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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2014
I have a two LED Lenser headtorches and have been very impressed by the quality. This one is my favourite. It produces a good bright light over short and medium distance. The batteries seem to last forever. The back of the battery case is rubber and just pushes on and I have seem some comments that this is flimsy and might let in water. No doubt it would if it was immersed in water but I have been out running many times in the rain and both torches have proved to be adequately water resistant.
Head torches can get a lot of rough wear and I have owned a few of all different makes and quality and found that they never last very long. The LED Lenser torches have been the first ones that are sufficiently well made and robust to have put up with everything I throw at it and come out shining.
By the way my other LED Lenser torch is the H7 which has a single ultra bright LED which has adjustable focus. It is great for medium and long distances but at short distances it only lights up a small circle on the ground even on it's widest setting. It also gets through batteries quite fast.
Both of my LED Lenser torches are great so just make sure you pick the right one depending on your needs. For general purpose work I would recommend this one. Only if you need to see very long distances is the H7 the best choice.
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on 23 August 2012
I had purchased another torch from this same company (LED LENSER) and found is very rugged, able to withstand tough treatment and very bright too. I am now delighted with this head torch with its dimmer - a work colleague had recommended it. He was right!
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on 8 February 2015
I wanted a head torch to replace my Energiser which was not bright enough. Most seem marketed at runners and riders but I wanted one for workshop type use.

The choice is bafflingly large and I went for the Lenser because of the positive reviews. I am glad I did. I wanted both adjustable focus and adjustable pivot but could only find the latter. I like to use a work light not just for poorly lit areas i.e. fixing a socket in a cupoard, but also for jobs like painting woodwork where it makes much easier to see if you've brushed out too little or too much and if you are getting runs, sags or drips. They can also be very useful for carpentry in poorly lit areas.

* To pivot the lamp you have to put your fingernail in a slot behind the on-off button. Inevitably you turn the torch off in doing that, so you then have to turn it back on. A minor irritation.

* Bright. Plenty bright enough for my purposes.
* Good light distribution. Although not having adjustable focus, there is an intense light in the centre but a decent fadeout around it, providing a good compromise.
* Robust adjustable straps. Often a weakness of cheaper models. I was looking for one with a top strap to avoid the risk of the light slipping down one's head (as I have had in the past) but this is light enough for that not to be a worry - and is more comfortable for it.
* Comfortable - the front/back balance is good.
* Robust lead between the battery pack and the lamp - important as this will get a lot of flexing.
* Robust lamp - LEDs are well recessed, minimising risk of impact damage.
* Easy to feel on-off switch. Simple click, recessed to minimise accidental activation (other than my comment above).
* Pivot is in 30 degree click-steps to 90 degrees i.e. 3 positions. This is good because it avoids the likelihood of an infinitely-pivoted lamp gradually sagging down with vibration.
* Nice big brightness adjustment lever on the battery pack which you can easily feel for.
* 6 Duracell batteries provided! 3 for the pack plus 3 spare. Nice change from the usual Asian rubbish.
* Storage pouch provided - not that I will ever use it, too fiddly for me.

You can buy head torches a lot cheaper, and I have, but I feel I've got good value for the extra that I have paid.
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on 7 October 2013
I live in an area that has no street lighting, and is a bit short of paths too. Coming up to those dark autumn/winter nights it's important to be seen. Even walking down the garden to get to where I park my car can be fraught with danger (note to self - must get those steps rebuilt).

I usually buy head torches that are cheap and cheerful - about £5 to £10. I'm very unlikely to ever get lost in the dark in the Cairngorms, on Striding Edge or anywhere else like that so I didn't want, or need, to spend silly money. However, having dropped and broken yet another cheap and cheerful head torch I decided to get something a bit better this time. I went for the £15 to £25 price range. I wasn't expecting what I got.

It's MUCH better than cheap and cheerful.

It's comfortable, light, well balanced, seems more than rugged enough for my needs (and would almost certainly be entrusted to more serious outings than a walk down the back lane to the local). So far I'm very impressed indeed. For the price I could by 2, or even 4, of my 'usual' but I'm happy that it would very likely outlast them all. It even came with 2 sets of batteries along with a neat pouch that'll protect it when it's not in use. The brightness control is very smooth with enough control to be able to read in bed without disturbing my partner - or get to the bathroom without switching on the lights and disturbing the household.

There are only, really, a few things to be aware of.

* There is no red setting. That's ok for me though. I don't really need one.
* There is no 'flashing' setting. Same again.
* The 'Test-It' feature is a temporary button on the blister pack. I find it a bit odd that removing the button requires the buyer to snip a lead soldered into the product. It's difficult to cut the wrong one, but I don't really think buyers of a product should be expected to cut wires - however simple a task it is.

It's a robust, comfortable if basic product which will suit most buyers who need nothing more than a straightforward, reliable head torch that won't break the first time they drop it. I'm more than happy to award it a full 5 stars.
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on 12 October 2014
For general domestic use this has to be the one to buy.

I have owned an early H7 for a couple of years and find it indispensable at work.
The H7 is a bit expensive to have lying in a draw at home and only getting occasional use, this where the H3 comes in.
At this price it is ideal to buy for close up bench work, hobby use and jobs around the house and loft.

The Test-It Pack is a clamshell package with a yellow test button mounted in the front. This is wired into the battery pack and allows demonstration of the lamp without removing it from the package. The wires have to be removed before use. This also means that one set of batteries are already installed. There is a second set of new batteries hidden in the belt pouch.
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on 1 January 2016
This is brilliant - I use this on the low beam for walking up the field at night with the dog and we sit on our bench and look at the stars. On a full beam it's super bright and would be good enough for night time poo picking if we were so inclined. But we're not. The headband would probably be more comfy worn over a hat... I find it slips down if I don't have a hat on, so maybe not so good in the summer when it's warm.
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on 21 December 2013
I've bought several LED Lenser torches in the past; two underwater ones for diving and this Head Torch. All their stuff has been excellent robust bits of kit with VERY bright LED's
This Head Torch is equally well made and is equally very bright. Just don't shine it into anyone's eyes... it hurts!
I like the fact that that batteries are supplied and that the battery pack is on the back which balances the torch nicely on ones head.
The dimmer is a useful addition too as full brightness is not normally needed for any close-up work. It also conserves battery power. Full brightness throws a strong and useful, albeit narrow, beam of light.
Oh, yes, it also comes with a useful soft neoprene case/envelope AND a spare set of AAA batteries. Nice touch.
Not much more I can say other than I can recommend it.
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on 13 January 2015
Always wanted this type of torch for close work and freeing the hands. Very pleased I have now purchased one. It is comfortable and works well. A bit fiddly finding the controls when you can't see them, but slowly getting used to finding them by feel.
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on 8 February 2016
Have used this for about 12 months. Light output isn't great for walking on rough paths. I have a small Cree hand torch which cost about £1 and has probably three times the output of the H3 and a very good spread also. In fact i use the two together every morning when walking my dog. The Led Lenser is certainly useful for jobs indoors and it's well made but I've never been satisfied with it. I thought of replacing it with the H7 but they only seem to be available from "unapproved" shops on Ebay and are likely to be copies. If you're set on this brand, my advice would be to make sure it's from an officially approved seller and has the full 2-year warranty. Do some googling for the UK distributor and follow their advice.
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on 15 March 2014
This is a quality head torch, well made and robust. The torch is very bright and the brightness can be adjusted. If your only using this now and then it's ok, but I use it everyday at work and going through quite a few sets of batteries. Decided to buy some rechargeable batteries, big mistake they drain far to quick don't even last half the time of standard batteries. So if your using it all the time, give it a miss unless you want to spend a small fortune on batteries.
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