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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Strange Kind Of Love
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 11 December 2008
I remember a friend including the song 'Strange kind of love' on a compilation tape he recorded for me in high school in 1989-ish. I loved it and saved up enough pocket money to buy the album on cassette. I played it endlessly, learnt the lyrics, and even based an art project on the song 'Shape of things to come'... some kind of collage thing featuring a marionette as a fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball. I still have it in a folder and looking at it now makes me cringe a little. It hasn't aged well. Unlike this album.

'Strange Kind of Love' is, to use a cliche, a slice of pop perfection. It's unmistakably Scottish and unmistakably 80's but not in a bad way, as it never actually sounds old or outdated. James Grant's lyrics and delivery are razor sharp, the songs are beautifully crafted and the superb production really took the band from their previous album (All you need is) to a whole other level. I've always considered this to be a perfect album in a technical sense, in that every line, every beat, every slap on the bass or little twang of guitar is so well considered and perfectly placed. But far from sounding soulless, cold or contrived it's full of feel and emotion.

Think mid to late 80's Scottish bands and the likes of Big Country, Simple Minds, Wet Wet Wet and Deacon Blue spring immediately to mind due to their great commercial success. But at the same time there were a number of other brilliant bands creating absolute gems of songs and albums, bands like The Blue Nile, Hipsway, The Big Dish, and above all... Love and Money. This album remains one of my all time favourites.
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on 17 July 2010
The is no doubt this album is one of the lost masterpieces in music and still resides in my all time top 10. Its great to see it re issued and no mater what you think of the extras, the music sounds better than ever. Although James Grant has brought out some fine solo work, especially Sawdust in my veins, My Thrawn glory & his latest Strange Flowers, in my opinion this is his finest hour.
I recently saw James play at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh and the crowd wouldnt let him leave the stage. He finally said ok, any requests to which someone shouted Strange Kind of Love. Despite being unreheased and have never played live for years he said he would have a go..... one word sumed it up - Awesome.
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on 12 January 2011
The quality of James Grant's song writing is simply breathtaking. A music collection without this and the later Dogs in the Traffic album for me is un- thinkable. Buy this and any other Love andMoney / James Grant solo material and you are buying music that will be on your playlists until you breath your last.
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on 3 January 2000
A classic of the Eighties and the peak of L&M's album career. The singles, Jocelyn Square, Strange Kind of Love and Up Escalator stand out amongst a superb collection of finely crafted pop.'Inflammable' is a real highlight. Soft guitars and soulful lyrics really hit the spot. BUY IT!
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on 23 September 2010
I loved Love and Money when they first released songs, but have found it difficult to get their material in recent years. I was therefore delighted to see Strange Kind of Love rereleased and with bonus tracks. The CD contains many brilliant tracks that it's a pure pleasure to hear again. I couldn't stop playing it. Everywhere I look on the Internet about Love and Money can't praise them highly enough. They were a Scottish band that perhaps did not get the the public reach or acclaim they deserved at the time, but definately should now. A great lost treasure, a great treat for the ears and the soul. Quite wonderful.
I'm not sure of the worth of the extra demo tracks, which for me don't live up to the final cuts earlier on the CD. That doesn't detract from the eleven earlier superb tracks.
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on 14 December 2015
In my opinion this album has no equal in Scottish songwriting.
Its been in my album collection since its release and I revisit it regularly, gaining new insight and paying homage to its unsurpassed brilliance.
It artfully takes the listener through the gamut of emotions associated with relationship interplay bridging the dichotomy between head and heart.
In affairs of the heart, it delineates the entire spectrum of emotions in a highly articulate way and on listening, can act like a drug in soothing the turbulent emotions we all experience.In summation, its quite simply a masterclass in songwriting by the unequalled James Grant who never ceases to identify with my soul.
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on 25 April 2010
From the openening lines off Hallelujah man you can see that James Grant has the voice and lyrics to take you wherever he wants and when the music kicks in, the tight knit Gary Katz production and ensemble of quality session musicians brought in to complement the three peace Love and Money, you can the tell the soundtrack to that journey is going to be good.
Twentytwo years old and if this album was released new today it would not sound out of place. The time spent on the album by Katz and co getting it just right has paid off. A lot has been made about Katz's attention to detail and how he had Grant in the Studio for a long time getting the vocal just that little bit closer to perfection. When you hear the demos you can tell the differnce though. the demos show the strength and sound was mostly there and the band had what it took as musicians and writers but needed just that little bit of fine tuning to show what they were capable of.
Each track on the album is complete on its own. The Keyboards of Paul McGeechan are influenced by the eighties but not limited to the overpowering bontempi sound so popular in the decade. The Base provided by Bobby Patterson has a brooding unctuous menace at times and an uplifting funk at others. It its intersting how funky the base lines are on some of the demos along with the guitar sound and fret work they are played down on the final versions and while "less is more" works it is still nice to hear quality muscians cut loose now and again.
James Grant turned as far as he could away from Love and Money in his solo career but has recently started turning back. Bobby Patterson sadly passed away a few years back and maybe this was what prompted a rethink, maybe it was this re-release project or could have been recording and releasing "Strange Flowers", James's most up beat and rocking out solo album, either this album may have the second chance it deserves.
If you are new to Love and Money there may be a chance to hear some of these wonderful songs live once again at the solo shows albeit in a different arrangement. Paul McGeechan has downed tools in the studio once or twice in recent years to appear on stage with James and a Friends again mini reunion is rumoured to take place soon so the future is bright for L&M fans in a retro way.
Check out James Grant on his website or myspace for live dates and updates.

As Mr Sinclair said when he introduced the band on "Halfway to paradise" you get two for the price of one, not just Love but Love and Money!
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on 13 November 2013
Love & Money, along with Prefab Sprout, Deacon Blue, Orange Juice, Blue Nile & The Waterboys made the 80's a decade worth living through for those of us who enjoy intelligent well crafted music.
This release though stands out among it's peers for a number of reasons; James Grants voice, great playing & wonderful song writing.
There is a nice mix of styles on here with something to please everyone (ok, metal/hip hop fans maybe not).

Certainly one of the albums of the decade imo. They deserved so much more success. Grant's solo work is also well worth a visit btw.
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on 28 May 2011
Heard the first few songs on this CD while shopping in a used music store in 1998. I finally asked one of the clerks who it was. This was a pretty hip store and the clerks all had very eclectic tastes, but this guy was so pleased I liked it he started telling me all he knew and like about this CD. I bought a copy and have always loved its production - it sounds great! It does seem somewhat dated now, but I still love to sit down, turn it up and listen. I am a guitar played and really dig James' guitar riffs and the other musicianship on this CD. Very tasty indeed!
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on 21 March 2016
A brilliant album from the 80's that still stands the tests of time. Now even moreso with its recent remastering by Paul McGeechan who has gone on to become a renowned orchestrater and sound technician in his own right.
Add in some previously unheard demos with great interest value and as a result I am very happy to have an updated version of the album to join my original copy in my collection.
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