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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 April 2015
I saw these guys in Newcastle when they were supporting Iron Maiden during their 'The Final Frontier' tour, and they absolutely rocked the stage. In fact, I only wish they'd stayed on for a bit longer, with respect to Maiden.

'No Guts, No Glory', their second album is just like it's predecessor, carrying on the same style of genuine, good-old fashioned, arse-kicking rock n'roll. If you like AC/DC, I find it almost impossible to believe that you people won't like these dudes from Australia.

The album is not quite good as the first one admittedly, but the production is bigger and better, and songs such as 'No Way But The Hard Way', 'Bottom of the Well' and 'Raise The Flag' will rock you're socks off. Try and see them live if you can, because they sound even better live.
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on 16 August 2017
Good rock album
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on 13 March 2017
Great album
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 March 2010
Make no mistake this is a fine, energetic, lively and fun album. The problem is you know exactly what you are going to get so that by the end, and this is more true of the deluxe edition, it all sort of blends into one conglomorate of noise. It's a good noise mind you but I will be intrigued as to what this band can do for their third album because they have surely mined this seam to death.

Some of the other reviewers are obviously quite correct with the AC/DC comparisons and the band are more than willing to admit this, but I detect more than a little influence of Slade with this lot especially with the vocals.

So all in all this is fine as far as it goes but don't listen to this if you expect subtlety or new ideas.
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2010
Always going to be touch to follow the amazing debut, and i'm note sure they have topped it, but they have certainly matched it.

A very good album with some strong song-writing. However as some have mentioned, they need to take some more chances or risk being railroaded into a being a AC/DC band...

That said, if only AC/DC were making this albums this good. They stopped making albums this good in 1981...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 March 2010
well done amazon ordered this a few days ago and it arrives 3 days prior to official released,superb.I have had a couple of days to listen and that it is a good album is not in question,however its not as good as the debut and most songs are basically interchangeable.

Airbourne have went lock stock and barrel for the Ac/Dc comparisons ,right down to the Angus Young guitar solo's.When does immitation become parody?Airbourne really need to branch out and develop their own sound or they will lose momentum

Pretty much every song follows the same pattern,booming drums,sing along chorus,emulating mid 70's Ac/Dc and after a while it becomes samey,there are no 'Ride On's here,at times there is the whiff of one trick pony.

If you want no frills rock n roll then this is the disc for you,it is great but i was hoping for more,some progression,i like Airbourne but it would be a pity if the disappear amid criticism that they dont have their own style.their next album really has to take some chances
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on 11 March 2010
Forget about comparisons, whats been done before, or what might happen in the future. This is a great rock album. You want no frills, heads down, un pc, 70's/80's rockin then this is for you. These guys currently fly the flag for uncomplicated goodtime headbanging. Shure its a bit samey in places but they've have found their niche and they aint givin it up without a fight. You want progression, growth then go listen to Marillion! AC/DC, Status Quo, Whitesnake etc all found their "sounds" and have pretty much stuck to it with great success. Airbourne are a young band with tonnes of energy, and attitude that will keep a smile on the faces of rockers young and old for years to come. On the first album they said "Stand up for Rock n Roll" - they're walkin it like they're talkin it. Go and see them on the tour this month you will not be dissapointed. As for the album its an absolute must have.
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on 10 March 2010
Its a great album don't get me wrong. I agree with the other reviewers so far! If you liked Airbourne the first time round then you'll like this! But if you're like me & you were blitzed by them first time round then you might find the tracks a little samey but as has been said before its good samey!

I haven't been disappointed but its just hard to beat Runnin Wild!
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Just listened through this album and it's fair to say that the other reviewers have pretty much said what I feel. It's true that this is almost identical to the last album - but then a more famous band has been accused of the same thing quite a few times to no detriment. It is good hard no nonsense rock music with a great line of catchy riffs.

One can't talk about Airbourne without mentioning of course AC/DC and whilst there is no doubt Airbourne are very much a similar sounding band I'm not sure that one could say that they are a copy. It's more that AC/DC have created a niche within rock that is now being picked up on by quite a few bands with Airbourne being possibly the best of the bunch. So it's probably not fair to label Airbourne as clones - they just make music in the guitar lead chorus driven catchy rock that many of us rather like.

So what do we have here then. More of the same and I like that. Lots of forward guitars and some great riffing all the way through the 18 songs on the special edition. There are no seriously stand out songs but then no duffers either. Whilst I haven't seen Airbourne live yet I'm sure that with a few beers down your neck and enough volume you'd party your head clean off your shoulders, and in my book that's what I want from a rock band. They do have an intense energy only available from a youthful band as well, and they sound like they are enjoying themselves.

So overall if you bought the first album and enjoyed it then you'll enjoy this one. If you have never heard Airbourne then you should buy this if you like good old fashioned rock music.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 January 2017
For some reason, I really quite enjoyed Airbourne's début album back in 2007 and, so, was happy to order this, their second album back when it was released in 2010. I don't really remember playing it much at the time or having any kind of opinion about it either way but, listening to it now, I'm really struggling to understand why I, or indeed anybody, would have been enthusiastic about such an obvious copy of AC/DC. Their style, their sound, even down to the vocals; seriously, this really could be an AC/DC album if you didn't know any better. Is it bad? No, but it's just so clichéd, so derivative, that is very difficult to get past this perfect carbon copy of the hard-riffing Australian band and treat each of the album's songs with any kind of objectivity. It's good party music, in that you can imagine a lot of rather beered up patrons in a rock club throwing themselves around to one of the very many heavy, high-tempo numbers on this record (and probably saying to each other, “Hey dude, is this AC/DC? Sounds like them, but I don't recognise this song.”), so in terms of enjoyment, people who really love this brand of heavy rock may get a real buzz from hearing this album, but – for me – it grates. Really grates.

I've given it a fair hearing. I had little to no expectations when I put this album on, so I haven't come to it with any kind of prejudice, but, frankly, I just don't see the point to the whole venture. AC/DC were the originals and, simply put, they have better songwriting skills, better riffs, superior lyrics and also manage to execute the whole rock swagger a lot better. This lot, whilst more than competent at their art, are offensively ordinary. I'd offer the opinion that I'd probably enjoy their live show a lot more than listening to, but I'm really not sure that I would. I understand that every generation needs its own bands and, to some, Airbourne may be a fresh, exciting band, but there is a huge difference between influence and imitation and Airbourne fall very firmly into the latter category and sitting through all of the songs (plus the bonus tracks) was sheer tedium. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this release (well, maybe the heavily clichéd lyrics are more than a little problematic), I know with a great degree of certainty that this is a record I neither want to nor will ever listen to again.
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