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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 September 2010
I have been using this keyboard and mouse now for about 4 months,for several hours a day, almost daily.
I find the action of the keys is very comfortable, not too clicky, but not completely anonymous. I had seen a colleague with one of these in his office, so i had been able to have a "quick type" on it to check if the keys action suited me.

I am using windows 7, and the software installed and recognised the hardwre without any issues. I like the size of the receiver, it only protrudes about 5mm from the USB socket and seems umlikely to ever get snagged or snap off. Signal communications seem excellent - I have the receiver plugged into the left side of my monitor and no problems to use the mouse on the right of my keyboard (some systems do have sensitivity issues).

There is an on/off power switch easily accessible on each of the mouse and keyboard to preserve battery life. The blurb promises 3 year life - I cant say, but so far it is all lasting well.
The mouse is comfortable to use, the cursor action is very positive, the scroll-wheel is a nice addition. I have used the mouse on several different surfaces and had no loss of tracking.
The keyboard has two pairs of "legs" at the front, so you can use it flat, or raised up to 2 different angles. It is a nice stable keyboard, and grips the desk well, does not slide around. I find the wrist-rest comfortable.

One thing I do miss when comparing this keyboard to other logitech I have used in the past - I used to see a message window pop-up when I engaged "caps-lock". This feature has been discontinued here.

But ultimately, ergonomics of mouse and keyboard and whether or not you like them are a very personal thing.

I do like this keyboard/mouse and would definitely recommend it.
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on 13 November 2010
Got this to replace a previous Logitech Bluetooth keyboard & mouse combo, which I accidentally destroyed the USB dongle on & it seems that you can't get replacements parts for!

Well let's look at what you get.

The keyboard itself, a very small USB dongle which is not much larger than your (adults) thumb nail, 2x Duracell batteries & a USB extension wire.

Setting up is a bit hit & miss, as there's no instructions to speak of, just diagrams!

Just plug the dongle into USB extension &/or dongle into a spare USB port & let the computer get on with it for a few moments, my Windows Vista x64 found the right driver for it quite quickly.

Whilst the computer is looking for drivers, pull the yellow tab out from the back of the keyboard (there are two AA Duracell batteries already in it) which activates the keyboard & insert the two AA batteries that Logitech supplied into the mouse & switch it on if it's not already switched on.

Pop the software CD into the computer, load up the software + maybe a reboot just to complete the setup.
BTW There's a new software driver already available if you want to download it from the Logitech website (for me a 26.6Mb download).

The keyboard is very light & the key presses virtually silent, maybe a very slight noise but definitely not clicky like a cheap keyboard, the keys are slightly curved, there's one reservation I do have with it & that the markings appear to be stick on letters, so how well these will last compared to the laser etched ones I don't know.

There's a small LCD display at the top which shows you battery level, whether the caps lock is on, scroll & number lock is activated or function key is pressed. There's a calculator key on there too, which brings up the Windows calculator & just above that is a small recessed on/off switch.

The mouse is nice & compact (it's designed for right handed people) on the bottom is a on/off switch & small battery compartment for you batteries as previously mentioned.

Left hand side of the mouse two forward & back keys, on top the normal scroll wheel & a small button. Well I say normal, it's not quite normal, flick it and it will whiz round at a great rate of knots, which is ideal if you have multi-page documents or long web pages, however this is where the small button comes into play, pressing the button stops the high speed scrolling & brings it down to a much more controlled scroll which is very slightly notchy, but makes it a lot easier to control things.

Logitech reckon you can get 3 years battery life out of the set of batteries supplied, I wait & see what happens with it.

All in all a nice comfy keyboard & for £50 a good buy, especially as it's on sale on the High Street & other online retailers for near double that!
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on 4 June 2017
This keyboad and mouse set is of excellent quality. The keyboard keys have a nice travel and are pleasant to type on for an extended period feeling nice and springy. The keys are quite close together with minimal gaps but it certainly isn't coffee proof so standard precautions apply. It has a padded wrist rest, a selection multimedia keys and a small LED status display as well the standard keys and number pad. Its easy to set up with the Logitech receiver, working as soon as its plugged in and has a decent range.

The mouse is a good size and fits in the hand of an adult male very comfortably. It is very precise and works on either a desk surface or a mouse mat. As with the keyboard, it is easy to set up and get going. It has two side buttons and a button near the wheel which switches between "clicky" scrolling or free scrolling (and seems to spin for ages!).

One small issue is the Logitech receiver is taped to the packaging inside the box and is VERY easy to miss. If you aren't aware it is essential (and thus go hunting for it) it would be easy to toss the packaging without noticing it.
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on 17 June 2017
I originally went for the Logitech MK 270 combo, but returned that as the keyboard was plasticky and 'clacky', and the mouse cheap and not that great. Given I do a lot of typing I went instead for the MK710. The keyboard is quiet, the keys quite squishy, and the cushioned palm rest a real plus if you spend a long time at a keyboard. (Unlike my previous Logitech keyboard the palm rest is integral, and doesn't clip on.) The mouse for the 710 is Logitech's 'Marathon' version: not top notch, but comfy and the ability to either fast scroll or scroll a few lines at a time is good. (I use this mouse to scroll text using my left hand, and a more ergonomic mouse to navigate as usual.) The set up was instantaneous, with no problems. The keyboard and mouse are meant to last a few years on non-rechargeable batteries, the keyboard displays its battery power, and you can even turn off the mouse and keyboard if you're away for a long time.

Why not 5 stars? While very content with the MK710, it's quite a price leap from the 270. And while it's good to have a visible display showing you when the caps are on, it would have been better had it involved an illuminating light on the keyboard: the display at the top of the board is faint at the best of times, and virtually invisible in strong light. Still, looking forward to years of service with ther MK710.
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on 19 July 2017
Only got his combo today.replacing an ancient but still servicable Microsoft keyboard/mouse combo (the mouse died last year). I bought it 'used' from Amazon, but TBH it came in original packaging and looks fine to me. As others have mentioned, no CD installation disc or set up instructions, but I had downloaded all in advance. Didn't really need to do that, as Win 10 picked it up immediately on inserting USB dongle and here I am! Keys are a bit closer together than old keyboard, but wrist rest much more functional. And no clacking! Mouse is OK, a bit more sensitive than my previous one, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Love the LED caps lock indicator!
It's actually a pleasure to type on, only 4 stars at the moment as so new, but will upgrade if it serves me well (old wireless keyboard lasted 15 years!)
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on 20 March 2017
Good keyboard. A little expensive for the spec, but there's not many wireless keyboards that have more than one "lock" indicator, and that's usually CAPS lock. No NUM-lock. But this one does, also with a better battery indicator than most. A little pricey and I would prefer the keys to be a tiny bit chunkier and resistive but hey-ho.

Bad mouse. A cheaper, crappier, mouse I have not used for a long time. I decided to stick with my old trackball and simply use the keyboard which was my main reason for buying anyway.
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on 28 December 2013
First I used it on my desktop which runs Windows 7, the receiver was regonised immediately and set up the keyboard and mouse in minutes.

Then tried it on my laptop which runs Windows 8.1 and again set itself up without any issues.

Only downside on the set-ups was that the unit arrived without the CD ROM so had to download the software from Logitech which was not a real problem just a minor inconvenience and at least ensured the latest drivers.

My laptop is not mobile but sits next to the TV. I bought an extra unifying module to see if I could get both the laptop and desktop when switched on (only one at a time!) to share the same keyboard and mouse. It works fine just have to run the unifying software and switch the keyboard and mouse on and off once and it sets itself up which takes abouty 60 seconds. Works for me with no cables around and just the one keyboard/mouse for the two machines.

As to the keyboard itself:

Good contruction and design as you would expect from Logitech. Nice sqaured keys that respond to the slightest touch and plenty of options with the "F" keys if you dont want to change those already assigned. I have found the option to eject a CD/DVD from the keyboard button to be really useful especially as if you hold the key down other "ejectables" are shown such as USB sticks etc. Nice touch.

Mouse responds well with no time lag but I have found that the central wheel is a bit sensative but that could be in the way I have set it up.

Not a great lover of "mice" and would much prefer a trackball which I have just bought from Amazon. This too is a Logitech and sets itself up with the existing unifying dongle without any issue. Another bonus.

All told a great product that is well made and user friendly with the bonus of being able to add additional kit which is recognised by the existing dongle.
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2014
And can't fault it. I love buying kit that works so was just trawling Amazon to see what new keyboards and mice are around.

Nothing wrong this one at all so not surprised its still for sale.

Batteries last for ever - no idea if I've changed them once or twice but they definitely last well over a year, the keyboard is accurate and very hard wearing - mine had a pot of tippex poured over it a year or so ago and after it dried it was just a case of scrapping it off the key pad and hammering on the keys for a couple of minutes - brilliant build quality.


Updated review : now almost 5 years old and still being used for 30 hours a week, batteries lasted for almost 3 years in the end - normal duracell ones - works fine with windows 10 - although I did need to update the driver.

UPDATE - Purchased in Jan 2011, now June 2017 and still in daily use - both mouse and keyboard.This together with an HP monitor (22" cost a bomb back in the day) purchased in 2008 that is also still in daily use are the best bits of IT kit I have ever purchased.
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on 12 July 2017
Bought it for the LCD Cap Lock indication, which works perfectly whilst consuming hardly any battery power. Apart from that, the keyboard is very nice to use and the mouse is a big improvement on my previous one, which was too sensitive, clicking on the very lightest touch.
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on 22 June 2017
I use this set at home with my desktop PC. I'm not a touch typist but I find the keyboard very comfortable to use. It is a classy piece of kit and suits my sort of typing very well. The mouse is a bit smaller and lighter than my previous Logitech Laser mouse and is OK but not as good in use as the old one. I will no doubt get used to it. Biggest bonus is no wires and less clutter.
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