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on 1 December 2012
I've recently started using my laptop to play video streamed from another PC. The laptop is plugged into the bedroom TV.

Using the existing Intel 3945ABG card the throughput was too slow to watch a HD recording. So I bit the bullet and upgraded the wireless to this 'N' card.

The card seems to perform well. the connection through two stud walls is ~270Mbits which is not quite full speed. The connection speed can fluctuate though which, I suppose, is normal.

A HD recording streams at a more than adequate rate to watch with no glitches.

I did have an issue when I first installed the card - my Acer laptop would not turn the card on via the hardware switch. Windows could 'see' the card and the drivers all seemed to say no problem. Diagnostics revealed the message 'hardware radio switch is off' (or something like that). This card does not have a full set of contacts where it goes into it's slot on the motherboard. Presumably this caused my BIOS some issues. A bit of Google searching revealed a simple, all be it fiddly, work around. All I had to do was put a small bit of insulating tape over pin 20 on the card. Hey presto everything is now tickety boo. I think this means that I can no longer physically turn wireless off via the hardware switch. Effectively this just means I can't use this laptop on an airplane.

The above is relayed to help anybody else who ends up with a similar issue. I firmly believe that this was caused by the age of my laptop and not the 'N' card.

4 stars instead of 5 because of the signal variation. This could easily be caused by my configuration as much as the card.

If your looking for this type of card I think you could buy this with confidence.
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on 15 February 2012
I was having some internet connection problems, particularly with online banking sites and after narrowing down the problem to the network/wifi card I opted to replace the Atheros one fitted to my 5 month old Toshiba Satellite L750. On this model laptop there is a trap door underneath to access the memory and fortunately the wifi card is present here too. The old card was removed and the new Intel one fitted, the laptop restarted and then the fun and games began. Windows 7 did NOT recognise the driver for it but I had it on a usb stick so installed it manually. Windows then KNEW it was there but it would not find the wireless network no matter what I did.
After a lot of messing about I reinstalled the old wifi card but although it found the driver straightaway even THAT could'nt find the network so obviously its not a problem with the Intel card. It seems my Toshiba does'nt like bits being taken out then put back in and be expected to work again.
In the end I took the laptop back to factory settings as I could 'nt get any sense from various internet forums to cure the problem and after the 'Electronic Enema' was administered the Intel wifi card was fitted, the driver installed and BINGO we have a better wireless connection and be able to connect to the bank without having to wait for ever to do so. The signal bar on the taskbar never goes below full strength and it does seem faster although I'm still not sure whether its using the faster N band. Anyhow I'm happy with it but beware installation is not THAT straighforward.
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on 7 December 2010
I always have an Intel wireless card. They are very reliable and work out of the box on almost all linux distributions. I have upgraded to Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 from Intel Wifi Link 5100AGN on my HP laptop in two minutes and even didn't need to install any driver on Sabayon linux. I can see more wireless networks in my flat now and they also have stronger signals than with the 5100AGN. It means that the card is more sensitive for picking up wireless signals..
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on 3 April 2012
Works well on my Dell Inspiron 15R 5010, I'm seeing 13MB/s to 20MB/s with my D-Link DIR-655, very happy compared to Dell card, 1MB was very common. Have just used the Intel Drivers and W7 to manage connection
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on 29 November 2010
Was having terrible problems connecting to my Netgear wireless network with my vaio and after trying everything in the software and reading others had similar problems I opted to replace the internal Atheros wireless card provided. I purchased this card and it has proved a good replacement and worked straight away. It came with a driver disc.
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on 19 August 2011
Arrived packaged well to protect the device. Fitted it to an Acer 1410 notebook of my nieces, the old Intel 1000 seeming to have died, not receiving wireless and maintaining a connection to well. Removed old card, fitted this one and it worked straight away. Windows 7 installed the drivers no problem. I just had it on an ethernet connection first boot up so it had an internet connection to fetch any drivers needed. Rebooted and disconnected the ethernet. Wireless found the router ok. Entered passphrase from new Virgin N router and it connected fine. Now got speeds up to 150 mb on 2.4mhz setting on router. Before i was lucky to get 1mb if it connected at all on the old card and only then when i swapped the aerial leads over in the laptop.

Worked all around the house and into the garden and also checked when the XBox was online via wireless to make sure the two connections didnt interfere at the router. All ok and she hasnt had a problem since.
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on 29 March 2012
Bought this to replace a Centrino WiFi 1000 card in my dell laptop after i got a dualband netgear router. Can recomend it, so easy to replace the old card and as it was replacing a Intel centrino card the drivers were installed on first boot (not always the way if you replacing a different branded card).
Range and speed was massively improved on my laptop and now i can use the web with less interference from all the neighbours wifi signals.
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on 5 March 2012
Bought to Replace a dell mini card improved range and speed what more could I ask for.easy to install and drivers easy to find and install.
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on 21 November 2013
Completely solved the problem of poor wifi connectivity on my Sony Vaio laptop, a common problem with the original supplied adapter. Easy to fit and the drivers easily downloaded from Intel. Completely transformed my laptop.
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on 25 October 2013
Bought this to try and fix a toshiba notebook when it seemed original card was broken. Ultimately had to upgrade Bios and original card worked. However this did not so be warned not 100% compatible with Atheros
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