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Customer Reviews

2.6 out of 5 stars
2.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2010
I have been a fan of Ricky Gervais since his appearances on the 11 O'clock show. I loved The Office, thought Animals and Politics were excellent, I liked Extras and even bought Flanimals (!) so I am not a hater, but I have to say this show was shockingly poor.

I am not sure if his obvious pain was affecting him (I assume the gags were the same) but the delivery was awkward, the content was very poor, with Ricky going back on old subjects (fat people) and really missing the mark second time. When he first came on stage Ricky looked in good shape, but once he kept on and on about fat people you had to start looking at his physique, yes he has lost the gut, but his spaniels ears man boobs, bingo wings and basketball bum just made an already unfunny, over long 'fat joke' seem even worse. The supermarket bit was truly unfunny, almost like a school bully trying to impress a room full of people who are trying to laugh out of duty, but failing. I cannot explain why but I was actually embarrassed to be watching this on several occasions.

To add a bit of balance, there were a few funny bits, but they are too thin to justify recommending you buy this. If you must watch it I would rent it, but if you get past 30 minutes laughing ad waiting for the next gag, you are a better person than me.

If you like offensive and funny then Frankie Boyles DVD Frankie Boyle Live 2: If I Could Reach Out Through Your TV and Strangle You I Would [DVD] [2010]is for you, if you like funny then Stewart Francis Tour De Francis Stewart Francis Live - Tour de Francis [DVD]is truly excellent. Ricky Gervais 'Science' is neither offensive or funny, though if I had paid face value for the tickets to the show I may revise the former!
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on 23 November 2010
I consider myself a fan of Ricky Gervais, I bought all The Office dvd's and christmas specials plus all of the Extras dvd's. I've got all his other standup's on dvd, and I even bought all the podcasts. But this one I've got to say is really disappointing, he seems to have become really lazy when it comes to stand up, just intent on trying to make people laugh through shock as opposed to actually saying something funny, it all seems old hat now. At one point he even tells a story about how he got a present for christmas which was basically someone sending a goat to Africa on his behalf, this was infact a musing by karl Pilkington on his podcast. He must realise that fans of his will also have listened to his podcast/audiobook and know he's just either stolen lines from Karl or just churned out old material. It pains me to say it but this is probably the worst standup dvd I've seen in a long time.
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on 24 August 2015
Extras was comedy gold ; this is nothing short of a con..

'science' ; there is little scientific joking going on and more queer, dick, god - bashing going on.. why he titled it 'science' I have no idea..
not a clever joke in it ; sadly..

It does however highlight the character of Ricky gervais; tardy in comedic timing and content - and arrogant; he seriously holds no interest in his fanbase - or those who would spend time to obtain his autograph; he looks down on a lot of poor people..

I am wondering if his comedy talent is more to do with Stephen Merchant ; than Ricky - although as protagonist he may imbibe greatness to others.. but this is not a comedy worth watching..unless you want to see how seriously unfunny Ricky Gervais unprepared and tardy can be ..
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on 21 December 2010
Boring jokes on the same material as previous shows and too much talk about his wealth and past achievements which just aren't jokes anymore but stink of massive self-importance which he seems just too happy remind us of and expect us to laugh. Hardly any 'Science' theme to it as well except for stage props.

David Baddiel once said that David Brent is actually Ricky if he didn't have self-awareness. Well, he's definitely lost it now.
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on 28 November 2010
Oh dear, this stand up must have been written the night before as it smacks of little planning and effort from the once brilliant Gervais. I've been concerned that the success would all go to his head and this lazy effort would prove that. I think he actually means it when he calls the audience the word you can't use (begins with c, 4 letters) if he thinks this is worth people spending time or money on. PLEASE don't waste your money on this, it's utter rubbish.
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on 8 December 2010
There are some artists, both Musicians and Comedians, whose recorded output I will automatically purchase without further investigation. This was certainly the case with Ricky Gervais stand up work. I should however add that The Office has never really done it for me nor has Extras, neither of which held my attention despite their obvious cleverness. I really enjoyed his previous three stand up DVD's but this one is rubbish I'm afraid. I admit that I did laugh once or twice during this predominantly tedious self indulgent rant, but not enough to make this worthy of any recommendation, let alone purchase. If that is the best he has these days then perhaps he should give up and look for a new career.

The show has even less to do with the title Science than his previous efforts have about their chosen titles. A few cheap props are where any reference to Science ends. He manages to spend what seems like half the show poking fun at fat people and then attempting to justify it by telling the audience that he's doing it for their own good. This show seems to be more about him and his obviously enormous ego than it does entertaining his audience. Constant references to how well off he is and how his audience is seemingly unworthy are belittling and annoying. Self gratification is in this case more than just the premise for one of his jokes. Obvious attempts to be as offensive as possible do not add up to entertainment for anyone other than himself. Don't get me wrong I don't mind the odd well placed swear word, derogatory comment or crude remark as long as it is in context, clever or relevant. Sadly on this DVD all these things exist but just for the sake of it and because he wants to prove that he can. Maybe his ego has grown to the point where he thinks fans will buy any old rubbish as long as he puts his name on it.

His humour used to be clever and at times even insightful but all that has gone now. Talking about raping grannies or forcing your children to have oral sex with male strangers to ween then onto homosexuality might make me laugh if they weren't so obviously part of some tacky new shtick. I am pretty hard to offend and enjoy watching some pretty edgy comedians but they do it without making it sound like they are in the school yard. He reminds me of the kid that was in everyone's class at school, you know the one, they would swear and be as offensive as possible just to wind up the teacher. Back then it was kind of funny, but now that you are all grown up you realize it was just attention seeking behavior. Spending 10 minutes telling us why he will never apologise for making inappropriate jokes does not make it okay. If you truly didn't care then you wouldn't waste our time and you'd spend that time actually saying something funny. Ultimately that seems to be all that this is about, Ricky Gervais and how much better he thinks he is than everyone else.

Of course my comments and those of others here will not have any effect on him, even if he did stoop to read them. He is happy to let us know how little he cares about the opinions of others. In fact I'm sure these comments would only serve to boost his already bloated ego and raise his level of self satisfaction and irritating smugness. I'm sure that the glowing recommendations on the cover from fellow Comedians were made before any of them saw this show.

Don't waste your time or money on this DVD, even if you were a fan before. It was painful to sit through and is a waste of time better spent clipping your toenails. I fell for it this time but never again.
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on 3 December 2010
First of all, let me say I am a major Ricky Gervais fan and although I can usually see when he is being serious and just joking about his fame and awards, this DVD blurs the lines. I love The Office, Extras and An Idiot Abroad but I am getting fed up of hearing about his Golden Globes and awards etc. Animals was hilarious, Politics was quite funny, Fame was great if you disregard his attention-seeking moments. However Science is the lowest point of his stand up career IMHO. The repetition of how we are the little people and he is a God wears thin really fast. It's fine once a DVD but he mentions it far too much, and there is very little "science" involved. So why call the DVD "Science"?

Ricky just seems to be clutching at controversial straws and relying on his past successes to carry him through another tour. But this is just my opinion, I'm far from a professional critic. I'm just a Ricky fan that has heard the same arrogant lines a little too many times and has lost faith in the guy that was once my favourite comic on the planet.
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on 30 June 2015
I am unsure why this has so many negative reviews, granted, it may not be his best live show, but I still laughed hysterically throughout the majority of the show. Sure, he pulls out some controversial and offensive jokes, but shouldn't that be expected from a Ricky live show by now? If you aren't easily offended, and love Ricky, I can see no reason as to why you shouldn't purchase this DVD, especially if you are a completest like me.
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on 30 November 2010
let me start of by saying that i am a massive fan of rickys i have gotten every dvd that he has put out but i wish i did not get this one because it was the same material just worded differently you know god and fat people its sort of a lazy attempt by ricky because he knows he will sell well so i dont think he cares really and he stole a joke from karl which i was kind off annoyed about so i would save your money on this one
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on 27 November 2010
Firstly let me state that I have always been a big Gervais fan, from the days of XFM, then The Office, Extras and the Podcasts. I also enjoyed his other stand up shows, though they too recycled FAR too much of the content covered in the XFM shows and podcasts.

Basically, this show is poor throughout, it really seems as though Ricky couldn't really be bothered, and was only there because because he was under contract to do so. No energy, no clever jokes, no belly laughs, nothing. Without Steve or Karl by his side, Gervais is really shown up for what he is, a distinctly average comedian and rather poor stand up artist.

This show uses so much of the content from previous work, if you were a listener of the Ricky Gervais show on XFM, or the podcasts, you will have already heard 90% of the things he covers in this show, infact, many of the jokes used were made by Karl Pilkington and Steve in the old radio and podcast shows, not Ricky. The audience themselves sound bored for long periods, particually when Gervais goes on his extremely tedious rants on fat people and religion, which we have all heard before. Infact, it seems as though he has just gone for 'shock' value in this show (i.e the granny joke) instead of well thought out jokes and observations.

To sum up, If you have heard the podcasts or XFM shows, you have heard this stand-up, and heard better versions of all the jokes in it. Far too much re-used material, far too many long rants, and far too much lazy and arrogant writing by a man whose ego has perhaps gone out of control.

I give this show 1 star simply because its a mammoth ('Man-moth?' of you will get that) let down. Ricky, quit the stand up game and get back into TV with Steve, its what you are good at. I would LOVE to hear Steve, Karl and Ricky all back on XFM to do another series of the radio show, but sadly all three are too big for that now.

Sorry if some don't like to hear the above, but I would not advise anybody to buy this, as you will be most likely let down. Its just not that funny, at all. Boring infact.

I still love Ricky, just not as much as the old Ricky Gervais.
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