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on 15 July 2010
I've had this headset for a few weeks now and I'm highly impressed. First off the audio quality is great, the sound is clear and doesn't get any interference from other sources. There is probably some loss over the bluetooth connection but only the most dedicated of audiophiles will notice. I use mine while cycling and commuting. Its particularly useful on the bike because it means I can listen to music and take calls with my phone is in my backpack, with no annoying wires to deal with. As a handsfree, the headset performs well again, the microphone is clear. I sometimes get complaints of background noise or my voice being quiet, but thats generally a feature of most handsfree kits. It can also be paired with up to 3 devices, so you can use it as a headset for your PS3 and for making Skype calls on your computer.

Battery life is good, I got over a week of light use between charges. I'd say with more regular use you'd be looking at 2 or 3 days without charging. One very useful feature is that if the headset dies or loses the connection, the music pauses on the phone, instead of blaring out at full volume on the train. The radio reception is alright at best, however I've generally been using it in a built up area, and I'm not using the headphones that were supplied with the headset. I don't use the radio much anyway so I can't really give a good opinion there.

There are however a few headaches that I should draw everyones attention to. First, and the biggest one, while the headset can display song titles, most phones don't have the correct bluetooth profiles for doing this. The profile you need is AVRCP v1.3 or higher, most phones only have v1.0. I'm using a Nokia 5800 and that won't display song titles.

Second issue is the caller ID, it displays the callers phone number, not their name or anything. I suspect its a similar problem to the song titles in that the bluetooth profiles aren't advanced enough yet to support this. Also mine sometimes drops the connection for a few seconds when I'm going over bumps on the bike, although that may be unique to my unit.

I sometimes get the same buzz that another reviewer mentioned, but again I'm using different headphones to the ones supplied, and you don't notice it unless the volume is muted. The volume slider isn't as annoying as others are making it out to be, it basically works like the scrolling strips on a laptop. My advice is to not look at the display when your adjusting the volume, you'll just keep missing the level your aiming for.

Overall though I have to say its a fantastic piece of kit and after buying one, you'll never want to see another wired handsfree kit again.
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on 21 October 2010
This is a brilliant set of bluetooth headphones, excellent battery life, works perfectly with an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1; including track skipping, which most other headsets don't seem to be able to do.

I had a couple of sets bluetooth headphones for my iPhone, most suffered from poor battery life (2-4 hours, forget to turn them off at your peril), poor signal (can't keep you phone in your hip pocket and listen to music), and non-waterproof controls (I'm looking at you Motorola S9HD).

This suffers from none of those things.

As of writing this, I've forgotten to turn the unit off for the last 3 days, it still has half a charge left, so the battery life is officially excellent.

I can happily walk down the street listening to my music with my iPhone in my hip pocket, there is no degradation, no skipping.

I can use it in the gym, because it's waterproof and so isn't affected by sweat, unlike so many other units.

If I had one issue, it's the volume control which, while perfectly intuitive, is sometimes slow to respond, but that's a minor issue when you can now control the volume via the iPhone itself.

All together an excellent piece of kit, highly recommended.
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on 20 May 2010
I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed by this device. After ripping it (well actually cutting it) out of its packaging, I successfully paired it with my iPhone 3G and immediately started to use. First up, the battery life is pretty good as I last charged it about 2 days ago amidst constant use while working during the day with the odd phone call here and there.
I have mostly been playing music using my own brand of headphones. however there are two niggles: one, the clip to attach to clothes etc. is very weak indeed, you have to be careful not to sending it flying especially in London on the tube. I overcame this by attaching a lanyard to it to wear round my neck. Two, the volume button is a little annoying, it is a touch sensitive strip with gets in the way when holding the device so you might in inadvertently increase/decease volume without knowing.
But the ease of use and range of the bluetooth easily eclipses any other bluetooth device I have used including the Motorola S9s. The clarity is superb and the on-board radio has Radio-RDS which is a nice touch with a suitably long battery life. The display is also very nice and I had no problems receiving calls but as the bluetooth profiles of the iPhone is still lacking, I could not directly make a call or control the previous and forward tracking but any phone or music player with the correct bluetooth profiles should work perfectly
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on 23 March 2011
I was sceptical about these sorts of things, however after having the 5th set of £30 headphones being destroyed by my dogs jumping on me and snapping the cable, I figured I needed to change something.

After reading reviews on many of these bluetooth devices, including stand alone devises like this or headphone only versions [such as the Sony HBH-IS800 and many others]I decided on this set based on its reviews on battery life, quality and range.

Verdict: It doesn't dissapoint.

---- Range:
Incredible, I put my phone down and started walking. After laughing at the idiotic range I had a smile on my face. Outside I got around 15-20m before drop out. Inside I got around 10m before the drop out started HOWEVER I could still hear it up to 15m, but it just droped out every now and then if I moved around too much.
Deffinately please with this range, as I would unlikely go this far from my phone anyway, but its to know I can.

Unlike the IS800 which many said, the quality depended on which pocket the phone was in. You will have no trouble with this.

---- Battery:
Did the 8 hours charge starting charge ( well 16 as I left it overnight ), this was over a week ago, and has only now given me a warning. The battery is better than my phones battery life!

Unline the IS800 which many said, the battery would die a little too frequnetly. However i'm sure this is mainly down to the MW800 having a MUCH larger battery inside it.

---- Sound:
The sound really is good. I was very surprised with the quality, I have not heard any "hiss" between songs and more over the quality does not drop over distances. If you have a signal, you have the same quality as if you were right beside the unit.

The headphones supplied are pretty good, turned up full the bass can become distorted on some songs, however I actually really like the sound quality from these. But it is well balanced and in NO way sounds teeny sounding.

---- Size and build:
Unit is tiny, extremely light and the clasp on it is very tough. extremely strong, and i'm sure i'll have no bother attaching it to clothing.

The only reason that I liked the Sony IS800, was that the entire unit was inside the headphones themselves. But the trade off in quality just wasn't worth it for me.

---- Functionality:
Just brilliant. You can pause, start, skip and change the volume ( at least on my nokia N8 ). The volume is seperate from the phone, and you can't turn the volume completely to mute. But its low enough that its hardly needed.
When your done listening to music, simply press "PAUSE" and leave the unit relatively close to the handset, when you are ready to listen again press "PLAY" and it will take off where you last left it. Between these times, the unit is in "stand by " mode, and uses very little battery.

Can connect upto 3 seperate devices simultaneously. ( although why you would I don't know )

---- Connectivity:
Barely worth noticing, it took literally seconds. Press the power botton for 5 seconds to start the pairing, search on your phone/unit. Connected. took 10 seconds.

Now, whenever I turn on the bluetooth on my phone, it connect automatically.

To connect up more than 1 device, simply press the power botton for 5 seconds, and connect up the other 2. When you would like to connect to another device, simply press and hold the "PLAY" botton, and it will come up with a menu of 3 devices ( which nicely show the symbol of the type of device, A 'mobile' icon for a mobile and a 'computer' icon for a computer/ps3 ) using the volume scroller to move between each one, press "PLAY" on the one you would like to connect to and it will automatically connect to that selected device. EASY.

---- Price:

At £30, it isn't the cheapest version of bluetooth headphones. But its no where near the most expensive. I choose this based on its reviews (and cost obviously) and i'm sure it performs just as good as those £150 pair of headphones


Buy it, you won't regret it.
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on 24 September 2010
For the price the unit is fine, the bluetooth works brilliantly with my Ipad and connects automatically every time. I also discovered that the Ipad automatically stops playing music when you switch of the headphones which is a real plus as you don't have to open the ipad up, unlock it and manually stop the ipod player when you have finished. The inbuilt radio is also a novel extra which works quite well.
The only downside is the actual earphones which are quite cheap and the wire running from the bluetooth receiver creates interference every time it is moved/jiggled. So I have thrown away the cheap earphones and replaced them with some decent ones I already had - now its perfect.
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on 7 February 2011
I have to write review for this little device as I found it to be superb.
I do not write reviews and even this one I am writing after 8 months of solid everyday use of this device because it deserves it! I commute on the pushbike covering over 100 miles weekly. This device is pinned to my t-shirt from outside and it is exposed to all the rain, frost, mud and everything you can throw at it. Therefore it has been soaking wet, dirty, and I made my mind already if it suddenly goes Ill just buy another one because it would be relieved of what it already been through. But the last dot which commenced me to write this was when I put it to washing machine inside the pocket of my shorts on Friday evening. 30 degrees 1 ½ hour with detergent. On Monday morning I just grabbed my dry shorts from drying stand, found my Bluetooth earphones in pocket where I left them ' restart the circuit by plugging them into the charger for couple of minutes and I was on my way listening to tunes just as any other day. Well, make it whatever you want from this but for me mw-600 are simply phenomenal little piece of engineering.
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on 21 March 2012
This was ok until about 4 months after I bought it it stopped working - it turns on, starts playing and then turns itself off for no reason after about 30 seconds. I looked into returning it to the marketplace seller but they only deal with refund if you return the item within 7 days! They even say on their seller page not to bother emailing them regarding returns because they will not reply. I contacted Amazon directly and they said that I would need to get a replacement/refund from the seller. So now I'm trying to return it to Sony Ericsson.

Some other comments regarding the device, before it stopped working...
* It used to switch itself on by itself e.g. in the middle of the night or in my pocket - this was really annoying as it wore the battery down.
* On the iphone you can't use the skip buttons! Kind of defeats the point of being wireless!
* Connecting to your phone via bluetooth was pretty dodgy - often it wouldn't connect automatically and I would have to go into the blue tooth settings on my phone 'forget the device' then re-discover it which isn't very convenient.

Overall, this is great when it is working properly but I found it to be very temperamental and now that it's not working at all I wouldn't recommend it. Very annoying as I'd waited for one of these for ages and spent ages researching the best one to get. : (
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on 23 April 2010
I am using this when cycling or jogging and wanted to avoid the wire mess between the mobile and headphones. Very good and fully compatible with my Samsung Omnia i900. The sound was very good. I could hear a minor hiss sound (noticeable only with my in-ear phone, not with the SE supplied one and only when sitting in a silent place) in some tracks. Can SE have the standard mini-USB plug on this? Definitely buy!
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on 12 August 2013
Bought this as the Nexus 4 doesn't have a FM radio and I didn't want to use a streaming radio as I'm regularly out in the sticks and no 3G. Also a bonus that it has it's own rechargeable battery so no wasting phone battery streaming FM radio over bluetooth from phone itself. Battery life using the radio is 11-12hrs average whilst also connected to phone and there's a warning beep when battery is getting low, and also a warning beep when you are getting too far from phone and therefore out of range for bluetooth.
FM reception is very good and bluetooth audio/call quality is also very good. The only downside is the fiddly touch sensitive volume slider which is fine once you get used to it.
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on 21 August 2013
This stereo blue tooth headset is pure quality, both construction and performance. What is more, these are the first in ear devices I have been able to use without disappointing results. Usually I find in ear headphones either don't fit, or if I can get them in my ear properly, when I come to remove them, the plastic ear piece detaches from the thing and gets stuck in my ear, not so with these Sony ones, they fit and they don't fall apart in my ear!
Connectivity is really good, pairs first time and holds connection really well, no dropouts or stuttering audio.
Sound quality is just wonderful, smooth and powerful bass and crisp clean highs. If you don't want to listen to your mp3's or whatever, you can use its built in FM radio. Given the small size of this, the sensitivity is very good, the wire to the phones acts as the aerial.
If you don't like in ear headphones you can unplug them and plug in another set of headphones. Quality like this is what made Sony, it would make me give them very serious consideration for any other a/v equipment I may want.
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