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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2010
It's about time HiT Entertainment got these episodes out on DVD. It features 4 and a half hours of entertainment with all 28 episodes from Series 11. Watch as Thomas gets covered in sticky toffee, Sir Handel returns to the Narrow Gauge Railway, Thomas chases after The Fat Controller's hat and Fearless Freddie joins the Narrow Gauge railway. Here's the episodes -

Follow that Flour
A Smooth Ride
Thomas and the Jet Plane
Percy and the Funfair
The Green Controller
Duncan Drops a Clanger
Thomas' Tricky Tree
Toby's Afternoon Off
It's Good to be Gordon
Seeing the Sights
Fearless Freddie
Toby's New Shed
Edward Strikes Out
Topped Off Thomas
Which Way Now?
Thomas and the Shooting Star
Big Strong Henry
Sticky Toffee Thomas
Wharf and Peace
Thomas' Frosty Friend
Emily and the Special Coaches
Thomas and the Colours
Thomas and the Birthday Mail
Duncan's Bluff
Missing Trucks
Thomas and the Treasure
James the Second Best
Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out

So, in summary, this will provide hours and hours of entertainment for Thomas fans young and old :)
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on 6 February 2011
As per the title, fantastic value having so many episodes on one disc! We like it a lot.

Downfall of only having one disc for all those episodes + one Thomas mad toddler
a) it's too easy for him to get away with watching much more than we'd like. He'd remind us to entertain him some other way when he comes to tell us he's bored- he doesn't do this with this disc as it's one episode after another, non stop

b) it's become scratched (with toddler 'driving' the disc around the house as well as having had lots of play. If we had separate discs we wouldn't bother replacing it, but now the time has come, we've bought a box set of 3 discs instead. Easier to portion control too, and fantastic value again from Amazon.

The volume is randomly quiet and then loud throughout episodes. Sound is especially quiet during the song. Parent friendly I suppose but annoying for the child. Have tried the disc on our other tvs; it is definitely the disc. I'd hope this is a fault with just my disc, I didn't send it back because he loved it so much.
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on 13 December 2015
My daughter has been waiting expectantly for the return of Lady. Seeing as there's very few female steam trains. This series introduces Rosie which has become the next best thing to Lady. Although shes not introduced until one of the last stories my daughter still loved watching the episodes and singing the song consistently after every episode.
This said from my point of view I seem to notice a lack in variation from story to story. It has all started to blend into one big blur for me. With a set cast of 8 trains consistently used as the main character in every story seems to somehow shrink the entire Thomas experience for me. I watch the episodes with my daughter and where as i used to be able to talk to her and bond more over the stories and trains presented I now struggle to stay awake during most of the stories. Dont get me wrong there's still a few I can muster up enthusiasm for but id really like an episode set in the quarry with Bill and Ben or the Great Western Branch line with Duck and Oliver there's loads of places that haven't been touched properly for ages. This series deos however mark the return of Sir Handel which is a good thing seeing as he has been missing for a few series. Although his personality has definitely changed going from arrogant, pushy and cheeky to quiet, polite and experienced was a bit odd.
Overall the main thing is my daughter still loves the episodes and asks for me to put them on everyday. If she tells me its five stars and she is the target audience, then it gets five stars.
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Who can't love Thomas & his cheeky little friends? As with some of the other Thomas & Friends complete series DVD's when you click on "Play All" the episodes are not in order. While this is not a massive problem I just thought I would mention it. Below is a list of the episodes as ordered on the DVD.

Episode 3 – Thomas and the Jet Plane, 3 October 2006
Episode 2 – A Smooth Ride, 2 October 2006
Episode 1 – Follow That Flour, 2 October 2006
Episode 4 – Percy and the Funfair, 3 October 2006
Episode 6 – Duncan Drops a Clanger, 4 October 2006
Episode 8 – Toby's Afternoon Off, 5 October 2006
Episode 7 – Thomas' Tricky Tree, 5 October 2006
Episode 9 – It's Good to Be Gordon, 5 October 2006
Episode 21 – Emily and the Special Coaches, 12 October 2006
Episode 18 – Topped Off Thomas, 10 October 2006
Episode 11 – Fearless Freddie, 7 October 2006
Episode 14 – Sticky Toffee Thomas, 8 October 2006
Episode 13 – Big Strong Henry, 8 October 2006
Episode 10 – Seeing the Sights, 6 October 2006
Episode 16 – Thomas and the Shooting Star, 9 October 2006
Episode 15 – Which Way Now, 9 October 2006
Episode 12 – Toby's New Shed, 7 October 2006
Episode 17 – Edward Strikes Out, 10 October 2006
Episode 20 – Thomas' Frosty Friend, 11 October 2006
Episode 19 – Wharf and Peace, 11 October 2006
Episode 22 – Thomas and the Colours, 12 October 2006
Episode 25 – Missing Trucks, 14 October 2006
Episode 23 – Thomas and the Birthday Mail, 13 October 2006
Episode 24 – Duncan's Bluff, 13 October 2006
Episode 26 – Thomas and the Treasure, 14 October 2006
Episode 5 – The Green Controller, 4 October 2006
Episode 27 – James the Second Best, 15 October 2006
Episode 28 – Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out, 15 October 2006
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on 11 October 2010
My 3&1/2 year-old son is a Thomas freak (as are many others out there!) and this Series 10 was an addition is his 20-odd DVD collection. The 28 episodes were a welcome length compared to some more shoddy ones (i.e. Splish Splash Splosh with 4 episodes)by HiT entertainment. Michael Angelis' commentary remains the same and is more welcome than Ringo Starr. The following is a list of the episodes:

1. Follow that Flour
2. A Smooth Ride
3. Thomas and the Jet Plane
4. Percy and the Funfair
5. The Green Controller
6. Duncan Drops a Clanger
7. Thomas' Tricky Tree
8. Toby's Afternoon Off
9. It's Good to be Gordon
10. Seeing the Sights
11. Fearless Freddie
12. Toby's New Shed
13. Edward Strikes Out
14. Topped Off Thomas
15. Which Way Now?
16. Thomas and the Shooting Star
17. Big Strong Henry
18. Sticky Toffee Thomas
19. Wharf and Peace
20. Thomas' Frosty Friend
21. Emily and the Special Coaches
22. Thomas and the Colours
23. Thomas and the Birthday Mail
24. Duncan's Bluff
25. Missing Trucks
26. Thomas and the Treasure
27. James the Second Best
28. Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out

None of the episodes are a stand-out compared to earier ones but nevertheless it is refreshing to see that The Island of Sodor is being more modernised with an airport. Needless to say...these DVD's lead the way to more buying of assorted merchandise. I shall say 4&1/2 stars.
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on 5 January 2013
Great fun for my little boy of 18 months who will no doubt continue loving it for the next few years. Great theme tune, well voiced by Michael Angelis, lovely stories that are well paced for little one (and Dad). Good value at under a fiver too.
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on 8 October 2011
Dvd starts of with a horrible rap song showing i assume Thomas Land or whatever its called.
Once past that you can choose to play all or 1 at a time. Keeps my grandson happy though and thats the reason why i purchased.Season 10 is still using figures rather than animation and has the singalong at the end of each episode.
Toot toot
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on 29 November 2012
This is the classic version with the models and static faces with a few more unusual characters. The stories are great although the "Thomas Song" may drive parents/carers nuts after a while as it is repeated in and after every episode.
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on 4 January 2011
This collection of stories is watched daily by me and my young 2 year old grandson. He relates to each character in each story and knows which story has which characters in it. He rattles off all the locos' names as they appear and gets so involved in what adventures or jobs they may be up to.
I enjoy the loco's themselves as I have a great interest in model railways and always see a loco or wagon or coach or crane that I would like to put on my proposed layout or a building or structure that I would love to make.
This is a great series of stories, involving the people and the little engines, and their friends, on the imaginary island of Sodor, first invented by the Rev. Awdrey and now continued by his son.
Highly recommended viewing and highly recommended purchase.
Thomas And Friends - Classic Collection - Complete Series 10 [DVD]
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on 25 November 2010
Adam, our grandson, is 16 months old, and whenever he visits us he INSISTS on watching at least some of this DVD. His favourite bit is in the opening titles when Harold appears.
This was a definite good buy.
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