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on 16 June 2014
Great, gerbils love it and not too difficult to clean!
Needs a bit of thought to put together, but strong when it is.
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on 20 February 2014
Bought this for our hamster after it turned into an escape artist, She loves her new home, my son loves watching her in it and re configuring the layout of the cages when he cleans them
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on 12 November 2013
Charlie recently moved into her nice new Rotastak Adventure Zone house & is over the moon. She had a little trouble at first with the tubes but soon got the idea & off she went to settle in. After inspecting every corner & going for a spin in the wheel she made her bed at the top & cuddled down for a sleep.
VERDICT: Highly recommend. Charlie says every hamster should have one.

Arrived promptly, well packaged, undamaged & all intact. Excellent value.
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on 4 April 2014
For the kids, this seemed a dream home for our new Syrian hamster pet. Loads of room, tunnels, quiet areas, an integrated wheel and water. It does provide ample space for "Patch" to wander around. But it has challenges:

1. Cleaning it is a complete nightmare. It takes forever. It's too fiddly for the kids to do it themselves and putting it back together can be problematic.
2. The tunnels may seem like a fun thing for a Syrian, but Patch likes to stuff them full of sawdust making it impossible to move from one house to the other. The vertical tunnels are difficult too as it's hard for the hamster to climb them when Patch moves the sawdust. He effectively blocks himself out of the side with food!
3. The wheel is too small for a Syrian I think. Patch is very fluffy but he looks somewhat contorted in there. I'd prefer more room.
4. The water bottle has been chewed. There are few places to put a bigger one on this cage.
5. We had escapes through the hole blocks. They twist in but can be forced out.
6. Two holes in the see through area (the big yellow area in the photo) have wire locks that stick into the cage. Patch scratched his eye on this but fortunately got better.
7. The closed section (blue bit at the top of the photo) does not get used because of the tunnels

On the plus side, it looks great. I am anxious that it may not be big enough as Patch gets older. With hindsight, I'd have bought a more traditional cage.
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Now listen here, humans, I've just moved away from my sisters and into a brand new apartment and I have to say I'm pretty cross at all the nasty comments some of you have been making about my dream home. You really aren't looking at things from the hamster perspective and it just isn't good enough. Luckily for me I have two humans that serviced earlier versions of Rotastak hamster apartments 20 years ago, liked the improvements and were quite prepared to knuckle under and put the whole thing together with only a little yarrupping. They still think that it is still fairly solidly built as it has always been. anyway if all else fails there's always rubber bands and electrician's tape.

Now first of all, I'd had a hard day (the glove scooping me into my travelling pod is not a pleasant experience). In actual fact I'd have been quite happy if they had just built the first phase of my deluxe apartment. So long as the water was turned on and the food delivered all I wanted was a cosy place to get over my jet lag and get up and party at night. Simple enough for you to do isn't it? Anyway, as my human servants discussed, 20 years ago all you could get were the round sections and tunnels, pretty dull, and pretty expensive. This meant that to get the equivalent floor space you had to spend three times the price- and you humans are complaining about house price rises- hamsters have it lucky!

Now what us big hamsters want is a modern pad which imitates what our great great great great great great, oh dear I've forgotten how many greats, grandparents used to dig out back in the 1930s... burrows and chambers. We don't want to live in a dull square cage...we want to roam. Lots of interesting chambers mean it's got lots of different bits, OK so it may be a little difficult to cope with at first, but I'm sure you can sort it out to a hamster's satisfaction. Hey we'll wait, you can keep on surprising us. And look how easy it is to close off a section to clean without inconveniencing me too much. When you've tidied it to my exacting standards I can move rooms so you can sort out the rest. I'll leave a bit of carrot for you as a tip, OK?

My humans managed to sort out which clips joined which bits, and they knew how to add the two sizes of teeth strengthening rings to the correct ends of the tubes (you call 'em anti gnaw rings). They were also a bit puzzled by the description of the bungs being pushed out by my fellow hamsters (it does say rotate to lock on the instructions and they seem pretty solid when tugged). They did have a bit of trouble putting the curvy tunnels together- they managed to hold them carefully and snap them together eventually. But a clever lady on this site said you should put the red rings in hot water to make them bigger and that works a lot faster!

I got to view my new apartment for the first time, but I was a bit confused by the tunnels to start with, there was nothing like this in my boarding school dorm. Female human added on a tunnel kit section which I was bit cross about and gave her a good yarrup. I then decided after a good examination to go to sleep in the end of it.

Hey but the moon rises and it's time to party. I learned with a little effort I could climb those tunnels, and hey wow I've got a small gym too- well it's just exercise bars to climb and a sort of secluded round treadmill thing, but it's really great for keeping me in shape, all those carbs can be really fattening. I'm thinking of getting planning permission to add on a mission pod later, just so I can get some more of those curvy tunnels. The humans think that unlike the old version, the range of apartment heights will make it safer to add interesting lengths of tunnel without risking a break. But anyway, home is where the human servants stuff your cheeks with food, and even if I have a wander through a slight building irregularity, I'll know where my larder is. Anyway must dash, I need to Feng Shui the place... arrange my larder corner and my poo corner... and I've got to be in for a delivery of a yummy gnawing block...it's got great reviews. Toodleloo, Isabella.
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on 26 September 2013
Building instructions not that clear so quite time consuming to put together. Plenty of space when built though. Curved tube that came with cage kept falling apart when trying to get it to fit into the holes on the cage and had to be held together with tape. Bought a box of tubes from pet shop so hamster could get from one side of cage to the other as i didn't trust it not to break when he walked on it. Also awkward to clean as you have to take it all apart then try getting it back together again. Hammy seems to like it though and loves running through the tubes and sleeping in his attic bedroom!
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on 29 August 2014
Love these rotastak cages, often here people moaning about the effort to put them together, but it's definately worth it! I change the layout all the time, my mouse loves it. Never had any problems.
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on 13 July 2012
This item was delivered to me today and I have spent 2 hours putting it together. My main gripe is with the quality of the item, which is poor to say the least. The cheap plastic is almost impossible to put together and one of the three connectors appears to be melted and deformed so I have had to put it together in an alternative way and omit the large tunnel that connects the two main sections together. I am sure when we used to have hamsters in these cages when I was a child, they were of much better quality. I have so little trust in the way it's made that I've had to sellotape the lot together to reinforce it... as I say, not a happy bunny/hamster!
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on 13 March 2013
great for gerbil.... tunnel a little bit flimsy especially with kids around.... keeps the bedding in the cage which is always an issue with gerbils ...they do love to dig!!!!
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on 16 January 2015
I didn't buy through Amazon but have got this model....very poorly manufactured with brittle plastic and flimsy catches....very fragile once assembled. ....very easily broken.....I really wouldn't recommend
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