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on 1 January 2007
James Garner takes over the role of the stoic-hardbitten old Texas Ranger, Capt. Woodrow Call (played by Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove).

Capt. Call turns bounty hunter on behalf of a railroad company to track down 17 year old psychopathic killer Joey Garza (played ruthlesslly by Alexis Cruz). The supporting cast that includes, Sonia Braga, Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepard , Randy Quaid...etc., are all in top form in their character roles.

Great Story, well told and directed.

DVD Picture and Sound are excellent, picture format 4:3, extras included on this 2 disc set are text interviews with Garner and Spacek. Running Time: 4 hours,12 minutes approx.

A worthwhile purchase for the Western fan.
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VINE VOICEon 14 June 2008
A long way from the Hollywoodised version of a Lonesome Dove sequel seen in `Return from Lonesome Dove', this is Larry McMurty's riposte to the way the Studio handled that sequel. Where `Return..' dealt with the cattle barons and themes of redemption and wholesome endings, this is a stark and realistic portrayal of the West. Here, the violent men of the burgeoning West are a dying breed (no pun intended) and that sense of a time in history passing is present throughout the whole movie.
Captain Call is now a bounty hunter - past his best, failing eyesight and getting old, but still with his own inherent sense of what's right intact. The movie is a manhunt, for a young Mexican killer - a boy from a good family who was captured by the Apache and was bad ever since. For the trip, Call seeks the help of his one time corporal, Pea Eye, and is joined by a city man who represents the railroad that hires him. The action scenes are short, and for the most part unexpected in both their appearance and their results. The beauty of McMurty's writing is that the whole thing never once fits any of the Western clichés, and convinces throughout with its ring of truth. And yet every character however small is drawn as if from life, with details, flaws and occasional moments of glory making sense.
What is truly remarkable is that the heart of the movie lies with the women. They are presented as the real heroes of the West - they suffered, they kept to what is right, and they made a life for themselves and their families no matter what life they had come from. Sissy Spacek playing Lorena, personifies this as the ex-whore who protects her family and loves her husband with intensity and conviction of one who believes that life can and will be better. It's her best performance in years.
Apart from Spacek, good performances abound, from Sam Shephards understated Pea Eye, to James Garner's nuanced Captain Call. It's one of Masterclass performances where by never letting us catch him acting, we feel like we know him as the character - and when his face shows near nothing, we are convinced we know what he's thinking.
It's a sad fact that as a TV movie this tends to fall into the sideline of history, but this is a solid piece of intelligently put together film-making which deserves your attention.
Extras are light - a text only interview with Garner and Spacek, and text only McMurty bio and bibliography. What a shame that no-one thought to talk to anyone about how this fascinating series came to be.
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on 8 April 2011
The 'Streets of Laredo' is my second purchase in the Lonesome Dove collection, which i am following up with 'Dead Man's Walk' and finally 'Commanche Moon', the latter has recently been shown on DSTV in South Africa and i thought to be far better than 'Streets of Laredo' and nearly as good as 'Lonesome Dove'.

James Garner's portrayal of Woodrow Call is a fine performance, in fact it is as good Tommy Lee Jones's performance in 'Lonesome Dove'. But the real stars of this film are the women and Sissy Spacek's role of wife to Call's friend Corporal Pea i thought was outstanding as was Sonia Braga as the Mother of the Mexican bandit played by Alexis Cruz, who 'Call' has vowed to hunt down. The women of the West were heroine's in their efforts to carve out lives for themselves and their families, no matter what their background.

I always imagined this aspect of women portrayed in Western films to be far fetched, but Larry McMurtry's women were REAL and this i found underscored as i am reading a biography of 'Nathan Bedford Forrest',the great Confederate Cavalry General in the American Civil War, whose Mother was as hard bitten as those portrayed in many a Western.

In fact this film is very much about the role of Woman in the West and in this respect the film succeeds admirably. However, this film is no 'Lonesome Dove' as there were too many coincidences and the young cold blooded bandit seamed out of place to the normal bandits shown in the Lonesome Dove sagas. He was too young and his gun shooting
too good to be true as was his rifle that was used.

I enjoyed the film as it was a stark and realistic portrayal of the West(Save for the young cold blooded bandit)
and am glad to have it in my DVD Library, but would only have given it *** if it had not been for brilliant portrayals of the Women and James Garner's performance. It is a must purchase if you are want to follow the complete series of 'Lonesome Dove' but do not expect the same involvement as 'Lonesome Dove'.

The picture quality and sound were good but being slightly hard of hearing would have appreciated English sub titles as there were parts that were not easy to understand.
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on 14 February 2014
The makers of the Lonesome Dove saga kept up the quality right up to the end. James Garner was excellent. Its a pity he not in his prime now. I would like to see him in more roles of this type.
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on 1 June 2015
Along with all the Trilogy very very good
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on 22 May 2007
Following on from the epic Lonesome Dove and the lesser Return to Lonesome Dove tv veteran Joseph Sargent has fashioned a superior tale to surpass even the original.

Captain Woodrow Call (this time played by James Garner)is employed by the Texas Railroad company to hunt down trainrobber and psychopathic killer Joey Garza with the aid of a company penpusher and a greenhorn deputy sheriff. His regular partner P Y(Sam Shepard)cries off the manhunt citing family obligations but guilt takes hold of him and he sets off in pursuit of the captain helped by indian tracker Famous Shoes(played in Chief Dan George style by Wes Studi) which in turn encourages his headstrong wife Lorena(Sissy Spacek)to pack their children off to family and head off after him.

Sentimental in places and bearing a coincidence or two too many,this is still riveting television.Revisionist in it's brutality(echoing Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven) the west was truly wild.A stellar cast all get powerful moments with Sonia Braga as the killer's mother being particularly fine as well as Randy Quaid's chilling turn as famed killer John Wesley Hardin who perversely provides most of the little humour that there is on offer.His killing of a disgruntled blacksmith is however a brutal scene amongst many others that litter this fine drama.

Veteran Sargent directs the whole thing with economy and no small matter of imagination with startling angles and stunning vistas,McMurtry adapted his own book with even the smallest characters being imbued with a prescence that always serves the narrative and the cast are uniformly excellent.

A Triumph for all concerned
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on 10 July 2014
Quality of recording disappointing. Panning of the camera resulted in a juddery picture in which the background shimmied. When the panning stopped the pictured stabilised.
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on 24 March 2013
DVD arrived ahead of time. First class film from a first class company. It is a shame it is the last in the Lonesome Dove series.
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on 18 April 2013
Typical Larry McMurty story. Thoroughly enjoyed this film as any western nut would. Good cast of actord and it arrived on time.
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on 5 September 2013
I have not watched this dvd as it was a gift for my Dad - but he seems to be enjoying it!!
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