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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£275.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 28 March 2011
This watch is brilliant. Not only does it look great but as I learnt how to use the features I realised how clever the design is, having digital display watch features on an all analogue face. It displays world time on the smaller dial so you can see it all the time, the clever design here is that this dial is 24 hours which gets round the problem of how to display if the world time is AM or PM. When you are in the other country with a couple of button presses you can swap the world time to be on the main hands and UK time on the smaller dial. The smaller dial is also used to set the alarm time and the second hand points to on or off to show the alarm state. The radio time signal is brilliant, it means the watch stays at the right time so no more calling 123 for the speaking clock, I now use this watch to set my other clocks by, and when the clocks change it does it for me so my alarm still sounds at the right time so I'm not 1hr late or early. The reason I was looking for a new watch was that my old watch kept stopping after I had the battery changed, this one being solar charged and with the radio controlled time means this watch looks after itself. It's not to chunky or heavy on my wrist. I'm really pleased with my choice and highly recommend this watch.
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on 25 June 2012
Read previous negative comments and thought the reviewers maybe hadn't taken the time to read the manual - as suggested by those that had no problems.

I did read the manual and followed it word for word, but couldn't re-set London time to DST. Therefore my watch was one hour ahead of the correct time. I thought I'd go on the Casio website to see if there was someone I could speak to. I got a really helpful guy called Ray who basically helped me re-set the settings ( I think there was probably a minor technical glitch with the original set up) hence following the manual didn't work originally. He was mega friendly and helpful and we soon got it sorted in no time. He also explained a few of the other settings for me like understanding the world clock and setting it etc. Having someone to easily walk you through step by step was great. My watch is prefect and I understand the basics now.

If you need the same help, I've listed their number and opening times below.....LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Product Technical Support 020 8208 0881 Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm

If you speak to Ray, tell him I told everyone who reads this on Amazon how good he was!
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on 13 June 2012
I got this watch to replace my old solar-powered, radio-controlled Casio Waveceptor, which broke after many years of faithful service. I definitely wanted another watch with the same features, and the striking looks and all-mechanical face of this watch were definitely appealing. It's quite a chunky fellow, but doesn't seem too out of place even on my none-too-hefty wrists. The face is easier to read than the picture here makes out, and glows very readably in the dark too. The body, which I believe is fully steel, seems very rugged, and I think will not suffer the same breakage as my last Casio, where the strap snapped at the case.

I was a bit worried that the watch would be hard to use without an LCD, but it's very thoughtfully put together and the manual is very clear. It arrived telling the right time, but the home timezone was set to Paris, so needed to be set correctly before world time and syncing worked as desired. To sync, you just press and hold the top left button. It's also very easy to swap the main time and world time, so good you travel a lot.

The right hand face displays the world time even in timekeeping mode, which I really like, as well as the alarm time when setting the alarm. The second hand is used to point to status information such as "alarm on" or "synced ok", which I think is a cool way to do everything mechanically. The bottom face is a 24hr hand, which is perhaps a little superfluous, but it's a fun little touch that's much more readable than I thought it would be. The second hand stops ticking after a while in low light to save power, which I personally think is good. The movement itself is a little crisper than my old Waveceptor.

As far as gripes go: if I'm being really picky, the rotating bezel (via the crown) is a bit pointless, especially as it doesn't stay set on the 12 position during normal wear. I would rather have had a light or at least had it snap to 12. I really would also like a countdown function the likes of which can be found on similar-looking but more expensive watches.

Overall I'm really happy so far, and I'm looking forward to many years of trouble-free timekeeping. It surpasses my old, very similar Waveceptor, and seems to be remarkably good value given the competition that I looked at. I would urge you to consider this option most strongly!
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on 23 August 2012
The watch is beautiful, elegant and sporty. It was more of a whim purchase fueled by gadget-lust rather than actual needs.

Things you need to know about it:
-> It came fully charged and the time was set (but not the timezone).
-> Radio-controlled time means that if you're lucky to be within signal range, all you need to do after opening the box is set up your time zone and DST and perform a radio reception. That will get the main time display and date configured.
-> It's really a digital watch with an analogue display. It is not a mechanical watch. The display of digital features on analogue dials is rather genious, but the clutter of printed indications can be bewildering at first. The multiple dials serve multiple functions and the manual is over 60 pages. Setting things up is a bit arcane.

EDIT now that I've owned it for a few months:

Since it is solar-powered and the manual states that indoors ambient light is not efficient for charging, compared to sunlight, I was concerned how that would work during winter in the UK. But I've stopped explicitly charging it and just treat it like a regular watch, and so far I haven't experienced any issues with the charge.


Disappointingly, the glass is not very tough. Although the surface is still scratch free, its edge is raised above the metal frame leaving it vulnerable to chipping in case of colision with metal door frames (an accident that is rather frequent in my case).

On a brighter note, I've taken the watch swimming and diving (no more than 20m depth) at sea and the watch has survived without issues or leaks.
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on 30 June 2015
I have had this watch for 3 months now.
good points
looks good solar powered and radio controlled time. Great price for the features some people have mistaken it for a red arrows edition citizen which is 3x the price
Bad points
Relatively heavy due to stainless steel
tricky to adjust the strap
difficult to set the time you will need to follow the manual
Biggest problem is the screen scratches and chips very easliy. (Not sure why they call it tough solar)
Overall a great watch for the price with great features but is good looks will fade if you wear it a lot.
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on 28 April 2013
I've previously had two other WaveCeptor Casio watches, the first is still going strong but suffers from a somewhat "cheap and nasty" plastic appearance, the second a stainless steel cased watch for a while was brilliant but it was noticed that if not worn for a while the analogue hands would "slow" down and not keep pace with the digital display, seems body heat was sufficient to keep it accurate!! This was eventually tracked down to an expiring battery. Then the "fun" of trying to get the battery (lithium) replaced. Several jewellers (including one Casio dealer) didn't have one in stock and at least two jewellers refused point blank to remove the back of the watch as "they are a serious source of trouble afterwards". Eventually, I replaced the battery myself with only a small amount of trouble, and, it was pressure tested afterwards and was found to be fine. But has now again begun to lose the analogue time.

Normally I don't particularly favour multi dialled chronograph style watches, but thought I'd give this one a try, the "Solar" power being an attraction as was the phenomenal accuracy of WaveCeptor.

The first thing noticeable was how big and heavy the watch is, fortunately I'm not small armed so it doesn't look ridiculous on me, but less chunky guys might regret buying it. As others have said here the watch is much easier to "read" in the flesh as it were than the photographs make it seem. I didn't find it difficult to reset it for London (it arrived set to Paris) However I'd recommend reading the manual first rather than trying to follow the tiny booklet with the booklet in one hand and the watch in the other, and then wishing you were born with an extra hand. In fact I found it far easier to follow with an online manual that you could zoom to cover just those setting instructions. In spite of other comments here I had no difficulty setting DST, but you do need to let the self setting hands stop moving first.

The only real issue I have with it is taking a link out of the bracelet. I have a device to push out the link pins and have been shortening watch bracelets myself for many years. This one however is more complex than most; embedded in the two central (bright polished) links are very very tiny collars, these actually provide the friction to keep the link pin in place, these collars are a loose fit in their links, lose them at your peril, be warned they are very very small indeed. Unusually for me I'd really recommend taking the watch to a Casio dealer to have the bracelet shortened.

Time (if you'll excuse the pun) will tell if this watch lives up to expectations, but so far I'm very happy with it even if the extra weight is noticeable.
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on 24 January 2016
Well this watch is quite nice however it's very complicated although you will only ever need to set it up once. Now here's the thing, I'm a pilot and I was under the impression it would reset in most cities as soon as I arrive however this isn't the case. I have to leave it on an hotel window sill and hope it will reset in the morning if it receives a signal (which is very patchy in Europe) but by then I may need to move to another destination. So with that in mind it may be better to buy the bluetooth version if you also have a smart phone that you can roam with. Great product atomic receiver poor.
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on 9 October 2013
As pretty much every other review says, this watch looks so much better in the flesh than it does in the pictures! I bought this as a slightly dressier watch than my rugged and reliable ProTrek which I love dearly but doesn't exactly go with a suit.

I've read a few reviews saying how hard this watch is to set up... It's a radio controlled Chronograph so obviously it's got a few extra buttons and functions but if you spend 10 minutes just reading the bit about how to set the home city, DST and manual signal check then it's a doddle! I set mine up in about 20 minutes including 10 minutes reading the manual and the 7ish minutes it took to do a full manual signal update.

The watch itself is solid, robust and if it stands up to the quality and durability of the 2 other Casio watches I own then it should last a life time!

My one regret is that I didn't buy the Red Bull edition of this watch but at nearly 3 times the price for a tiny red bull logo and a bit of blue accenting my conscience will forgive me!
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on 24 November 2011
I bought this watch in the first quarter of this year all be it not from Amazon but at a high street retailer.

The watch has performed brilliantly so far and served as a great watch for... telling the time. The radio controlled time is very accurate and I personally have never witnessed the second hand strike 12 at the same time as the radio beeps. The watch performs a sync with the radio every day at midnight automatically and it's hit and miss if it receives the signal. The watch tends to reside on the bed side table but if it's left near a window it generally picks up the signal. If that fails you can perform a manual sync at any time.

The solar power has lived up to the reputation during the end of winter to autumn without going into power saving mode. I'm an office worker so the watch stays in a light bulb lit room during most of the day. The only thing I consciously do is ensure the watch is not always under my sleeves even if it's having a quarter of the face showing.

The luminous glows on the hands and numbers absorbs light very easily and gives off very bright glow if exposed to bright light such as direct sunlight but I find it loses the brightness very quickly to a dim before not being able to see it all together. It's best used when switching from bright light to darker areas such as tunnels but I would not recommend using for even medium to long periods in the darkness.

One minor flaw I have found is that the glass edge of the watch face sits higher than the bezel of the watch. I have already had slight chip off the top edge which is not noticeable face on but when tilted you can see the glass edge is no longer perfectly round.

Overall a good watch and a recommended buy.
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on 23 December 2015
I love this watch. I can't fault it. I'd been looking for a solar powered and radio watch for some time and this was the one which had the styling and functions I was after. It arrived in good time and as soon as I opened the box it set itself to the correct time. Reading the manual can be a little difficult for mature eyes - but I'd already downloaded the manual from the casio website before the watch arrived - so I had plenty of time to acquaint myself with how to operate it.

With most things, read the manual and it's easy!
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