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on 20 April 2010
Thank you word of mouth because without you I would never had sought out the singles and then downloaded this album. This is one of the most catchy, carefree and enjoyable albums I've heard in a while and it's getting many plays on my CD player and iPod. With a voice like a Greco-Cymru Lily Allen fused with an updated Kate Bush and song writing talent to match, Marina's going to be big in 2010. Most of her songs, including the fantastic Mowgli's Road and Hermit The Frog demonstrate an exuberance and disregard for convention that show genius just on the knife edge of sanity, with lyrics that keep rushing at you like ants on a sugar rush, a verbal pile up looming should they trip. There are some great slower songs too, with I Am Not A Robot and Obsessions bound to get much airtime.

You really need to try this album. Rare that people say this and are right, but you will thank yourself you did.
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on 18 May 2012
Another reviewer suggested that "word of mouth" should be thanked for bringing this album to people's attention. I would go along with that! Someone told me about this artist and then, lo and behold, I read a piece in the Guardian about her. Then came the 'research' as I sought out Myspace and Youtube - yeah, we've all done that kind of research!

Anyway, this is a glorious debut album, full of soaring vocals and very catchy tunes, with "I Am Not A Robot", "Hollywood" and "Mowgli's Road" all shining a bright light in the direction of Marina Diamandis. Boy, can she deliver a note! She delivers some searing, soaring vocals here, not least on "Numb", my favourite of all the tracks. "Robot" is the other favourite and is just so catchy. The vocal is staccato-like and the lyrics sound very doom-laden and cynical, but I just love it.

I wracked my little brain to see what was a better album produced in 2010 and, for me, none bettered this. It is just a wonderful album and, now in 2012, the CD must be knackered and my family fed up with me listening to it and singing along (badly).

Of course, the problem is for Marina to build on the wonderment of this album with the difficult second album but, for now, I'll just celebrate this joy of a record!
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on 13 June 2010
I purchased this album having first come across Marina via Spotify (what a wonderful tool for discovering new music) and occasional radio play of Hollywood.

With so many new acts hitting the airwaves because of the likes of Youtube promotion and the internet generally, one often feels bombarded and overwhelmed with new tracks and names. So much so that decent music often get's lost in a sea of mediocrity and 'wallpaper music'. Not so with Marina and the Diamonds.

Couple her distinctive voice and addictively different and inventive song writing, with the fact that she happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, and you have someone who hopefully be more than just a flash in the pan.

Family Jewels is the kind of varied and interesting album which can be listened to again and again without becoming tired or boring - it's currently on week two of it's residence as my in-car CD listening. Lasting through a play and a bit in each direction, without the need to listen to the radio, for over a week is a pretty stern test and one that precious few new albums have survived in the last few years.

Well done Marina. I look forward to hearing more of you.
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on 12 April 2014
It's rare these days that I come across an album where I can listen to it the whole way through and not lose interest at any point. There are no "weak" songs on this album. It starts off strongly with ""Are You Satisfied?", exhibiting just a teaser of Marina's unique (an incredibly overused term I know, but you'll see what I mean when you listen to this woman sing) vocal style and some clever writing of lyrics. The upbeat "Shampain" follows with a distinctive 80s feel and is one of the highlights of the album. "I Am Not A Robot" has a warm, pleasant vibe and slows down the pace a bit.

The middle of the album doesn't waver in quality at all. "Girls" is very catchy, "Hollywood" is an instant pop classic, and "The Outsider" is a song many will no doubt find themselves relating to. As the album draws to a close we are treated to another instant pop classic in "Oh No!" before the album takes a melancholic turn and ends on a rather sad note. "Rootless", "Numb", and "Guilty" are mournful and moving. They feel like the most heartfelt, introspective songs on the album.

Marina takes us through a range of moods and emotions as she establishes herself as a future force in the pop world. Treat yourself to an innovative, authentic display of alternative pop and give this a listen.
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on 18 August 2016
This is an amazing album with beautiful songs and great artwork. Marina is the most underrated artist of our time, her singing is mind blowing, the work produced in this album is what you would expect from a musician well into their prime, let alone first album. Worth every penny, and some.
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on 23 June 2017
I absolutely adore M&TD and I love this vinyl so much! It arrived super quickly & was packed well so the vinyl arrived in pristine condition! I also love the fact that this vinyl has the song 'Seventeen' on it as that isn't on the digital or CD version of The Family Jewels! Overall I am very impressed with this product & I would rate higher than 5 stars if I could!
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on 24 September 2011

Well done to Marina for restoring my faith in pop music again. I'ts been extremely hard to find any descent pop music in the last 10 years, so apart from Amy Winehouse I was very surprised indeed to hear something challenging, with hooks and unpredictable structures, that are interesting enough to make me go to my first pop gig (been to many rock, indie, alt country, grunge etc) and to listen to the album every week over a year after it's release.

Keep up the good work Marina!
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on 17 May 2016
Absolutely love it. Bought this cause it includes her song "Numb." That is one of my favourite songs ever. I love a lot of her songs. A lot of depth and thought in the lyrics. Fantastic voice and unique.
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on 12 November 2015
Wow love Marina and think she's a delight. I bought this when it was first out and lost it so went and bought it again. It makes me sad she's not too well known as I think she has the potential to be a star. My favourite album so far will be Electra Heart but this has loads of fun pop loving tracks with bits of tongue in cheek love it
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on 25 May 2015
Marina came up as a recommendation from Amazon following my purchases of other female artists. Based on the ratings I gave it a try. Marina is said to resemble Lena Lovich at times and as I was a fan, it was another good reason to buy. Pretty good album and a mixed bag with some real pop highlights. Don't think I will buy any more of Marina, I think this is representative enough.
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