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on 27 December 2011
I bought this game for my boyfriend at christmas because to be totally honest, I was getting pretty bored watching him play shooting game after shooting game, and i thought it would be nice if there was also something that we'd both like, and I wanted to play as well, it was probably one of the best decisions I made!

I'm not going to lie and say I know much about xbox games or gaming in general, I still sit and play Monkey Island and Theme Hospital for hours on end...so it was nice to find a game that really is so enthralling. There is an endless amount of quests to do, which is what makes this game so fun. You don't have to stick to the plot line all the time, and you can venture off and get a job for a while or buy a house, run around and explore the scenery of do tasks for villagers and other people who need your help. There is so much detail in this game, like how your character becomes fat if you eat too many pies, and it is the little details like this which kept us both gawking at the screen until about 5am unable to put the controllers down.

I was worried to buy this as it is a few years old now, and I know that buying the old games isn't as good as getting the new (and predictable) Call of Duty, but if you want something truley enthralling, this is it. It is a game for everyone, and you can play it how you like, choose to become evil or follow the virtuous path, it really is your choice, there are hours of exploring to be done!

It is a game for both the seasoned gamer and the nervous newcomer both will enjoy it equally and enjoy playing and watching it together as well, the scenery is so nice its fun to just sit down and have a little chill time watching others do all the hard work.

Buy it and enjoy it, hey it's so cheap even if you aren't that impressed (I don't see how you couldn't be), it's not like you've lost £40, like you would do if you bought a brand new game.
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on 22 June 2017
Great game
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on 25 September 2015
I initially bought Fable 2 to take care of that 'Skyrim Itch', and for the most part it has! There are only a few little things that ruined the experience. Here's a quick overview:
Storyline/Dialogue : 10/10
Graphics : 7/10
Fighting and EXP : 8/10
Performance: 6/10
The storyline is PERFECT. The dialogue and humour alone is great, but the choices that you make in the story are actually engaging. The whole morality thing is quite profound, and there are plenty of decisions that are really difficult to make, making the game really interesting. The NPC characters have actual development, making you care for them (eek) and making the decisions even tougher! The story line isn't always orientated around the next boss-fight either, which makes it a really enjoyable tale. I cried a bit. The only problem really is that it's so short! I finished the main storyline in 2 days of leisurely playing, and the extra quests that come after don't take that much time either. This is only a problem cos I enjoyed the quests so much.
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much for the graphics, and I got what I expected. There aren't really any breath-taking scenes like you might get in Skyrim (my ultimate fave) but it's not so ugly as to jar you from enjoying the game. Every area has it's own sense of individuality, and I guess with the map being so small that's kind of inevitable.
The fighting is really really easy (which is okay with me, I'm not fond of stressful and fiddly fights). You can pretty easily win all your fights by pressing the same button over and over - strategising has no real advantage. The EXP system is kinda stressful if you're the hoarding type, as it's collected when you manually press a button, making the more paranoid of us wait for unmentionable amounts of time as we leave no EXP orb behind. The way you level up is pleasantly challenging, but is made obsolete by the use of potions that give you EXP.
The first time I tried to play the game, it was actually too glitchy for it to even function (although this might also be because I accidentally scratched the disk because Xbox is a pile of crap lol). Either way, this problem was solved by buying a new copy, and this time round I installed the game to my hard-drive before doing anything, which got rid of basically any problems. There's still a couple, but it's not as debillitating as before.
Overall, the game was really fun, albeit short-lived.
P.S. You can have multiple families. In all truth, this is what swayed me.
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on 20 May 2011
Someone recommended I get this game recently, I'm a huge fan of role playing games, anything from Grand Theft Auto to Fallout so I thought I'd give Fable 2 a try. Having completed it a few days ago, I thought to myself, what a great game. Although it does contain killing, its not bloody or violent, it reminds me of a game I'd play during my childhood. It was refreshing to play something different and fun. Who doesn't love going from town to town shooting goblins? haha. The game follows the character Sparrow, it starts as she's a little girl, you do a few easy tasks to familiarize yourself with the controls etc then eventually your a grown-up. Oh and you can choose between a male or female character. I loved many things about the game. The colour, setting and details were amazing, look out for a town called Oakfield!. There are quests you can complete either once or there are some quests you can do a few times. You can also buy items from a merchant called Murgo (i think) and when you select them you play an extra mini game of sorts. Throughout you'll earn experience points, buy businesses and properties, find treasure chests and you have a dog which can change breeds and dig up treasure for you. There's so much more!

The only things that let the game down would be the way the character moves, which can sometimes feel sluggish (you know what I mean when you play), also, pressing start to get to the menu can be slow and you want it to be instant so you can do things quickly (like take potions etc). Finally, what I wanted more than anything was for this game to flow a little better. I suppose being used to GTA and Fallout being mostly one huge open space, with this game, between towns and places and quests its constantly loading, which lets it down a little. As well as that I would have liked it to be a bigger game, e.g. more towns and places to visit, having said that you wont be short of things to do, there's plenty of money making jobs.

Tip for you - if you want more money, save the game, go to xbox dashboard, put your clock forward a few years and voila! Instantly rolling in it, the game is earning you money even when your not playing, so everytime you go back on it gives you cash. Do this ^ and you'll be loaded!

Overall - great fun game, would definitely recommend you purchase!
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This game is set again in Albion, 500 years after the finish of the first game, and is a quest of a child to adulthood, to defeat a tyrant. Although it has references of it, it's not imperative to play the first "Fable" to enjoy this "sequel".

Fable games are all about choices.

In the very beginning of your RPG quest, you can choose to be a little boy or a little girl and immediately you begin your moral, social and physical choice adventures: by doing good or bad deeds or sometimes neutral, that will greatly influence your appearance as adult in the game (good actions, angelical look with tanned skin, light hair and halo on your head; bad actions, pale skin, dark hair and horns) and diet behavior, eating vegetables will lead to slim bodies and eating only meat, pies and drinking too much will lead to a prominent belly. You also choose to marry or not, to the same gender or not, leading to choices such as parenthood and adultery. You also can choose or combine and upgrade three styles of combat, fencing, shooting and casting magic. Man, it will be very difficult for you t get bored with so many choices !
Pros - Gorgeous graphics, especially at day, with shadows casting realistically over everything. Fun and diverse combat. A dog companion ! Many choices and free roaming over main and sidequests, jobs, mini-games, house buying and many more and than watching it's consequences influencing the appearance of your character and the surroundings. Co-op with a friend online or locally.
Cons - The combat could be a little more fluid and less robotized. In the co-op, the other player cannot load his or her custom character and instead they have to choose a premade male or female "Henchman".

I recommend this game for those who loves adventure, choices and plenty of (almost forgot to mention the most famous and best feature in the "Fable" games) humor !
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on 12 March 2013
This game is awsome the gameplay is billant, the story is very godd and the weapons are great fun to play with. Also the idea of buying shops/ houses is cool. If I had to say one bad thing about this game it woould be that the graphics aren't as good as my other game, iyt may just be that the games is old, so dosen't have the technologt yet. But buy this game!!!!
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on 26 April 2015
Okay so this really isn't a great co-op player. I bought it for my boyfriend's birthday but ended up playing it solo most of the time. In contrast to Halo's split-screen, in Fable's co-op mode you just parachute into the main players game as a helper and can't interact with people. Also you can't go too far from the main character or neither of you can see what you're doing. It's a bit of an issue in a large battle. Also when you join another player's game you get all your character's experience and abilities, meaning that I was able to jump into my boyfriend's new game with a level 5 shock wave and level 4 necromancy and just blast all the opponents to kingdom come. It was fun for a bit but he was a bit miffy at being essentially useless.

However that small gripe aside, this is a great game with really holistic character development. I love the self-contained mini quests, and they've got a great array of opponents. I'd definitely buy again, but mainly use it for single player.
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on 22 June 2010
No difference between the classic and the Game of The Year edition but the front image, same bonus contents.

Right now this is more easy to purchase than GoTY edition, and to get sooner the experience, if you miss it or you want a glimpse before Fable III
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on 30 October 2012
Very well written story line, good graphics and great entertainment.
As an ex-computer gamer, and "Tomb Raider" fanatic, this was a natural progression.
This was the first game I played on my Xbox 360, and am currently playing again.
Just for the crack. Thoroughly enjoyable...
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on 5 October 2010
This game really just continues where number 1 left off. You get the same amount of quality that you got from number 1, but more of it to be honest. Plus you also get to have man's best friend with you (a dog.) Fable 2 really is a no brainer. Because with Fable 2 you get variances of the same atmospheric music, more of the fun lovable gameplay, and an incredible "new" world that responds to your character's every move. So, please don't listen to the people who complain. Get this game, and I can guarantee you that for this low price, you WILL NOT be disappointed.
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