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on 6 May 2010
I must say, I have been very pleasantly surprised by this series so far - and this installment was no different. Sookie's razor-sharp narration has been honed to whiplash proportions, and her dry humour just sparkles. The key players have been thoroughly established by now and sinking into these books is becoming quite the comfortable indulgence - yet there are also new faces to keep the series fresh, the action drags the reader along at a roaring pace, and the twisting threads of love and lust are spicily scintillating.

After the wider storylines of the last two novels, set in Dallas and Mississippi, this one was a welcome return to Bon Temps and the familiar local characters. Bill and Sookie are staying well apart - in fact, he's in Peru working on his vampire directory. A coven of powerful witches, with unprecedented triple power thanks to their Were status and taste for vampire blood, have moved into Shreveport with their eye on the vampires' business assets - and their personal ones too. Eric's memory has been hexed into oblivion in response to his rejection of the formidable Hallow, head of the coven. Left uncharacteristically sweet, vulnerable and completely clueless (but still totally gorgeous), it's left to Sookie to take him in and hide him from the witches - with sizzling repercussions... Oh, and Jason's mysteriously gone missing in suspicious circumstances. Just another week in Bon Temps, then!

Vampire chick lit may not be everyone's cup of tea, but these are snappy little reads, full of drama, wit, romance and a deft splash of blood, and I for one am having a wonderful time devouring them on my days off! Bring on book five...
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on 22 April 2010
Book four of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series is arguably the best one of the series so far. Setting the action back in Bon Temps, after the previous two books were set out of town, this time around Sookie must protect Eric, who is suffering from memory loss due to a witches curse, from a coven of evil witches. She must also deal with the disappearance of her brother Jason, as well as her break-up with Bill, who spends most of this book in Peru.

There's a bit more supernatural stuff going on this time around. We meet some new beings, or Supes as they are called in the book, including some new Shifters, a fairy and a coven of witches. Sookie's brother Jason also gets more to do in this book, he becomes involved in the supernatural world and his character will certainly never be the same again after this book. Some of the characters who we met in the previous book, Club Dead: A True Blood Novel also reappear, most notably Alcide, Sookie's werewolf friend (although he, along with many other male characters is something of a love interest for her).

If you have read any of these books before then you know what to expect here; a fun, slightly tongue in cheek paranormal mystery. Our heroine, Sookie is fairly brazen and although she isn't the sharpest tool in the box, acts as a very entertaining narrator. Style wise, the book is very simple to read, and it won't take you long as it is quite addictive reading, as are the other books in this series. If you haven't read any of those, then I suggest you go back to Dead Until Dark: A True Blood Novel and start from there, as although this can be understood and read as a single mystery, there are things that do overlap from book to book, such as characters and mythology. Nothing too mind boggling, but it's always best to get the whole effect of this world.

So all in all, this is an addictive, fun and at times suspenseful read, which is the strongest addition to the series so far. Let's hope that book five keeps up with this trend.
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VINE VOICEon 2 November 2009
After the disastrous events in Club Dead, it looks like Bill and Sookie's relationship is officially over. Bill heads on a trip to Peru while Sookie remains in Bon Temps, making a New Year's resolution not to get beat up again. Life doesn't return to normal, however, because on the way home from work Sookie spots Eric running around naked. When she gets him in her car, she realizes that he has amnesia and has no idea who he is. Not only does this new, sweeter Eric fluster Sookie, but she learns that there is a were-witch coven at work who cast this spell on him. Worse, the coven is extremely dangerous. It looks like Sookie may not keep her New Year's resolution after all.

Like nearly everyone else who has been reading these books, I have been crossing my fingers for Eric and Sookie to get together. His sex appeal just oozes off the page, and here he's sweet, old-fashioned, and totally perplexed in addition to ridiculously sexy. How can this go wrong?

Well, after reading this book, I'm glad that the reviews for the next one promise no romance. Poor Sookie's heart has been totally put through a wringer. Between Bill and Eric, I feel sorry for her! There is also Alcide, who I wouldn't mind having a little more screen time. It doesn't help that her brother goes missing and she is once again stuck helping to save everyone, even though she's not actually anything paranormal herself. It just never ends. Although if it did end, there wouldn't be much of a series! I also was very intrigued by the nearby town that Sookie discovers and its residents. I didn't see that coming at all, but it's an interesting twist and I hope they stick around to wreak a little bit more havoc.

Anyway, this isn't much a review, it's more a random collection of various thoughts which have popped into my head. Regardless, I am really enjoying this series! My new library has all the rest of the series and I couldn't be happier. Expect more reviews soon! In the meantime, Dead to the World is another great addition to this series, which I am definitely thrilled I started.
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on 2 November 2009
This is the forth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse. I have to admit you will like it and hate it at the same time. The story begins a few weeks after the incident in Club Dead and it's the New Year's Eve. With a new year resolution of not getting herself into trouble, Sookie is on her way back home after work when she sees Eric running shirtless on the parish road outside her house. Eric only knows he is a vampire, has no memory of who he is and is looking very confused.

Without herself realizing it, Sookie finds herself in the middle of turmoil of the supernatural world. A group of powerful werewolves and vampire blood drinking witches, led by Hallow and her brother Mark, have invaded Shreveport, put a spell to Eric and taken over his business. For Eric's safety, Sookie, with the help of Jason, comes to a deal with Pam. She will keep Eric in her place while Pam and Chow look for a way to defeat the witches and get their territory back. Not too long after that, Jason has gone missing.

With all these troubles in her hands, Alcide comes to give his assistance and he introduces her to the packmaster of were in Shreveport, Colonel Flood. Sookie forms a friendship with the were pack in Shreveport. Back in Bon Temps, Sookie continues into the investigation of Jason's disappearance. This takes her to the small shape shifter community of Hotshot headed by Calvin Norris, as Jason was last seen with Crystal Norris, a girl from the area. Troubled by all the problems round her, Eric's presence is like a breath of fresh air. Eric under the curse is so different to his normal self. He is not arrogant or proud anymore but becomes a very sensitive and lovable creature. With Bill out of the picture (he is out in Peru doing his research for the vampire database), Sookie begins a relationship with Eric-that's probably what you would expect after all their encounters from the previous books.

Finally, the local peace loving Wiccan witches, werewolves and vampires form an alliance. With Sookie and Bubba as the forerunner, they launch an attack to Hallow's nest. They win the fight in the end with a few injuries and death such as Chow and Colonel is badly hurt. Hallow is captured by Pam for further interrogation.

Eric and Sookie get back home but to their surprise, the night is not over yet. Debbie is waiting for Sookie with a gun! Debbie's assassination attempt fails as Eric takes the bullet for Sookie and Sookie shots her in return. The next day, when Eric wakes up, he turns back to his own self with no memory of the time he was under the curse. Even though it's hard to resist her feelings for him, Sookie decides not to reveal the truth about their time together.

Losing the lovely Eric is not the end of the world. Sookie gets her brother who turns out to have been kidnapped by a shape shifter from the Hotshot community who fancies Crystal, the girl he is going out with. He has been bitten and will turn into a were-panther in the next full moon.

Well, let me explain what I like about this book. Charlaine has certainly expanded the supernatural world that Sookie is in. In Club Dead, we get a glimpse of werewolves and shape shifters. And also, you may remember that Club Dead is spell-bound-a hint that witches exist in Sookie's world. And in this book, we get to know more about these two new introductions of supe creatures. Many new secondary characters appear in this series such as the Norris from Hotshot, Colonel Flood, Clancy the vampire etc.

Charlaine has certainly laid down a few lose ends and clues in this book which will be developed further in book 5. Will Jason have any problems adjusting to his new life as a shape shifter? Are Bill and Sookie completely over-well Bill was in the witch battle as well? Who is Claudine the fairy-she just kind of appeared from nowhere? Will anyone, especially Alcide, find out what happened to Debbie?

And finally, let me move on to discuss parts of the book that I do not like. On one hand, I am glad to see Eric and Sookie get to somewhere about their relationship. The connection has been developing in previous books and it's no surprise how this leads to. The chemistry between the two of them is so different in this book. Sookie has the chance to see a different side of Eric which is very hard to resist!!. Eric without all the ego and proud can be so sweet like a puppy dog-which I find quite funny. A few very steamy moments of the two should satisfy many Sookie/Eric fans. However, the way they get together is kind of a bit weird and very physically-probably guided by the blood bond-Sookie has had Eric's blood. The "nice" Eric even, not proposes, but says that he is willing to give up everything and come and live with her. And then the next day, he wakes up and forgets everything as Pam managed to get Hallow to lift the spell. Nothing is worse than that I think. It's like having a very good time and all of a sudden you realize all is a dream!!!

Another criticism I have is the fighting scene. There is a long build up to the battle with the powerful witches but it only lasts like a chapter. I would love to see a bit more action. The same for Debbie's attempt to kill Sookie. Similar to the death of Lorena, it's short and simple. I would love to see a bit more struggle and conversation to justify Sookie's reputation of being lethal to exes!!!
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This is the 4th book in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series. I will admit that I only read the Sookie Stackhouse books as I had watched the television series however I absolutely love the books and now find the television series a bit wanting at times (although I still love the TV series). They seem to change the story in the television series so much from the books which in my opinion don't need changing however I assume they do this for a 'more dramatic storyline'. For anyone who is a fan of the television series then I would definitely advise them to read the books as they are so much better and go into so much more detail than the TV series can. I absolutely fell in love with Eric Northman in the series and if there was a 'team Eric' vs a 'team Bill' then I am definitely on team Eric! I can't wait until the latest instalment in the series is released from Charlaine Harris and I shall be reading it as soon as it touches my doormat!
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on 12 December 2011
Having read all of the books Charlaine Harris has released following Sookie Stackhouse, the fourth book is by far my favourite. The book was completely addictive - I finished it in a little over two days as I couldn't put it down.
It begins with Sookie, the protagonist, driving home from her work at the bar, on New Years Day at 2am. As she gets close to her home, she sees a man running down the road in just his jeans. She soon realises that the man is actually the head vampire sherrif, Eric Northman, who she knows fairly well. She coaxes the vampire into her car and takes him back to her house where she learns he has amnesia and doesn't know who he is. When she calls Pam, Eric's underling, she tells Sookie to hide him and that a band of witches cursed Eric - leaving him in his current state. Sookie reluctantly agrees to keep him and he soon begins to trust her above all others.
It's a compelling read to watch the relationship between Sookie and Eric be rebuilt. The once dangerous and sexily mysterious Eric, who held a degree of power over Sookie, is now a timid man who lays everything bare for all to see and who now looks to Sookie for guidance. It isn't long before their evident chemistry takes over and the two of them embark on a sexual relationship. However, she knows that the time she spends with this Eric is limited with Pam looking to restore him to his former being.
As I said before, my favourite book by far. I was so pleased to see Eric with Sookie instead of Bill, who I always felt didn't warrant her attention. I would definitely recommend this book to others and wish Charlaine would go back to writing storylines like these rather than every second person looking to kill Sookie off.
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VINE VOICEon 12 August 2007
Sookie's at it again! Fresh from her ordeal at Club Dead, she now finds herself embroiled in an ever-increasing circle of supernaturals, this time, mainly witches and weres.

The author has broadened her range of characters, focusing on Sookie rather than the vampires. With her ex-lover vampire, Bill, out of the way for now, Sookie's love interest flits from Eric with a memory loss and Alcide, who is a Werewolf. Some choice!

The expanding range of characters works, allowing Sookie centre-stage throughout and leaves open the door to the author's next novel in the series.

For Sookie Stackhouse followers this is another good read with plenty of action, the usual high body count, a little love interest on show and a suitable kidnapping mystery thrown in.
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on 23 January 2014
I really loved this! I loved seeing a totally different side to Eric, usually he's a bit sarcastic and a lot of wily with a streak of mean but here he's sweet and caring and it was really nice to see that side of him. I was hoping the story of Sookie and Eric would develop and here it had a chance to do so. The ending was very bittersweet but has promise for the future - I won't say too much, I don't want to spoil things. If you enjoyed the previous ones, don't even hesitate - read this :)
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on 14 November 2013
Who would of thought Eric could get any Hotter........ Well he can.
With witches, werewolves and vampires all joining forces, meeting new Supes and Jason goes missing. Whole lot of stuff going on.

Again could not put this one down. Every book so far has been read over 2 nights. Loving the action and interaction of the charactures you just can't wait to see where each new book takes you.

And who would of though Pam would have a sense of humour. Love her characture
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on 24 August 2010
Book 4 in the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
In my opinion, the best book of the series.
I loved this book because Sookie realises how she feels towards Eric Northman, the gorgeous blonde haired viking vampire and it makes the reader fall in love with him too (if you weren't already!)
More vampires, werewolves and witches to keep you so engrossed, you won't want to put the book down.
Read the first three books beforehand though to understand the full storyline.
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