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on 16 October 2010
I owned a Mosquito 3 some time ago, and I was quite impressed with it... and because it is quite a good, manageable flyer, I thought I would not be easily surprised by anything else. Well, surprise! I was really thrilled when I first flew the S107... the gyros, I believe, make all the difference, giving you even better control than before. It really is possible to do some precision flying with this, landing on tight spots on a tabletop, etc... it seems to be quite sturdy too; my daugter and my nephew have already crashed it many times today, and still everything is OK. The only downside: the battery life seems to be a tad shorter than the Mosquito (Well, the S107 seems heavier too, so that was to be expected to some extend), but on the other side, being able to recharge via USB port will definitely prolong batteries life in the controller! Well, in short, the point is: despite having owned another great flyer in the past, I was really, really impressed with this one...
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on 1 September 2010
decide to treat myself for my birthday (thirty something). I have to say that having played with a few other heli's this is great!! The manufacturers reccommended for children over the age of eight. I can vouch it is a durable as other accounts given (survived a few 5-6ft drops - onto carpet). As its IR when it goes out of range rather than just keep going it does plumet to the ground line a lead brick. I find this a little scary and funny, but it has always flown again without issue. I've had it almost a week now and flown it everyday, my newphew (2yrs) would request me to fly it at least 5 times a day. Its an ideal first heli due to its robust build and i would reccommend this highly over the Picoo-z premium heli which is of a cheap build quality. I'm now able to land it on a dvd case - as well as other obsticals like sofas/tables/lap trays e.t.c

highly reccomended!

I bought mine at a retail store so cant comment on Peters review (sorry to hear about your poor luck) about the item the recieved.

Hope this helps you and happy flying :)
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on 20 May 2011
This is a brilliant toy and will make a great gift to your husbands ladies, or the other way round if you are interested in this sort of toy...

I have had a load of fun with this little gem, it took me about 3 flights to master it. As other reviews quite rightly point out, it takes about 40 mins to charge and you get around 5 - 6 mins flight out of one charge. Once you are up to speed with it you can set yourself challenges like landing on small tables, flying under objects or navigating down narrow corridors.

It is very resilient to crashes, mine has taken some major spills and whacked off cupboards, light fittings and walls and it has no damage at all to the helicopter or the item it has hit!

The instructions are pretty pants, they are translated very poorly so I am going to give you some recommendations and points below:

1) Let the helicopter cool for 30 mins before you put it on charge, it will prolong the battery life. I also do not fly it straight after charging, I let it sit for 10 mins but that is me being over the top. I know these batteries can swell if misused and become a fire risk, so be warned and you really will destroy the time it holds a charge if you do not let it cool before charging. Also ensure it is switched off before charging!

2) When you plug in the USB charger, it does not go from Red when charging to Green when charged as the instructions say. The light will go off when the battery is flat and as it charges the light will begin to flicker, then it will go solid and flash occasionally until it is fully charged where the light will stay on permanently, mine is always red.

3) it does fly outside, but it has to be dusk with no sunlight. Its an infra-red controller a bit like your TV remote not a radio controller, so light will effect the beam between you and the helicopter if it is too bright. The slightest breeze will also knock it out the air, so be careful outside how high you go or you will be knocking on your neighbours door asking for your helicopter back.

4) its very easy to trim, put is on a smooth surface like your kitchen floor, spin up the blades so its almost lifting and twist the L and R knob in the centre of the controller until the helicopter is no longer trying to go round and round on the floor. Pick it up into a hover and you should have a steady flight fixed in one direction.

5) finally ground effect, when you lift off you need to commit to the lift off. Don't try and gently pick up the power as the ground effect will just make it flap around on the floor and crash on to its side. I can not explain the technical details of effect but its something to do with it getting caught up in its own turbulence, so shove the power up to half way and get it a couple of feet off the floor at least.

I could not recommend this toy enough, its excellent. So much so that I am buying a second one so I can switch between them when one is out of charge. I have also purchased a Sky King 8501 which is a much bigger version, but that is a different ball game all together so be careful before making that mistake. Personally I think the S107 is a much better choice for the more casual flyer.

Hope my tips help and HAPPY FLYING!!!! :o)
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on 9 November 2010
If you want a small indoor helicopter that's hard to fly, breaks easily, has bad battery life and is annoying to own, DON'T BUY THIS ONE :)

That's a tongue-in-cheek way of saying - I LOVE IT !!! This little helicopter ticks all the boxes, it's insanely easy to fly and has a life of approx. 10 minutes flight time from 30-40 minutes charging, not bad for such a tiny battery. Trimming the gyro is simplicity so it's rock steady in the hover, once you get used to the sensitive controls. Manoeverability is incredible and very responsive, take your eyes off it and you've got yourself a run-away. Does it break easily, nope. It has collided many a time with walls that seem to spring out of nowhere, yet still comes back for more. I feared charging the 'copter from the controller (and not from the included USB lead) would flatten its AA batteries, but not so far. I've had at least two complete flights and charges before needing to replace the controller batteries. I would recommend using rechargeable AA's though.

In conclusion, it's great fun, very addictive and a great introduction for beginners to RC helicopters. I've flown larger outdoor 6 channel helicopters, yet still find this little chap a marvel.

So, what are you waiting for... BUY IT !
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on 25 August 2010
Over the last year, I've bought several different types of the little Giro Helicopters and I can say that this has been the best. The S107 flies very well (indoors) you have about 6 minutes flying time. It takes about 45 minutes to recharge using a USB port. With a bit of practices it can be controlled. Taking off from a table, flying round the room and landing back on the table becomes easy. All you need to remember is to be very light on the controls and not to panic. What you need to avoid is going too close to the ceiling and walls. Ceiling lights can be a problem too. It is possible to fly outside but the slightest bit of wind and you lose control. Best of all though is that the S107 seems to be crash resistant. Whether I've become better at not crashing, I don't know but all the other manufactures helicopter that I've bought have ended up in the bin.
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on 25 November 2010
This was quiet an impulsive purchase and having read only the different amazon offers I think I made the right choice. Simply put, it is excellent. I dropped it 8-9feet several times, although it was quiet a scare, it was completely fine! I think if it undergoes a traumatic drop or hit it turns off or losses its electrical stability. So you just turn it off and back on, level it on a flatish surface and off you go again. I have hit the wings several times there a few minor dents when it hit metal or glass but absolutely no change on the lift. It is extremely durable. I am pretty sure it is suitable for 8year olds as it says. I get such a kick from seeing it fly! It was my first rc helicopter purchase and i have never flown one before, this is incredibly easy to fly, fairly accurate (residual forces from forward motion, but really that is standard). You get a lot for what you pay for. I definitely recommend the purchase. Also you get ~8mins of flight time and about 35-45mins (really, 1 House episode and it will be ready). I think it is a good entry level toy and in 3 days I have flown it probably 10 times and have dropped or hit it like 50 times, still A grade fun!!!!
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on 13 June 2012
Bought this remote control helicopter for my son. Worked for a very short time the 1st day we got it, then unable to recharge it. Sent it back to supplier at a cost to myself over 3 weeks ago and not a word from them since. Very disappointed and will not be buying from them again.
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on 14 July 2011
Purchased this as a present for my boyfriend after purchasing one previously for my nephew (it really is good fun), unfortunately there was a fault with the tail roater when my boyfriend tried it for the first time so we put it back in the box and emailled the seller, the customer service was terrible, a 'boiler plate' email response that basically said since I didn't report the fault within 24 hours of receipt (dispite the fact I had explained it was a gift)they are under no obligation to repair or replace. I sent two further emails and received no response to either. Nice company! Strongly suggest that you buy this helicopter from another seller, this one certainly doesn't know how to treat their customers..
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on 4 January 2011
I bought this toy for my nephew for xmas. At 5 years old he was definitely too young for it. His dad was able to master the flight pretty quickly and The balance bar is easy to manipulate to get the heli to hover without spinning.

The design is pretty neat and the controls are pretty manageable. The battery life is pretty short (6-8mins) but it recharges through a USB in 45mins so it's not a problem.

The biggest issue I had with this toy is that they are supposed to be very durable but on the first day of usage the tail rotor was damaged significantly enough that moving forwards and backwards became extremely difficult.
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on 8 December 2010
I own a pair of these, along with several other indoor I/R controlled helicopters and find these to be the easiest and most precise to fly, although each has it's own slightly different flight characteristics. It seems the S107 is the accepted market leader in ease of flight and it certainly does show, a beginner should have no problem learning the basics of controlling one in a few minutes. They really are quite durable, but if they do break then spares are cheap and quite easily available on the net. For the price, the S107 is certainly hard to beat. The only real drawback is the awfully translated manual, and the lack of any warning about how carefully the internal Li-Poly battery has to be treated. Do not completely run the battery down to exhaustion, as it will ruin it and not recharge fully ever again.
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