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on 27 February 2011
Had ours a couple of months, our old printer finally gave up and we wanted to replace it with one that was more economical with ink and of good guality. It has performed well one I got over the initial slow wi-fi printing by looking at their web site help. The slow printing was caused by using a wi-fi connection when the machine was too close to the PC and too close to the router thereby receiving feedback through the system. I noticed a small file of a couple of KG was showing at 26.5MG. Simply cured by using a USB connection straight to my PC as before. Laptop still connects but wi-fi through the network via the PC instead of direct. Prints fast now. Had two sheets of paper stick once in the Duplexer but that was probably because I hadn't fanned the paper as it instructs in the manual, also I was using thin, low weight, paper too (cheapskate!). Easy to clear once you read the manual.
This is a good printer if you read the manual.
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VINE VOICEon 4 May 2011
I didn't rush and it took me about 45 to 50 minutes to set up following the directions (which to be fair I found to be clearly laid out). There is an element of lifting the cover and putting the printer head and cartridges in, which although at first looks daunting, turned out to be fairly straight forward. The display and controls on the front are clear. At the back are sockets for USB, Ethernet (RJ45) and also fax/phone ports. I went for the wireless option - although the Ethernet port is a useful feature. The printer quickly found the router (several mtrs away through two walls). The disc automatically directed the PC to download the latest software for the pc and perhaps just as / more importantly the latest firmware for the printer (from memory it jumped from 2.x to 4.x). The latest firmware is available on the Kodak support page for those who have missed out on upgrades ([...] I printed a calibration sheet and all was working. Paper feeds from a generous 200-sheet paper tray at the front. I havent used the duplex dual sided option, but am happy with the print speed (note: certainly not fast but adequate for me over wireless) and quality. The print cartridges are lasting and they are relatively 'cheap' to replace compared to my previous printers. The printer came with full size cartridges. The fax (yes people still use them) works well - with the option to stop incoming pick up of faxes being useful (we have only one phone line and occasionally only need to send an outgoing fax). The printer Scans and Copies well. The printer doesnt take camera memory cards - however I never used these on my previous HP. The Kodak app for my Ipod Touch has worked well too allowing me to print photo's using wireless. However, I would suggest that anyone wishing to use wireless to print text rather than photo's from a device like an Ipad (rather than a PC / laptop) checks (as would be wise with all printers) whether the printer and the device support each other. I dont have such a device capable of printing text, so cant comment.
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on 17 June 2011
I have just sent back my second all-in-one printer from Kodak.
The first one was very noisy then suddenly stopped working. I found that the cables in the printhead mecanism were too short so became detached. Amazon replaced it very quickly but the second one didn't scroll properly so constantly chewed papers. It had a habit of only sending half a page of fax so I had to keep calling recipients to see if papers had arrived. After 3 weeks it also died.
So the very cheap ink is now sitting in my cupboard unused and unuseable.
Amazon have been great at replacing and now refunding, but don't waste your time and money on this machine.
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on 3 August 2011
The KODAK ESP Office 6150 WiFi All-in-One Printer and Fax may have low cost printer cartridges but it does not produce high-quality full-colour documents - they appear "washed-out" even when the high-quality option is selected. Black & White documents are of an acceptable quality. The printer paper feed does jam and the on-board diagnostics do not help to resolve the issues with unclear and misleading codes and prompts. It is necessary to switch-off the printer power supply and leave un-powered for some minutes to re-set the printer.
The fixed paper tray does prevent access to the paper feeder, so clearing paper-feed jams is not as easy as for models from other manufacturers.
The scanner is driven from the KODAK software, so I have not linked it to my Photoshop software, requiring an intermediate save of the image to a file.
Overall, I am disappointed and will probably go back to an HP Deskjet in the future.
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on 28 August 2011
my kodak 6150 was put through it's paces flat out copying and printing for 2 hours and
the same quality prints and copying was perfect all the time and i saved on ink
because every time i switched on my epson it used up ink charging all the four inks, so
it passed my test for a good and cheap printer. DAVE
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on 5 March 2013
After several months of software glitches, firmware upgrades finally stopped it turning itself back on and from taking over the mouse. Print quality is very poor and runs out of ink very quickly - can't see where they get the data for their claim to be cheapest option on coonsumables. Flimsy paper receiver broke on slightest knock. Paper intake very flaky and often skews the print no matter how carefully you position the paper and guides, also has a very hard to find correct position on the paper feed tray as paper will slide under the intake very easily - no obvious stop position. In recent weeks print heads constantly giving error messages saying they are loose or jammed even though when you check them there is no fault. Its now in a heap in the back yard as I finally took great pleasure in pitching the damn thing in a satisfying parabola out the door. Won't buy another Kodak that's for sure. By far the worst thing I've ever had in the last 20 years of buying printers.
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on 27 February 2011
I needed a new multi-functional printer to replace an aging HP all-in-one machine. So I went to PC world and picked up a Kodak Office 6150 all-in-one printer. It had won an award from Which in 2010 and claims to be the most economic in terms of ink costs, so I foolishly thought this might be a good printer.

Setting it all up was easy enough. The software took a few minutes to install and the printer took a few minutes to connect to my WiFi network.

Then I tried to print something .... oh dear, the speed to print a simple A4 text document was truly awful, it took about 10 minutes to print one page. The 33 pages per minute claimed by the manufacturer is a lie.

Next I tried to print some 5 x 6 photos, it took ages to print anything and when it did the result was only one quarter of the photo actually printed. I tried several settings, but the result was invariably the same. So, not very good at all, unless you want photos for a quiz where people have to guess the picture.

Having spent 1 - 2 hours trying and failing miserably to get one decent print out of this machine - probably only using about 10 agonisingly slow pages and 5 one quarter complete photos - I noticed that the ink level had gone down at least a third!!! So much for the sellng point of being the cheapest printer in terms of the ink used.

So, having wasted the best part of my Sunday afternoon trying to get the Kodak all-in-one printer to work, I took it back to PC world, explained the problem and got my money back. I'll do a little more research before I buy another printer.

To summarise, if you like spending a whole afternoon puzzling over a printer that wastes paper and ink without printing what you actually want, then the Kodak Office 6150 is just for you. If you'd rather have a printer that works, then avoid this lemon and consider something else.
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on 3 January 2011
I bought this printer because I needed good copying as well as printing. Having only had it 2 months, I often have to re-set the wireless network in order for it to print from my laptop. Now the print quality is so poor that I changed the cartridge (despite it still being half full) and find there is no difference. Yet it copies fine. I'm taking it back to the shop - I can't be bothered wasting more time trying to sort it.
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on 25 August 2011
I bought one of these 13 months ago, attracted by the low ink costs. It has been a nightmare.
- Cheap ink cartridges but they run out very quickly - did not reduce my print costs
- Frequent paper jams
- Intermittent print head problems causing smudgy prints
- Print head cartridge locked-up for good one month after the guarantee expired.

My previous all-in-one printer (an HP) lasted 8 years. The Kodak is just cheap and nasty. Best to stick with the established printer brands. Just replaced it with an HP Officejet Pro 8500.
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on 13 January 2011
After researching printers for a small charity office, this one seemed as though it would provide the best blend of economy and print quality, receiving rave reviews on many sites. We were very disappointed - the print quality, especially of pictures, was poor, it was very slow to print, and it frequently pulled several pages of paper through at the same time. After a frustrating week, we gave up and sent it back.
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