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on 23 April 2008
I thought Nazareth would probably be past it, but this album is an absolute, corking, copper bottomed belter. The Nazareth foursome of Dan McCafferty (vocals), Pete Agnew (bass), Lee Agnew (drums) and Jimmy Murrison (guitar) have created a four way writing team which has filled the album with quality from start to finish. Yes, in an age where so many of today's `top' artists put out an album and their gullible fans think they've got a good record when they like three of the songs, Nazareth has delivered - big time.
With an album full of crackers it's hard to talk up particular tracks, so I'll give brief highlights. `Day At The Beach' is an anthemic summer classic with a killer chorus, `Liar' is a heavy growling beast, `Mean Streets' and `Goin' Loco' have funky undertones, `Road Trip' is a blistering rocker which made me think of AC/DC, but with Jimmy Barnes singing, `Dying Breed' is a great melancholy ballad... the list goes on.
The band sound fantastic - there's enough modern touches to make this sound relevant in 2008 and there's enough of the Nazareth I've heard from my youth to keep it sounding like the same band evolving, not trying to fit in with today. Every song is a gem, and McCafferty's voice sounds awesome - he sits somewhere between the aforementioned Barnes and Brian Johnson. A proper rock singer!
Iif I hear a better album in the remaining nine months, I'll be mighty impressed. Brilliant!
James Gaden - Fireworks Magazine
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on 4 April 2008
I've been a fan for a relatively short time (2-3 years). However, I now own the entire Nazareth back catalogue on CD and I am very familiar with their music.

I saw this band live for the first time at the Carling Academy in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Feb 2008. They absolutely blew me away!

If the five tracks they played from the new album were anything to go by, then it was gonna be a good one, no mistake!

Well, this album is the heaviest rocker that the band has ever produced, and yes it's heavier than the 'No Mean City' album. The disc features 13 great songs and 1 wonderfully weird hidden bonus track.

The new line up featuring founder members Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew, with relatively new-comers Lee Agnew and Jimmy Murrison, show us that this group has successfully re-invented itself for the 21st century and is capable of surviving for at least another 20 years.

The album covers many subjects, such as how our society has gone to the dogs, people who need to get a life instead of being hooked on the internet 24-7, relationships, tragedies of war and a certain lying american president.

The band have managed to stay faithful to the old Nazareth sound, but with a modern twist. It all works perfectly.

I cannot understand why this very under-rated scottish group has been so poorly treated in the UK in the past. I really hope that they'll now get the recognition they deserve and keep releasing new product in the years ahead.

We desperately need older, decent groups like Nazareth (especially in the UK), to show us how real music is produced and to get rid of all this boy, girl band and x-factor crap before it's too late!!

Long live the NAZ.

Lee Thomas
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on 13 July 2010
After what I considered a few lacklustre album efforts, Nazareth comes blasting back in excellent form. This is the kind of rock that has kept AC/DC on top after all these years. What amazes me is how good Dan McCafferty sounds after. He's still got that effortless gravelly growl. I saw Nazareth live in 1978 and then again just a few weeks ago, the magic was still there. I have both the cd and the vinyl LP's of The Newz and the cd is too "hot". The levels are way too high as is the norm in most music on cd today. However, the vinyl version is fantastic, great dynamic range, strong bass and beautiful treble presence. The vinyl version is the way to go. Two LP's of great songs played and sung by guys that truly know their stuff. It's pretty cool that father (Pete Agnew on bass) and son (Lee Agnew on drums) play together on this album. Jimmy Murrison's guitar work is fantastic and the result is a strong hard rocking effort that is worth every penny. I am just stunned that this LP came out two years ago and has basically been ignored by the press and fans. Too bad, they are missing a modern classic by any standard.
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on 19 April 2008
Just comes to show like a fine wine Nazareth have aged and matured well through the decades giving us their own brand of rock and this latest release is enough to show they still got it which is a perfect enough tribute to their late drummer whose stool is taken by agnews son who does a solid job on the albums tracks while the old timers rock like its the 1970's albeit with a upto date 21st century sound.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 April 2008
Superb, proper Rock 'n' roll. Sure it's old fashioned but when it's done this well then it just puts some of the younger competition in their place. Dan McCafferty's voice is a thing of wonder and is probably better with age than in the band's seventies heyday, and the production emphasises the excellent musicianship of the band.
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on 14 October 2008
After having this CD for a couple months now I can truely say it is one of my Favorite Nazareth efforts. It rocks hard, some great mellow stuff and about track 3...The review about Liar on the American Amazon site by one meathead in particular proved how about 25% of us Americans have completely ignored the last 7 years of absolutely bad behavior and outright treason committed by that common criminal in The White House and his pals as they pillage and rape the treasury stuffing offshore bank accounts under the guise of some sort of religious belief that they are fulfilling Biblical prophesy. Anyone who is ok with that is just plain CRAZY!! Anywho..to me, from what I have seen, I agree with every word of Liar...time will tell. Love the quality of the recording, Mine is a German version and it really puts the Subwoofer to work and the mids and High end are all quite clear as well. I have been a Nazareth fan since Razamanaz came out over here back in 1973, I was in High School and have devoured every release since that time...love 'em all really...not a lame one in the bunch. Have caught quite a few shows over the years and they were always great but my favorite was The No Mean City tour when I got to experience Manny and Zal just blow the lid off the place with amazing lead trade offs I stood right in front of Zal and was blown away for the entire show! Loved His playing in SAHB...another killer band! If you like the old Nazareth and can get past that era and be able to except this one for what it IS....then buy this CD..I know I will be enjoying it until I freakin' die!!!
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on 5 November 2009
Im a huge fan of Nazareth and own all there albums in digital remaster formart.The production on this album is excellent as with all there albums,sound quality top notch.If your looking for another Hair Of The Dog you may be somewhat dissapointed with this latest offering from the band.There are a couple of blistering crackers on this album but all in all I found some of the tracks not great and the band seemed to go funky with these tracks,not nice.Some very good ballads as you would expect from Nazareth.The band sound really tight and Jimmy Muirisson is a great guitar player,the album is just not heavy and rocky enough for me and I much preffered the album Move Me of the later works of the band.
I would suggest you listen to first maybe before you order just to make sure its what you like.Have given the album 3 stars as its really not a five star album in my opinion but heh'everyone to there own.Another superb slightly later album I would recommend is No Jive and much better than the Newz.
Hope honest review is of help.
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on 24 April 2008
A huge fan of the bands earlier material,paticularly Hair of the Dog,l took a chance on this new release when a friend recommended l give it at least a quick listen.
Wow !! l wasn`t ready to be instantly blown away with tracks like Liar,Enough Love and The Gathering.Frankly,there isn`t a poor track on this CD but the three l have singled out are definately up there with their earlier classics.
"The Newz" deserves to be a massive hit and it certainly has a secure place in my long-term music collection.
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on 21 March 2008
Has it ever been cool to admit to liking Nazareth? If so then you would surely have to be pushing 50 in order to remember. The last few albums the band made saw them content with putting out no frills product that while satisfying their hardcore fanbase didn't really break any new ground or plunge them into new territories. The Newz's predecessor 'Boogaloo' was a collection of solid punchy sounding tunes however it did get fairly pedestrian at times (Robbie & The Roadie anyone?).

The Newz is a much braver and inspired effort moving the band into wider areas, the bottom line being they pull it off successfully with young producer Yann Roullier at the helm. The lyrical content is of the highest quality and originality that for one this reviewer can recall, certainly on par with their heyday. Very poignant at times.

Music wise you can hear the fresh approach embracing modern grooves made famous by such artists as Red Hot Chili Peppers & Rage Against The Machine. I would say this is one of the most diverse Nazareth records ever released. There's mean ass funk bordering on thrash metal at times, and also softer moments for example the catchy groove of See Me a perfect pitch harmony, the 12 string guitar itself as clear as a bell chugging along keeping up the pace. The emotional Dying Breed sees McCafferty in a reflective mood, the vocal rich with emotion. The guitar accents work beautifully here. Thoughout the album they are very fitting, none more so effective than on the uncompromising, decadent droning epic that is The Gathering. It's the longest tune on the disc showcasing one of the finest vocal ranges you are ever likely to hear from a singer who forty years on proves that without doubt he can more than hold his own alongside the true greats a la Ian Gillan, Robin Zander etc.

Special praise has to go to the Lee Agnew penned 'Gloria' which lyrically and muscially is simply different class. When Dan's vocals electrify and consume your living room you'll feel the hairs on the back of your neck. Play it loud!

I won't cover each track as other reviewers already have but in short, it's all very good indeed. Even the weaker moments on the album house saving graces, (unlike previous Nazareth efforts).

Long live the Naz - I very much hope we don't have another ten year wait until the next one !

Rock shock of 2008? You decide.
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on 7 April 2008
If you like Nazareth, you'll love the Newz, their best album in a long, long time. Great rockers like 'Road Trip', 'Keep On Travellin' and 'Liar' sit alongside glorious chugging epics such as 'Warning' and 'The Gathering' and some simply great pop material like 'Enough Love' and 'Mean Streets'. It's fresh, powerful, varied and after a couple of plays you'll agree there's not a weak track here.
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