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on 30 May 2012
Although its been out a couple of years this is still one of the best Bluetooth headsets around . After reading many reviews which seemed to be mixed I decided to go for it as for the price I couldn't really complain. I have the jabra sport wireless headsets but needed something else for work and in the house as walking around with those wrapped around my ears wasn't practical (always struggle to fit them on my ears on and off)
I have a iPhone 4 which will be the main use for these Sony headphones . So far after a couple of days of solid use I can safely say they work perfect with iphone 4 . All song details come up on the screen and caller id comes up first the number then the caller idThe headphones that come with it are my only negative on these . Not sure why Sony always have lopsided wiring . They are usuable but I just plug my other Sony headphones into it and I'm good to go . Sound quality is excellent the headphones give off good all round sound with various types of music as its mainly dance music I listen to its spot on with this . The other way I'm using these are with a standalone speaker or a aux cable into my stereo system giving me the option of a cheaper version of airplay . I have a apple tv but obviously cannot play music through it if I'm on my ps3 :-) .
This Bluetooth headphone set up is a great little purchase enjoy!
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on 6 December 2012
The good:

- I've not managed to break them. I'm notoriously bad at taking care of my headphones, and hate long wires. The reason I got these was because my previous bluetooth headset broke, and at twice the price I did not want to replace them with another pair were a broken cable would force me to throw away the unit (after a botched attempt at soldering the wire back on). The advantage of separating the bluetooth receiver and the earphones themselves are great... Next time I break my earphones (and I will), I will only need to replace the cheap short ear phones...

- The quality is good. Not as good as my previous pair (but as stated, it was twice the price), nor as good as my wired HTC branded earphones (much cheaper, but wired, and we've already established I break wires regularly, which is how I came to get my first bluetooth headset anyway...)

The bad:

- Having an "all in one" unit without dangling wire is more comfortable and practical (but I've not subtracted much for this because of the advantage of being able to replace the earphones separately)

- The quality is not "perfect", even for Bluetooth.

- It is easy to accidentally skip to the next track, or turn on voice dialling.

- The phone / calling support is a bit flaky - it took me weeks to realize it wasn't actually broken (didn't care that much, since I primarily wanted it for music), but that doing a full reset of the headset and re-pairing it would make it work.

Overally I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this headset - the flaws are minor, and easily outweighed by the benefits, and the price is right.
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on 31 July 2012
It was down to this or the Samsung version, and although I have an SGS2 phone, I'm glad I chose this!

It pairs effortlessly with my phone and displays track information on the little screen.

The battery lasts for ages, the only slight shame is that is can't be charging and be in use at the same time (I have a little pocket charger which charges things on the go, I don't sit at home next to the plug socket listening to music in case you were wondering)

Radio works well, and paired easily with my laptop too.

Swapping between laptop and phone can be tricky the first time, but is a doddle when you get used to it. (Well explained in the instructions)

Altering the volume was tricky to start with too, but once you get the hang of it is easy enough.

The item was shipped with a European charger, in the packaging, but also in the delivery box was a UK transformer with a USB socket, and a USB micro lead to plug into it for charging with. Very hand, nice to have a european plug too for when I next go travelling!

Audio quality is excellent, would recommend this to anyone!
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on 3 July 2011
Bought this after a friend I bought this for as a present was very happy. Excellent battery life and reliability.

I suppose this takes some getting used to, but the dial-out can be very easily pressed when you simply want to hold the device -- extremely annoying so far. Generally, the buttons are very close together and the volume is touch sensitive, so you press various buttons by mistake when you simply grab it. There could be some lock buttons option.

Also, a hole you could use with a cord, if you don't like using the clip, would be useful. Currently, when wearing a T-shirt it has to be clipped onto the neck. I read other use a cord anyway. This may be important when you cycle etc and you don't want to lose it.

I am happy with the sound quality for calls and voice podcasts, but I suspect audiophiles may have to replace the headset with their favourite one.

Peculiarly, the FF/RWD functionality accessible through long-pressing the >> and << buttons only produces a gap in the flow, but it may be my player software or Android. I will check with other players as well.

It would be good if the display showed contact names rather than just numbers, but I am almost certain this is a phone issue.
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on 11 May 2012
I am really impressed with this product and it has been so supportive to use at the gym. The in-ear headphones are noise cancelling and once you put these on you can really zone out everyone. The length of the cable between the main unit and your ears is long enough for it to give you a level of flexibility on where you clip them without getting in the way.

One thing i found was for a very long time i didnt use them and the battery charge still remained in the unit! that was fantastic to experience. The only thing that brought them to a stop was that i accidently washed them in the washing machine and although i couldnt switch it on, i was so impressed to see i can still charge it!!

Overall, highly recommended, the controls all work with the iphone really well, including video and the Volume control is touch sensitive and although it takes a bit of getting used to, it is a really good purchase. I just ordered the white ones to match my new shiny iPhone 4S
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on 12 August 2013
Bought this as the Nexus 4 doesn't have a FM radio and I didn't want to use a streaming radio as I'm regularly out in the sticks and no 3G. Also a bonus that it has it's own rechargeable battery so no wasting phone battery streaming FM radio over bluetooth from phone itself. Battery life using the radio is 11-12hrs average whilst also connected to phone and there's a warning beep when battery is getting low, and also a warning beep when you are getting too far from phone and therefore out of range for bluetooth.
FM reception is very good and bluetooth audio/call quality is also very good. The only downside is the fiddly touch sensitive volume slider which is fine once you get used to it.
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on 16 February 2012
I've been using this for a while now as bluetooth headphones for ipad, works fine. Sound quality sucks but this is down to the headphones, which you can just replace with better ones, they also have very short cable on them so best off replacing.

I've just bought a second one so I can leave one in the house and the other in the car (linked it to the AUX input on the car with a 3.5mm audio cable and let's me play the ipad wirelessly through car speakers! Nice!)
One problem I had with the first one I bought, the clip came off after a few weeks. It didn't break off but the tiny fiddly spring mechanism kept falling apart, eventually I gave up trying to put it back on and just carried it in my pocket!.

I wish this had an auto off feature to turn itself off when not in use, or does it? I've not read the instructions! I've gone to sleep with this on and woken to a dying battery. (Typical charge every 1-2 days of light-medium use).

I am probably being generous with 4 stars but it is cheap and cheerful and really does the job I need it for!. If I was going to be using this all the time with a phone then I would probably advise getting something for double the price, but for occasional cable-free usage it's fine!.
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on 10 October 2012
Linking up to 3 devices is simple and automatic with no interference - signal is lost at about 10m and through two walls, but is expected. Note that last linked device is always used for calls and music etc. Thus to choose separate devices requires careful reading of instructions and ideally download the website manual which does provide a little more info (see sonymobile.com website and not the sonyericsson.com in the paper manual). Need to realise the play/pause button controls non-phone access menu (for choice of device)and the call key controls choice of phone device. Therefore bluetooth connection can simultaneously be via phone for calls and another device for music etc. All other controls are self explanatory but slightly fiddly for larger fingers.

Supplied headphones are OK if not a little "basey". Good to be able to fit own headphone in jack-socket - I have used a splitter to allow two headphones to listen to output from Asus Transformer Prime (films and music)which works well.

Clip spring does seem slightly weak when clipped to clothing - others have suggested a lanyard which seems good idea.

RDS radio is clear and good signal strength but selecting it via menu/volume slider takes a lttle time to achieve. Display for radio, phone calls and music etc is good enough for limited information provided.

Battery life is really good for such a small unit.

Overall highly recommended.
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on 17 July 2014
One of the best purchases I've made. If you use a tablet, travel a long distance by public transport, or on holiday, this is a must have. With built in radio and over 8 hours battery life (I've checked thoroughly), and the side controls its a useful tool. You can control the music, see the track being played, switch modes I.e. Phone, radio, ipod music, Siri (iPhone) without pulling out the main device. I'd recommend using beats or larger sony headphone rather than the ones that come with it to really enjoy the music. I've had this for over 2 years now and works perfectly. Again the battery life is way superior to other similar attempts I made before I found this. Worth every penny.
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on 22 April 2014
I bought this for use with my iPod initially, but shortly after purchased a Sony Xperia Z phone, and have been using it with that. It worked well enough with the iPod, but not as well as hoped with the Xperia. To summarise:


Looks good
Sound quality is good
Microphone picks up voice clearly


The volume slider is very unresponsive, and a complete pain to use.
There is a lot of noise from the wires of supplied earphones when they rub against clothing.
Although it paired easily with the iPod, it is a complete pain to pair with the Xperia, and a nightmare to pair with my PS3!


When it works, it is ok. But the fact that you prefer to adjust the volume on whatever you have it connected to, and it's inability to easily pair with other Sony products, mean it is not fit for purpose in my opinion, and I would definitely not purchase again.
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