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on 6 February 2011
I've had a lot of £20-£40 RC helicopters and this is the only one still flying. So its durable but don't expect any micro heli to last forever. Unlike most of its rivals it does not have a sprung loaded throttle. I like it because it makes it easier to hover, you can even let go of the controls while hovering. The downside is YOU need to remember to cut power if you are about to crash. In most helis if you let go they default to no power.

It's a true 4channel control so you can move it around with either stick. Right stick moves it like "Pac-Man" left,right,forward,backward. Left stick moves is like "Asteroids" turn left, turn right and power. Sorry to anyone who did not grow up in the 80's!

USB charger can save you a lot of cash in "AA" batteries if you remember to ues it instead of remote. Unlike other helis which use counter rotating main blades this one has a single main blade with a "always on" tail rotor. This makes it more like a real helicopter. It has a Gyro which means it does not need constant adjustments to keep it pointing in the same direction. Its like a sparrow-hawk once it is trimmed. In summary; Great little heli, Lots of fun to fly, My favourite as its the only one of many still in the air.
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on 8 November 2011
Ordered from Amazon last Thursday and it arrived yesterday (Monday 7th Nov). The heli came charged so I put 4 batteries in the controller and tried my first flight. It slided all over the floor and I was worried about breaking it! It lasts about 5 mins on a 30 min charge and after several attempts got it in the air. Seemed to have a mind of it's own but after getting to grips with small joystick movements I have to say it's amazing! If it looks like it's going to hit anything just use the LH joystick and turn the heli round. It's crashed about a dozen times and it's fine. Made of really strong plastic. Each time you fly it you have to calibrate it to keep it flying straight but it's easy to do. Instructions are clear and it's amazing value. The key to flying it is small delicate movements with the joystick. Keep to the left hand joystick to start with and control the height of the helicopter to get it to hover. Then try changing direction of helicopter. Keep the helicopter facing away from you (so you are behind it) till you get used to it. Since It arrived yesterday I can now fly it very controlled around the living room without crashing or landing. It's simply great. There are loads of mini helicopters on the Market and I wanted one that actually looks like the real thing (single rotor instead of 2 mounted on top of each other) and read countless reviews online. This one came out top and glad I went for it. It's easy to fly after a few attempts and seems well made. Bargain too on Amazon. Get one for Christmas.... Hours of fun.
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on 16 October 2010
This is my first review on Amazon. I buy a huge amount from Amazon and read the reviews before I buy. They are very helpful although you have to use some discretion when you read some of them! I have quite a few of the smaller Picooz helis and they are great fun and incredibly durable. This heli steps up the experience as it can hover, go forwards, backwards, left and right. I would not hesitate to recommend it.
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on 9 June 2011
First I've got to say this is an excellent little helicopter. Its not the first micro helicopter I've flown but its certainly the best. Unlike some micros it is very controllable and by miles the closest to my larger outdoor helicopter in control and manoeuvrability. (-3d of course)
Everything seemed great until one flight. A couple of minutes in with everything working well, suddenly it started a nose tail wobble that just couldn't be corrected. Very strange and I couldn't understand why it started doing this mid flight. Suddenly it shot forward and right I tried to correct it but it was as if it was being controlled by someone else. A few more erratic manoeuvres then straight into the wall.
The Silverlit appeared to be very resilient so I was surprised on retrieval to find the rotor had snapped.
I attempted to find a replacement rotor on the web without success so thought Id contact Amazon and see what they could do.
To my surprise Amazon immediately attempted to replace the helicopter! which would have been great but unfortunately they were unable to source one at the time.
Amazon then offered a full refund including postage, organised all the return details, then within days I received a full refund.
That's service.
Never in a million years, expected service like that.
Would I purchase this heli again? Yes, because there is nothing I've found to compete with it and at this price. Also believe the fault to be an exception, maybe the one in a million that had a gyro failure or something like that.
Would I purchase from Amazon again? Absolutely, In fact, I should do all my shopping on Amazon.
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on 29 July 2011
Just to give some feedback.

This is my second helicoptor purchase. Both were the indoor types. This one is a big improvement over the last one (which broke after a couple of weeks).

Much more composed and much better control (because of the extra channels and gyro I assume). Also, this one is plastic, not polystyrene. Much more durable. Very good for the price.

I started off just using the left stick to go up and down/spin. Easy to use trim to fine tune it from spinning by itself etc.

Now playing with the the forward/backward tilt and left right drift.

Will try adding a little weight to the back as suggested by someone so that it doesn't drift forward slowly on nuetral.
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on 2 August 2011
I've bought a number of these small giro helicopters but this is the first with the single rotor for lift. I know it's more like a 'real' helicopter and is therefore going to be more of a challenge, but.....
....I've just been unable to really stabilise it. I DO know how to use the trim facility, but that was the first thing I noticed. It didn't make a blind bit of difference. I CAN make it hover even though there is a drift forwards and more worryingly to the right. There is still some fun to be had, trying to prevent crashes but it's not particularly responsive to controls.I'm really debating whether to return. Using the right stick (direction) always forces the helicopter down... it should IMO remain reasonably stable. Also there's a lot of wobble, most of the time.
I was prepared to accept this was the price you pay for these single fixed-rotor helicopters but that doesn't seem to square with what other reviewers are saying.
I'll probably contact the supplier tomorrow.
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on 13 January 2011
Hi. I have flown quite a few micro helicopters. This is by far the best one I've had. It is so much more controllable. Turns quickly and accurately. It is fast. Took about a day to get used to. Even my seven year old son flies it well. Love it! Go on. You deserve one :-)
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on 17 November 2011
First of all, ITS MODE 2= throttle on the left side!!! I've been trying to look everywhere that clearly states this but none can be found. It is a great way to learn 4Ch. control. I've had experience with bigger 3ch. but don't be afraid to start with this one its not scary to fly at all. It is not as stable as the co-axle helicopter, but for a single rotor, 4ch. mini helicopter priced at 25(when I bought it) pounds you really can't ask for more. It has taken some knocks but still works fine after two weeks of little abuse. My only complain would be that because it uses infrared the response time isn't the best. But for learning how to use the control and having fun inside its plentiful!!!
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on 28 March 2011
Well this looks impresive, but upon using found it to be eratic and not very responsive. No matter how much I trimed it it always slew to the left until you hit full throttle to get it up. Not very stable at all and not very comfortable to fly as it kept Bumbling all over the place...shame really...sent it back due the fact I was not happy for a refund...and thankyou Amazon for a very very good service....now considering a T34.
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on 4 January 2013
This is a great starter copter it's it surprisingly robust for a small thing.
All beginners suffer the same inevitable crashes and this one seems to survive the majority without incident.
We've had a couple of larger ones before (Alloy Shark S006) which have tail rotors that break off very easily but this little copter has lasted well beyond Xmas day and well into the new year
Nice one Silverlit!
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