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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2016
Season one of Saved by the Bell was first broadcast on Saturday mornings during 1989. The show was an instant hit on Saturday mornings, full of zany antics and light-hearted stories. One poll taken at the time showed that over 50% of teenage girls watched the show each week. This DVD collection contains all the episodes from Season one, each one is about 21 minutes in length. I’d say the demographic this is aimed at would be the 8-14 range, though the series has a bit of a cult following from adults who grew up watching it as children. The series has a 12 rating.
The themes in the series usually revolve around friendship, family identity & insecurities. The overall feel of the show is a group of friends who love one another and a world where the kids are in control.

The focus on the show is definitely the character Zack, an easy-going, good looking young guy with some very colourful friends. He is prone to breaking the 4th wall every so often, giving a little wink at the camera. He can also freeze time by calling for a “time out” while he delivers exposition to the audience. In one later episode he uses a time out to manipulate events implying this isn’t just artistic licence but that Zack has supernatural powers….crazy.

The cast are all age appropriate for their roles as teenagers in the late 80s, the main cast were all 15 years old at the time this was filmed, expect for one who was 12 and another who was 17. So many American films and TV programmes have actors in their mid to late 20s pretending to still be in high school, Saved by the Bell luckily doesn't suffer from this problem and I think that's one of the reasons it became so popular. I also thought the acting was pretty good, especially considering their age and they improve as they go along. I thought the most realistic two characters were probably Jessie and Slatter. The characters are all likeable in their own way and there's a strong bond between the gang. Like Friends and Seinfeld there’s no real character development in the series, Zack’s lies and crazy schemes always backfire on him and Lisa is forever rejecting Screech. As for the parents, they hardly exist in the show nor do siblings, the only adults really are the teachers (often special guest appearances) & Max the owner of the diner. The adults often impart a bit of wisdom to the kids and each episode has a little moral dilemma for the characters, like coming clean when you've done something wrong. Liked the fact to that the cast are racially diverse but they don’t make a big deal out of it either, they didn’t try and make Lisa all gangster, she was just one of the gang, a normal American girl like the rest.

The production values for the show are fairly basic, the boom microphone even makes an appearance in a couple of scenes. The school has only a few locations, the locker hall way, the classroom and the Principal’s office, the characters never go outdoors. The colours on the DVD are slightly pasty and the image is a bit soft, it's not the best transfer but at least looks authentic and not too digitally enhanced. The art department did a nice job though with the café, it’s very bright, welcoming and colourful. If you like fashion from the 1980s then you'll also enjoy what they come up with in the wardrobe compartment. The jokes are well done and aren't too reliant on outdated references thankfully.

The show has a strong air of innocence. Swearing was reportedly banned on the set, and there’s much less emphasis on drugs and sex than most TV shows aimed at kids these days. The producer who came up with the idea for the programme was a very committed Christian who wanted to make wholesome clean entertainment, the kind his children could enjoy. The cast have a squeaky clean feel and a hug is portrayed as edgy or risky judging by the audience reaction.
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on 2 May 2017
I've been wanting to watch this for a while and glad I've found this
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on 12 August 2010
I love love love this show, so when I found out the first season had been released in the UK I was ecstatic. I grew up watching this and still find it funny and charming as I did years ago.

However, as for the dvd box set itself I am disappointed. The episodes don't seem to be in chronological order. For example the first episode of the series is called "King of the Hill" which is where we see the gang's first day back at school and Slater introduced as the new kid. Therefore that should be the first episode on the first disc, however, that episode is on the LAST disc and is number 15 out of a total of 16!! I find it ridiculous that the pilot episode is the second to last episode in the set. Instead of starting my rewatch of this classic series with the pilot episode I find I'm watching "Dancing To The Max" which while a great episode shouldn't be the first episode on the dvd. Maybe I'm nitpicking but when I purchase a tv show on dvd I like to watch the episodes in order.

Another downside is the actual dvd packaging, it is rather cheap looking and could be so much better. Also other than a stills gallery there is no special features. It would be nice to see some gag reels, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, etc. but this being an old show I can understand it being difficult to obtain that material for a dvd release.

My main disappointment still resides with the episode order on the discs. It seems there is confusion in terms of the correct episode order due to the conflicting air dates. However, if a little time was taken to find out the proper order this dvd set would be so much better and would receive a 5 star rating.

I do hope the rest of the seasons are released in the UK, there is nothing more annoying than not being able to complete a dvd collection. I also hope more care is taken into future releases.
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on 9 April 2010
I'm so happy this has finally been released in the UK! I loved this show in the late '80s / '90s and it's every bit as funny as I remember. With Zack's un-movable hair, Slater's fantastically cringe-worthy dance moves, the lovable mr Belding, the cheesy but hilarious storylines. Lots of nostalgic moments to be had, I just hope all the other seasons will be available soon :)
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on 6 April 2010
I am in my mid-20's and loved this show when it was first out. As with all childhood fads, I was worried I woudln't find this as funny but decided for the nostalgia to watch again.

I was wrong- I found it so funny that I am a fan all over again! Screech in particular has me howilng with laughter. I also have a giggle at some of the clothes, outfits and clunky, bulky technology they use like computers and mobile phones.

Is a must buy!
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on 6 April 2010
I discovered SBTB when I was in my mid teens and the show was in Series three I was immediately hooked and got around to watching all the series including the college years (very much underated).

Series one is very young by SBTB standards but rapidly through episodes of the first series the writers and actors rapidly grow and I find myself laughing and addicted all over again. I can't wait from the remaining series to be released

SBTB was the first teen comedy of its genre in the late 80's, often episodes in later series were copied by both Fresh Prince of Bel air and 90210 but these guys were the originals..
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 13 December 2010
My family and I are big fans of this series and for years we waited for its release in region 2, just after I gave up and finally purchased the complete seasons including the college years in R1, it gets its region 2 release. I am delighted that it is finally available here in UK. This was a great series and one that many families will enjoy. I do hope that the rest of the seasons get their R 2 release. . I have not seen any difference between the region one and region 2 release. Season one and two are contained in 5 discs and for full listing of the episodes see my previous review on region 1.

It is delightful to watch and leaves one nostalgic of those carefree childhood days filled with innocent fun and pranks.
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on 2 February 2016
Being a 90's kid Saved by the Bell was cool and still is! This brought back so many lovely memories rewatching my favourite characters. Didn't we all want to be Kelly and have a crush on Zack! :)

The DVD itself comes in an attractive eye catching case. The episode list and synopsis are listed inside the cover.

All in all this is a fantastic purchase for the price and I would highly recommend
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on 28 April 2013
I started to watch this show after the series ended when they were re-runs on TV and I thought it was really funny. Now watching it again, it's still hilariously funny. Great show back to the good old days of innocent fun. It would of been nice to have backstage interviews, gag reels instead of just publicity photos.
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on 31 December 2012
I loved this when I was younger and watching these all brought me straight back, I will be definitely buying all the series, the only things I cannot find are the episodes wedding in Las Vegas, the college years etc.....
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