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on 6 May 2010
I must say, I have been very pleasantly surprised by this series so far - and this installment was no different. Sookie's razor-sharp narration has been honed to whiplash proportions, and her dry humour just sparkles. The key players have been thoroughly established by now and sinking into these books is becoming quite the comfortable indulgence - yet there are also new faces to keep the series fresh, the action drags the reader along at a roaring pace, and the twisting threads of love and lust are spicily scintillating.

After the wider storylines of the last two novels, set in Dallas and Mississippi, this one was a welcome return to Bon Temps and the familiar local characters. Bill and Sookie are staying well apart - in fact, he's in Peru working on his vampire directory. A coven of powerful witches, with unprecedented triple power thanks to their Were status and taste for vampire blood, have moved into Shreveport with their eye on the vampires' business assets - and their personal ones too. Eric's memory has been hexed into oblivion in response to his rejection of the formidable Hallow, head of the coven. Left uncharacteristically sweet, vulnerable and completely clueless (but still totally gorgeous), it's left to Sookie to take him in and hide him from the witches - with sizzling repercussions... Oh, and Jason's mysteriously gone missing in suspicious circumstances. Just another week in Bon Temps, then!

Vampire chick lit may not be everyone's cup of tea, but these are snappy little reads, full of drama, wit, romance and a deft splash of blood, and I for one am having a wonderful time devouring them on my days off! Bring on book five...
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on 14 May 2005
Sookie Stackhouse, the attractive, telepathic barmaid from Bon Temps, LA, makes her fourth appearance in "Dead To The World," which I think is the best book in the series, so far. Boyfriend Bill, a Civil War veteran and vampire, is pretty much out of the picture here. He has been sent to Peru, by the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, to continue his research for the extensive vampire data base he is building. Sookie has ambivalent feelings about her old beau. He has proved to have a cheatin' heart, along with other unfaithful body parts. This is unfortunate because Sookie thought she had found the man of her dreams. However, there seems to be an abundance of other men, all preternatural, who are very interested in getting to know our Sookie better. And it is best for her to stick with the superhumans. She can't read their minds, and doesn't need to worry about keeping their inner voices at bay.
Driving home from work early New Year's morning, (there was a huge party at Merlotte's Bar), Sookie sees a half-naked, shoeless man running down the road. When she stops to help the poor guy, she realizes it is Eric, charismatic owner of Club Fangtasia, and vampire Sheriff of Area 5, which encompasses Shreveport and Bon Temps. It appears that Eric has amnesia, and remembers nothing about his life except that he is a vampire. He doesn't even know why he is running, or where. He is only aware of his terror - a very strange state for the strong, confident warrior he has always been. We learn later from Eric's cohorts that a coven of powerful witches, who use their magic for dark purposes, are attempting to take control of all the supernaturals in Area 5 - vampires, werewolves, shifters, etc.. When Eric refused to cooperate with them, they cast a spell taking away his memory. Sookie brings Eric home to care for him, through sheer kindness. Her brother Jason interferes with her altruism, however, when Eric's second in command visits to figure out an emergency course of action. Eric must remain in hiding and Jason negotiates a whopping $35,000. babysitting fee for his sister. Sookie finds that Eric is no longer the suave, scary, business-first, head-honcho vampire that she had been accustomed to. He is now tender, sincere, attentive, romantic, protective of her and grateful for her loyalty and decency. Our heroine doesn't know what to make of this drastic change, until sparks begin to fly between the two. She then decides to go with the flow. After all, Bill has been gone a long time.
"Dead To The World's" pace is fast and the action is nonstop throughout. Jason goes missing, the evil witches are on the loose, Alcide Herveaux, the hunky werewolf (from "Club Dead"), and his pack become involved in what is to be a major battle between the forces of good and evil, new characters are introduced, and much more. Per usual Charlaine Harris fills her well written narrative with humor, suspense, and thrilling plot twists and turns. The finale is outrageously good! Terrific escapist reading. I couldn't put the novel down.
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on 30 March 2017
The Sookie Stackhouse novels are always a form of guilty pleasure for me, they are easy to binge on when you have a day when you want to relax and not think too much.

I liked Dead to the World more than the 1st and 2nd book in the series as there is a lack of a certain vampire that I just cannot stand and there is more of Eric who is definitely more interesting.

The mystery was interesting wondering what was going on and if events were or weren't linked together. I have yet to guess right away who is the perpetrator in any of the Sookie books and I see this as a positive.

One thing that makes it unrealistic however is how every man who is not a 'human' gravitates towards Sookie and is automatically besotted with her. There are too many potential love interests to keep track of in too many forms.

I am still going to continue the series and look forward to reading book 5 next time that I am in a binge read mood.
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on 18 April 2005
If you have read the first 3 books by charlaine you won't be disapointed with this one. Sookies trying to take a break from all vamps and supes, but finds eric wandering the back roads with no memory, she reluctantly agrees to mind (babysit) him, but then her brother goes missing! Bringing back old charactors, alceed and his psycho girlfreind debbie, she then gets caught up in a battle between baddie witch/weres and vamps, witchs and weres.As always the charactors are interesting and different and the story pulls you in, a real page turner
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A hostile takeover bid for Fangtasia! Evil witches will create havoc until they succeed - for starters depriving vampire club owner Eric of his memory. Busy times are ahead for telepathic waitress Sookie.

Again vampire Bill (now ex-boyfriend) is barely around (Peru this time). Emphasis is very much on highly confused fugitive Eric, hidden by Sookie as witches ruthlessly seek (a vampire drained each day they have to search). Meanwhile Sookie's brother Jason goes missing in mysterious circumstances....

This fourth novel is another exciting read, for once Sookie to emerge relatively unscathed. Others are not so fortunate. All builds up to a dramatic, very violent, climax - an unprecedented alliance of vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and nice witches converging to tackle the foe.

Sookie as ever is awesomely resilient - and irresistible. Bill is going to have to join the queue of supernaturals competing for her affections. In future it will be in his interest to stay around a bit.

Throughout, humour enhances. (Eric passes the time watching tapes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".) Recommended to those who enjoy full blooded passion and adventure.
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on 11 September 2009
Sookie Stackhouse is still on the outs with her ex-lover vampire Bill Compton. At the start of this book he tells her that he's off to Peru on a mission for the vampire Queen, thus he's missing from much of narrative until near the end. Even then he's only there for a moment or two, that kind of made me sad since while Bill's not the best guy for Sookie (in my opinion) he's an interesting character. I see him as kind of tragic hero. Hopefully he'll be around more later! This novel consequently focuses on Sookie's affections being occupied elsewhere, indeed, I wasn't sure how happy I was about that. On her way home from New Years Eve at Merlotte's Sookie nearly runs over a tall naked man running in front of her car -- this naked man turns out to be Eric. Not only is he mostly naked he's also suffering from memory loss. Heh. Just another day in Bon Temps. Eric has gotten himself spelled by a coven of witches and it's Sookie's job to take care of him until they can be tracked down by Pam and the gang. There's also trouble afoot when Sookie's brother, Jason, disappears. Throw in some Weres and we're all in a right old mess!

I enjoyed this novel, but not as much as the previous three. I found the plot a little thin like there wasn't enough in it to sufficiently sustain a novel. The new and improved amnesiac version of Eric (who I usually really like) was irritating me quite a lot by the end of the book. I found his relationship with Sookie in this book a little... creepy. I don't know. There was just something odd about her liking this version of him without so much as a care in the world. I felt like she didn't really think things through and what consequences would result from the hold Eric would have over her once he returned to his former glory. It was an irresponsible decision made by someone usually very capable and intelligent. The witches also weren't very interesting -- I was left feeling quite unsatisfied by the mystery -- honestly, 'Dead to the World' felt like series filler even if there were some good plot developments (Jason, Debbie Pelt etc.)

There were far too many secondary characters that I couldn't keep track of half of them. Although it was nice to see old favourites like Sam and Arlene and Andy Bellefleur back again. The references to the first novel were welcome! Not a bad outing by any means but not up to the great stuff of the first three books.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 August 2010
Bill's away in Peru, Eric's been spelled by a coven of witches, and Jason's disappeared leaving just bloodstains behind - and it's up to Sookie to sort it all out.

This is the fourth of the series and my favourite to date. The sublimated feelings between Sookie and Eric are allowed to move centre stage, even if the scared, confused Eric is a far cry from his more usual persona.

The introduction of Claudine, the six foot Amazonian fairy is another high point and the source of much subtle humour.
Altogether a great pacy read with more romance and eroticism that some of the other books.
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on 24 May 2011
This is one of the best in this series. The one where Eric forgets...It's so cute to see a side to him untainted by his 1000+ years of vampire nastiness. Sookie becomes his whole world because his memory is a complete void up until the moment she found him running barefoot down the road due to a spell.

The story revolves around a group of ambitious witches hyped up on vampire blood, who come to town with plans to usurp Eric as the sheriff of area 5
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Sookie Stackhouse is a small-town cocktail waitress in Louisiana. She is a human with the special talent of telepathy. Since the Great Revelation, when vampires announced their presence to the world, everyone's eyes have opened. Sookie's first real boyfriend, Bill Compton, came around shortly thereafter. Since vampires are dead, it is tough for Sookie to hear their thoughts. It made Bill perfect for her. Until Bill cheated on her (last book) and they broke up. Through Sookie's adventures with Bill, she learned that Vampires are not the only supernatural predator in the world. But Weres, Fairies, Shifter, and the like, still did not want their presence known to humans.
Bill is off to Peru, on assignment, for a couple of weeks. The New Year's Eve celebration finally ends. Sookie's resolutions are to not get beaten up and to stay out of trouble. (Har-de-har-har!) The night is not even over and Sookie is driving home when she spies a man running, nude, down the road as if someone or something is after him. Turns out that he has amnesia. He has no memory of why he is tunning in the nude. He does not even know his name. Sookie does, of course. It is Eric! He is still scary and sexy, but no longer cruel and sly.
A coven of powerful witches have moved into the area. They plan to take over the businesses of the vampires. The leader, Hallow, cursed Eric with amnesia, but did not expect him to vanish. The witches put a huge bounty out for information on Eric's location. Sookie has the task of keeping Eric hidden in her home, until the evil witches are dealt with. Sookie knows this is dangerous, but she is more worried about how alluring the new, nicer Eric is. At the same time, Sookie's brother, Jason has disappeared.
**** If you do not read the previous books in this series, you will find yourself wondering why Sookie is worried about a few things. This book picks up a few weeks after the last one left off. As usual, the novel begins and ends the major plot of the story. But a few juicy sub-plots are left dangling, to be continued in the next. Those on-going tid-bits are one of the wonderful things the fans of this series enjoys very much! But this book does not touch on the Sookie, Bill, and Eric triangle as much. Bill is demoted to a minor character this time around.
The author is just as witty in her writing as always. Jason, Sookie's brother, is finally being pulled into the Supernatural mess as well. Lively (no pun intended), witty, intense, and just plain fun reading. Wonderful! ****
Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 31 March 2006
Having read all the other Sukie Stachouse novels I was pleased to find that this one didn't disappoint. Some people don't seem to be able to understand the attraction of Sukie to the other characters but it is her very honesty and obvious discomfort with her abilities that appeals. In this book Eric, owner of Club Dead finds himself in a bit of a spot and it is Sukie who holds out the hand of friendship. I loved the way she rationalised sex with him by hoping he wouldn't realise what they had done when his memory was restored!
Protecting Eric, despite the fact they have never realkly been friends, allows Sookie a different outlook on the life of the undead. The combining of the various factions of undead, were and shifter to rid the themselves of a very real threat, allows the return of the attractive werewolf who helped Sookie find and rescue vampire Bill. I hope we see more of him in future Stackhouse outings!
Overall this was a riveting read and I fro one can't waut for the next lighthearted installment of watching Sookie struggle to keep her humanity.
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