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on 11 May 2017
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on 25 April 2017
Very good product
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on 3 June 2010
As the title says, in my opinion, this was the best PPV of the year for WWE. Besides Wrestlemania.

This PPV was a totally new concept and the first ever of it's kind. There has been a lot of negative feedback about WWE changing some PPV names and giving the PPV's stipulations. But this PPV impressed me.

TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. A gauranteed extreme night. With WWE going PG, I was unsure whether this PPV would flop. Because tables, ladders and chairs is extreme and if they tamed it up for the PG era, then the PPV would be a total fail. But nope, it was impressive.

The matches are:

Shelton Benjamin Vs Christian (c) - ECW Championship Match - Ladder Match

This match was totally extreme and an amazing way to open the PPV. So many amazing spots including Christian diving crossbody across Shelton which totally smashed the ladder in two. Christian got busted open early on and the match was in a way stopped momentarily. But great match, great start to the event. This match was probably best of the night.

Drew McIntyre Vs John Morrison (c) - Intercontinental Title Match

This match was okay, nothing special about it, but it was watchable and had some nice spots. Good match for the PPV.

Michelle McCool (c) Vs Mickie James - Women's Championship Match

Just your average women's match. Nothing special, not very interesting. A 7 minute filler for the PPV.

Sheamus Vs John Cena (c) - WWE Championship Match - Tables Match

The most shocking match of the night and potentially the biggest upset in WWE history. A pretty good match with a shocking outcome. The outcome was very sloppy and at first looked like a botch and as though it wasn't suppose to have ended in that way. We'll never know if it was a botch or not, but overall, it was a good match and amazing for Sheamus who got an almighty push whether it was planned or not.

The Undertaker Vs Batista - World Heavyweight Championship Match - Chair Match

This match didn't excite me much on that card. Chair match seems kinda boring, since head shots got banned. The match wasn't a totaly flop and it had a little excitement with Batista winning after a cheap shot and then Teddy Long (Smackdown General Manager) came out and ordered the match to restart, resulting in Undertaker retaining the title. A nice way to add a little excitement and a little emotion from the crowd. Match wasn't great.

Randy Orton Vs Kofi Kingston

A decent match. Their fued had been pretty entertaining and Kofi was doing an awesome job. Predictable outcome, but good match.

DX Vs Chris Jericho and The Big Show

A great main event. Wrestling wise it was good. Entertainment wise it was very fun. Back and fourth action. Outside ring action. We saw all 3 objects being used which was great. The ending was awesome too. It's a must see match for any DX fan. Great ending to one of the last DX matches we will ever see.

Overall, it is a great PPV and a great DVD. I would recommend this to ANY WWE fan because in my opinion this was the best PPV of 2009. It had some great matches and generally the whole night was really extreme. It's a shame Jeff parted ways beforehand because this PPV event was made for guys like Jeff Hardy.
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on 10 January 2013
Highly entertaining , In particular the ending to the final match. Big shock in the WWE Champion ship match though!
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on 13 March 2010
This was a really good PPV I enjoyed it a lot. When i watched it live i didn't recon much of it but when I watched it yesterday I thought it was really good I was excited all the way through.
The ladder match was really good and I liked the Sheamus Vs Cena tables match, I like nearly every match.

But match of the PPV I really loved Randy Orton Vs Kofi Kingston I thought this was a really great exciting fast paced match and plus Im a really big fan of Orton and I think Kingston is gonna be a big star in the future.

The thing I thought was bad is I didn't like the main event I love JeriShow but not a big fan of DX and i hated them winning the tag titles they decreased the value and in parts the match was a bit dull in parts.

Apart from that it was a really good PPV and if you haven't seen it just buy, it is certainly one of the best PPV's of the year.
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on 16 May 2013
sorry its taken so long i did recieve my product and was very happy with it
i will tell others so they can purchase from you
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on 18 November 2013
decent ppv event :) I love the TLC match and my oh my it was brutal I loved the tables match with shemaus and cena.. love it!
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on 16 February 2013
1)Shelton Benjamin Vs Christian (Ladder) for the ECW Championship
Great opener from these two, it was given a pleasing amount of time for these two to put on a great match. The only thing that bothered me was the stoppage of blood which momentarily slowed the flow of the match down but the finish was excellent and it was an excellent opener, certainly one of the better ladder matches. RATING-****1/2

2)Drew McIntyre Vs John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship
Solid mid-card bout from these two guys, it had a hard act to follow but managed to keep up the run of good action. I liked this Drew McIntyre character and he could have been a big star not that he still can't be. The interaction with McMahon after the match was nicely done.

3)Michelle McCool V Mickie James for the Women's Championship
Finally we had a divas match on PPV with build-up, storyline and good action. Although the storyline was pretty stupid, it was a good chance to get some heel heat on Lay-cool. The match itself was one of the best of 2009 and it was nice to see the Divas division get some attention.

4)Sheamus Vs John Cena (Table) for the WWE Championship
This match was OK, not necessarily one of my favorite but it was sufficient enough. I had my doubts at the time of this PPV that it was too early enough to give Sheamus the title but as time progressed he proved to be a solid world champion. I prefer him as heel than as a face nowadays. The finish to the match was actually hard to say whether it was a botch or not, still good action.

5)Undertaker Vs Batista (Chair) for the World Heavyweight Championship
This was the worst match in their classic series but it wasn't that shabby. However, I was slightly annoyed with the restart as it ruins the final outcome of the match. It harmed the flow of the match but managed its goal of getting major heat on the newly turned heel Batista. Solid action but other matches between the two have exceeded this standard. RATING-**1/2

6) Randy Orton Vs Kofi Kingston
I enjoyed this side of Kofi during late 2009, shame it ended so soon. This match was nevertheless exciting and enjoyable. Nice upper-midcard match and it's sad that Kofi hasn't been able to propel himself into the main event frame.

7)DX Vs Jerishow (TLC) for the World Tag Team Championships
Nice way to finish the show and was a nice moment to see DX finally capture the tag titles. Jericho was excellent throughout as always and helped the pace flow nicely when Jerishow were in control. Solid finish bout to finish a solid PPV.

This PPV was one of the best of 2009, nothing disappointed-even the Divas match. I would recommend this purchase as it is excellent 3 hours of wrestling.
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on 27 April 2011
TLC 2009

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin for ECW championship in a ladder match

This was a really good opener and arguably with the best move and finish of the whole night as two athletes showcased their athletic skills and thankfully the ending was justified after a ladder breaking in half. Opener is best match


Mickie James vs Michelle McCool

The brief intro before this match showed Michelle mocking James' farm life, which was awfully done and pure crude for entertainment. Michelle's companion to the ring wore a "Piggy James" t-shirt.
The match itself isn't the worst women's wrestling match you will ever see, there are good moments but ultimately it's forgettable.


Drew McIntyre vs John Morrison

McIntyre does not provide any entertainment to this programme and Morrison botching his finisher just epitomises an awful contest for the intercontinental championship.


Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton

Out of the current crop of WWE superstars to have come through the last few years, Sheamus and Kingston are two of the best to show mic and wrestling skill and this was a very good match between the veteran Orton and the crowd pleasing Kingston.


John Cena vs Sheamus for WWE championship in a tables match

Sheamus being relatively new to the scene is brilliant in this match. Though I'm not a fan of Cena his presence livened the crowd up. There were a few good spots and a great ending.


Undertaker vs Batista for World heavyweight championship in chairs match

These two great superstars have had many encounters over the years and though this is no way near the top it is still very entertaining. Batista having just turned heel over something ridiculous doesn't feel quite right somehow. Interesting twist in this match


Jericho and Big Show vs DX (HHH and HBK) TLC for tag team championship

Main event of the evening was a bit disappointing because you may just expect more considering the names, though seeing a ladder break in half and supporting one superstar on was highly entertaining. For the first time in the evening there was a little bit of humour where you will laugh. DX intro is the best around


The problem is having Cole, King and Matt Striker as commentators they are quoting facts and repeating each other all the way through, explaining what's going to happen before it does, there is no anticipation or excitement in their voices.
The atmosphere is frequently quite dire as well and a backstage interview between McIntyre and Sheamus is the worst thing I have ever, ever watched.
There are good moments but for pure entertainment go back to the attitude era for the tlc matches with the Hardy's Dudley's and Edge and Christian.
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on 21 October 2011
WWE TLC 2009 Match Ratings

1. Christian vs Shelton Benjamin (Ladder Match for ECW Championship) 4/5

Good way to start the pay-per-view off.

2. John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre (WWE Intercontinental Championship) 3/5

Drew McIntyre's first official best match of his first little year in WWE. Drew really worked hard in this match, and pretty much dodged everything that Morrison was throwing at him.

3. Mickie James vs Michelle McCool (WWE Women's Championship) 2/5

Have to admit that this match between the two was better, than the match they have at WWE Royal Rumble 2010.

4. John Cena vs Sheamus (Table Match for WWE Championship) 4/5

One word to say about this match, is shocking. After debuting and destroying everything in his path, it was Sheamus who shocked the entire WWE universe, when he put Cena through a table, to become the new WWE Champion.

5. Undertaker vs Batista (Chair Match for World Heavyweight Championship) 3/5

Never been a fan of this match, and found this to be one of the weaker matches of the pay-per-view. Both Undertaker and Batista had a set of good and brutal matches in 2007, but this match was didn't compare to what they could have done.

6. Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston 4/5

Probably my second favorite match of the pay-per-view, a lot of good wrestling in this one. A lot of domination by Orton, who pretty much had the upper hand. Kofi did manage to throw in some high flying moves, in and out of the ring, but it was an RKO that sealed the win for the Viper.

7. DX vs Chris Jericho & Big Show (TLC Match for WWE Unified Tag Team Championship) 4/5

For being a huge D Generation X fan, this was my top favorite match of the pay-per-view. All three weapons that were legal in this match, was used, especially the likes of ladders and chairs. A great TLC match in my opinion, and was great to see DX leaving the arena as the new WWE Unified Tag Team champions.
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