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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 October 2015
Very impressive indeed! I got this cable for linking computers and display monitors at home and in the workplace. It arrived in an unassuming grey plastic bag, which I appreciated, as many such cables come in frustrating clamshell packaging. Inside, the cable itself was coiled and held in place by a pair of zip ties. A specification sheet with notes on use was also included.

The first thing you will notice about this cable is its heavy-duty protection. The cable itself is weighty, with a tough, braided black fabric casing. The quality of the casing, and of the cable itself, is immediately obvious. The HDMI connectors on each end are protected by plastic caps; upon removing them, you can see the 24K gold plating on the connectors, ensuring good conduction and clear transmission of video and audio signals. The cable is available in various lengths, so no matter your needs, there's a cable to suit them! I use the 10-metre version, but you can buy cables as short as 1 metre for home use or as long as 40 metres for industrial needs.

I've used the cable for simple computer screen transmission and for high-definition video with and without audio. In all cases, I've had rapid and crystal-clear signal transmission with no issues whatsoever, even when placing high demands on the cable. I recommend it for any HDMI connection needs, from something as simple as hooking a DVD player to a television screen, all the way up to powering large screens with complex needs in the workplace.
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on 11 August 2012
How do you review a cable ? Use it I guess.
First thing I noticed was the build quality, this is no wimpy cable.
Strong and secure fittings either end. Gold plated contacts not only
make it look classy, but ensure the optimum contact.
The cable itself is sturdy. a mesh outer casing keeping it flexible
enough even though it's a fairly thick cable. My television socket is
a good 14" off the floor, yet the cable is light enough not to put any
excess weight or pull on the connection.
There is a good 'feel' to the connection when plugged in, you are left
with no doubt that the cable is plugged in well.
I'm running a full spec HD LCD TV, with this cable taking the signal from my
computer. Works flawlessly, super quality picture, and amazing sound.
You may read that all HDMI cables are the same, ie: they all do the same job,
that might be true, but quality shines through, this cable is a bargain at the
asking price. Highly recommended by me.
Amazon made it easy to buy, and the supplier E4U electricals UK Ltd were prompt
and kept me advised of the order status, goods arrived very well packaged.
Care was taken over my order even though it was just one cable.
That was appreciated by me.
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on 7 February 2016
Having purchased many different HDMI cables from Amazon over the years, I have to say that this particular HDMI cable really took me by supprise. I purchased two of these HDMI cables in the "PRO GOLD" 1m option, both for the same purpose, to connect a 5-Way HDMI Switches to an AV receivers (one is an dedicated Onkyo receiver in the family room and another is an LG home theater in a box system in my bedroom).

When both of the HDMI cables arrived, they came in sealed plastic shipping envelopes which kept things much more simple as apposed to those of other HDMI cables I have purchased (including "Belkin" and "Duronic" HDMI cables, which I also purchased from Amazon) which come in clumsy and buckly plastic packing which is just nothing but frustrating to open and un-environmentally friendly.

The build quality of these HDMI cables is nothing short of fantastic! The construction of the plugs are very strong, featuing gold-plated plated and the cable itself is braided and feels very robust. It looks like it will really take a good beating to destroy this cable and I am pretty sure that it will last for a long time, so no worries here!

In terms of performance, this cable is outstanding! This is all due to it's supreme build quality, great shielding and amazing conductivity that some other HDMI do not provide. This cable is rated as a HDMI 2.0 cable, so it is fully capable of carrying 4K @ 60Hz! This cable is also 3D compatible and is capable of handling Uncompressed HD Audio Codecs, such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM with 7.2 channels of audio. At the moment with my current equipment, I am only using this cable to carry 1080p @ 60Hz with only 5.1 Uncompressed Audio, and the picture is razor sharp, full of details, has lot's of contrast and the colours are true and vivid! Unlike any other cables, I have not had any handshaking issues and/or onscreen artifacts/glitches like I have experienced with other cheaper cables.

There are also other variations of this cable available, including the "BLACK GOLD" and "ADVANCED HDMI" (which I am not too sure of the differences in these cables, I believe it may be just build quality). I will also mention that these cables can be bought in any length between 0.75m to 40m.

All in all, I strongly recommend these HDMI cables and they are well worth the purchase!
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on 24 October 2014
After this item arrived. I realised I already own two more cables exactly the same. But with different brand names. They are cheap and nasty mass produced cables. They offer no shielding whatsoever ( the crucial part to any hDMi cable).
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on 12 April 2016
HDMI cables and their makes, versions, differences and and through put are confusing. I knew that FULL HD throughput was all I required. Any digital signal across any half decent HDMI doesn't deprecate over less than 10 meters it does not matter which quality you get, even for 4K or which ever information you want to put through it. What matters is version of HDMI and compatibility. No matter the price or pro or gold or whatever kind of marketing words you add to it.

I went for this one to future proof my media set up (want a 4k tv, new receiver etc. and get ready for the ps4k) and will now be looking to upgrade all my other cables as well - where I'll definitely stick with this brand! I went for this cable on a bit of a spending spree and I don't regret it despite it being a unneeded luxury.

The build quality of this cable is more than excellent, metal shielding, strong finish, excellent quality overall and the rigid feel to it. What I enjoyed as well was the manual/guide. It's a cable, not much can go wrong really, so it was a good laugh.
Expensive, needless luxury - with exceptional build quality, simple 10/10.
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on 3 October 2012
Highly recommend this cable - it's exactly as advertised. Quick delivery and came in perfect condition.

Plugged in to my Panasonic Blu Ray Player and TV, and worked instantly - as a cable should! Looks as if it could take some rough handling, and feels incredibly well built. People can (and do) pay around the £100 mark for 'superior' cables, but be assured there is no difference in image quality between this cable and the more expensive rip-offs. I actually compared this to my brother's Monster cable (around £80) and neither is better than the other, except this cable costs an 1/8th of the price!
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on 7 March 2014
Bought to go with my new TV and was a little concerned by a couple of the reviews. I don't know why as they're high quality, solidly built cable and beautiful to look at! The connectors fit reassuringly snuggly into sockets and the main cable feels rock solid having a metalic covering. The connectors are perfectly fitted to the cables so the reviewer which said the heads could rotate must have received a defective one as I think it would take some tools and serious effort to depart the connectors from the cable. Bought 2 and will buy again should I need to.
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on 9 December 2010
The outer covering of the cable does not appear to be securely attached to the
HMDI shells, hence they can twist easily putting strain on the multiple internal
connections to the connector pins. The cable I bought broke within two weeks.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 8 October 2015
I normally buy cheap and cheerful HDMI cables, safe in the knowledge that in terms of video and audio performance, HDMI cables don't suffer from the same degradation problems as the old SCART cables had. Thanks to the digital nature of the signal the oxygen content / quality of the actual transmitting wires is not really important until you get in very long distances.

However the main problem with the budget cables is the fact that they don't stand up to being inserted and removed from devices, it doesn't take much for the conations to come loose. So I decided to upgrade to a more expensive, if still great value cable. Be warned this s a huge cable not just in terms its 5m length with is perfect for my needs ( I review a lot of films for PR companies and they generally send screeners as digital links, and even though I have a smart TV it is far easier and quicker to hook up one of the laptops to the TV with this cable.) I have hidden this cable along the skirting board to where the kids homework laptop is kept, which means i can stream content to the TV without needing to move either the laptop or have an unsightly cable dragging along the floor. The cable is also big in its construction, this is a heavy duty cable that will stand up to all the knocks, kicks and scrapes that it could possible encounter in everyday use.

The sound and picture quality is as near to perfection as I can figure out, and even after a month or so of use there has never been any problems with it connecting to the computer or the TV.

Do yourselves a favour and spend a little bit more on this cable it is worth it in the long run.
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on 22 June 2016
If I could give this product no stars I would. The product & its packaging (a grey plastic bag!) come bearing NO official HDMI logos or any of the official branding relating to its high speed abilities (something that is a requirement for HDMI cables). This is nothing more than a cheap, mass produced cable If you need further info on what to look for when buying HDMI go to
review image review image
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