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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 10 September 2017
Singer and songwriters are hard to find like this one
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on 1 March 2017
Anyone with a basic understanding for the process of sales and marketing, or even both, will know that unfortunately, in the political world of business, the Dance music industry can present so many missed opportunities for those who have a passion or talent to pursue their dreams. For many artists, it’s all about the desire, wanting or need to produce something that simply stands out from everything else. Even so, in today’s world of electronic driven continuations, many of those that stand out from the crowd, in some regards, just seem to follow the path that has been set before them. Some rise to the top, whereas others quickly disappear into the rusty depths of music’s historical past, and so, as fans, we effortlessly pursue our musical appetites with those who follow suit.
So when a truly dedicated vocalist arises from the depths of nowhere, and whose entire talent relies on the endless abilities of their delicate tone, whose responsibility is it to ensure that their modest dreams become a reality? For an artist such as Diana Vickers, a girl who possesses a ‘one of kind’ style fused with a magnetically alluring seductive voice that could draw even the most demanding of vocal connoisseurs into an endless debate, we see a mediocre contribution from her trusted management team who throw her amongst the wolves and allow her to fend for herself.
Two albums in, those who remain inquisitive regarding Diana Vickers’ capability to establish herself as a solo artist, for some reason, have remained quietly in the dark. Leaving the fundamental basics of record sales to one side, it appears that as of to date, no one has recognised Diana Vickers’ passionate talent for delivering a truly unique ‘one dimensional’ gathering that simply – ‘stands out from the crowd’.
It really doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that at this point of her career, Diana Vickers’ has so much more to offer, but yet, most of today’s pioneering Trance, House, Electronic and Garage producers have failed to recognise this under achieved vocalist. Had this sensational voice been offered or given the assistance that she required to produce not one, but two solo albums, then maybe some reflective technical criticism could be justified. However, seeing as most of what her two albums contain is entirely on her own back, then four stars is the only option.
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on 12 May 2010
I'm not normally into the X-Factor contestant albums. Its' very much a show that is highly watchable as a TV programme but musically it ends up giving us mostly very average forgettable artists. The exception being Leona - who although hugely talented has suffered from releasing largely forgettable music (except bleeding love of course) JLS have done well chart wise but muscially again have released some pretty forgettable pop music as has alexandra burke. So along now comes Diana Vickers who was in the x factor 2008 along with JLS and Alexandra. Vickers was widly thought to release music pretty quickly after the show ended but instead decided to take her time in making a great album she was happy with along with starring in a west end show. It's a decision that has largely paid off as she has crafted a very accomplished pop album working alongside writers/producers like Cathy dennis (Kylie), Ellie Goulding and Guy Sigsworth (Madonna,Frou frou) The album is very much in the tone/style of Ellie Gouldings album which is no surprise as she co-writes 1 track on here. If you like the single "Once' then you know what style the album is in but it does deviate a couple of times into ballad and folk/Indie terratory.

The first few tracks are all excellent from Once to The Boy Who Murded Love etc the album sags in the middle a little with a couple of forgettable tracks like me and you which is the albums low point. The last half though is the strongest in my opinion. Tracks like "Numb" a stomping catchy ballad is the sort of song Leona would kill simon cowell for..probably a future single "My Hip" is a catchy electro pop number kylie wouldnt turn down. "Notice me" is also a really nice strong ballad but the albums highlight is the last track, the amazing "Chasing You" which is worth the price of the album alone !

I can't recommend this album enough and this is coming from someone who normally hates x factor artists. The show has at leastfound a real gem in Diana vickers

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on 6 July 2010
I hadnt really seen the XFactor, So I thought when I heard her live lounge session on Radio 1 Big weekend, I thought she'd be more Indie/Rock Chick. It was a lot more poppy than I expected. If you like the song "Once" a lot then I think you'll really like it. There were a couple of songs that I didnt mind. Overall not really my bag. Unique & beautiful voice but think would be better for a good song writer behind her.
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on 2 May 2010
Like many millions of people, I watch the x factor every year. I swear I won't as nothing much comes of it really I believe, but inevitably I get sucked in- it's so hard to avoid..

Apart from Leona Lewis, I feel little in the way of long term talent has ever been found - and I'm even disillusioned with her now - she may have the raw talent (the voice) but she hasn't had the material yet (apart from Bleeding Love and Run).

So, I have to say Diana Vickers has taken me by surprise and I suspect a lot of other people who had forgotten her... and it is a refreshingly pleasant one at that...

I liked her voice initially during the x factor- it is so unique- but I kinda tired of her during the show- I recall her being sick and off form for many weeks. Then it felt like she was looking for the sympathy vote and stuff... she did get a hard time though- with the whole claw and marmite stuff... so it is testament to her strength of character that now well over a year and half later, she delivers a cracking debut album she should be proud of.

When I heard ONCE last month - I was intrigued but not sold yet... it is an insanely catchy pop tune- the way good pop always is, short, snappy- with a chorus that gets engrained in your brain for hours... and it was perfect choice for lead single- a real edgy, rocking number.

But I found on Youtube some other songs that made me go out and buy the album yesterday... and I haven't been disappointed..

The Boy Who Murdered Love - has to be next single- another great pop song- less rocky than Once, but it too boasts a fabulous chorus that won't leave you...

Put It back Together Again- written by the hugely talent but sadly underrated Nerina Pallot (check out her latest - The Graduate)... a rousing indie style ballad that you expect from Diana after the X factor- a great song, uplifting

My Hip- another single in the wings, I suspect- very catchy and the trumpet is a nice touch

Hit- a bjork cover? I wouldn't have thought, but it works well, the song itself sounds familiar to me, but I think Diana has put her own stamp squarely on it- with a more electro sound- another short, catchy song.

You'll Never Get To Heaven- a really dancey song- I know some don't like the fact she has dabbled so heavily with an electro - pop sound, she always seemed like an indie chick at heart on the x factor, but songs like this are so well crafted and catchy, I'm glad she went this direction.

Remake Me and You- another potential single, a really catchy song, her voice sounds amazing here...

Me and You- a lilting, feel good song, very simple, stripped back- a nice change amongst all the electronic stuff. Songs like this (and Notice) allow her show off her unique voice a lot more than the other really uptempo, catchy tracks

Numb- the biggest ballad on the album, very soothing- the fact she hasn't overdone it with ballads on the album really allows a track like this shine...

Jumping into Rivers- one of those songs that caught my eye on youtube, very summery, a real jaunty, toe-tapping number

Chasing You- a slow burner to end the album, very atmospheric and gentle

(I wish the Mark Owen penned Sunlight had made the album, it's a great indie-rock type ballad that suits Diana so well.. I would search that one out if you like the album)

All things considered, this is a fine example of pop music done well-not bland and derivative- the edginess/ quirkiness that Diana always offered on the x factor has translated to her music now.. it really shows how well spent her time was over the last year and half- she could so easily have made a covers album, an album of indie-lite songs that she thought people wanted from her after the x factor.. instead, she has searched out some fine pop tunes that really suit and allow that amazing voice of hers shine...

a job well done, and here's hoping she gets the success she deserves for all her hard graft... other x factor stars have enjoyed so much success and truthfully, they haven't delivered to the standard Diana has....
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on 15 May 2010
Bought this yesterday and haven't stopped playing it. The voice is unmistakable, and there are some great tracks here - in addition to 'Once' I particularly like 'The Boy Who Murdered Love' (the next single, surely?) and 'My Hip'. 'Jumping into Rivers' is also worth a mention because it's a real grower (in fact I heard this track being played in a shopping centre, and thought it had the uplifting feel of a lazy Summer's day, so I decided to check out the rest of the album). 'Four Leaf Clover' is probably the pick of the ballads, but they're all pretty good, with 'Chasing You' finishing the album on a high.

Well described as 'a collection of quirky songs', the album doesn't disappoint and seems to improve with each listen, keeping you entertained with a good mix of boppy electropop and slower atmospheric songs. Very pleasantly surprised - the cherry tree may be tainted but it's well worth a visit.
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on 19 June 2010
This album shows what Diana can do when allowed to produce her own music and isn't constrained by what she had to sing in the X Factor. She has really found her confidence and has produced songs that really allow her quirky personality to show through. The album is far from the ordinary generic pop stuff that generally comes from talent contest participants as a last ditch attempt at fame before they disappear into obscurity. Diana has written the lyrics and music for many of these songs herself and My Hip where she plays the trumpet is one of the really fantastic songs where her wide ranging talent shows through.
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VINE VOICEon 6 June 2010
The title of this review alludes to all the subjects touched upon across the thirteen tracks of the debut album from Diana Vickers. Of course they all play a part in elaborate metaphors for the same old subjects covered by current pop artists, but at least she's gone to some effort to move away from generic lyrics! Before I proceed I have something to confess....when Diana was on The X Factor I was a fan and supporter, and therefore I was highly anticipating this album, hence my expectations were high, but it also meant I was determined to like it and like it I do! That said I can recognise that (unfortunately) this album does have its weak points which prevent me from awarding it top marks. Now I shall embark upon a track-by-track review:

1.Once-The dead catchy first single from Miss Vickers. This track is pop perfection in mu view and fully deserving of its number one spot in the charts. 10/10
2.Remake Me and You-Another upbeat electro number (very different from what I'm guessing her fans thought she would sing). For me this doesn't quite reach the heights of the first track, but that said I do enjoy it. 8/10
3.The Boy Who Murdered Love-This song sucks you in from the very first listen; in fact you could well be singing along by the last chorus of your first listen. 9/10
4.Four Leaf Clover-A definite grower. The first time I listened I found it bland, but now it is probably my favourite track on the entire album. A lovely ballad which show off some extremely delicate vocals. 10/10
5.Put It Back Together-This was written with the fantastically talented Nerina Pallot. Although this is not Nerina's finest work by some distance it certainly has a special quality! 8/10
6.You'll Never Get To Heaven-Although I do enjoy this track it could well be seen by many as filler with its midtempo groove. 7/10
7.Me & You-Diana herself has claimed that this is the type of song that she herself and probably her fans expected to hear her sing. She's not wrong. And furthermore I love it! I know many have criticised it, but I love it simplistic and understated melody. 9/10
8.My Hip-This is probably the finest uptempo track aside from 'Once'. It absolutely has to be released as a single with its saxophones and oh so catchy chorus! 10/10
9.N.U.M.B-In my opinion this track is where it hits it weakest point. The lyrics are clicheed (eg. N.U.M.B I feel empty) and the vocals slightly slurred. Not a fan! 4/10
10.Hit-A Bjork cover and again this is far from my favourite. In all honesty after listening to the album numerous times I could not sing a line from memory, which is unusual for me. 5/10
11.Notice-Unfortunately the weak patch is proved to be far from a temporary blip by this track in the album. This is another clicheed ballad and one the album really could have done without. 5/10
12.Jumping Into Rivers-Thankfully quality control is restored at this point. In fact the album doesn't just bounce back to life with a good track, it bounces back with a fantastic one! This is summer-simple as that. I love it. 10/10
13.Chasing You-A great way to round off the album-what more can I say! 8/10

So as you can see this is a superb album only let down by a few mediocre songs towards the end of the album!
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on 16 June 2013
I actually cannot put into words just how much I adore this album! Diana has one of the most unique, airy and totally lovely voices I've ever heard and I love her songs all the more because I can relate to them, N.U.M.B for example, always manages to tug at the heartstrings. If I'm 100% honest, I actually bought my copy from HMV (I know, shame on me!) but I had to come on here and rave about the album and hopefully get you all to buy it. I think the guy that did the BBC review was really harsh because Diana has an amazing voice and a really cool set of writers behind her that have really helped to create a wicked album. If you loved her on the x-factor then you'll totally adore this album! I think my favourite songs are probably N.U.M.B because I can relate to it, The Boy Who Murdered Love because it's just so damn catchy, You'll Never Get To Heaven, Jumping Into Rivers because it's just a really feel-good summer song and Notice because like N.U.M.B, I can really relate and understand what she's singing about. There's a wee video on YouTube that has Diana go through the album song by song and give a wee explanation and a bit of background which is always helpful :D

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on 12 November 2013
I never really took to Diana Vicker's voice when she was on X Factor but my opinion changed when I saw her as live support to JLS at a Warwick Castle gig. She was impressive live and some of her songs grabbed my attention. The result was that I bought her album (first and foremost for our daughter) but this CD was a surprise in that it was played over and over again in our car for many weeks.....and we didn't get tired of it. There are some catchy tunes 'My hip' and 'Boy who murdered love' were particularly enjoyable. One of those CD's that relieves the tedium of long journeys on busy roads. A good one to sing along to. Also, it's a CD where the majority of the songs (if not all of them) are easy on the ear. Well done, Diana!
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