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on 24 August 2014
I've been on the look-out for a pull-up/chin-up bar for some time. I don't have room for a free-standing chin-up frame so have been looking for doorway designs. For the most part, the designs available require some sort of mounting on the inside of a door frame and I didn't want to cause such damage. So when I saw the Powerbar 2 I thought it would be just the job - no mounting required and I could in principle use it in any doorway I fancied.

It arrived promptly via DPD and I set about trying it out. It doesn't require construction and is ready to go out of the box. My first problem, though, is that most of my internal doorways are 84-85cm across, which is a tad too wide for the Powerbar 2, but then the Amazon page for the item does say "Fits most doorways 680mm - 800mm" so I should have done some basic research beforehand. I do have one doorway that's only 77cm (my loo!) so that was fine to try it out. That's when I realised I had a second problem. Fitting the Powerbar 2 to the door frame as per the enclosed instructions, I gradually increased the weight on the top bar by hanging from it with both hands. Then I heard a CRACK! The top of the door frame on the other side (from where the Powerbar 2 hangs) came away from the rest of the door frame (which got me into a lot of trouble, I can tell you!). My door frames have separate sides and top with a wooden block at each corner. Therefore, when a downward force is applied to the top of the frame there's nothing to support it and it pulls way from the wall.

So, there it is. The Powerbar 2 cannot be used on any door frame in my house and so is useless to me. :-(

If you want to purchase this for yourself, please check two things first:

1. That you have a doorway in your house that is within the stated range 68cm to 80cm.

2. That the top of your door frame is part of the whole frame or sits over the door frame sides (see the pictures of the man demonstrating it in the Amazon page to see what I mean) such that a downward force applied to it will be supported by the side frames.

I thought about returning the item and asking for my money back, but actually it's not the Powerbar 2 that's at fault. Regarding the door frame size, it's stated clearly and I should have thought about that. Regarding the door frame construction, it could be argued that there should be some mention of this on the Powerbar 2's Amazon page. Then again, it could be argued that I should have thought about the physics of it (being a physicist!) and realised the high risk of the purchase.

So, before you spend £30 for the item and its postage, make sure you consider all of the above.
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on 29 October 2010
This is a well-made and ingeniously-designed pull-ups bar. The clever thing is that much (most, probably) of your weight is transmitted onto the lower bar at the front, resting on the vertical sides of the door frame. The hooks that pass through the doorway and rest on the top of the door frame apply a pulling force on the frame _towards_ the user.

The stated dimensions of the product mean that it will work for quite a limited range of doorway widths. Not a problem if you measure your doorways before ordering this item. However, there are other dimensions that need to be allowed for: the thickness of the wall (depth of the door frame) and the height of the door frame moulding. I live in an old Victorian property and _none_ of the downstairs doorways are suitable for this product. Fortunately, some of the upstairs doorways are OK. How to specify this limitation as a numeric measurement is a little tricky, since there is some variability in the angle of the apparatus relative to the doorway, depending on wall width and frame height.

My own approximate measurements suggest a maximum door frame depth of 19cm and a maximum frame height of 10cm. By "height" I mean the vertical distance between the inner (horizontal) surface of the door frame and the top edge of the moulding onto which the small arms need to hook.

What's needed is a diagram from the manufacturer to be included on the Amazon product page, showing a cross-section of a doorway and how the product fits, with minimum and maximum dimensions of the relevant features.
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on 14 July 2010
This is the best chin up bar ever for the price and the convenience.

6'2 and 100kg and previously broke door frames with other products.

Also, with other similar products you don't get the height and you can't grip it wide enough and I need a nice high bar with a nice wide grip to be comfortable.

Once I got over the fear of the doorframe breaking and leaving me flat on my ass, as happened before with other products, I was very happy.

I don't give five stars easy and this is only the second time I've ever done so on Amazon. Just check and see.

Awesome! Fair play for designing this guys! It's awesome! My 6 month old son finds it very interesting too - when he sees his daddy swinging from the door. lol

UPDATE: I have reduced my review to a four star as, very soon after writing this I realised that the bar being a little thin kills your hands - I rectified this with a little bicycle handle tape though.

Also, the covering on the hooks that are on the opposite side to which you swing from, is a little flimsy, comes off easily and as a result, well it would happen anyway tbh, the paint gets scratched off the wall.

Still though, I would definitely recommend in spite of this.
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on 9 March 2015
This bar is excellent! Very well built, durable, reassuringly strong when loaded. and can be stowed away after use. To stow away you can fold the arms and rest it against a wall or something! It's very compact.

I've been using this pretty much every week (few times a week) since March 2015 and the bar is still in one piece. I use it every other morning before going to work and before going to bed. I've also bought gymnastics rings to supplement my training and they rest comfortably on this bar. See photo! I've never once felt like the door frame was going to break or I was going to injure myself as a result of the bar breaking. Today on the rings I went fully upside down and I didn't fall off and break my neck! If I can do that, you guys should have full confidence in this items' abilities!

My door frame is pretty weak as it's made of some kind of soft wood but it hasn't cracked or broken using this yet, and I doubt it will at this stage!
review image
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on 11 October 2010
This pull up bar is of decent quality. it arrived with no assembly required and stores away nicely when hung up in my wardrobe. i can only give it 4 stars, due to a couple of things:

1) the fact that there was no list of dimensions within the product description was disapointing because i had to take a gamble on the purchase. (for everyone elses information it measures 35.8" across - this means that it will fit doorframes up to 32") I would have thought that dimensions are the most important specification of this product.

2) the lack of foam grips on the unit makes it feel unfinished. the smooth tubular finish is hard to work with during a sweaty workout. I have had to purchase my own grip tape to apply - which is a minor inconvenience.

apart from these 2 points, its a nice, strong piece of equipment which im looking forward to using for many years... just measure your doorway first. :)
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on 11 November 2010
A word of warning to potential customers:

This is just for strict pullups. Any swinging etc. will result in the bar coming off and you falling on your face. I practice back levers and front levers on my normal chinup bar but wanted a bar for my new flat which doesn't involve screws. I bought this but as soon as I set it up it become apparent that you can only do straight pulls on this. Not a fault at all with the product and for what it is it is great, but I thought I should share this information with people.
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on 12 July 2011
So far, so good. I've been using this for nearly a month now and it works very well. It fits inside the door frame as described and thus far hasn't caused any damage. I weigh 12.5 stone and holds my weight without any problems at all. I've also inspected closely for any marks that might have been left at pressure points, but there either are no marks at all or it's not noticeable.

So, I'm very happy with this. I think it would fit most standard doorways.
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on 15 May 2010
Great product, goes up easy in 2 seconds and no marks to your door. Was initially scared it would pull the door frame off but as soon as I put it up and started to use it I could see what a well designed product this is. After 2wks using I can already feel and see the benefits.
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on 5 December 2012
I am from the former USSR and a big fan of street workout, specifically pull-up and parallel bars.
I am doing some contract work in the UK where no outdoor pull-up bars can be encountered, at least in my city. Hence the choice is either going to the gym (which is more time and money consuming) or buying something like this.
And... this is a SUPERB ASSET! It takes 15 seconds from unpacking to actually doing pullups. I am doing 5-6 sets of 12 reps daily, my weight is 77 kg. No damage to the door frame whatsoever and the bar is sturdy as rock!
One drawback - it's too smooth and hands are a bit sliding off which can be helped using some leather gloves or special tape or just a tiiiiniest bit of moist 5 sec before the set.
Also a HUGE DIFFERENCE FROM OTHER PRODUCTS is that the bar appears to be QUITE HIGH as compared to, for example "Confidence" product, so with my height of 180 cm I just have to bend my knees a slight little bit whereas with "Confidence" it good 20 cm lower.

So, highly recommended!
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on 11 September 2012
This pull up bar is fairly good. The grooves which lock the arms into place weren't machined properly but the bar is still solid on the door frame. The InnovationFitness sticker looked a bit tacky so I pulled that off. One of the rubber protectors has started to come unstuck. What you'll find is the plastic fixtures on the hooks will damage paintwork so you may want to have these off and wrap the ends in electrical tape to protect your door frame. Overall, it's fine for the price and does the job as you'd expect.
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