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Leap Year [Blu-ray]
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on 3 March 2014
This is one of my absolute favourite films in my absolute favourite genre. Yes, I acknowledge that it's riddled with stereotypes, that Matthew Goode's Irish accent isn't completely authentic and you need to take the plot with a pinch of salt, but I still love this film. The setting is gorgeous and it's shot with a real love for Ireland in mind, almost as a character in itself, even despite the stereotypical locals and slightly archaic portrayal of rural life. Anna and Declan are sympathetic, funny and above all likeable characters that you grow to love and the chemistry between Amy Adams and Matthew Goode is apparent from start to finish. The script is witty and never laboured. The more you watch the film the more little details you notice, which attest to the superlative acting skills of both Goode and Adams, neither of whom is the generic 'rom com' actor and both of whom are 'serious' actors in their own right.

In short, the stereotypes within the film do not detract from Leap Year's being a highly entertaining and endearing film of its genre. I'm surprised that it was panned by critics, because I don't believe it deserved to be.
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on 14 April 2016
wasn't going to buy it then saw it again on TV. It's nice. Aah! not Aaagh! or Bleh!

American girl (of course, these Yanks!) can't pin her man down to getting wed. Doesn't get the message otherwise the film would be a lot shorter. She hears of this daft idea that women can propose to men on 29 Feb. Her man has gone to Ireland so she must get over there pdq. Fog-bound in Britain (cliché) she somehow (incredible suspension of belief) gets to some part of the Irish coast by boat and is put ashore. And there are all these quaint Irish bumpkins and a hunk who almost owns a bar or hotel or both type building. He needs money to pay off some shifty bloke so that he owns the both type thing so agrees to take her to Dublin in his banger.

That's the start, now view on and try to guess who she marries in the end. Its nice - then go a watch Halloween 402 to get some reality back in your life.
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on 19 August 2015
This is one of those 'rom-com' films that you have to see twice. I watched it the first time and thought what a typical load of old tosh with stereotypical Irish and Welsh people - old blokes in a pub coming out with 'eejit' and 'begorrah' but having seen it a second time I re-thought my opinion and it is quite good.
Anna Brady (Amy Adams) is disappointed when at a romantic dinner in her home town of Boston her boyfriend of four years gives her earrings instead of the expected engagement ring. Hearing of an old Irish tradition where the lady can propose to her other half on Feb 29 every four years she jets to Ireland where her boyfriend (Jeremy) is attending a cardiologist's conference in Dublin. Long story short she flies into turbulence and is re-directed to Cardiff in Wales. No other flights, stroppy counter staff and no ferries because of the storm she decides toi charter her own little boat but ends up on the other coast of Ireland at Dingle. The local landlord (Matthew Goode)agrees top drive her to Dublin and the film is the coming together of the two via their disasters with cows, standing in cow poo, having her suitcase stolen, missing a train, gatecrashing a wedding and finally arriving in Dublin with their senses out of kilter. Jeremy decides to propose to her and she accepts but she really now wants Declan (the landlord).
After finding out why he has asked her to marry him she jets back to Ireland and proposes to Declan who eventually accepts her proposal.
You need to get over the stereotypes and watch Amy Adams's flair for comedy just when she is about to kiss him after the wedding and then......
She is so easy on the eye and very very good actress. At times looks like a Nicole Kidman clone
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on 23 May 2017
Brilliant Film!! Bought the DVD after seeing this film on TV came in half way through and as I enjoyed what I saw of it so much just had to see it from the start. This film is a bit of a love story but not the usual soppy rubbish, it is very funny, set mostly in Ireland when after a long term relationship, where she thought her boyfriend was going to propose after her friend had seen him at the jewellery store, and disappointed, then finding that her boyfriend has to go to Dublin for a convention (they live in America), Amy decides to surprise her boyfriend by going to Dublin to propose to him on leap year day. The journey is not as straight forward as you think and she gets thrown together with Matthew Goode getting into a lot of scrapes along the way. A real feel good film well worth watching which will make you laugh a lot.
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on 28 August 2014
Always on the lookout for new films, I came upon this DVD starring Amy Adams (Anna) and Mathew Goode (Declan). After watching the film on TV, it so impressed me I straight away booted up my comp and ordered it. The opening scenes portray a pert young American woman, Anna (Amy Adams) engaged in conversation with a friend, who tells her she saw Anna's boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott) coming out of a shop renowned for it's jewellery. Anna meets her boy-friend later for dinner, and primed with excitement she anticipates him asking her to marry him. He reaches into his pocket and produces a small box; Anna, beaming an expectant expression, is convinced he has bought her an engagement ring. Opening it she stares down at two diamond earrings. Gazing at her boyfriend, somewhat deflated, she is lost for words. Amy handles her disappointment reservedly, while her thoughtless boyfriend simply asks her to try them on. To add to Anna's demise, Jeremy, a cardiologist, is called away on an emergency leaving Anna to contemplate over her disappointment. When it emerges Jeremy has to attend an interview in Ireland, she plans a surprise visit there to rendezvous with him on February twenty ninth. Reconsidering her earlier opinion on the Leap Year tradition, she embarks upon a trip to ask Jeremy to marry her. This decision begins an hilarious, entertaining adventure that brings two actors together that are, in my opinion, ideally suited for the parts. Fate, it seems, is determined that the human chemistry must work between these two, and no matter how resolute Anna's attempts are in getting to Dublin by Leap Year, copious events crop up to complicate her efforts. The casual, laid-back character of Declan, constantly frustrates the pert, entrepreneurial character of Anna, until the script cunningly begins to reveal subtle feelings of affection developing between them. There are many amusing scenes in the film, too numerous to include in this review, but I can confidently say that any incurable romantic will enjoy the repartee that passes between these two. This is a film that lifted my spirits from the tragedy taking place around the globe. In the closing scenes, despite the bond that has obviously developed between them, Declan despondently returns to his bar, convinced he has lost Anna after witnessing Jeremy propose to her. But later, Jeremy, at a social function, casually declares that at interview, Irish traditions morally require him to have a wife if he is to secure the appointment. He nonchalantly states, in front of Anna and guests, he would have got around to popping the question eventually; it is an ill-timed, indiscreet statement that depreciates his appeal in Anna. Hearing that, her feelings change towards him, and following some soul-searching, she makes her way back to Ireland and Declan. Anna declares her change of heart to Declan in his bar restaurant, but horror upon horrors, as she waits for his answer he suddenly walks away without uttering a word, leaving her standing, embarrassed, in the middle of the restaurant with guests gazing on. But all is not lost, Declan's laid back attitude has merely obscured his intent to go and fetch an engagement ring, where much to my relief, he asks Anna to marry him on a cliff top. Since receiving the DVD, I have watched it no less than six times in the first week. A wonderful, humorous, light-hearted film where the actors' characterizations are confidently and professionally executed, bringing to life a well written script that keeps me mesmerized all the way through time and again. I can whole heartedly recommend this film.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 January 2016
You know what, I really didn't expect to like this movie. I judged it by it's ugly green cover and thought it would be a trashy Rom-Com. It is, but it's fabulous. Don't fall in to the trap I initially did and miss out on this one!

Amy Adams plays Anna, a fairly highly strung woman on a mission to get her boyfriend to marry her. It's been four years. Seems like a long enough time right? So Anna takes matters into her own hands and intends to surprise her boyfriend, who is currently in Dublin with work, by adhering to the tradition of Leap Year and proposing to him. Which is all well and good, but lady luck has taken a disliking to Anna and she runs into a bunch of unfortunate events along the way to Dublin. Stranded in various parts of Ireland, she meets the rather surly Declan, who agrees to take her to Dublin for a hefty fee. I think you can guess what happens here without me telling you.

The thing is, this movie is beyond predictable, but it is so loveable and has all the makings of the perfect Rom-Com. I don't proclaim to be much of a sucker for romance, but actually this movie had me hooked and I was invested in the characters. Amy Adams does a great job of being a slightly ditzy woman who makes incredibly poor decisions. Initially I doubted she'd be able to carry off such a role, but she did so fantastically. Equally, I enjoyed Matthew Goode's performance despite his admittedly terrible Irish accent as other reviewers have mentioned, but this didn't detract from my enjoyment.

The only thing missing for me was that extra something that makes this a favourite. I like movies which surprise me or go a different way to the norm, sadly this movie doesn't do that but this doesn't lessen the enjoyment, it just doesn't have that extra kick.

Overall a fast paced, fun movie with a cute storyline. If you love rom-coms you will love this, but if you're looking for a movie as tear-jerking or beautiful as P.S I Love You then I think you'll be disappointed purely because of the predictability.
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on 24 November 2013
I watched this film on TV a week or so ago and wasn't expecting it to be as great as it was. I was expecting the usual chick flick type of movie. This is so much more. Firstly, its hilarious - I love the wit and sarcasm of the lead male. He's pretty damn awesome and I developed a terrible crush on Declan whilst watching this film. The scenery in Ireland is stunning! the charm of the Irish actors, the whole thing is just wonderful and beautiful and funny and it grabs you in your heart and carries you away with it. A superb feel good movie, it makes you believe in everything especially love :)

I adore this film and will watch it again and again so I had to buy the DVD.

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on 25 July 2015
This is one of the finest romantic comedies to come out of the film industry of the past decade. For once, there is actually a story as well as comedic characters, and the writers are more mature than most seen nowadays, and can actually generate comedy that doesn't revolve around sexual innuendo, drug taking or female anatomy. The director has actually made it possible for the audience to care about the characters, and the Irish tone that runs throughout the film adds to its unique and quirky charm.
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on 13 September 2015
You get swept up in the story as the casting is so good, dialogue and filming are really engaging and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Such a good life affirming feel good movie. Thats the second Amy Adams film to unexpectedly do that for me so thinking I might try others. The sort of chick flick that men would often enjoy too. Don't be too surprised if you feel like Matthew Goodes accent slips a bit from time to time as it isn't too bad or distracting and adds to the charm. His is the sort of accent that Irish people sometimes get if they have lived in England or USA for a bit and then gone back to Ireland.
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on 29 November 2014
I usually like these kind of films. Yet this one was a mixed bag. The idea was quite tired - i.e. American meets foreigner who makes them rethink and pursue a more simpler happier life. The clichéd stereotypes are truly dreadful. Also the geography is all mixed up - eg the film has Dingle being on the east coast, within walking distance to Cliffs of Moher. Yet for all these faults there was something quite sweet about this film - I think it was the good chemistry between the stars. If you want something simple and you can live with the cliches, you'll find you enjoy the film
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