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on 19 August 2011
I dont usually watch anything to do with war, but I bought this for my partner and sat down to watch an episode with him one night. well one turned into 3 - it is so addictive, like a good book, dont want to put it down.

Highly recommend this to anyone, you instantly get into the characters and their own personal stories, and how they all come together to fight in all the different places they were sent to. The war scenes can be a bit graphic, but then you wouldnt expect less.
Its very moving too, beautifully done. The last DVD is especially poignant, as it shows you the actual people who the film was based on and what they did after the war - this had me in tears!

Buy it and enjoy it - amazing.
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on 5 November 2011
As other reviewers have said there will be obvious comparisons with Band of Brothers, but this certainly isn't Band of Brothers II. If anything this is an even more harrowing account of the physical and emotional toll that war exacts on both the combatants and their loved one's. From the opening episodes set on Guadalcanal to the marines final operation on Okinawa this truly is a depiction of war as a descent into hell. There are a couple of episodes set away from the combat zones, but these are equally moving in their own way and allow the viewer to get to know a little more about the main characters. This helps to create an empathy with them that makes the horrors they face as the series progresses even more heart wrenching. I found the main characters very engaging and their relationships touching, but it is the depiction of war that is the most memorable thing about the series. This is war represented in all of its visceral and gory glory. This is blood, mud and rotting corpses along with endless rain and sheer desperate terror. And, at the end, the realisation that these are real peoples lives that we are witnessing (with the odd tweak for dramatic purposes). My heart goes out to the men who lived through such times and my hat goes off to the makers of this excellent series. If you loved Band of Brothers you'll love this and if you haven't seen either then I strongly recommend you see both. Highly recommended.
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on 13 April 2010
If you are reading this you are likely to want to know one answer first of all- is this as good as band of brothers? The simple answer is yes and what I'd like to immediately add is it's also different enough to stand up on its own 2 feet.

With Band we had a fairly military centric view of things. With the Pacific the nature of the conflict allows substantial time away from the front. Indeed episode 3 plays out entirely in Australia where the marines regroup and replenish for later battles. It's only here you see a bit of retraining there is no "boot camp" episode where you slowly get to meet the men. This allows us to see them not covered in mud and blood shooting at the Japanese in the distance but actually having some fun. This is where you start to care more for the men rather than just being in fear of the carnage.

However when the battles happen they erupt with the viciousness and realism you have seen in recent big budget war films. Bodies rip apart, guns roar and the scenes are very visceral. It's heart racing stuff and always impeccably well directed.

Realism is the goal here and at times that is hard to watch, America was sneak attacked by an Asian country and subsequently phrases like "yellow monkeys" and "dirty Japs" were regularly used and genuinely meant this is uncomfortable for the modern viewer. There's also an episode that focuses on the fact war takes its toll on young men's minds as well as their bodies and I am glad these areas were given proper attention because the series does a very good job of showing "heroes" as real and flawed human beings.

So this is pretty much a "must see" for those who want to see high quality war drama.

If you liked this there's more historical debate and fun at @HistoryGems on Facebook and Twitter
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on 24 February 2011
Having not seen Band of Brothers before viewing this, and being ex-military and generally not interested in viewing stuff that can glorify war, I was unaware what a fanatastic series this was going to be.

I have to say it was pure mind blowing and I watched the whole series in 2 sittings on DVD box set, so was I enraptured by it, yes it has all the action you would expect to see, but it is done in such a way to highlight the horror of combat and certainly not to glorify it in anyway at all, it also chronicles the emotional journeys of the soldiers something which is too often forgotten in war films, in my experience you can pretty much blank out the horrendous scenes you witness as generally you have a job to do at the time, although to be fair I never experienced anything like these hero's had to endure, it was just nice that the emotional side of it is highlighted.

Since viewing this I bought the Band of Brothers on box set and viewed that in 2 sittings as well, both sit on par with each other in my eyes so if you were a fan of Band of Brothers and haven't seen The Pacific then I fully recommend you purchase it on box set.
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on 18 January 2011
It is inevitable that The Pacific will be judged not on its own merits, but against the reference standard set by Band of Brothers. Inevitable because the basic formula is the same: personal experiences of war set against a backdrop of war.

It was similarly inevitable that The Pacific would have to plough a subtly different furrow on this common field, there being no point in following exactly where Band of Brothers had already been. Unfortunately that deviation takes The Pacific out of theatre for too long; more seriously, at times the storyline courts both irrelevancy and implausibility. In attempting to add depth and humanity to the characters, the Director comes dangerously close to distracting, even misdirecting the viewer.

Back in the world and having just watched Pacific I would have given it five stars. Sadly the death of Major Dick Winters prompted me to watch Band of Brothers again. Back to back the differences are subtle but telling: Band of Brothers is storytelling and movie making perfection, The Pacific is just slightly less so but a stunning technical achievement and fabulous, thought-provoking viewing nonetheless.
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on 25 January 2011
As with "Band of Brothers" I found this series difficult to get into - probably more so because the series immediately pitches into the vicious battle of Guadalcanal and there is little time to get acquainted with the characters. The third episode, set during a moment of respite in Australia, remedies this and from this point I found the series increasingly gripping.

The fragmented, and sometimes pointless, nature of the Pacific campaign means that this series is perhaps even more character driven than "Band of Brothers" with its Normandy to Germany narrative arc. In some ways this makes it easier to relate to as it focuses principally on just three marines: Leckie, Basilone and Sledge. On the other hand the brutality of the Pacific fighting, the underlying racism of the conflict and the marines culture of taking no prisoners leavens our thinking about these people and poses back to the viewer the uncomfortable question of how we would behave if we had to courage to face similar circumstances.

Consequently the series avoids jingoism and mock heroism. The combat sequences are terrifying rather than exciting and the overall tone is sorrowful rather than celebratory. It raises difficult issues and does not provide comforting answers.

It is quite simply a masterpiece.
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on 2 January 2012
I was really anticipating The Pacific after having thoroughly enjoyed Band of Brothers (BoB). Over the 10 episodes I felt you really got to know the characters. No so with the Pacific. I found it disjointed with no one character being in the series from whoa to go. Unlike BoB it failed to really flow jumping from Bob Leckie to Sledgehammer with Basildone thrown in for good measure - the story just failed to really flow.

In BoB you saw Easy Company grow from training to the D-Day Jumps to the freezing cold of Bastonne to the taking of Hitler's fortress in the sky. With the Pacific you have a different island just about each episide with a snapshot of what happenened during that campaign. This meant that getting to know the characters as a group just didn't happen and I have to say after about 4 episodes I strugled to work out who the main characters were and how they all fitted together. By the end the 2 main characters shine through as Leckie and Sledge, who during the series actually have nothing to do with each other, so in effect it is 2 series about the same theatre of war with the first half devoted to Leckie (who then disappears from about episode 6) and the second half devoted to Sledge.

As a series its OK and watchable. The scenes are a little more gory (obviously enhanced for HD), but really because you don't know the characters you don't get the same attachment to them and have the same feeling when they are hurt or die (Basildone aside) as you did in BoB, and hence there is less tension in watching it. For me that's a shame, because the Pacific campaign was a pivotal theatre in WW2 and the part the US forces played in that theatre was immence. For me, Letters from Iwo Jiwa was a much better and more sucinct rendition of the campaign and though told from a Japanese perspective you had more attachement to the characters in that movie than you did in this.
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on 12 October 2010
Well......What can i say! This series blew me away. Firstly to anyone that says "not as good as BOB" well they aren't meant to be, the war in the pacific is COMPLETELY different to the war in Normandy so how people can compare the series and say its crap I will never understand! I had never really seen or heard much about the war in the Pacific but when I saw the series advertised on Sky I thought it looked interesting. HBO did an amazing job on the series, they hired an amazing cast that played the characters extremely well. The reason this series stood out to me was because I had only seen Band of Brothers a couple of weeks before the release of this DVD and thought that it was really well put together. The Blue ray quality is fantastic, so if your like me, and have a thing for war and want to learn about the Pacific and what it did to the people fighting over there, then this is a must buy!
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on 9 January 2011
Like band of brothers, this series is really well shot (mind the pun) and great to look at. Unlike the former series, it doesn't focus on the charcters in as much depth but nevertheless does a good job of helping the viewer get to know the characters. For me the first 3 or 4 episodes are really good (except for the one they recooperate in australia), with brilliant battle scenes. Be warned that there are some really disturbing blood and gore scenes but it has to be expected as it is WAR. As the series continues, the episodes just seem to blend into each other, making each one hard to stand out on it's own and even the battle scenes seem very similar and a bit boring. Generally, the whole series starts out well, then gets pretty boring, especially as as there is too much focus on life away from the battlefield. Won't be enjoyed as much by people who prefer seeing the war mainly from the battlefield but still worth watching.
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VINE VOICEon 31 March 2011
Just to write a couple of notes about the tin Blu Ray set.
1: The packaging is very smart, but extremly difficult to get out of the tin. Turning it upside down doesn't even loosen it. It's a bit of a fight to prise the packaging out of the tin.
2: On the PS3 I found the loading screen went into a continous loop on first play. I had to stop, eject and retry. Next time after a long load it started. After that initial long load the next times it loaded in seconds. I don't know why this is or weather it's just my set but it felt touch and go if this would work.
3: Although Band Of Brothers is probably a series so grainy and gritty you would be hard pressed to figure out a reason to actually buy it on Blu Ray if you already have it on DVD, The Pacific does have some very clear and sharp scenes that are definatley enhanced with BluRay.
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