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on 6 June 2010
I bought an SGX mid May with high expectations based on the marketing materials seen in Golf magazines and on the web. The product itself is fine, very simple to use with nice clean graphics.

The biggest draw back is that the vast majority of UK courses are not yet mapped for the new features of the SGX. Without the HoleVue and the IntelliGreen features the SGX just has only very basic functionality. Secondly the handicap tracking process does not work with the vast majority of UK courses as the system only works using the USGA rules and require that the course has US style SLOPE information and not Standard Scratch Scores as used here in the UK.

So whilst I agree the SGX is nice and easy to use, and has good clear graphics before you decide to buy this product check to see if the courses that you intend to play have been mapped for HoleVue and IntelliGreen. You will also have to accept that the handicap tracking process will not work at all until they implement the CONGU formula, which they have informed me will take a good few months yet!

So my recommendation is to keep away from this product until later in the year or perhaps early next when more UK courses have been mapped and the folks at SkyCaddie recognize that the golf is not only played in the USA!
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on 17 August 2011
Okay, in context, I own several GPS units the latest are the Golf Buddy Platinum and my latest the Skycaddie SGX. In this review I am only going to compare the two as they are currently "state of the art" and both current in terms of "top models" from their respective manufactures.

First Looks:- The SGX is thiner than the Golf Buddy and has a better resolution screen albeit a tad smaller graphics which means you need to zoom to get a usable screen. The SGX also has a toggle button which makes the moving to a specific target very easy indeed. The Golf Buddy has a screen which is "less" vivid in term of resolution (think Iphone vs Blackberry) that said, I never really found the Golf Buddy an issue as I'm not going to watch a movie or do some surfing, so I find the extra resolution on the SGX nice but not a clincher. Both come with various extras such as a plastic cradle to wear on the course. Having broken several of the Golf Buddy cradles I bought a leather camera case which works better and you are less likely to lose the unit on the course getting in or out of a buggy or on the green. The main difference between the two is that the SGX is slower than the Golf Buddy and lags behind you in terms of play. If i walk to my ball with the Golf Buddy it simply counts down the yardage as I walk and when I reach my ball I'm ready to play. During that walk, I have decided what club to use and where to play. Using the SGX it shows the last position and then needs time to recalculate your position. This is too often only when you have reached your ball and then it takes up to 10 seconds to update which slows my game and means that I need to spend more time to consider the shot in question. To me this is totally unacceptable as too often you are waiting for the SGX to update and its a bit like playing with a slow player whereby you are always ahead of them. The other main issue I have with the SGX is that even with "Auto Hole" enabled, it just doesn't work so you need to consistently manually update which hole you are on. This requires several key and option selections which again just adds more things that you really don't need to think about on a golf course. This combined with the scoring module is going to get you cautioned by a marshell for slow play. I spent too much time fiddling with the SGX trying to get it to do what I want, rather than playing golf. Its a bit like trying to wake up your caddie each time you want to play a shot!!

Now if you consider that the SGX requires a $156 (GBP99) membership for access to the course data which is free with Golf Buddy, the SGX is a rather hyped and poor second. Also, I just played Desert Willow in Palm Desert CA in 120 degrees and the SGX did not work well in this heat, I had to reboot several times which in my mind is unacceptable.

Another issue is the interface, Skycaddies is web based and Golf Buddy's a program which accesses all the update remotely. I have issues with the Skycaddie's interface which is complex and unreliable. In terms of value for money and performance the Golf Buddy is far better than the SGX but sadly the Golf Buddy lacks the toggle which would make it perfect.

If you are a serious golfer and need to know exact yardage quickly without the hassle then GO GOLF BUDDY, 40.000 courses loaded and free membership is a clincher. The info on the SGX is no better so please don't think you are getting a better product because you are paying, it simpy isnt true. I suspect, you will see my SGX on ebay shortly. Much hyped, but sadly lacking in performance which I blame on poor software and a design team which probably went too far for the units capabilities. So if you read Todays Golfer and see that the SGX is in first place, you will forgive me for thinking if they actually "really" tested the unit and secondly, if ad spend is at play here?
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on 19 October 2010
Had mine 3 months now and it's been back twice. On both occasions the screws holding it together have come loose meaning the case properly held together. First time there were some issues with the customer support. Currently waiting to send it back again for the second time but up to yet customer support has been very good. Support seems to have improved in last couple of months, or may be I have got lucky? But I do have some concerns with the way the product was engineered.

I have experienced no problems with syncing and downloading new courses as other seem to have. Whilst I know how to use a PC, I am no IT expert, but the instructions out of the box seemed simple enough and it all worked first time. Again may be I was lucky. Also in my experience the battery easily lasts for 18 holes.

As for when it is working and not being repaired, then it's great. It gives you really helpful information on the course and it has helped me out on many occasions with my distances. Of course it's not going to turn you into Lee Westwood, but even though I am a high handicapper I found it has helped a lot and saved me a few balls that other wise would have probably gone into water.

As for the handicap system not being the one used in the UK then I would argue that if you are a serious golfer and want an official COGNU handicap then join a club. If you are not a member of a club and want an indication of what your handicap is (as I do) then the SGX can do that. And it is dead simple as all yo do is plug your SGX in after a round and it uploads the scores and works out any handicap adjustments automatically.

Also their web site explains perfectly well what all the features do and also what features all the individual courses have or currently do not have. So if you play a course a lot then, before you buy, have a look on the web site to see if your course has all the features you want. It's not that difficult.
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on 18 November 2012
Just a word of warning on this. Has been working fine for a long time but the latest updates appear to stop it connecting to update. I am stuck with the same old courses and unable to add new courses. I pay £39 pa (plus £300 for the machine in the first place) for this facility and despite letting skygolf have control of my computer it appears they cannot fix this issue. Very disappointed. Have complained to them but they dont appear to care or respond.
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on 17 June 2014
I bought this to upgrade from an older version of the skycaddie which I had enjoyed using. It worked fine for the first season I used it but this year I am having problems charging it and there seems to be a problem with the charging port. I asked skycaddie about this via an online chat and they helpfully advised that I needed to buy a brand new device - at my expense of course. As I have 2 years left of my subscription I will just have to persevere with trying to charge it every week in the hope I can get another couple of years out of it and possibly by then smart phone apps will be legal in competitionsI. It's been great to use otherwise - i find it very accurate -but the subscription is expensive and the customer service is woeful
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on 14 December 2013
Initially thought what a great product, whilst everything working ok. But!!! Please note that when you have problems with it they do not repair in the uk, so due to 'not being economically viable' to send to the states they sell you a used replacement with 3 month guarantee for £100 approx, this on top of initial cost plus annual fees what a rip off, my replacement lasted about 5months, guess what could get another for 100 quid again, disgusting!!!! PLEASE BEWARE YOU CANNOT GET REPLACEMENT BATTERIES FOR THE SGX ONCE BATTERY LIFE FAILURE YOU NEED A NEW UNIT. AVOID GETTING INVOLVED IN THIS PRODUCT, there are a lot better much cheaper products out there with no annual subs also. ONE NOT HAPPY CHAPPIE STEVEM
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on 13 November 2013
Bought the SGX 2 years ago and it was brilliant until the toggle button fell off. Sent it back on the Back in Play Programme and got a refurbished one. That went wrong as it would not accept a charge, sent it back, got another one. That would not turn on after one days use! Really hacked off now. If only it was a quality product, the info it produces is fantastic but let down by cheap components. I am going to buy a GPS watch.
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on 21 August 2013
I bought my Sky Caddie SGX in September 2011 so it is just under 2 years old. The handset suddenly developed a fault where I could not switch it on or switch it off, once I had connected it to the computer. Sky Caddie Technical Support told me that it was probably a problem with the On/Off switch and that I would have to return my Sky Caddie. But this is the shocking part, I would receive a reconditioned unit, not my own well cared for Sky Caddie and the cost of this service is £89.50! When I complained about this extortionate price, bearing in mind you pay an annual fee for the SGX, I was told that I was not the first person to express this opinion but the company had no plans to change this policy. So my advice would be to look elsewhere and find a company that cares about it's customers, Sky Caddie certainly do not.
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on 9 August 2013
I have had this product for 19 months.

I must admit the product was useful and gave accurate information but does come with a yearly subscription.

There is a but here, it has just stopped working, it has stopped picking up satellites. Investigating on the web you quickly become aware that this is somewhat of a common theme.

Skycaddy response was to charge me £90 for a refurbished unit with a 90 day warranty. This unit originally cost me £300 and was treated carefully, I expect it to last longer than 19 months. £90 for a refurbished unit where the same thing could happen again.

I think not Time to shop elsewhere.

I was really disappointed because overall the product is excellent but I do not trust the reliability.
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on 4 July 2010
My first venture into golf GPS. Initially not overlay impressed as my own course was not fully mapped but after experiencing a round at a fully mapped course the benefits of the enhanced features of the SGX fully justified the purchase. Ordering could not have been simpler and the unit was delivered withing 48 hrs - trouble free. Highly recommended.
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