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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Parker S0908680 IM Premium Fountain Pen, Medium Nib - Chiselled Deep Gunmetal with Chrome Trim
Size: Medium Nib|Style: Gift Boxed|Colour: Premium Deep Gun Metal|Change
Price:£29.94+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 2 August 2012
Straight out of the box this pen has a good, heavy, chunky feel to it.

Concealed in the box it comes in is a blue cartridge, meaning I could use the pen straight away.

When unscrewing the pen to insert the cartridge, I was happy to see that the base of the pen and the ferrule it screws in to are both metal. I have been disappointed on many previous occasions where the body of the pen is metal and the base is plastic, which splits at the drop of a hat if you accidentally overtighten.

The nib feels smooth and free flowing and is a joy to write with

Very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend.

******************FOOTNOTE (7 MONTHS LATER)************************

Still loving it!

I still use this pen every day with great satisfaction. Still as smooth as day one, I have had no problems with it drying up, or anything like that.

(Yes I'm one of those annoying Blokes that don't empty their shirt pockets before putting their shirt in the washing basket)
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on 10 November 2017
I ordered this pen, sent it back for a replacement as after initially putting the ink in it would not work again. Happened again straight away with the new one. So I am thinking perhaps it’s the quickink instead and will try changing to a different type of ink. The pen is beautiful, a little but chunky as I like them more refined. But I definitely do not think the quality is as good as park pen were 10 years ago. The craftsmanship and quality is no where near as good and today’s pens feel flimsy and cheap.
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on 6 April 2017
This pen is good for the price. It's very light which I liked, I like the design. I'm not always a fan of the IM nibs but this one was fine, and needed minimal adjusting. Make sure to flush the pen out well before inking it, mine needed it. I found this pen to write quite dry even in a medium nib, which is good as most of my pens are wet writers, so it makes a nice change to have a drier one that writes well on lower quality paper if I need to. Overall this is a nice pen.
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on 13 July 2015
Premium look and feel without a premium price tag - Chrome finish.

Took a long time to get going, but kept up with fast writing and seems to start after being left. Lid was really tight when first opening, but it has a satisfying close to it with a slight, satisfying weight to the pen. Barrel & lid are metal

Writes fairly smooth without scratches with a small average looking nib, ink flow is not too wet but it can keep up with fast writing. Nice to hold.

Gift box is a bit of a much of a muchness. Not ideal for transportation I prefer the little pouches you used to get with some pens.

I've got another on the way in a different style for a friend so I hope that one is as good.

I'm a left hander.
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on 5 October 2015
Fond memories of the Parker 'Jotter' through school led me to look to this brand for my return to the delights of writing in ink. Classic lines, and easy ink availability make Parker a no-brainer - after comparing the offerings I chose this item, in this colour.
The pen has a nice weight and a good metal grip which makes writing a breeze - as I remember the ink lasts forever so the ink I bought in the same order will last a while - and I was pleasantly surprised to find that blue and black inks are available in a 'Washable' option!
Had it been a gift, the box was in an outer sleeve which protected it outwith the packaging so would have been ideal for a present.
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on 25 November 2015
Probably like most people these days I mostly write with ballpens. However I do think it it classy to write postcards and letters with a fountain pen, hence my purchase. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I had never seen or tried the product before.
It is very classy looking matte black finish with some squared geometrical pattern.
There is a nice weight to the pen and has a comfortable handling.
I am left handed and whilst this product is not advertised as "left handed" it is not problem at all to use it with your left hand.
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on 13 August 2015
I have an number of pens and although the nib is good on this one, the ink doesn't flow properly. I have criticised the cartridges in another review but the pen is at fault too. I have tried other cartridges, but I still have to squeeze the ink through each time I use it. This is such a nuisance as it makes is hard to use and what should be a great writing experience isn't.
I have the same problem with other ink pens, but I don't remember the problem occurring in earlier years before the invention of the cartridge, when they really were 'fountain pens'!
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on 7 January 2015
Excellent fountain pen. Looks and feels in the hand makes for a more expensive fountain pen experience It is much cheaper than other fountain pen brands like Schaefer with this Spec. Feels really good quality, not too heavy or light. Writing on the right paper it's easy to get going at your desired writing style. Some paper styles that it's good with are surprising eg. yellow refill pad. To sum it up, it's like Chocolate, you may go and indulge in all the expensive delicacies; however you know what you really like and will always come back to Cadburys! I'm even gonna use the yellow refill pad I bought here as well to write to friends overseas informally.
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on 21 September 2013
I bought this pen a couple of weeks ago. It arrived within 2-3 days which I was delighted with. The pen itself comes in a nice presentation box. Included, is a blue ink cartridge ,which is a great colour, and an instruction leaflet.

The Pen is a great design and I've had no troubles with it as yet. Before this, I had never written with a fountain pen before. About 15 seconds after trying it, I could write perfectly fine with it! Keeping it at the correct angle is not any trouble (One of the worries I wondered about when thinking about purchasing a fountain pen). Anyway, I took the dive.

It's a strong pen and a great product for any fountain pen beginner. Excluding that, there's not much to say other than advising you to purchase the Parker Luxury Piston Converter and some Park Quink ink. Others advised this when I was buying my pen as ink cartridges can be expensive when buying it constantly ( I'm a student so writing in large amounts is part of every day life ).

Please comment if you have any queries and I'll do my best to answer them.
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on 7 February 2014
Despite fitting the proper cartridge that came with the pen the ink does not flow through to the nib. Worked for three weeks then when I changed cartridge could not get it to flow. Have to add that when I did manage to write with it seemed to dry up between uses and took a while for ink to flow through. Maybe just been unlucky but would not recommend. To much hassle to return to manufacturer and four days out of return period. It has gone in the bin.
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