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Parker IM Brushed Metal GT Fountain Pen (Medium) S0856320
Size: Medium Nib|Style: Gift Boxed|Colour: Brushed Metal Gold Trim|Change
Price:£29.95+ Free shipping

on 18 May 2016
I bought a Parker pen because I love Parker quality and sith nerve damage in my writing hand I have to use a fountain pen. This one has a gorgeous nib and a good weight in the hand.
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on 30 October 2014
Now I really am pedantic, and particularly about a fountain pen. I decided that my writing was absolutely disgraceful and felt the only way was to improve it by reverting back to the fountain pen from the biro. This pen looks beautiful, far more expensive to look at and admire. I bought the converter at the same time as I do enjoy the ritual of opening the ink bottle and filling my pen. This was fitted without any problem whatsoever and being a newey to the "screw-type" filler, that was also very easy indeed. The nib is medium, just what I wanted and it writes smoothly and very evenly. I understand some people are concerned that they must put the top on before they can start writing - yes, this is me. Must have the top on. I have heard from friends who say their pen (not this model) keeps losing its top as they write, but this does not happen with this pen and I can write in peace with the top in position. My writing has improved considerably and I love writing with this pen. When you have finished writing there is a lovely feeling of completion when you replace the top and it slides into place with a delightful click. Why only 4 stars then, I hear you ask. The simple reason being that when I take the top off, before I can start writing I have to re-tighten the base of the pen holder with the upper half as it just very slightly unscrews. Rather irritating but because the writing experience is so enjoyable and the pen itself looks so smart, I will write on.
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on 16 January 2015
Initially I quite liked this pen; it looked substantial, the gold trim looked professional and elegant. However, after a few months use, it became completely a nuisance:

1. It takes several seconds to keep its tip on the paper before ink starts flowing. When it does it is still unreliable, staggers and overall writes too thick. In my opinion the pen completely fails as an everyday writing tool.
2. The gold paint has started to fade after a few months. Now, the pen looks like a a very cheap pen with a fading gold paint leaving a very dull cheap looking surface behind - highly disappointing.

I am maybe a little bit stupid, but I have just ordered Parker's Sonnett pen - I hope the higher price translates into higher quality.
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on 22 April 2016
My favourite pens have always been Fountain Pens. I remember having one in school and since everyone started using ball-point pens, so did I. I've wanted a Fountain Pen for a long time since then, and although I will admit I do still use ball-point pens, it's not quite the same experience.
This is a lovely little pen and works exactly as I wanted. The box it comes in is very pretty, and it was delivered very fast, it even came with a little ink cartridge, (although it was blue ink, and nowadays, whether you write with Fountain Pen, or ball-point, it has to be in black ink).
I only use this for special things, like cards or my calendar, and I find my writing much neater which is nice!
I love this pen, and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on 29 October 2016
I'm a big fan of this pen. I bought one a year ago and it has been brilliant. Typically, I have lost it so have just bought this second pen. The settle in time was extremely quick and then it wrote smoothly with good ink distribution. It is well weighted and comfortable to hold in the hand. All in all it is brilliant for the price. I have pens by other well known brands that are four or five times the price and this writes as well, if not better than them. It is also far more reliable than some of the cheap Chinese pens you can buy which vary hugely in quality and, in my experience, have started to leak ink after a short amount of time. Do be warned that the nib on a Parker pen is quite think - I like this but it may not suit every buyer. This is my daily go-to pen.
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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2017
This is review of Parker - Black Lacquer with Gold Plated Trim in the blister pack (not gift box).

It is a beautiful black lacquer fountain pen with golden trims and golden, brushed metal grip. It comes with the M size nib and 1 blue Parker Quink ink refill.

If you not familiar with Parker IM, they have recently redesigned this range and you may notice some Pakrer IM pens with different nib shapes and different gift boxes to what you see here. This is the last year model, hence a little bit lower price. It has slimmer, rounded nib shape and a bit slimmer trim where the Parker logo is. Nevertheless this is a very good quality fountain pen. Personally I like the IM range much better than some other, slightly more expensive Parker ranges, for the easy of writing. It glides smoothly on the paper and is very comfortable to hold.

It looks very classy. We got it for our kids' grandfather and I'm sure he will be pleased with it.
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on 24 January 2016
The pen is good. Mine came with blue ink which is a shame as I dislike using blue ink. The ink runs out very quickly in my opinion (I use it at school) but it's a good pen - update - I lost one pen so I bought another, one thing I noticed before I bought it though was that the lid wouldn't really lock in place and, if you held it by the lid, the pen would fall. Anyway, I bought the second one and the same thing happened. The lid wouldn't lock, the pen fell and the knib bent. I tried bending it back into place but it's ruined and won't work. It's a good pen but the lid locking will fade so be careful when handling it I guess. I would recommend and will buy another as I like it but the lid is really, really annoying
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on 4 July 2017
If like me you think buying a Mont Blanc is ridiculous or, also like me, would be murdered by your wife if you did buy one, buy one of these. You can still scribble nonsense into a leather book on the train in a pathetic bid to impress the girl sat opposite. You can start doing the Times crossword, four hours later when you realise you are never going to finish, this pen will still be able to doodle in the margins. I've lost mine to be honest.
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on 6 April 2017
This pen is good for the price. It's very light which I liked, I like the design. I'm not always a fan of the IM nibs but this one was fine, and needed minimal adjusting. Make sure to flush the pen out well before inking it, mine needed it. I found this pen to write quite dry even in a medium nib, which is good as most of my pens are wet writers, so it makes a nice change to have a drier one that writes well on lower quality paper if I need to. Overall this is a nice pen.
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on 10 November 2017
I ordered this pen, sent it back for a replacement as after initially putting the ink in it would not work again. Happened again straight away with the new one. So I am thinking perhaps it’s the quickink instead and will try changing to a different type of ink. The pen is beautiful, a little but chunky as I like them more refined. But I definitely do not think the quality is as good as park pen were 10 years ago. The craftsmanship and quality is no where near as good and today’s pens feel flimsy and cheap.
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