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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£11.99+ £1.26 shipping

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on 19 May 2017
Item was exactly what had been described as. Arrived on time.
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on 1 December 2009
After leaving their massive label with Universal Music about 3 years ago we have seen t.A.T.u. slowly disappear from the public's eyes, within the mainstream music industry anyway. During this period between their last big hit single "All About Us" from the album "Dangerous And Moving" in 2005 t.A.T.u. had been working hard on a third album. Their Russian counterpart to this album "Happy Smiles" was released in 2008 and got a good reception in Russia. They have made full use of the new technologies and still in full swing on such social networking sites as YouTube and MySpace.

This highly anticipated English counterpart to their 3rd Russian album "Happy Smiles" is set to be the soundtrack to their yet-to-be-released full feature movie "You And I" which stars Mischa Barton. The movie follows the story of two young t.A.T.u. fans on a journey of self-discovery and danger and is directed by English, Oscar-Nominated director Rolan Joffe.

The song 'White Robe' was recently released in Brazil and the music video broadcast on MTV Brazil which peaked at number 3 in charts.

This album sees t.A.T.u. grow yet still hold onto some of their original elements which we all fell in love with back in 2003. They have taken a much more electronic approach with this album yet the vocals are still amazingly unique and exceptionally high in parts.

The album starts off with hit single "White Robe" which immediately gets the listener remembering how much they loved t.A.T.u. in the begining. "You And I" and "Running Blind" are perfect examples of their unique high-pitched vocals whilst "Fly On The Wall" aims to deliver a much more classic pop song suitable for an American mainstream audience. Each track is perfectly distinguished as different but yet holding onto similarity for the overall electronic feel to the album. "Sparks" is an amazing energetic jolt of music that you will capture the listener immediately on first listen. Continuing with high energetic tracks "Time Of The Moon" is almost tribal in feel. "Don't Regret" is a stand alone track which is truly beautiful to listen to and makes you really appreciate actually how amazingly talented these two Russian beauties really are. "Martian Eyes" is the only non-english track on the album which makes the listener really appreciate the girls' native language and actually widens their understanding of how beautiful the Russian language can be. The 3 remix songs added onto the end are an interesting bonus to what is a fantastic effort at a third album for t.A.T.u.

Let's only hope they get the needed publicity so that everyone can enjoy this near-masterpiece of electronic pop!
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on 29 February 2012
This CD seems to be inexplicably hard to get. It's easy to get the Russian version cheap at the official band site. The English version? No. Same here on Amazon, where the general pricing and availability of the CD suggests it has met some serious distribution issues. My own (expensive) purchase ended up being a 21-track Belarusian edition with no booklet (VIGMA 3842-1, EAN 4810689017888). All the music is in there, and six other t.A.T.u songs to fill it up. But it's not the deal I was hoping for. I have my doubts it's even a licensed deal.
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on 17 May 2011
Waste Managment [+3 Bonus] if you know of their earlier stuff, then this may be for you, just warning though there are some good tracks on here and some that may not suite your ears so a mixture of sorts, well for a girl group who stormed the charts everywhere this is still quite a good decent album, what i think ruined this band in most places is when they did eurovision some time ago as always any decent group start to slump after that cheesy competition, but this album has proved they can really make great different music no matter what critics say, i love this cd and if you can't afford the high cost of getting the cd version of this album, as i got it when it went down in price, then it's worth the hassle of downloading for the greatness of tatu's sound.
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on 17 July 2014
I loved the Tatu album 200KMH InThe Wrong Lane, so thought I'd try this - now I wish I hadn't. Unlike their first album, there's no stand-out tracks on here. There's not 1 good song. For unknown reasons, All About Us is put onto this album too, along with a load of Russian versions of the album tracks, which are pointless to any UK listener. I'm not sure why they thought an English-language version of the album should have a lot of Russian-language versions tacked on the end - if we'd wanted the Russian version we'd have bought that instead. But it's the same with all Tatu reissued / deluxe albums - you get Russian language versions heaped on too, unnecessarily.

This is a really bad, dreary album - you can tell why Tatu aren't successful in US/UK anymore, putting out rubbish like this. In a pop world where you've got to come up with something new and different and exciting with each album, Tatu have proven themselves unable to match the success of their first album. Instead of sticking with Trevor Horn, they have gone back to their original writers who haven't managed to duplicate the success of 200 KMH. Please don't waste your money on this rubbish.
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on 17 October 2012
A great album, with limited availability.
Please be careful when ordering this from Amazon or similar sites - there are a lot of sellers offering fake 21 track CDs but these are not the genuine product.
The album was released digitally across the world but physical copies of the CD are only available through their official website.
I ordered mine recently from there, it took a few weeks to arrive but it's the genuine 14 track CD in English and it comes signed by the ladies themselves.
As for the album - I love it, the CD version is continuous so every track blends into the next with no gaps. The songs actually take a little longer to grow on you than on their previous records but tracks like 'You and I' and 'Fly on The Wall' are classic t.A.T.u.
The official CD also comes with a nice sleeve of pictures and lyrics so definitely worth picking this version up. Again, go via their official site to avoid paying a stupid price for a fake CD. The one on their site actually cost me less than buying the fake one!!
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on 10 January 2013
This is an album that made me a little obsessed with Tatu's music. While it is easy to dismiss them as pop puppets of producer Ivan Shapovalov (they were) - successfully - and of Boris Renski (executive producer/manager - fatally not quite as successfully), the music stands the test of a relatively short space of time.

One reviewer described them as a cross between pop and rock and this is a near-perfect description. The musical maestro in a long line of svengalis is Sven Martin (Keyboard, musical director (2002-2011)) who runs along their timeline and music like a seam of gold. His keyboard-heavy work was the backbone of the music since the early days of the manufactured group.

Their issuing of differing editions to the Russian and English-speaking markets leads to some confusion. This album is the English-language version of "Happy Smiles" ie. "Vesyolye Ulybki" transliterated, still with 2 songs in Russian.

Both albums are worth acquiring, as some prefer the Russian vocals and this can give a more mysterious or exotic air to the songs.

The longer "Transcendent Version" plays as a continuous track, influenced by the flow of music on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". This has short musical interludes between tracks.

Sadly, their popularity seemed to have faded with the shock novelty of the singers' relationship and they split as a duo after this album. Who knows what the future of Lena and Yulia will hold, but for now, they have left a series of intriguing, off-kilter electronic albums with many emotive, filmic, uplifting and poignant songs. "Waste Management" is certainly composed of many of these.
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on 27 July 2014
Awesome quality best postage best cd tat u have recorded yet !!
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on 19 January 2013
Well I must say my item has been positively received, t.A.T.u are great and the album is a real evolution of their previous work. I would definitely buy from this merchant in the future.
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on 1 September 2014
Absolutely amazing album :D had it digitally for three years but HAD to get a physical copy...so worth it =^.^=
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