saw", then you will be disappointed. I would not describe it as gory at all, nor does it deliver anywhere near the intelligent suspense of The Usual Suspects (nor Saw, for that matter) and I found it very slow after the first half hour, until the final ten minutes.

The solution to "finding the answer" is obvious sometime before the ending, and from then on, you find yourself almost screaming at the characters to notice what you have already. The story needs a better foundation, too. You are told that the candidates have passed the gruelling, difficult previous tasks, but with no explanation as to what they were. I feel this is needed, especially as one candidate is covered in grazes - they remain unexplained. There is also a backstory throughout, the reason the company exists, but again, this is not built on enough to warrant it being in the film at all.

That said, it was a good film. It's a clever Brit film, and different from a lot around at the moment.

However, as said, it does not follow the description, and I was overall disappointed with Exam.
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on 4 August 2013
HAts off for this mix of Cube & The Apprentice. It rally keeps you stuck on the screen with ust few actors in a room. Call it theatre or whatever, to me it's just great cinema and script. Had it not ended like that, it could have been a hopeless pamphlet on the dark greedy side of manking and capitalistic society. It almost hit the point: maybe they wanted it to end more in a hollywood way than in a disenchanted cinical british one. What a pity!
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on 3 February 2018
This film tries to be clever but it just doesn't work. Its decent trash if looking to waste a bit of time, but other than that, it cannot be recommended.
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on 3 January 2018
Unfortunately worked this out very early- which was a shame, as the performances are well acted. All the early tension Peters out toward an ending that underwhelms.
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on 8 December 2017
Takes boredom to a new low. A exam with no questions and in the end a incredibly stupid finish .nothing happens as 8 thick people argue among themselves.
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on 6 November 2010
This gave off quite a claustrophobic atmosphere, people shut in a room told what not to do if they wanted to win the prize, which was a job in the company. It was all a bit illusive as to what they needed to do to get through.It is interesting to see what individuals will do to be the winner. Not a fast paced film could even get a bit boring; you feel like you wanted to push it on a bit but in the end I think an enjoyable film; but only for people who are happy to see a film unfold at its own pace. I know I would not like to have a job interview anything like this one.
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