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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
Price:£24.91+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 4 July 2010
I gave last year's game a glowing review because the putting problems from 09 were fixed but the game still revolved on the position of the wrists on contact with the ball rather than the whole swing mechanic.
Not so this time.
There's no escape.Wrists may be fine but if your swing is not forget it - if you're just a tad out on the hardest settings you will be in big trouble.
I'm aware of the Ryder cup glitch but that doesn't bother me.
The gameplay makes this game.If you have an issue about graphics go elsewhere.
Simply the greatest golf challenge ever (and I can go back to Leader Board golf on a Commodore 64!)
True view is magnificent and adds a whole new dimension.I find it helpful to place a golf ball on the rug in my living room, use a straight edge from the pattern of the rug to help me out and focus on both without looking at the tv - yep it's become that realistic! In order to make this a true golf simulator then a message to EA - ditch mini golf and frisbee golf which can be accomodated on other titles and use the extra capacity for better graphics to enhance the experience, but I've no complaints as the gameplay is the key here.
It's difficult to see where EA can go with this next year as this game has become the realistically difficult challenge that golf should be.
A worthwhile update - excellent.
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on 26 November 2010
Right, basically if you own 2010 and have money to spare, THINK ABOUT trading it to get this.

If you own '09 which was abit rubbish option wise THEN DEFINATELY get this.

------ Basically thats what I want to know when a new tiger woods game comes out... is there enough NEW substance in it. This one has a few new features and tweeks that make it an essential if you don't own any TW games, and almost enough to trade up from 2010.

I've played and had just about every tiger woods game on the xbox, playstation and wii over the last 10 years. I'll try and sum this up in 11 feature filled points.

1. The new motion plus. more accurate putting and you can now draw and fade shots by twisting the club. ALOT more realistic than 2010. The Wii has this option sorted over PS and XBOX versions, until they develop a version for their new systems.

2. The new player view. Its a listed point- you can now see the ball and club through the eyes of your golfer. A nice option. I found it annoying though and turned it off.

3. Ryder cup. An excellent new game mode, pick and play with your team, jump in and out of matches and win for your side. Available as a 24 man online - excellent if it all works.

4. Developed online play. Smoother and less prone to bugs.

5. More party game modes.

6. Tiger woods now needs the money as his sponsors are dropping him like a buttered hedgehog.

7. Graphics - developed course and play animations and a nice selectionof course with a couple of new additions.

8. Sounds. An upgrade on previous versions, commentary is sparse compared to XBOX and PS versions, but improved and less annoying than previous Wii versions.

9. Nearly there, I can think of two more features I guess. Oh yeah. Build a player options and comete is always as good as ever in this one. And its god a better 'skills level up' system and harder to get decent sponsors.

10. This is a NEGATIVE point. The ryder cup player selection is RUBBISH. Euro player on a USA team... ???WHAT???

11. Its raining. A round of golf will cost £25 usually. This will cost £25 and you will not get wet. GO FOR IT!

**************ITS A GREAT GAME, if you've not got 2010 GET IT, its much better than '09 amyway*******************
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on 26 July 2010
My previous purchase was PGA Tour 2009. And I must say this is an improvement.
I like the new style of challenges and I would say the graphics have improved.You still have the oppotunity of making a PGA career and starting from Rookie to getting on the Pro tour.
One big difference is the putting on PGA 09 I found when putting you could pull the putter back and nothing would happen or it would be jerky .Then all of a sudden it would fire the putter and your 10 footer for birdie would end up 40 foot away. Using precision putter on 2011 this does not happen.

The only downside I can see to the Ryder Cup challenge is the lack of European's to make up the team but I have not tried this challenge out to comment too much.

You do need to get experience to improve enough to get the career mode working well. So its woth doing the challenges first or at least along side.

Would like to see all 4 majors represented.

Finally the fun game modes are much better.

So overall a a good purchase.
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on 2 July 2010
It's a good game, controls are good, game modes ok, but you can't save half way through a round and there's not enough Europeans to make up a Ryder cup team, so you have to pick monty and some wimmin I've never heard of and vijjay sing in there to make up the numbers! and if you ask the computer to select teams for you, it chucks them in anyold how, with U.S. Players in European side and vice versa! You can't even create your own stars to fill in the gaps!

So, it's partly a good solid golf game, but sadly also a half baked cash-in on the Ryder cup! Not really ideal!
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on 24 November 2012
This has five stars because it must be the nearest thing to golf that you could play indoors. I have played golf, not very well, but wih this game it even gives someone like me a chance. I like the fact that you start as a novice and can build up to play in PGA games against the professionals. It takes the skill you would need outside to win games and to get round the courses in the lowest possible score. As you progress the points get harder to attain and when on a really high level, you can get minus points for sloppy shots. A great game that lets you progress to a high standard. Can get obsessive, like real golf except you don't have to go outside or walk miles.
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on 8 August 2013
more realistic than any of the wii games I have bought before, bought for the kids, but I find myself playing it more myself, unlike many that have bought, I am not a golfer, and this is a game to be enjoyed, I am certainly enjoying it, you see all the club heads in action, a tip for you guys out there, its a game not a golf course enjoy it, I had a score of -10 playing a game with one of my grand children, and she still beat me, but it was fun
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on 2 April 2011
You know when the next Tiger Woods game is due because the current one goes in the bargain bins, and that's exactly how this game joined my collection.
I've been a golf game fan since Nick Faldo (ask you dad) on the Commodore 64 (ask your grand-dad!) but haven't dabbled since Tiger Woods 2006 as advancements seemed minimal and all you got for your money was more courses. Having invested in Wii Motion Plus I've been disappointed with the games for it so far but this one is exactly what the little white box was made for.
The motion plus adds a new depth to the game. The 1-2-1 motion means that the rotation of your wrists and the angle you strike the ball all contribute to the accuracy of your shot. The whole game becomes more skill based and nothing about the ability to hit the A button at the right time. It seriously works.
The extra touches also add to the experience. If your Wii is online, the game connects to a weather database and if your playing the 2010 Ryder Cup Course and it's raining in Newport, then it will be raining as you play. Quirky? Pointless? Yes, but a nice touch.
My only grumble is the spin effect on the ball is done by guess work. The unchangeable angle you view your shot from means you can't work out where you are versus the hole until it's too late. A "behind ball" or "from flag" view would have fixed this.
If you don't have motionplus and you are a Tiger Woods fan, buy both now. I'm a fan of the series again and wonder if the advancement here will continue with Tiger Woods 12 that uses Motion Plus AND the Wii Balance board, because that thing hasn't moved since Wii Fit lost out to burgers and chips!
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on 1 April 2013
I bought this having had version 10 for a while, which is very 'buggy', in the hope that the bugs had been ironed out, but it is just the same.
I enjoy playing the game but when it starts saying things like a hole in one is out of bounds, or sending your shot for miles when you have barely touched the ball it is very annoying. My husband and I play most days and have learned to ignore the bugs as much as possible.
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on 28 April 2013
it is difficult with Wii remote and almost too real with Wii remote plus. If you slice on the range then t will show up in this game if you do not correct your swing, grip etc etc. The putting is sooo much better than previous edition. I`m not too sure about the likeness of the characters to real life but then again this is about the challenge. I would challenge anyone to make par over 18 holes using wii remote plus and adopting a proper golf swing..very very tough game.
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on 18 March 2013
The game offers a realistic feel which I do like a lot although I have to say the graphics are ok but could be better and the game is rather confusing at first glance but it is more understandable once you play it a couple of times.

Things I like: the great choice of courses from around the world. The help it gives you to get the right shot.

Things I don't like: the default putting setting is useless but the other setting is very good as it tells you the power needed to get the shot right.

Overall the product is good but I have only had the game for about 3 weeks and in that time only played 2 times as tv and wii is hard to get from parents!

I would recommend this product to any person who enjoys golf.
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