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on 1 August 2010
I'd seen various review of Fujitsu ScanSnap products - and this was their very latest portable device. I wanted a scanner to combine with the on-line Evernote service that I use to take notes. I also envisioned becoming a paperless household and scanning post as it arrived (like those big companies!).

I bought it with some trepidation - thinking "could it really be that good?". Well, I am delighted to say that it is! Staggeringly small - and really, really simple to use. Works seamlessly with Evernote service - linked with this you get an excellent searchable database of documents scanned in (Evernote do the OCR bit). Totally recommended.
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on 30 November 2011
I like the idea of keeping records of paperwork - particularly now insurance companies are tightening up on proof to support claims*. The problems are the reams of fading, disorganised receipts and a wife who hates me hoarding. This finally provided the nudge to get a scanner.

I looked at a variety from the simple, small USB powered models (like those from Doxie, HP and Canon) to something more substantial. I realised that I wanted a couple of key features - duplex and a feed. Small USB devices are all very well but they are slow and man-draulic. That might be OK if you just scan the occasional item but I get a reasonable amount of mail and receipts and have two filing drawers desperate to commit shredder suicide. The ScanSnap 1300 does require its own power supply but folds up into a small discreet package and stood clearly apart as the compromise product that made the least number of compromises.

Of course, hardware is only one aspect and software can ruin everything in a nano-second. As a Mac user, I was delighted to see a fully capable set of software - though for Lion support I had to go back to the website to get the latest and greatest. At some point, this will come in the pack of course. As a bit of a tech head I was impressed with how much I can customise the scans being taken and where they end up. The OCR is also fantastically good having come on leaps and bounds since my last miserable encounter with the stuff. The good news for regular users is that there are some sensibly specified defaults so you don't need to go deep if you don't want to (but you should work out which profile to use to force high resolution scans for the occasionally poor auto-choices). I also liked the fact that there's something of a community sprung up on the web. A quick bit of furious googling or binging will find you sites maintained by knowledgeable passionate people brimming with useful advice (relatively speaking of course - this isn't football or politics!).

So if I'm so impressed, why 4 not 5 stars? Fujitsu have optimised this product for printed sheets like A4. Of course, many receipts come on the flaky thermal paper and some of my records are also a bit dog eared. Although, with care, I have never failed not to get a scan successfully, it has occasionally required several attempts. If, like for bigger scanners, Fujitsu included a feed friendly clear envelope, I would have an entirely pain free workflow and would give it 5 out of 5. Still, this is only an issue 5% of the time so unless you only care about receipts, don't let this single demerit stop you buying this scanner.

I should say that my first scanner was completely DOA and, given that I got it so early after Lion's release, I put a lot of effort into checking it wasn't me, my impatience, the OS or the software. I got to the point where I was pretty certain I wasn't making any school boy errors and asked for a replacement. The new one fired up immediately. In retrospect, I can safely say that this is a well engineered product with good software. If there aren't signs of life, have faith, it isn't likely to be you. Use the amazing customer service that Amazon offers and send it back. Also, don't worry about reliability. There are no other comments about this at the time of writing and I think this was an aberration.


* Hint - go photograph your house like mad!
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on 16 September 2011
The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is everything I was looking for. It is compact when it is open and even more so when it is not in use. It all just folds away to make it neater. It looks very sleek and doesn't take up too much desk space.

Its scan function is excellent and there are just so many options that you can then do afterwards. Scan to Folder, Word, Excel, E-mail and Powerpoint to name a few. This is ideal for work and I would recommend it if you are looking to purchase a scanner
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on 4 March 2012
Bought this specifically based on the positive - and sometimes extensive - feedback (thanks to those reviewers for taking the time!). Have been using this for about a month and it really is exceeding my expectations. This is for personal (family) filing, as I have dreamt about going paper-less for some time. Pre Scan Snap, I had been scanning single pages on the flat bed scanning function of my epson printer - Laboriously slow; so much so that it was counter-productive to the efforts being made. The reviews elsewhere highlight how easy this is to set up and run. I cannot add anymore re: set up. Very quick, very intuitive - apart from having to load the software, it is pretty much 'plug and play'. Being able to power the device via the USB makes it incredibly portable. The size too, means I can place it in the desk drawer when not in use to save 'real estate' on desk surface.

Most/ Least useful features (for me):

Most - Being able to manually decide whether I want to save a run of documents as an entire batch, or as several smaller files (e.g. 10 pages go on the hopper, scan snap able to save five separate two page PDF files automatically - MASSIVE time saver). flipping between single/ double sided scanning. Being able to scan different sizes of paper to same PDF file. Being able to create searchable fields within PDF via 1) highlighting 2) OCR creation (optical character recognition) - have searched for and found files instantly on computer via quick 'whole PC' search - small business must love being able to type in an invoice number (or whatever they have highlighted) and have them appear immediately. Love too, how it detects a blank page and removes it from final PDF file, again automatically.

Least - if I bought this expecting to export a lot of scanned content into MS Word or Excel Docs I think I would be pretty frustrated by this feature. I did manage to transfer some content into both these programmes but it ended up not being in any kind of format that was readily useable - and it actually took me longer to re format the content than it would to create them separately. Shame as its a great idea. perhaps I need to explore this more, but this is not a primary feature for me.

My use to date has been almost exclusively scanning to PDF files, although I not a variety of other output options. see last point above. This device is fit for purpose. I wish had bought one of these 5 years but had no idea the technology had advanced to the degree presented in this little package, with this (relatively) little price tag.

There is a great, short marketing video demo by a fujitsu employee on youtube which really clinched the deal for me (search mobile scansnap s1300) [...]

Thanks ScanSnap (I just hope the product is durable, as at this price and utility I'd hope to be using it for at least the next 5-10yrs - or is this just an 'old school' expectation these days. If anyone can feedback on this aspect, would love to hear from you). Enjoy
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 2 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this just to use for the home, as the idea of a sheet-fed scanner seemed more appealing than flat bed scanner. I found it easy to use, compact, versatile and more than adequate in terms of speed. However, a friend with a fairly busy business bought the same product, and was dissatisfied with it, as she feels that the scanning speed is far too slow. She was so dissatisfied in fact that she upgraded to the S1500 model (at nearly twice the price), which she says is ideal for her needs. So, if speed is an issue, this may not be the best scanner for you - otherwise, it seems quite a handy, well-designed and functional piece of kit.
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on 6 August 2011
Now that's what I call efficiency!

After spending lots of hours scanning my documents page by page on a flatbed scanner of a multifunctional printer, I decided that it was not worth the hours spent and I should buy a dedicated scanner to do the job... Many thousands of pages were waiting, both A4 and B5 size and if I needed about 1 minute per page, it would be countless hours theft from my personal time...

So I checked around, and fell on this video on youtube:

[...] (Introducing the New Mobile ScanSnap S1300)

That was it! Small, effective, it promised to do the job fast and without hassles.

So I ordered it from Amazon.co.uk and only one week after (for delivery to Greece, and not the capital but a somewhat distant island like Zakynthos - well done Amazon once again!!! ) it was in my hands.

Out of the box, I insert the CD in my PC, trouble-free install the software, and I am ready to go!

I have to tell you: I am a school teacher so i have both many (too many actually) books that i want to digitize (I have cut them into piles of pages, so that I don't do it page by page on a photocopier or flatbet scanner), and also I have some thousands of handwritten pages of material that I wanted to preserve!

So I started right away! I took a book cut into pages from the pile, put it on my desk and gave it a go!

Firstly I tried to find the best settings for my scannings, which also proved to be very easy to do. A single and simple window with all available choises was there and it was not more that a couple of minutes of experimenting before I find my best setting...

Although for demanding jobs there is the "Excellent" option, I found "Best" (300dpi) to be more than enough, and I am very demanding in terms of quality...

So I started feeding it pages... Only 5-10 sheets at a time can be put in the feeder, but of course there is the magic "continue scanning" option which gives us the chance to put as many pages as we want in packs of up to 10... So I turned a whole book (about 600 pages if I recall correct, that is 300 sheets of paper) into a single PDF...

in just more than an hour !!!

WOW! That is fast!

How can it do that? It has a simple and very clever way of doing that. The machine scans BOTH sides of the sheet in one go! That means you tell it do duplex scan documents, but THERE IS NO PAGE TURNING! It does it in one go, since its mechanism scans both sides at the same time (two scanning devices built in obviously)! That alone is so simple yet so effective, it seperates this machine apart from competition!

For a home office and a home budget that is ultra fast and ultra effective in a very logical cost!

Since then (about a week now) I have already scanned 5-6 books along with some notes of mine... I actually do it along with other jobs on my PC since I just have to feed it sheets in packs of tens every couple of minutes and it just goes on and on and on...

I cannot recommend enough this machine. I am the type of buyer that goes for the "best buy" or "best quality for your bucks" buys instead of "best (and most expensive) piece of hardware" and its price (about 225GBP) seemed a lot when I purchased it, but then I was desperate enough to buy it anyway.

Now I can tell you that if your documents are up to a few thousand of pages, or if you want a machine with a tiny footprint in your office to get the job done fast and accurately, then look no further, this is the machine you want!

Maybe if your budget is strong enough or your demands even higher, you may also want to check out Fujitsu Scansnap M1500. I did (through video reviews on youtube again, there is a lot of stuff there for these scanners), and though M1500 is considerably faster, it is also bigger (not something you can carry with you easily, like the S1300, which can go even in a womans purse! ) . So it is really up to you. Again, for me and my restricted budget, for my office where little room could be spared, and for my home office needs, this machine was the wizard of Oz, bringing my dreams to reality.

Paperless office here I come!

PS: My purpose of digitizing all these papers is to have them on a tablet that I will turn into an ebook reader (my iPad is ready for the job). I tell you, once you take a book in your hands, and about an hour later you can "flip its pages" in your tablet (something that I intend to do in my class also) you will see that it is worth it. I already imagine myself being in class and having all my notes, my books, everything that I had to carry in my briefcase before, stored in my iPad and ready for use in class.

Thanks to ipad's wonderful screen format (not widescreen, and that makes it perfect for books or notes or pages of any kind) and to my new fujitsu scansnap S1300 (that will convert all my printed/written stuff to PDF) I can finally make this vision come true ;-)

PS2: This wonderful machine can also work powered from USB! You just plug it in your PC using 2 USB slots in it, and you can go scan whatever you want, wherever you want! Of course in that case its speed drops to half that is about 2 sheets or 4 pages per minute I think, which still is fast enough for a scan on the go. I haven't tried it yet, but I know that there will be times, even in the classroom, that i might want that functionality, and I am grateful that it is there waiting for me.

Nice Job Fujitsu!

Enough said ;-) Don't worry about it, go get it!
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on 23 April 2011
Easy to install, scans 10 pages at a time without any errors to OCR, and I've gained a load of space in my office by dumping my inefficient and overlarge HP scanner.
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on 27 August 2011
A short while back, a colleague of mine demonstrated his paperless office setup. The key elements were a ScanSnap scanner and Evernote cloud tech.

I was blown away by the completeness of the solution and immediately followed suit.

Being space constrained, I opted for the S1300 trusting other reviews that said it would still perform well. The truth of the matter is that it's great. It deals with multi-page scans and whips them through at quite a pace. It's such a tiny compact unit that I hardly notice it under my desk.

I'm running it on a Mac. Software installation was painless and once the scanner is connected - scanning your documents is as simple as sticking your documents in at the top and then pressing a button on the unit. I've set my ScanSnap software to integrate with the Evernote application so one copy of my scanned document goes to the Evernote cloud and another is held locally on my network (NFS export on a storage unit). It appears that you can save the scanned documents in a number of formats but I use PDF. ScanSnap allows them to be searchable and for you to apply keyword tags. Very complete.

There are some other elements that appear to work well. The scanner is double sided - yet appears to remove whitespace (blank pages) and can do a certain amount of alignment or orientation correction.

I can't complain about it at all. I'm currently working my way through mounds of paper that have been crowding the dark corners of my house. Soon, 95% of it will be in the shredder.
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on 22 November 2011
It is nice.

You have to be careful when feeding paper because sometimes it can take in more than 1 page at a time.

If you want to scan a book then you have to tear that book into pages and then feed page by page. That leaves the book in a very bad shape.

It is small and easy to move.

Over all it is good for what it claims to be.

I will give it 8/10.
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on 22 June 2011
I have been using this scanner for two months and I have no complains at all. It is fast enough, small and the software is quite usable (and sadly I can't say that very often). It has just one button to start the scanning procedure. By pressing this button the software pops (I am running MacOS) and informs about the progress. Interaction is only needed in one place, to give the file a name. I would request the programmer even to remove this step towards a full automation. The scanned file can also be routed to other programs, like email. The scanner works nice with different size paper. If you don't adjust the guides the paper turns a little, but adjusting them all the time is not practical when you have many things to scan with different paper sizes. The software does also a nice OCR work (just in the first page of a multipage document), making the PDF searchable with, for example, spotlight, which is really useful to locate a doc. In summary I would buy it again without any doubt, and I recommend it openly.
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