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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Style: Ultra Life|Size: Duo Box|Change
Price:£11.45+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 6 January 2017
It's a bulb with a nice colour. It seems brighter than the standard, but that could be the cooler tone. Photo attached on the right is the standard bulb and the left is the Osram Night Breaker
review image
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Long life bulbs v Super bright?

Bought these in a H1 fitting previously and was extremely happy with their performance.

It is true that you can buy these bulbs in different guises, many people opt for the super bright versions that do sometimes have a stronger whiter or bluer clarity. Unfortunately the brighter bulbs tend to follow the old saying 'the flame that burns twice as bright burns for half as long'. Not to mention their susceptibility to being knocked out by a jarring pothole. They are still only 55W bulbs in any case so don't actually give out 'more' light.

To change my bulbs I have to remove both headlights, while this generally takes only around 15/20 minutes to change both bulbs it risks scratching the paintwork on the bumper, accidental dropping of the headlight and realising you have lost the special star drive bit for the screw head to put them back in again.

So a bulb that will not need changing for a long time and that will survive the odd pot hole whilst still giving out 55W on full beam is very appealing.

It supplements my HID lights and the beam is bright and defined. If you want to spend three to four times more on a fancy bulb that has the same light output but a fraction of the lifespanthen so be it.

However you'd not be going wrong buying these.
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on 8 July 2017
Just checked back on the purchased date in my amazon order history. These bulbs lasted me almost exactly 3 years to the day.
My car headlights are on all the time, day or night and I do about 20% more than the average miles per year - so that's quite a bit of use.

All in all pleased with the lifespan of these bulbs, and for that reason I would buy again.
As far as illumination goes - no better worse or different from any other bulbs I've ever had. These don't appear to stand out as ultra bright or penetrate X% deeper - they're light the road up like any other standard bulb.
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As motorcyclist's have a problem with car drivers not seeing them in daylight hours these are much brighter than the standard fitted bulbs so you are more likely to be seen. Recommend these if you need to raise your visibility during the day.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 March 2015
Replacing car headlight bulbs on modern cars seems to have become more difficult due to the increased density of emissions-related pipes, air-conditioning system parts, hydraulic steering/braking components etc. Some of these just happen to be placed in very inconvenient access places ! The passenger-side headlight bulb on my Ford Focus mk1, is particularly difficult to get to, with regard to changing a bulb (as other owners of this model of car will probably know). Use of a small mirror and torch helps, as you can't see what you're doing, due to the very restricted access.

So, it's nice to know that these H7 Osram Ultra Life bulbs should reduce the frequency of bulb replacement. They've been fitted and working for around nine months now without any problems. Previous (generic) H7 bulbs only seemed to last around six months, so hopefully, these Osram replacements will last the full three years warranty period ?

When handling these Halogen bulbs, don't forget to hold the metal parts. Grease/natural oils from your fingers on the quartz-glass bulb, if touched, may well cause premature-failure of the bulb - I believe it's due to thermal stresses caused by the very high operating temperatures which leads to uneven heat distribution (hotspots). I've always observed this practice and have never encountered this problem.

Recommended item.
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on 9 August 2017
The quality of the product is great, but the longevity is disappointing. This is my 3rd set in 3 years. 1st pair bought in Dec 2014, 2nd bought in Feb 2016 and now they need replacing again. The lifespan on a daily driver like my Focus appears to be 15-18 months.

It's not the replacement cost that bothers me. It's the faff of removing my headlight units more often than my sump plug which gets to me more than anything.

On a brighter note, the intensity of the bulb is superb. Rural roads are a piece of cake to navigate on winter evenings and paying a few pounds more to avoid the potholes is worth every penny.

Elderly people flash me frequently to complain about how bright my bulbs are. Maybe they should buy decent bulbs too.
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I had blown my dipped beam on my motorcycle, rather than replacing it with another cheapie I though it was time for an upgrade and Osram have always been a good make. I'm not sure they are any brighter but the light is whiter and seems to give a clearer view ahead, As this was not a huge investment and they are better than the previous bulb, that's all good. Oh the bike is a 2013 Aprilia Shiver, it uses twin lights one dip and one full beam, if that is any help.
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on 1 June 2017
Excellent light, definitely more distance and visibly brighter than standard bulbs!
I even noticed the difference during daytime! It would be nice if Osram could combine the color temperature of Cool Blue and the performance of Nightbreaker into one bulb! It would be best of both worlds!
review image review image
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on 21 October 2016
I bought these to replace the ones supplied with my new car. I'd previously had HID front light dipped and main, the new model only had standard H7 bulbs for the main light. (New design of front light). The difference in light colour, projection and intensity was quite obvious once the Night Breakers were installed. The old bulbs were adequate but the Osram's really do the job so much better. So much so you wonder why these are not fitted as standard. My front fog lights are also H7 so I'll very probably change those over before the winter sets in. Recommended.
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on 7 June 2017
One of my headlights blew on my Hyundai, so rather than taking it to a garage, I thought I'd do it myself and save some £.

Great premium packaging. The 2 bulbs came intact. Very easy to install, just make sure you have the right type for your car.

They are easily double as bright as my previous bulbs, and have a nice white/orange tint to them. They also shine further ahead than stock bulbs, which in turn makes them safer. Haven't had any problems with them so far, fingers crossed they last!
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