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on 15 August 2016
The game itself is really great, but the version I was sent is faulty!!
Has a glitch that when you save and play until Eucrek City it will just load to black screen when you next start the game but still play music.

I've contacted the seller I ordered my version from and I'm hoping they will just give me a replacement or a refund if a replacement ain't possible.

Make sure your version isn't glitched like mine and you should be more than happy with this game!

* update!*
The Company skar international, got back in touch and at this point their hopefully sending out a replacement! No fuss and no hassle! I'm ultra pleased.
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on 5 October 2013
This game contains everything about pokemon in one package and although a remake, has plenty of great new features added to it. The storyline's reinvigorated and for those who played the original Gen II games, bursting with nostalgia! After you're done with the main storyline there is so much post-storyline things to do that you could spend just as many hours playing through them. I would recommend this game to any veteran or returning Pokemon fan. It 's also a great game to introduce new players to the Pokemon world at it's best. I find it very hard to see any negative points with this game but the only thing I can think of is how when I'd started SoulSilver I felt I missed some of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum's poketch features such as the step counter and the breeder apps. Those are fairly minor loses though, and the game more than holds it's own! I'll say once more, definitely recommended!
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on 26 March 2016
ooh I was very tempted to knock this down a star, as I've encountered a glitch where I can only get sun stones at the bug catching contest...Apart from that though just perfect, when I ordered my copy was only £30ish, can't find a copy now for under £60 so ordered at a good time :p worth the money though only other thing worth mentioning is this is the version with Persian in...nuff said.
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on 1 March 2013
I have been playing this game ever since it arrived (which was on time) and have found it extremely entertaining. The poke walker is a cool added feature that encourages the player to get out and about every now and then.

It is basically the original silver version game redone with a few new things. I don't want to give away the whole thing, but anyone who enjoyed the other pokemon games, is sure to enjoy this one as well.

I recommend this game to anyone who loves pokemon. This was a great addition to the pokemon game line up
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on 11 May 2012
I spent around 500 hours on the original Pokemon Silver, which about sums it up on how I liked the Silver game. Playing SoulSilver and it's definitely updated. The new Pokewalker is incredible meaning that you can carry around something even smaller than a DS and still continue training and catching pokemon, little annoyed you can't name the newly caught pokemon on the pokewalker straight away but should be able to get that done when I find the Name Rater. The actual game itself has taken advantage of the touchscreen, though you can still use the buttons just as well to get the same kind of feel you could with the Game Boys. Definitely looking forward to getting my full crew back together again on the game. Wonder how long it will take to get six pokemon to lvl 100 this time :D
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on 4 February 2015
I don't usually write reviews or feedback, but I felt this one deserved special mention. Kudos to you happyheed for keeping this item in such immaculate condition. You deserve an accolade for keeping this game, boxes, pokewalker and all the books/leaflets in such pristine condition for all these years. Even the pokewalker was in its original poly-bags, with full battery. So far it is all working as hoped. Description was accurate, delivery was great and I am looking forward to playing this game very soon. You had a very impressive team ;)
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on 18 August 2013
So, it was 2013 and I still hadn't played one pokemon game. I looked on many websites as to what pokemon game is the best. There were loads of different games suggested, but my mind eventually settled on Pokemon SoulSilver, and what a great game to start me on the pokemon saga. I currently have 6 gym badges, so roughly around halfway through. I also thought the 12 gym badges instead of the usual 6 really lengthen the game a lot. This game is definitely worth the money.

Gameplay: Addictive. I love the feeling of catching wild pokemon and adding them to my pokedex. Trust me, there are loads of them for both Johto and Kanto. I have also just taken to walking through the long grass to fight wild pokemon to level up my pokemon, give them new moves and, more importantly, seeing what cool evolution they are going to take on next. After you have beat the game don't worry, as there is still side quests to complete.

Music: Good music for different areas that helped bring out the atmosphere in them. Every pokemon has a different sound when they come into battle as well.

Pokemon: They all look pretty cool. As mentioned before, it is really exciting when your pokemon evolve as you don't know how they are going to change. May that be getting bigger muscles, developing legs or something else.

Gameplay length: I have played this game for 43 hours already and I am in Mahogany Town and I only have 6 gym badges, halfway through the amount. There is also Kanto which is a new land I haven't reached yet. Of course Kanto has its own pokemon as well! As mentioned before there are also side quests to complete after you beat the story.

Pokewalker: This is a great new addition to the pokemon series. When I go out walking I take my pokewalker with me. You can find items and level up your pokemon in your pokewalker when you transfer it back to your DS.

Overall: 10/10 without question. This is the best DS game I have ever played and I will definitely go back and play it again. I will also play the other games in the series, which I hope will be as fantastic and addictive as this one.
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on 2 August 2012
I had originally missed this pokemon game but now I really regret ever doing that. This is by far the biggest game released, bigger than Diamond/Pearl, Platinum, Black/White.
What's so good:

Double the normal number of gyms
Loads of wonderful pokemon (including some from Generation IV [Diamond/Pearl's generation]).
As for this against SoulSilver, this game has more exclusive pokemon than SoulSilver and in my opinion, better exclusives too. I'm neutral between the legendaries.
The starters are amazing too, hardest choice I've had since Pokemon Red!
So many extra things (Pokeathlon, Battle Frontier, Trades, etc.)
Great difficulty curve
Good actual wild pokemon at start (wild gastlys in either third or second town at night).
Has wifi trading, which is also good.

I haven't yet gotten into the main plot yet, but I hear great things about it. Overall, this game might just be my personal favorite pokemon game yet.
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on 7 May 2013
I'm a huge fan of the Pokemon series, and this definitely did not disappoint. I've played all three of the original Gold, Silver and Crystal series, and thoroughly enjoyed the parallels between this remake and the originals. It's not exactly the same: a few bits and pieces have been added here and there, but this compliments the game rather than taking away from the original. Graphics and music have been improved - although a small part of me misses the 8-bit soundtrack and limited colour scheme, but that's more because of the nostalgic value than anything else.

One particularly notable feature is the fact that you have one of your Pokemon walk behind you in the field, which you can talk to etc. Personally, I think this is absolutely adorable and really adds to the gameplay: it'll say things like "Your pokemon suddenly cuddled up to you!" and "Meganium is poking your stomach", which, sad as it sounds, make you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that's just me ;)

Anyway, fantastic game: whether you're a die-hard fan like me or have never played a pokemon game in your life, I would definitely recommend it.
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on 16 December 2013
From playing Pokemon silver I know that a game following it would have some big shoes to fill, but pokemon soulsilver definitely delivered on that part. Generation 4 graphics are a welcome addition, I love the fact the kimono girls play a bigger part and I love the fact you can catch a greater variety of pokemon on this game. Anything which expands storyline is good in my books so this game is definitely worth the buy if you're feeling reminiscent of the good old days of gold and silver.
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