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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2010
I actually only caught Halestorm very recently on Kerrang tv, something I stopped watching a while ago but a pre-work-easy-to-watch chance meant I saw the "I Get Off" video.

I've always liked female rock vocalist in all of their guises, from the 70's prog of Sonja and Curved Air, the 80's brought us Lee Aaron, Wendy O, Doro Pesch, Saraya, Robin beck (the list goes on for that decade) the 90's Christina Steele, Skin from Skunk Anansie and the onslaught of "symphonic" bands like After Forever and the early screaming of the wonderful Maria Brink. Female vocals throughout the decades of rock music have a lot to give a listener. The short explanation I can give is that the dark and light in rock music, to have a female voice over seering guitars and pounding drums. It's a sound to behold.

This dark and light has evolved though and at the moment, the symphonic angle is over-done, there are some diamonds in the rough but the record companies have gone over the top. Female fronted prog is barely getting a look in within the mainstream, a shame considering the talents of Mostly Autumn, Karnataka, The Reasoning and Touchstone.

Halestorm are a breath of fresh air. It would be wrong to say that this harks back to the 80's, for me it does but I know there is negativity about the decade and don't want to tag it in this way, my reasoning is that the Lizzy has the air and most probably takes inspiration from Beck, Ford, Aaron et al. What's important is Lizzy's voice is powerful, has range and is a joy to listen to. Ok, this is not just about Lizzy. The guitar grabbed me when I heard "I Get Off", clean and razor sharp. The rhythmn section are no slouches either. This is a foot tapping, no nonsense album, no worries as to finding complications within the music, or looking for hidden depths. This is an album for the car and for that time when only a straight forward rock album, verse-chorus-verse, will do.

I've no opinion as to lyrics, I can't get over the strength of Lizzy's voice to care a jot. This band have surprised and made me want to dig out a pile of female fronted bands and they won't be from this decade.

I've knocked a star off for the simple reason that they have more to offer in the way of their "heavy" and there is an insistence with ballads, always has been, unfortunately but they kind of break of the momentum. The cynic will say they have a record company to please as well. It's a personal preference that I'm not bothered about ballads, it's just in this case, it just broke the album up a little.

Halestorm will be massive and deservedly so.
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on 8 June 2010
I can well understand the two star review for this album; on first hearing it sounds like the soundtrack to the latest fratboy comedy that Hollywood loves to churn out these days. And the cover is just awful. Why they couldn't have put Lzzy in one of her classic rocker poses I do not know.

I got this album on the strength of the video for `It's not you' on Kerrang and haven't stopped playing it since. `Halestorm' completely rewards repeated listening, to the point where what you assumed was a three star album rapidly blooms into a five star one.

Halestorm have toured with Shinedown, and I would say they are very closely linked: both have a mixed bag of songs on their albums, but when they do hit the mark the best songs really make your jaw drop with the sheer brilliance, quality, power, emotion and richness. I'd say at least five of these fall into this category: "It's not you", "Dirty work", "Love/Hate Heartbreak", "What were you expecting?" and "Nothing to do with love".

I have noticed Halestorm the band being compared to Heart and I don't think that's unfair (especially in the area of exceptional vocals), just that they're harder rocking. If you really want to get the picture, imagine Heart fused with Stone Sour and that's probably about right.

In a market packed with boy bands posing as rockers, Halestorm the band and Halestorm the album are a breath of fresh air. Old school powerful rock `n' roll? Yes it is.

There are undeniably weak songs on this album but the strong ones are so exceptional and the overall experience so enjoyable that it would be unfair to give `Halestorm' anything other than five stars.
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on 29 October 2010
3 - 4 minute long rock songs that go verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus, end?
But wait... these songs are dangerously catchy. All of them. The vocals are very strong, providing a wide range of pitch.
The lyrics are pretty dirty - you wouldn't let your kids listen to this. This is party music for the rock fans.
It seems James Hetfield adopted a daughter with Nikki Sixx.
And she hung out with Hinder all day, every day.
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on 13 July 2010
This is an excellent first album from Halestorm. New nothing about them untili read a review in kerrang and bought it on a whim and its ace. If you like Kelly Clarkson this is more of the same but with a much more powerfulrock feel to it. Blinding vocals, awesome guitars and a babe for a singer . . . sold!
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on 3 July 2015
God I love this band, bought ' The Strange Case Of' and couldn't believe my ears, along with the Rival Sons they are beyond doubt the best band in the world today, the musicianship is superb and Lizzy Hale is an incredible talent, you want tough chick she will give it to you in abundance on tracks like, It's Not You, I Get Off, Dirty Work etc but at the same time can knock out ballads with ease Bet U Wish U Had Me Back and the excellent Familiar Taste Of Poison, what a band, what an album, can't wait to see them in Liverpool in August, Awesome !1
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on 31 August 2009
I almost wrecked my car the first time I heard Halestorm on the radio; not only do they have a powerful female on lead vocals, but the guitar riffs are awesome. I haven't heard anything like this since the early 90s. I listen to a wide variety of music genres, but I didn't stop liking rock just because hip-hop & electronica seemed to take over. I guess rock stations aren't as popular as they once were, and great rock albums are even harder to come by.

THEN THERE WAS HALESTORM! Yaaay! I have always been a huge fan of female rockers like the Wilson sisters in Heart, Lita Ford, and Bonnie Tyler, just to name a few -- I even like the chick's vocals in Evanescence, but it's been a long time since I heard something like Halestorm. My favorite tracks are the first three: It's Not You, I Get Off, and Bet U Wish U Had Me Back. I love the lyrics, love the vocals, and can't get enough of the guitars.

The lyrics are sexual (reminds me of Bret Michael's lyrics a little*edit*<--I take this back, Halestorm's lyrics have some depth to them), which isn't anything new in the world of rock'n'roll, but it's refreshing to hear a chick addressing guys instead of the other way around. Each track has its own unique sound, which is great because I can't stand repetition.

The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was the number of slower songs versus faster songs. I am starved for an album that doesn't rely so heavily on slow tracks, but it seems to happen a lot with female lead vocals.

All in all, if you liked albums like Heart or Dangerous Curves, you're gonna love this album!

Added September 12, 2009:

I've actually been listening to this album every day since I wrote this review, and my opinion has changed slightly. I also love tracks 5,6,7, 8 and 9 just as much as the first three, if not even though I thought it needed more faster songs, I ended up liking the slower ones despite my first impression. The thing is, quite a few of the tracks aren't slow or fast, but rather a mix of tempos. I wish I had waited a little longer to write my review; I would change my rating to five stars if the system let me.

It's Not You is a fast track with lyrics about how she's in love with someone but it's not the guy she's talking to. I freakin' loved the bridge on this track, "you've probably never been shot down before."

I Get Off was the reason I started listening to Halestorm in the first place. Very seductive lyrics. Goes back and forth between slow and fast.

Bet U Wish U Had Me Back is a self-explanatory slow track. Lyrics list the reasons the guy totally screwed up. Don't get me wrong though -- it's not a man-hating album, but thesongs are all about relationships from a woman's perpspective.

Innocence is a slightly faster track with powerful lyric play. Very poetical. "You're just too perfect for my hands to own."

Familiar Taste Of Poison is dark and gothic. I thought it could be used in a Twilight movie or something like that. Another track with an awesome bridge: "I don't want to be saved, I don't want to be sober"

I'm Not An Angel was definitely a slow track with a sort of Blues/country tinge to it, and yet a bit orchestral on the chorus. Lots of levels in this ballad.

What Were You Expecting has turned out to be my absolute favorite track. While I'm guilty of comparing the lead to other female vocals, she makes her own mark with this song, and establishes her own range and talent. I hope this track get some radio play very soon. This is the rock I have been looking for.

Love/Hate Heartbreak is another track with a touch of Blues in the guitar riffs, which just shows how well-rounded they are as musicians. I'd place this as a faster track, but it's a good example of how they mix tempos to rock out.

Better Sorry Than Safe has great music but the lyrics is a little depressing. "Sometimes I wish you'd cheated on me, then leavin' here would be so easy."

Dirty Work and Nothing To Do With Love are great rock tracks, but I just couldn't get into the lyrics. They aren't bad, but I think they should have placed these two at the beginning because the rest of the album is a tough act to follow.

So, I've learned my lesson, and will not be in such a hurry to review new the meantime, I continue to let Halestorm dominate all my music players, wherever I am...
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on 1 June 2013
This was one of my Amazon recommendations so took a punt and bought it - was not disappointed.

The surprise for me was how "slow" most of the tracks seemed, especially after the opener (It's not you) - however this doesn't detract from what is an excellent debut album.
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on 17 July 2013
I bought this after "The Strange Case of ..." There are tracks on this album that are equally as good but this album does not seem to mix up the pace as much making each track just that little bit less memorable somehow. Still a great album.
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VINE VOICEon 13 May 2013
I said that after hearing the latest studio album (The Strange Case Of..) that I would indeed backtrack and purchase the maiden album from Halestorm - so, I've done that and I have to say that 'HALESTORM' has had a similar impact as TSCO!
For a maiden album, it's right up there uncannily sounding very Heart/Evanescence-like at times but with a heavier twist, and that's no bad thing at all! Lizzy certainly has a great range and feel for vocal dynamics!
Certainly, for me, there is no duffer lurking among the 11 tracks presented here and from the opening "It's Not You" through to "Nothing To Do With Love", taking in the beautiful "Familiar Taste Of Poison" we get hit with belting rock and ballads of the grown up variety.
I certainly am going to have to be present at the Alter Bridge/Shinedown/Halestorm gig later this year - I just hope that Halestorm are given sufficient time to put their message over to the fans of the bigger acts on the bill as they certainly are good enough to warrant that bigger audience and a headlining tour all of their own.
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on 13 July 2010
Halestorm's self titled debut album, produced by Howard Benson springs immediately into rock life with bouncy opener "Its Not You," which showcases a catchy riff with lyrics about confessing your love for someone who you're not with.
It's just about as heavy and hard as Halestorm get; singer Lzzy Hale has a powerful vocal range (think of a heavier version of Kelly Clarkson) which suits the music here just perfectly.
To be honest it took me a few spins to fully appreciate this record. It all sounded a bit thin and incomplete at first, but it now regularly does the rounds on my iPod, especially power ballads "Bet U Wish U Had Me Back" and the best track on here "Better Sorry Than Safe."
Elsewhere Halestorm flirt with a gothic rock sound on "Familiar Taste of Poison" before probably the best rocker shows up at track four with "Innocence."
In truth its all music that's been done a thousand times before, Halestorm do it well enough though which makes this record one of the best debut CD's of 2009 - shame many people won't even hear it.
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