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on 11 August 2011
These are truly brilliant! I have had a lot of experience with headphones, having studied music technology at university and worked in several professional studios, and I can honestly say that these are some of the best I have ever used, certainly the best in-ear ones.

My only problem with them is that the cable is not up to the job. After about 5 months of, to be honest, pretty light use, it has already split around the jack connection, exposing bare wire. I would understand this if I had used them everyday or for jogging but I haven't, mostly I use them whilst sitting in a chair at home and they are always kept in a case. This is unacceptable for headphones of this price and I will be contacting Klipsch to ask for a replacement pair.
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on 28 July 2010
I have small(ish) ears, an iphone 4, and wanted something to replace my etymotic ER4 (without remote). The Klipsch x10i headphone are great for small ears, due to their very small size and variety of silicon ear pieces. I ended up finding the smallest ones the most comfortable, although it is a little scary how far in they go--but they are exceptionally comfortable.

The sound quality is the best I've heard, with most of my music cut at AAC 256 to 312 kbs, and although I really liked the etymotic, the sound on these is much better range and I prefer the balancing (you can tell I am NOT an audiophile, just a keen listener of music).

The controls work very well with my iphone 4, including the volume, mic, pause, start, and skip to next song.

Not cheap, and probably worth it only if you have music that is at high resolution on an iphone 3 or 4.

Bought at Apple Store in London, which made the purchase easy, and 'say' that one has 14 days to try them out and return them if one does not like them (which I did not do).

[The above review was written July 2010]

[Revisit review June 2012]
I've now had the Klipsch Image X10i for almost two years. My experience over the last two years has been:
(a) Still maintain that they are excellent sound quality and comfort.
(b) By November 2011 (i.e. after 17 months) the cord near the earbuds had started to split. I found online that this was a 'known' problem, discussed and documented by people, and likely to happen for people with specific oils in their hands, that caused the wire to become more brittle. I went back to Apple Store and they gave me a replacement, no questions asked. The replacement evidently was a 'new' version of the Klipsch, that no longer suffered from the oil on the hands, splitting problem.
(c) In May 2012, the cord at the plug part became seperated (? my fault, not sure) and again, Apple was nice enough to take them back. They did not have a replacement X10i, so gave me a pair of Klipsch 4 to try for a week (and the rest of my 'money' on an Apple card) which did not sound near the quality, nor comfort, as the X10i, so I returned them. I'm now deciding whether to get the X10i again (through Amazon, as now down to £160) or something else, but still really like these X10i, despite construction issues, for their sound and comfort.
(d) The only other annoying item in these, is that the clip quickly falls off (poor design) and the clip is important to reduce the cord bouncing around. I finally bought 20 clips online on ebay for a few pounds.

I still recommend these Klipsch X10 for small ears, sound, and comfort, but do be forewarned that they are not the most rugged headphones out there.
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on 7 January 2014
Keeping this short. These headphones are the best I've used. Having come from a robust pair of comparably priced Shure headphones, I do prefer these X10s.

I purchased mine for just under £100, which I think is very good value for money. Would I pay the RRP of £249.99? Yes, probably I would. I have listed my pros and cons below. The pros are numerous. However, one thing people have written a lot about is the build quality. It is safe to safe the Shure headphones I used are heavier and more robust, but with that said, I've been using the X10s now for 6 months and there is little to no sign of wear and tear. If you look after your headphones I can imagine that these will last years with daily use.

- They are excellent at isolating noise. I use them in the London underground tube daily and come close to isolating all external noise when listening to my favourite music. The seal they make in my ear is great.
- The sound quality is excellent, both at the top and bottom end.
- They are extremely lightweight. Great for runners.
- They are extremely comfortable.
- They come with a range of accessories including changeable ear buds for different sized ears
- Very little noise is transmitted to your ears if you happen to knock the cabling or rub it
- Looks pretty great

- They build quality is good, but they are slightly less robust that I would like (this is tempered by the fact that they are so lightweight).
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on 3 August 2011
I love these earphones so much, but I just can't bring myself to give these more than 3 stars. The Klipsch X10is are incredibly tiny earphones - you can place one of the earpieces onto your second finger - and that is what brings me to it's major problem. These just don't at all feel built to last. Sure, they are made of some strong copper metal, but that makes them more likely to be scratched. Don't get me started on the cables - not only are they not detachable, but they are scarily thin and flimsy. Looking at them gives you the impression that if you just tugged on them slightly it would just tear into two. A thing to consider: once the cables do malfunction, and you've had them outside of your 2-year warranty, that's it. You can't do anything about them, because Klipsch don't even do repairs even for the exchange of money. When I asked them about this, they said that they didn't have the services for it (which leads me to wonder how they repair any earphones inside of the warranty period...) So after that happens, you're basically screwed. Money gone down the drain.
If you can overlook this major flaw, you can find many positive things about these, though. The sound quality is, overall, wonderful. They pack a surprisingly deep and satisfying amount of bass, with the mids also great. While the treble isn't as high as other earphones I have (e.g. Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10s) they are more than acceptable enough at this price range. Another awesome thing about these earphones is that they are super comfortable and have the best fit ever, which is tragic considering that you want to use these everyday, but you know that if you do they are going to wear down faster than you think. I rarely use them now, not because I don't want to because I love them, but because I fear that they may break at any moment. In my case, you shouldn't have to feel like this at all, especially since these are very expensive earphones.
Unless Klipsch get their act together and offer a repair service outside of their warranty, I can't strongly recommend these despite the overwhelming positives about it.

Agree with this review so that people can make a fully informed decision about these luxury in-ears!
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on 19 February 2014
I'm surprised at how this earphones are so well regarded and praised. I have been using triplefi 10 for 2 years, decided to get something more confortable, read a lot of reviews and ended up buying the x10i.

Wow, the difference in sound is night and day. First of all the x10i has a lot of sibilance on my iphone 5, the double flange tips made it more bearable, but on the triple fi I never got any annoying highs at all with any tips at all.
Then there's the bass, yes its there, but nowhere near as good as on the triplefi. In fact these earphones sound only barely better than the apple earphones which came for free.

I just bought some foam tips to see if the sound improves, I can take a loss on sound for a better confort, but this is too much.

The only impressive thing was the controller which also works on my macbook and ipad perfectly. Tested with all apps including VLC.

Conclusion - All people here praising these earphones have probably never heard good ones, so they have nothing to compare, I doubt anyone who has tried a triplefi would give these more than 4stars. In fact, if the sound doesnt improve with the foams, then Ill send them back and buy again a triplefi.

UPDATE - Have been using foam tips now, I must say the sililance is almost completely gone, also, bass is improved and confort has increased, to be honest the gel tips from klipsch were making some air pressure on my ears, all fixed with the foam tips. Isolation has also improved. Therefore I raised my review to 4stars.

UPDATE 2 - I am more and more impressed with these, in fact I don't wont to go back to triple fi's, you lose a bit of sound quality but you gain so much in return, the small size makes it easy to put in the pocket, the remote is so useful, the comfort is amazing and to my surprise the cable is super strong, yes Ive had it pulled several times, have sit on top of them, all still perfect.

I still can't raise this review to 5 stars because the cable is too long (in my job I have to bend over several times and the cable gets trapped on my knees. Its more like a 4.5/5 for me.
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on 22 September 2011
As an ex pro audio engineer, I take my sound seriously, very seriously! I have spent a lot of money searching for the best earphones to go with my Ipod/Itouch and have been through brands like Sennheiser various models, Shure SE535, Grado GR10, Monster Beats Pro, Bose Quiet Comfort 2 and MIE2I! Whilst trying and giving away to family/friends the above models, I had been using V-Moda Remix and was quite satisfied with the sound. The problem with most head/earphones is that they don't reproduce the the bass frequencies realistically, obviously due to size limitations and it was with discovering V-Moda that changed as they repoduce a thumping bass somehow, although they suffered from flimsy cables and some high frequency distortion. V-Moda's are excellent value for money compared to much more expensive brands and beat them hands down. However, I finally discovered the Klipsch X-10i in 2010 and have not looked back. The sound is fantastic, better than any other earphone I have tried, they fit very comfortably in your ear and never, ever have I suffered ear fatigue even on 12 hour + flights, something I cannot say about Bose Quiet Comfort 2 or Monster Beats which caused ear fatigue after just a couple of hours use.

As the title says, worth the money and I even just purchased another set for my mum who after listening to my X-10i didn't want to give them back :) I had previously given her the Shure SE535 which she didn't like and the V-Moda's which she loved until she tried my X-10i's (don't you just love your mum LOL). My 13 year son drove me mad for Monster Beats Pro (fashion statement) as he did not believe me when I told him to stick with his V-Modas, so he got his wish but has finally realised (he now uses his V-Modas at home and his Monster Beats in public to impress LOL - Kids).

If you can afford $300 for earphones, buy the Klipsch X-10i, if your budget is less, buy the V-Modas. Enjoy!
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on 13 July 2012
I've had a lot of earphones over the years and without doubt, these are by far the best. Yes they are quite a bit more expensive than your average set but if you love music, you'll love these. I listen to everything from Death Metal to Jazz and the X10i never fail to disappoint. The clarity on offer is sensational and they always maintain a neutral balance on music. If you're a dance music fan and expect the bass to come through stronger, these are not for you. They do exactly what a good earphone should do and do not add any colouration to the source. Don't get me wrong, bass weight and depth is there but not excessive. A good test of any earphone is how easily you can follow a bass guitar on some of the faster metal tracks and I can hear baselines through these I could not hear on lesser equipment. The other great thing about these is the fit. With the super flexi bud options they provide, you get a very tight fit that stays in when running. In fact, if I had to complain then when the rubber gets a little old, it actually comes off the earphone and sticks in your ear. But the bas news is the build quality just isn't there. I use mine every day for at least 3 hours and I've had to send 2 pairs back. The rubber grommit that connects the cable to the copper barrel is highly prone to splitting - both at the bottom and the elbow. Once this happens you cannot get the earphone out without stressing the cable which is obviously only going to end in it coming off. But the good news is with a 2 year warranty, there was no problem exchanging and I haven't even considered looking at a different model. It's all about the quality of the sound at the end of the day and I've not found anything to beat these (including other 'premium' brands which I doubt I'll be allowed to name in this review).
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on 2 November 2012
I have spent more money on expensive earphones than on almost any other electronic item. I've owned Shure se530s, and 2 x Image x10is previously. The Shure's had excellent sound quality, but were unwieldy and uncomfortable. They both eventually failed. The x10is have been the finest pair of earphones that I have enjoyed. They are small and incredibly light with an amazing depth of sound. The small rubber ear buds fit me perfectly, forming an air tight seal that is both secure and very comfortable. The remote is handy if you like me, wander around your city listening to music or internet radio and would like to receive phone calls. I also appreciate the excellent microphone located in the remote.

So all good and for a while I was the happiest consumer and even recommended these to several others. The problem with these (and the x10) is the cable support for the 3.5mm jack. All three of these babies have split in almost exactly the same way at the cable support, leaving exposed wires that will move you to reinforce this vulnerable area with tape. So common is this problem that a few weeks ago when on the tube, I noticed a chap sitting next to me with cellotape reinforced cable support just like mine. When I looked at his ears, I noticed he had same Image x10is. I tapped him on the arm showing him my similarly taped up cable and we both shook our respective heads in unison, and in acknowledgement, of what is clearly a systematic problem.

Listen, I love these, and am sure that the cable support is overly strained because I use them with my phone in my pocket. A friend of mine (who uses his infrequently) carries his in his breast or shirt pocket and has had no such problems. I leave you to your own conclusions.

These are very good I have not been deterred. When used with MEElectronics TRRS adapter for select Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson phones - 3.5mm 4-pin jack to 3.5 4-pin plug I now can extend the less than robust cable support so it lives outside of my pocket and still enjoy the remote features and microphone. So far (it's been a few months) so good.
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on 4 July 2011
In-ear phones like these depend on a very good seal of the "gel" inside the ear canal, We all vary in shape, size etc, that includes the internal dimensions of ear canals.

As a previous S4i owner, I fitted the same large sized gels and was eagerly anticipating something special during my first listening with these top line phones. I was disappointed, volume was low, sound was weak and washed out, with no depth or warmth. The largest gels were too small, even with the X10's inserted deeply into my ear canals, they sounded awful and wouldn't remain in place. I immediately repacked the X10's for return. Amazon refunded the costs without question.

All the tips supplied by Klipsch appear to be too small across the range. If you know you require large tips, then I urge you to try before you buy. I later improved the fit of a new pair of S4i's by replacing the original gels with Comply TX100 foam tips (large) Comply TX-100 Foam Replacement Eartips - Large (3 Pairs), Perhaps these would help potential buyers or those who already own in-ear phones which are a loose fit.
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on 7 February 2014
It is a great product at insulating external noise, good bass and overall sound quality if inserted properly deep into ear canal. These are the best in-ear headphones I had so far. The cable is very durable, it looked flimsy at first, but over a year of using, pulling, twisting, accidental yanking, it didn't break and proved to be made from good quality materials. There were many times when the cable tangled itself around my bicycle's handle bar and I accidentally pulled it with force, yet making no damage to the cord.

Facts to note:
- If left too long in your ears, they will start inching your ear canals, but this is generally applicable to all objects inserted into ear canals
- not ideal for running since the noise from movement of the cable is audible, this can be eliminated by not letting the cable hang freely
- the clip does not stay on the cable for too long, attachment mechanism is too loose, I don't use the clip as it tends to detach itself from the cable
- also encountered the common problem with the cord near the earbuds being split apart

To summarise, I would buy this product again. There are little design faults, but the overall quality is still at a high standard, after a year of constant use, they still work great.
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