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on 9 June 2011
A good watch at a reasonable price. I've owned a couple of casio watches and this is the best as it ticks all the boxes for me - solar and radio controlled.
It comes ready-to-use with the battery full-charged, although according to the manual, it will take around half day in full sunlight fully charge. G-shock makes it look tough and sporty. Water resistant upto 20 bar so can be used for snorkelling. The wave-ceptor/radio controlled means the watch displays accurate time and date in UK, North America, EU, China, Japan automatically. It gets the current time/date automatically in these regions or can be set manually in other countries. Recommended sports watch!
The manual is easy to understand, but it's worth spending a few minutes reading it to familiarise yourself with the functions before pressing buttons.
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on 23 July 2012
I had a quite similar watch a few years ago which broke unfortunately.
This one is even better because of
- solar power
- RF time set
- more elegant style
Fully satisfied, perfect purchase!
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on 8 January 2013
this is my first gshock watch and i am very pleased with it so far. I have a couple of seiko kinetic watches which have served me well for a number of years. I also have a solar citizen watch but have not had a digital watch for years. I wanted a tough watch as my seiko is scratched from work. This is a nice size watch not too big and lot lighter than my big seiko kinetic. Had it a couple of weeks now and love the features. I like the solar power and battery saving. I think this is easy to work out how things work not read the manual much. The watch seems fairly robust for a light weight plastic watch, but only time will tell. so to sum up good watch good features very pleased......
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on 28 June 2011
g shocks new edition to their comprehensive range. this watch has it all stylish, hard wearing, functions galore and a good price tag. the looks alone could sell this watch add the fact you would have to steam roller over it to damage it, then check out the spec this watch has to offer and i belive this watch will become one of the most popular g shocks on the market. LOVE MINE.
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on 21 November 2012
This is my second Casio solar/waveceptor watch; my first one been a titanium banded analog/digital display watch that although still working perfectly well was now starting to look a little scruffy after making the mistake of not taking off my watch off when I work in my job as an engineer & hence scratching the glass a little & wear & tear on the joints near the wristband. However, as this previous watch had kept perfect time for the last 6 years & never failed in the battery life with the solar recharging, even in the UK's deep, dark miserable winters, it was no surprise that I wanted the same kind of watch as a replacement for it.

So my new Casio G-Shock still has all the functions & features I liked on my older Casio solar/waveceptor watch; the main ones apart from timekeeping I use are the world time & the stopwatch. I can't really use the alarms on the watch as I am deaf to high frequencies, nor do I require often the use of a countdown timer; but if I did they are all there on this watch. The illumination on the display is a very pleasing green/blue light that displays all the area of the face up well. The large display makes the face easy to read at all times I find, so unless your eyesight is really bad this should be suffice for most people.

When I got my new watch the battery life was showing at mid level, but after leaving the watch under a lamp for a period over about 3 nights it soon climbed up to high level charge (currently mid November, so the usual dark & gloomy days in the UK), & as I never had any problems over the 6 years for battery life on my old watch I expect none with the new replacement. In fact some features on the new watch as opposed to the old one will make this certain; the old waveceptor watch did 5 recalibrations a night in the UK (from midnight till 4am). It did this regardless of whether all the previous time recalibrations were successful or not. On this new waceptor watch for the UK it starts calibrating at 1am, & if unsuccessful will also try at 2, 3 ,4 am & then midnight again if needed. But once it has been successful with any time calibration it does not also then try to recalibrate again until 1am the next morning. So far all my calibrations have been successful at 1am, so no other ones have been required, so hence battery power drainage is much less than on my older watch. Also, if left in the dark or in low illumination for over 60 minutes the watch will enter a sleep state where the display is blank, so once again saving power & battery life until you need it. To wake the watch up you just need to press any button, or move it into a light source & hey presto it will wake up again.

The weight of the watch is very light, in fact it weighs less than my titanium Casio watch which is like a feather on my wrist in reality, so with this model I feel it even less. I was unsure of the resin strap at first, but it looks & feels OK. This might not be a watch to wear for anything really formal perhaps, but for everyday life the strap & the case of this watch will protect it well, especially if you use it for sports/outdoor activities etc. The glass display is also recessed into the face of the watch by 4.5mm so unlike most other watches where the face sits level or protrudes slightly above the face you won't have to worry about knocking against any walls or door frames or anything else that might scratch the face.

Overall this is an excellent watch. If you have never had a solar powered watch then this is an excellent choice as you will never have to worry about battery replacement for years & years. So far my previous Casio solar powered watch is still ticking away after 6 years with no battery replacement required, or any problems with the battery. Let it get plenty of sunlight when we poor saps in the UK actually get some blue skies will keep it going for ages. And when the sunlight does fade in wintertime then it can still be charged up by the bedside table lamp as you read before you switch off the light. Also, the fact that this watch recalibrates itself every night so you get not only the time accurate to a tenth of a second every day, but you also don't have worry about daylight saving time changes either; these are done automatically when these changes apply, so you will never have to reset your watch again ever (and yes every time you hear the pips on the radio you will check your watch, even though you know it will be spot on all the time). And setting the watch in the first place is a breeze; all you need to do is specify your time zone main city (in this case London for the UK) & it will set the time up in a jiffy. Believe me, after owning a Casio solar powered waveceptor watch you will find that all other watches are a pale shadow of them.
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on 1 February 2015
I am very pleased with my choice.
I have read quite a few reviews about this one or other g-shocks, so thank you to all who have posted them.
The size is very good, large, but just the right "large" on my left relatively thin wrist.
Simple, but complicated enough when you start using it, to give you something to do when you receive it. Instructions are good, but they took a bit of thinking for me - my first watch similar to this. This is not to say that after a few days i know well how to use all its functions.
Light is very good to see the time clearly in the dark.
You can see what the time is easily with a glimpse at your watch.
Alarm is also v good for me - someone said he couldn't hear high pitch sounds, personally i like it as it is discrete and strong and i can clearly hear it.
Wrist band is just good, i do not understand why some pple said it was too rigid or got stuck in their clothes, not that they may not be right.
I have used it a couple of times in the sauna/steam room, no problems, although i think it may damage over 60°C (about 95°C in the sauna).
It is a bit "alive", as you have to think about keeping in the light to recharge on occasions, although i did not bother too much and battery is still "high". It has a sleeping mode in the night, but the display comes on if you tilt it or press and button.
No problems receiving the data to set the time and date daily automatically where i live.
My main reason for choosing it was the clear display, large numbers, not that i have a problem with my vision. Then the solar battery, radio controlled time, good light, good alarm and the way it looks. I have also seen some g-shocks in the shops, and although i have not seen this on in the shops, i didn't like the other ones and i am very pleased with my choice, meets all my criteria.
It arrived one day later then they said. I ordered it Sat, it was supposed to arrive Wed, and it was delivered Thursday. It did come from France if I am correct, and it was dispatched first thing next working day.
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on 6 February 2013
the first one I bought was defective, so sent it back to Amazon who quickly refunded me, so I got another and I must say this one so far is brilliant, I'm an outdoor person, a film maker so this watch, put on my wrist and just go, does everything I need it for, a proper work horse watch, I recommend this wholeheartedly, Thanks Amazon for being very professional.
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on 19 February 2013
I have been using this watch for a few months now and overall I am very happy.
It is bulky on the wrist and will not easily fit under a shirt sleeve. The plastic strap is ridged but fits well around the wrist. It is extremely light weight making it comfortable.
The display is clear and nice looking with the basic functions typical to casio and very simple to use.
The Multi Band 6 automatic update works only occasionally in my area, however this is sufficient as the time keeping is perfect.
The automatic back light works well and is a nice feature as is the tough solar charging and world time mode.
The build quality is good, the feeling on the wrist is a little plastic and ridged. I do have the impression that the G-SHOCK indestructible reputation is true.
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on 6 May 2013
I was hesitant about getting this watch, as I had a casio pro trek (a green one, can't remember the model) and the solar battery failed after a relatively short time. As I live in a dark corner of Ireland, I wasn't too shocked that the battery struggled to recharge, but it put me off the technology. A Citizen solar watch let me down as well.

However when it came time to get a new watch, I had a look at what was available and this one caught my eye. Hoping that the technology had moved on, and that the design was more robust, I took the plunge.

What can I say, it's a great watch. I'm a teacher and heavily involved in sports (coaching and taking part) and this watch is ideal. Clear display, with time, date and day easily legible, and after one day of full charging at a window, it has never displayed less than a full charge. It was a Christmas gift, which means I have the watch more than four months, and now that we are in short sleeves and the summer months, I'm pretty hopeful that this watch will stand the test of time (what a line! Sorry...)

The features are perfect for me - good stop watch functionality, getting the exact right time via wave-ceptor is nice; I hate fiddling with digital time pieces trying to re-set the time at regular intervals (car clock for example). The watch looks perfectly sized for me, I am of average height and build and it is 'neat' for a g-shock.

I have no negatives so far. Very good watch. If my opinion changes I will amend the review.
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on 21 January 2013
I wanted a watch that gave me accurate time & day date.
No need to worry about it being knocked about when working.
It is light & clear to read, touch it in the dark & it lights up the face.
No need to worry about movement to keep it going or replacing
The watch for everyday working use & a spot on time piece.
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