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on 7 March 2010
This soundtrack grows on me everytime I hear it, and it is fast becoming a favourite.

The varying music styles enhance the story being told - particularly those that evoke vaudeville and the turn of the century. The intriguing tune of "Beautiful" isn't beautiful in the melodious sense of the world, but its very difference in the notes chosen make it beautiful in a strange and haunting way. The lovely harmonies and polite social graces covering up the truthful undertones of "Dear Old Friend" give at once an amusing and hummable song. "'Til I Hear You Sing" is an amazing ballad, and sung with such strength and emotion by Ramin Karimloo. My absolute favourite song on this album is the rock-opera style "The Beauty Underneath". The Phantom's entrance (not for the audience, but for Christine) is punctuated by the strong melody of "Beneath a Moonless Sky", which pervades the entire score. The "Coney Island Waltz" makes me think of carousels at old fairgrounds, but gradually changes to something more sinister, reminding us of who is behind Coney Island in "Love Never Dies".

While there are links to the original "The Phantom of the Opera", "Love Never Dies" can and does stand on its own.

There have been varying opinions on the soundtrack (and on the show), but I think it is like a lot of great music - music that endures - in that it is not always the first listen that traps you, but rather its ability to steal into your soul without you realising its growing effect. As someone who is fast getting hooked, I can't praise this soundtrack high enough.

The DVD includes interviews with Sierra Bogess (Christine), Ramin Karimloo (The Phantom), and Summer Strallen (Meg) for the cast, along with the director, lyricist, the creative team, and, naturally, Andrew Lloyd Webber. There are some fascinating moments, particularly those when you're taken behind the scenes to see the set taking shape.
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on 4 February 2016
I’ve been a huge musical fan since my early days, and love the period of the big musicals, from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. I also love the musicals of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I already have the original London cast recording of “The Phantom of the Opera from 1987 and the soundtrack of the film version from 2004.

So when heard Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was continuing the Phantom and Christine’s story in another music I was over the moon. :-)

Yet again this musical has got a fantastic story it also has an excellent score by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Glenn Slater:-)

This the two CDs contain the entire show, which I personally think it’s fantastic. :-)

With this CD you get a lovely little booklet that includes that includes the entire script of the show :-)

Along with the two CD’s and booklet you also get a DVD which is a documentary, it’s the story about making the musical.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a film will be made of this as well.

If you were to ask me if I’d any favourites I’d had to say yes, it’s the entire CD. :-)

I love listening to this CD, to me it’s fantastic and I love it. :-)

I’m really pleased it’s in my musical collection. :-)
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on 4 May 2010
I have been a Phantom of the Opera fan for quite some time now, and was obviously a bit sceptical about a sequel. I agree that the ending of the first ends perfectly and nothing should spoil it... however. When you listen and see the beautiful and exciting music on this show, it transports you to Coney Island and enters to the world of, Love Never Dies. I shall review (in my mind) the main, key songs:

Prologue: The show starts 9 years after the events of Love Never Dies with Madame Giry and a woman called Miss Fleck. Madame Giry (in her mind) is transported into the past to see the events of Love Never Dies. Nothing much to say about this I mean... it's a Prologue?!?
Coney Island Waltz: Now this is a wonderful piece of music. Yes it may not quite meet the standards of the original overture in POTO but it is nevertheless and very good piece of music. Visually on stage it is amazing with spectacular effects on stage. (I am going to try and not give any spoilers away in my review!)
Heaven By The Sea: The immigrants singing about how wonderful Coney Island is! YAY! Quite a cheesy yet enjoyable song which is toe-tappingly annoying! Quite catchy :)
Till I Hear Your Sing: The first of the Phantom's songs and no matter what people say, it is defitley a true Phantom song. It fits perfectly with the style of music we were used too in POTO. Great singing by Ramin Karmiloo and acting in such a beautiful song.
Beneath a Moonless Sky: The first confrontation between the Phantom and Christine. They basically sing about how the Phantom left Christine the night they both had... err, yer no. Beautiful music and singing, possibly my favourite song.
The Beauty Underneath: Haha, the Beauty Underneath. A Controversial song to say the least, never mind the disturbing lyrics! People say that this song is too rocky and doesn't suit Phantom, however I would say it is no more so than the title song to POTO. I mean think about it, they are both rocky and doesn't really suit the show, however both excellent songs. The things you see on stage during this song is amazing! I like this song and has grown on me and I find it very enjoyable.
Why Does She Love: In Act 2 we meet Raoul in a bar at the morning shift, drunk and feeling sorry for himself, as he can't understand why Christine loves him... he's got me! Nice, gentle song and makes you actually feel quite sorry for Raoul.
Devil Take the Hindmost: I think my favourite song in the show. I love it. A real strong battle between the Phantom and Raoul as the Phantom makes a 'winner-takes-it-all' bet. Great song with a nice beat and pulse.?
Bathing Beauty: Hmmmm. Well can I just say... IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SERIOUS SONG IDIOT! It is supposed to be a parody of the cheesy, sloppy American music you got back then. Yes it's not a great song but its not supposed to be taken seriously.
Before the Performance: Basically here Raoul and the the Phantom go to Christine to try and convince her their way. (You'll understand when you listen to it).
Love Never Dies: The song that the whole show has been leading up to, the song the Phantom has written for her and he now 'Does Here Her Sing'. Nice song which is sung beautifully by Sierra Bogges.
The last three songs are more scenes then songs so I can't really review them. I can just say they are dramatic and very exciting with a sad (as usual) ending!

So, I really love this musical and think it is the best in the decade (last decade, obviously)! It has great music and singing, with lots of drama and exciting scenes. Honestly if your one of those people, like I was, who is afraid or refuses to see it as they think it will spoil POTO, then don't fear, because Love Never Dies is an amazing musical that definetley live up to POTO!
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on 18 August 2011
I recently went to see this at the theatre in London, after falling completely in love with The Phantom of the Opera, and also after hearing very mixed reviews. I'd heard it was fantastic, I'd heard it was terrible, and I was desperate to try and keep my mind open. When it first started, it took some getting used to - I think I was expecting something closer in essence to the original Phantom musical. However, once I got used to the style and the much more modern twist on the score, I very much enjoyed it!
Now for a somewhat more in-depth look at the music. I bought the CD so I could listen to it all again, because I really did like it. Lloyd Webber seems to have favoured more discord and eerieness with the score, and I personally believe it works in his favour - the storyline determines the theme of Coney Island and the freakshow, and the music is completely apt. While this is true, the music is easily adaptable to flow into something more harmonious, and also to flow into some of the original Phantom music. This was one of the things that made me adore the score for Phantom, just the way one song could change into another without you really even realising - a skill of composition that I very much envy!! All in all, the score and the music itself is fantastic, I can't really fault it to be honest.
Score aside, some of the lyrics are a bit iffy. They can be a bit overly descriptive, and in some cases pretty cliche and cheesy, but on the whole they are good and suit the play. Just be wary if you're looking for lyrics as good as in the Phantom of the Opera! They're not, unfortunately.
As for individual songs, some of them are utter gems. Personal favourites of mine are "'Till I Hear You Sing", "Beneath the Moonless Sky" and "Beauty Underneath". I also have a pretty big soft spot for "Devil Take the Hindmost"! The first shows off our male lead's voice excellently. I first saw Ramin in the Phantom of the Opera and was anxious to hear him sing again, since I thought his voice was simply gorgeous. These songs don't showcase the voices like the first, but they're still very much enjoyable. I've heard some say that "Beauty Underneath" is a sad attempt at rock, but I think it fits splendidly and sounds fantastic in this score. Have a few listens of the songs, because it can take a bit of getting used to the discord and the general feel of it all!
All in all, I think it was a great musical and it was worth buying the CD as I'm loving listening to it. It's very difficult to live up to Phantom of the Opera, and I unfortunately don't think this does, but if you leave the original at the side and treat this seperately (musically) then you should very much enjoy it :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 September 2012
I would never have paid the full price for this so when I saw one of Amazons resellers had a used version for under £4 I thought it worth a try.

The cast are first rate particularly Ramin Karimloo and the lovely Sierra Boggess, they perform their roles so very well, what you would expect from two of the leading stars of today's musicals. My problem is with the music. Apart from the title track I don't really like it and could not get in to it at all. Perhaps I was expecting too much but if I am honest I always thought I would be disappointed. Perhaps if I had come to this musical without preconceived ideas or perhaps if I had been the only person in the World who had never heard Phantom, then I may have liked it more.

Some reviewers have an opposite opinion to me so please read their reviews to try and get some balance before forming your opinion or deciding to buy or not.
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on 10 June 2010
What do you get for your money here?
Last things first, there's a DVD about the making of the show. Interesting, but not very. Worth paying extra for? For completeness, yes. Otherwise no.
On the CDs you get half-a dozen cracking songs, which other reviewers have picked out - though the excellent 'Once upon another time' hasn't received as much praise as it deserves. You also get some typical flowing ALW melodies, together with a few light music hall-style songs appropriate to the Edwardian era.
And you get 'The Beauty Underneath', which certainly isn't.
Arguably a good song in its own right but ...
You also get a few 'filler' numbers which are integral to the stageshow storyline but which don't make great listening in isolation.
And, on this CD, Madame Giry has a French accent which she lays on avec un trowel.
But overall the good far outweighs the not-so-good.
In reviewing this CD/DVD set, I suppose strictly speaking I shouldn't compare it with the original 'Phantom', nor should I discuss the stageshow. But I'm going to do both. So there!
Is it as good as Phantom 1? Musically, not quite, in my view. But visually it's (even) better.
Most of the principals on this CD are currently in the London show. Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess are excellent. After the superb duet 'Beneath a moonless sky', the audience is bursting to applaud - but, since the song runs straight into 'Once upon another time', they are denied. Opportunity for standing ovation thwarted.
Musically the show tails off after 'Love never dies' (brilliantly done by SB) but the storyline certainly doesn't. Maybe the ending could be a little less drawn out (thus bringing 'LND' closer to the end) - but what does ALW know about successful musicals, eh?
Worth going to see? Definitely.
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on 11 April 2010
If you are a fan of the "Phantom of the Opera", you might find it a bit hard to get into the music the first time you listen to it. I first thought that there weren't as many melodies as in the first part which instantly stick in your mind. However, once I listened to it several times, I found myself humming somes tunes again and again. "Bathing Beauty", "The beauty underneath" and the Coney Waltz are some of the haunting melodies, as well as "Devil take the hindmost". And of course, since I saw the West End performance this April, I see all the scenes in front of me when listening to the CD and enjoy it even more.

I think it is worth to get the special edition with the DVD, because it contains interviews with Webber and other participants and even more interesting, clips of the singers recording the CD. I didn't realise what a perfectionist Webber is and how often the recording was repeated until everything was absolutely perfect, and it made me appreciate the music even more.
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on 10 July 2015
An amazing album, having never seen Ramin and Sierra do love never dies together and only seeing the DVD with Anna and Ben, this was a beautiful snapshot into what it was like. Their chemistry is off the charts and their voices shine through so much. A beautiful composition by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a beautiful follow on from the first musical with the ending i think it deserved. A tear up every time i hear Ramins version of Til' I hear you sing, it is so beautiful i would listen to it on repeat all day if i could.
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on 29 March 2010
The soundtrack of Love Never Dies is so beautiful that it made me cry. ALW has created a wonderful score so unlike his original but which compliments it. No doubt I will have to wait several months/years until I can get a ticket to see this masterpiece but it will I am sure be worth the wait. The extra DVD is great and you can really get the feel of how this piece came together.
ALW rules - you have done it again, only this time you has surpassed yourself. I hope Love Never Dies reamins in the West End for many years to come.
Tony Smith
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on 18 May 2015
Great album with the Original London Cast - Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom, and Sierra Bogess as Christine. Includes all of the main songs, plus many of the in-between refrains of music which are often missed out on albums like this!

I have to say, whether you like Love Never Dies as a sequel to POTO or not, there are certainly some absolutely fantastic pieces of music in it - Andrew Lloyd Webber has written some brilliant scores, such as 'Beneath a Moonless Sky', 'Beauty Underneath', 'The Coney Island Waltz' and 'Love Never Dies', which can beenjoyed by anyone, phan or not!
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