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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 July 2012
I use the SanDisk cards because I know they do the job consistently, do it well and are relatively cheap for high capacity class 10 cards that have a decent write speed at 45Mb/s. I've not had a problem with them and use them all the time in varying capacities from 8GB to 32GB in cameras and camcorders. I generally don't like putting my all my photo's/video footage on one card so 16 & 32Gb cards are about as high as I'll go from a storage point of view and as the price of flash memory is dropping this type of card is beoming more affordable. If you're shooting HD video, photo's that take up a lot of memory or photo's in burst mode then you really need a class 10 card with a reasonably quick write speed, and as I've said these are more than up to the task. There are other cards out there but these are the only ones I use these days and I'll continue to use them until the price of the faster write speed cards drops. If you do have a problem with the cards SanDisk have recovery software that will allegedly recover information stored on them, I say allegedly because in three years I've not had to use it.
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on 20 March 2012
Normally i use Compact flash cards in my Canon 40D (which are all sandisk but of lower capacity) but ive only ever bought sandisk as ive never had any issues in the near 10 years ive own a digital camera.

I dont normally buy so large of capacity for fear of loosing the shots but we have recently bought a Panasonic FT3 underwater tough camera which also had a HD video feature (as with most new cameras) which ive never had the pleasure of owning yet, and seeing as the reason why we bought the camera was to take underwater video and shots when we go to Australia in a few weeks time, 3 weeks worth of footage will have to be stored somehow!

On first, the speed is just amazing.. In camera and out of the camera. My compact flash cards are also extreme versions due to the fast frames per second the 40D has.. but it wipes the floor with those and my CF cards are 8gb and 4gb.. this is 16gb!

Packaging as normal is excellent both from sandisk and amazon itself. (i would only ever buy memory cards from amazon due to the amount of fakes flying around) this way its easy, simple and you have that assurance they arent fake! Also best price on the net... cant go wrong..
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 March 2017
In my experience SanDisk create the best memory cards for use in digital cameras. They are fast, reliable and well made.
This memory card is no exception, being a class 1 SDHC card it can perform 45 megabytes per second speed which is perfect for DSLR cameras. The competitive pricing of this card means that this is an excellent purchase for amateurs and experts alike.
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on 25 September 2014
Item arrived on time, in fact a day before it should have, what with the amount of chat you see regarding fakes cards I checked with sandisk and downloaded the recovery program first time would not recognise the serial so had to go through another form and this time all ok, I've also dealt with this company before so knew everything would be ok, and arrived in quick time posted from Switzerland...

I had a smaller version (8GB) of this type of card and worked fine for me, well now my granddaughter has 'borrowed' my camera for making her YouTube videos in HD and was running out of space, lets hope this keeps her happy... might get my camera back from her one day!!!
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on 9 July 2015
This one is truly awesome and very fast ..
If like me you are a "Shooter" then this card is for you . I like to use the contiguous shooting mode on my XT-1 a lot so I need a fast card to write my images asap.
This one kicks ass when it comes to speed and I have three now ,as I don't like to put all my images on one card (lost ,corruption and damage etc )
I love SanDisk stuff and anyone who takes their art seriously would be crazy to trust any other make in my opinion !

Thanks for reading and I hope this as been helpful ? ;)
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on 9 June 2014
I have several "Extreme" range 45MB/s cards. Sandisk are a reputable brandname and I never have had a problem with any of their cards. I only buy from Amazon direct (or other well known vendors to avoid buying fake cards). However I recently bought an Extreme Pro 90MB/s, expecting it to improve the frame burst rate / buffer capacity of my Canon 6D due to its higher write rate. The Extreme Pro made no difference whilst shooting in RAW or RAW/Jpeg mode on the Canon 6D. Perhaps the likes of the Canon 5D MKIII could utilise the higher write speeds of the Extreme Pro range.

From my experience the Extreme 45MB/s card will easily handle the photographic / video needs for many brands of camera.
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on 10 June 2013
Value for money this card definitely delivered - the cost was relatively low for a reputable name, we've had no problems with them after a month or so and they are fast at the same time as being compatible with the various equipment we've used them with. Not the fastest, not the biggest but not the most expensive. Would certainly recommend as a good mid-range card.

Update (October 2015): They might be considered a bit small now for using with cameras but ours are still reliable two and a half years after we bought them (May 2013) and with regular use (we bought three and cycle through them in our two cameras) and they have worked in three different cameras, at least five different computers (when sharing photos with friends) and even a mobile phone without even so much as a hiccup - definite recommendation.
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on 6 December 2013
SanDisk probably are the world leaders in SD cards and I've had many over the years without any failing on me. This card is no different. I use it in my Canon EOS 1100D and it's quick and reliable. I know when I take a photo it's going to be there.

A product that you buy and use without thinking about how important it is. I certainly think it's worth paying extra for a reliable make and a reliable card. There's nothing worse than having a card fail and losing precious photos.

The quality yardstick for me is that my house is littered with old Sandisk cards in various sizes from 32MB upwards. The reliability is fantastic it's just that we seem to get more and more hungry for disk space with each passing year. Recommended.
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on 6 April 2013
I found the choice of memory cards quite confusing (didn't realise what they really did) so I had to do quite a bit research before buying this. I checked out the various manufacturer's websites and read up on what all the different cards offered - matching the spec of my Canon Powershot SX50 and what I wanted to do with it. I decided to go for a powerful card that wouldn't compromise the "bells and whistles" of the camera and would transfer data quickly to my windows 8 pc. This was the one recommended for my needs, not the very top one, but I don't have a true DSLR. It seems to do what it says on the tin, so quite happy and the price was competitive. Good service from seller as always.
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VINE VOICEon 6 February 2013
Recently bought a Sony HX20V, mainly for video as I don't rate the still image quality. The first card I tried was a standard Class 10 8 Gb. This "should" have bene fast enough but the HX20V is really sluggish at writing a single image to file, taking about 5-10 seconds on Large format. In went the "32 Gb Extreme Class 10" and what a difference it makes! Cut the time by more than half. For Video shots it's superb and at the price I think I may just buy another one and replace some of my "normal" Class 10's with this Sandisk; Sandisk are considered to be one of the very best and longest lasting cards ;-)
Delivery only took 3 days and arrived in the "no fuss" packaging. Thanks again SanDisk; always improving!
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